Kamala Harris used this one scary word to challenge Donald Trump

California Senator Kamala Harris is one of the most talked about 2020 Presidential contenders.

The fake news media presents the first term Senator as one of the biggest threats to Donald Trump’s re-election.

And she used this one scary word to challenge Trump that is bad news for the President.

Harris claimed the 2020 race was going to be “ugly.”

And she also laid out her timeline for making a decision about getting into the race.

The Hill reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) predicted in an interview over the weekend that the 2020 presidential campaign is “going to be ugly.”

“Let’s be honest. It’s going to be ugly,” Harris told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski at an event in San Francisco on Saturday.

“When you break things, it is painful,” she continued. “And you get cut. And you bleed.”

Harris said she intends to make a decision about whether to run for president in 2020 over the holidays, adding that it will “ultimately be a family decision.

No one will be surprised when Democrats take the 2020 race into the gutter.

They have spent three years smearing Trump as a racist, misogynist xenophobe.

And Harris – because she checks the twin identity politics boxes of race and gender – is a prime candidate to make the 2020 campaign the ugliest in American history.

You can bet Harris and the Democrats will play the race card at every turn and try and make the election about righting the wrong of rejecting Hillary Clinton’s bid to become the first female President in American history.

Democrats are desperate to unseat Trump in 2020.

But their coalition is so tied up in racial and gender grievance politics that this is bound to be the nastiest and most bitter election in American history.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • Who is Harris going to go to bed with next so she can climb up the pole to the Presidentcey? S. She already has been on some one else’s pole just to get to where she is now..What a POS she is Typical HO….

  1. They’ll eat that half breed a new ass!! Hard telling what She actually is and will give them the ammo they need!! She better have balls of steel and a quick wit!! has way to many skeletons in her closet and screwed her way thru congress!! Been riding big mouth Corry Bookers dick for months now!! This will be funny if shes that dumb to run!! She is no where smart enough to run for president! Thinks out her ass! Her mouth kicks into gear long before her brain does!! Another democrap failure! They all will be run I g against each other but wont last long! Who will George Soros put his money in now! I’m sure hes training chelsey since she married his son!! What a joke!!!

    • This is going t be dirty because the democrats are dirty. They are the party of murder. They will pull all punches to unseat our president. But we whipped them before, let’s go with God and depend on His army to march the coming election night. Anyone with half a brain and one eye will not vote Democrat. We can get ugly too but I don’t think we will have too. The democrats are burying themselves. Let’s watch them go under!!! Stay with God, stay with Trump!!!!

  2. I hope President Trump makes a list of all the leading Black Conservatives like Thomas Sowell, who have very intelligent points of view and are capable of putting their thoughts into words . . . and also bring into the war-room those women who understand the differences within the Women’s Liberation as found throughout the years (…there has been an evolution within the organization that has brought us to a very different movement from when it was first created! No longer is their the cry for Equal Rights, today it has become a Demand for Special Rights as seen in the #MeToo movement where they want all women to be believed regardless of what anyone else says…)!

    I know Trump is a wise planner when it comes to campaigning, which is how he won . . . and this time he needs a full press on the front issues and plans for an all-out war with the dirty democrats mob mentality!!!

    • I agree. I hope President Trump paints the Democrats in a corner and forces them to “Fight” their way out with their innocuous rhetoric

  3. Not certain what they mean by dirty or ugly, the smear campaign against Donald started before the 2016 election and it was all biased in favor of Hellary by the purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing lamestream media and that does not even count the support that wicked She Demon Succubus bitch received through Social media.

  4. Harris is so evil & hateful. America will go down hill if she were President!!!NO, way should she get any votes! She could never run this country & would support santuary cities, illegal criminals, open borders, and lots of negative things we do not need. It is so disgusting to watch her as she questions
    good, honest people on TV. She has a very ugly mouth & no Christain values. NO Vote for her or any Democrate. President Trump has done so much good for us. The Democrats do not support anything good he wants for our safety and good. Yes, I will vote for President Trump again in 2020. He truly loves America & its people and wants the best for us. Amen-I will pray for him.

  5. Funny. Her husband is a white nerd. Might be Jewish. Will we see her campaigning with Louie ” The Lip ” Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour?

    • You may have just proven my presumption of Zionist jews being familiar with the quran chapter and verse, because I keep hearing the evil bitch is a Moonie Muslime.


    • Believer. I agree with your comment one hundred percent.
      But for the love of Pete, please proof read your posts.
      The only thing that separates Republicans from the uneducated Democrats is our grasp of the English Language. Spell check cannot distinguish from to or two in usage.

  7. She would be the biggest joke yet!! Hope she does,,it would be the most entertainment we could get!! Talk about sexual scandals! Shes hooked up with Corey Booker, Obama, and how .any more in congress!! She spent more time on her knees than Monica L. Yeah stupid run for president and watch news bring up all your sexapades!! Your days are numbered and your stupidity will surface as the days go by!! People like her always did there own hole with there mouth! She should stay on her knees to keep big mouth dems busy with hers!! Cortise could join her!!! Always can tell the guilty in Congress dem side on who runs there mouth the most!! Her, shift, Booker, and others! Shummer, Pelosi!!

  8. The library of stupid Kamala Harris statements is extensive and remarkably inane. It will be an ugly fiasco for her o try and justify her record.

    • michael, In what way would she benefit more than Trump. Be thoughtful, she has already, in a very short time, given Republicans a lot of ammunition to fire at her, beginning with the Justice Kavanaugh hearing.

    • How did you come to that conclusion? Kamala Harris is a first term Senator that couldn’t even bring a forthcoming question in the Kavanaugh hearing. She is just another Democrat that thinks she knows everything because of it.
      And yes, Donald Trump didn’t have any prior political experience, but he does have a savvy business talent (which does involve politics to a great extent)that is well addressing the economic mess that has made our economy in better shape than in about 12 years.
      Now, take note. I in no way took cheap shots at anyone. So if you come back at me with petty, rude and vulgar names, you would just be proving me correct.

    • And if she fails, she can always get on the view where she would be beloved for all of her inane comments. The only one to benefit from a crowded field would be President Trump. The present crowd of Dems are all on the same path to economic collapse if any of them win. MAGA RVN 68-69

      • ALL Democrats are damaged. Their brains are hard wired for STUPID.

        “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”
        ― Robert Heinlein

          • Daniel, read the quote again. It is very apparent the idea is that stupid people self execute themselves through their own stupidity. You may want to look into a few courses on reading comprehension. Sooner rather than later. It is apparent you are on the self execution clock.

          • No, that is not the American way. How about a one way ticket to Nicaragua, where they would replace the illegals whom they welcomed with open arms, not their wallets. Those wallets are in a strongbox. I am sure they could afford the journey. RVN 68-69 MAGA

    • I noticed in your statement that you gave ZERO examples of why? That is exactly what Kamala Harris brings to the table, ZERO! And that is the value of your comments! ZERO

    • How delusional can the demoncrats be? If Trump miraculously ended all human suffering. The dems would call him all the negative things their small minds could muster. Oh and I don’t need you libs correcting my spelling. It was and is intended.

    • Michael you are brain dead. You are the reason we will have sharia law and aware on the Quran please don’t vote. We don’t need you.

  9. A very cocky Kamala Harris, another first term U.S. Senator who assumes that she is now qualified to become POTUS. Guess she didn’t learn from Obama that being in the Senate one term does not qualify you to be President. Just look at Obama, the worst president in our history, but then Kamala Harris could very easily replace him at the worst. She sure as hell won’t get my vote

    • She learned one thing from Obama that few people, and definitely not the MSM, seem to point out. She is INELIGIBLE to be president, as BOTH her parents were not citizens at the time of her birth (though she was born in USA, unlike Obama). Mother is from India and father is from Jamaica…check it out

      • She is not ineligible to be president, She was born in the US and is a ‘natural born’ citizen. “The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term ‘natural born’ citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship ‘by birth’ or ‘at birth,’ either by being born ‘in’ the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship ‘at birth.'”

        She meets the requirements.

      • As a person I agree she is ugly. However as far a general appearance she is no uglier than anyone else. When you add it all up yes ugly fits the bill.

    • Daniel there’s no need trying to explain anything to you. You commie assholes are always lecturing us how to think, act, pray ,or raise our kids. There is enough of us standing against you fascist pricks to have none of it. The list goes on. I know the answers, but I’m not debating with libturd idiots. We are attacked just for disagreeing. But you people will never take control of us. You lie to the people but some of us won’t be persuaded. Liberalism always fails.

      • So I am a ‘commie fascist asshole’, right? I haven’t attacked you, your the one flinging insults. We are not trying to take control of you. I just asked a simple couple of questions “What freedoms are at stake. What freedoms have you lost under democrats? What can’t you do today that you could do 5,10, 15 years ago?”

        I can name many freedoms the Right is trying to take away. One is the right to vote, Two is the right of women to make their own healthcare decisions (oh, being pro-choice is not against pro-life. If you are pro-choice, you are not forcing a woman to have an abortion, you are just trusting her to make the choice that is best for her. Isn’t that freedom?). Third is separation of church and state. Fourth, the right for LGBT folks to marry, not be fired because of who they love and not be discriminated against by businesses, Fifth, the right to have adequate and affordable healthcare. Sixth, Oh well, you get the point.

        Your side is also lecturing us (an working to make us do and believe what you do) on how to think, act, pray, raise our kids, etc. So where do we find common ground?

        • Daniel no one is denying anyone the right to vote. Are you speaking of voter ID? And abortion and queer marriage is settled law sanctioned by the SCOTUS. It would take a constitutional admendment to change those things. That will never happen. But people of faith shouldn’t be forced to make cakes ect for them. Also we are concerned about the 2nd admendment. Word on the street is some leftist assholes want a o repeal it. There would be blood in the streets

          • Sorry I disagree. Republicans have for decades worked to make it harder for people to vote especially those groups that tend to vote for Democrats. Voter Id fraud is almost non-existent but voter-id laws tend to make it harder for people of color, the poor, the elderly, students, etc. to get one. Closing polling places in poor areas and areas where minorities live do as well as under equipping the ones that remain. Paul Weyrich, “father” of the right-wing movement and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority, ALEC and various other conservative groups expresses it best by his ‘I don’t want everyone to vote’ speech in 1980. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GBAsFwPglw

            Republicans and the RW have been legislating against abortion and LGBT marriage and rights for decades and in many states it is greatly restricted to the point it unavailable. And continue to do so.

            The ‘cake issue’ is a slippery slope back to Jim Crow days where people of color were systematically discriminated against by businesses everywhere.

            And the ‘they are coming to get your guns’ fear mongering has been going on for decades as well. But you know it is just that.

        • You speak eloquently,good for you. Not a jab sincerely. However take a look at Democrat controlled cities. These cities are the worst in the country. In every way, Democrats prove over and over the mobster mentality. Which is why cities controlled by them are very undesirable. This can not be denied. So why would anyone that can think vote this criminal element in?

        • Wake up….Dems want to kill babies AFTER they are born. Once out of the womb, it’s no longer her body. It’s called infanticide.

    • Perfect comment Phil! She IS a dumbass with a cavernous mouth that goes off like Ole Faithful in Yellowstone Park. She will make an obnoxious fool of herself on the campaign trail so much that people will be running in the opposite direction. If you thought the Kavanaugh debacle was horrid, wait til you see this women in action! There should be a sticker applied to her mouth saying, “Violent Noise Inside – Stay Clear!”

    • Daniel I know lots of people of color. I even have African in my DNA. ( Explains why I love watermelon). These people work jobs , own and rent homes, drive cars. Why can’t people of color have picture ID? The must have it to get welfare. As for murdering babies, no one is stopping them. And faggots should not be allowed to marry. But it is what it is. And I won’t stand for being told what type of guns I can own. Yes, many are trying to outlaw guns. But even many liberals own and carry guns Also women have to show ID to have their babies murdered. And those kids feel pain.

  10. Kamala Harris is an inexperienced, loud mouth, self-serving pain in the butt. If her husband had a spine he would “slap the shit out of her” so she wouldn’t keep plaguing American politics with her stupidity.

    • I’m not in favor of slapping the shit out of her or any woman unless it’s self defence. I cuss idiot liberal bimbo’s on this blog, but I feel it’s right to do that. Ok libturds. Come on. Give me the riot act. April and dumbass Diane should lead off. I’m not a woman beater. But I do consider all libs fools, male or female. They don’t have a clue what their vision for America would mean to us all.

  11. The good news that if she told Mika Brezinski on her show only a couple hundred people heard it, so Kamala will be able to say it never happened without fear of retribution. I don’t care what racial, gender, or sexual make-up she claims; it is her ideas that are dangerous for freedom loving Americans.

      • Goodness, if your vision of America is to denigrate and demonize anyone who dares asks you a question about your beliefs is not one we should try to achieve.

          • Dan T., That’s more than likely just a pen name for one of these snowflakes we read everyday. We’ll figure it out. I am already zeroed in on matching some of them up. Kinda fun, like working a liberal puzzle!

      • Check out her eligibility, or perhaps I should say INeligibility, to be president of the USA. She’s born of immigrants who were NOT YET citizens of the USA and is therefore INELIGIBLE to be president, though that aspect didn’t even phase Obama. We won’t hear anything about this from the MSM

        • Sorry but she is eligible to be President. “”The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term ‘natural born’ citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship ‘by birth’ or ‘at birth,’ either by being born ‘in’ the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship ‘at birth.'”

  12. Kamala Harris, just another progressive liberal leftist Affirmative Action TOKEN!! She is no more qualified to run for President that HOWDY DOODY or BARACK OBAMA! She thinks the 2020 campaign will be UGLY?? She has no idea what UGLY means until President Trump finishes MOPPING THE FLOOR with her UGLY A**!! BRING IT ON KAMMY!!!

  13. KAMALA the word you used APPLIES to you ndFARTACUS and probably to TP Holder ,,,,,Suggest you see a Proctologist to have your Head re examined

  14. It will never happen. Even if she does run, the only UGLY thing about the race would be her stupid, UGLY face. She doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting any substantial support. She is to stupid to run a state let alone an entire country. No low IQ person(s) will EVER have that kind of power.

  15. What ever happened to the Democrat’s prig restive word, “Forward”? It seems that the last midterm was wrought with hate and lies instead of what great FORWARD ideas they were coming with. There was nothing for the common person in their platform. They are like 2 year old babies mentity stuck in the pass! Yep, and their followers as intelligent as they think they are just fall in the ranks of robots. Never questioning what they will get. Now with this candidate wanting to get dirty for the 2020 elections, let us see what dead skeletons will be revealed. But don’t expect the news zambies show it to you! Cause they are already been bought.

  16. By the time 2020 rolls around people will be so angry at the state of CA and what harmful thing they did to people there, that Kamala won’t have a chance.

  17. This poor woman is deceived, deluded, and is heading for an eternity in Hell! By her actions and comments, she is no believer, and as such she will one day stand before God in final judgment, and she will be most unhappy! There won’t be any plea bargaining! So sad! One hope she will see the truth before then!

  18. I have had the unfortunate experience of a 20 minute phone call with Kamala Harris trying to get her to look at evidence and testimony I had developed of corruption in the California Franchise Tax Board which published as “The Evil California Tax Board,” on sale at Amazon.com. She could care less, was brittle and nasty. She has no business being any public office. She an angry, unfulfilled, but overflowing with racial hatred and on a revenge trip, much like Barack Obama, but much less clever.

  19. This witch don’t care about the American people all she’s 4 is power Lord help us if she’s elected I’ll pray to the Lord above that Trump keeps his office he’s doing a wonderful job for this country

    • Mrs. Harris has nothing to run on other than Race and Gender.
      She is not Presidential material. She doesn’t have this country or it’s people at heart.
      I hope and pray the people of this country can see through her.

      • And Trump WAS presidential material??? How hysterical! The mafia kingpin was a con artist and reality show host. Yeah, real presidential material. How ignorant can you be? It appears VERY. OMG, I’m laughing my ass off with your stupid comments!

        • President Trump has been the best president we’ve ever had. And maybe that’s the best part of him, he is not a politician. Now Harris on the other has been your typical Democrat, corrupt. Sick of her playing the “black” race card when actually, she’s everything but black! She has been a terrible politician. What would make anyone think she could be president…HA,HAH,HA,

          • M, Pretty good comment from a “not the real M”, I approve.
            Dan T., We have another conservative M. She/he wrote the comment that ended in the Ha Ha’s.

          • Well, 60% of American’s would disagree with you…….and tell you he’s the worst president we’ve ever had. He certainly is the most corrupt one and Mueller is about to proved that to you dimwits! He also lies like Pinocchio! Can’t wait until this asshole is out on the streets, again!

        • HA,HA,HA yourself! If the democraps would leave the President alone and just look at what he’s done for America (Dem and Rep) they might even want to support Him(on second thought the Democraps would not support Jesus)!!!

        • President Trump is not “Presidential” in terms of personality in my opinion however PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING A GREAT JOB UNDOING THE TRAITOR & CRIMINAL obamas’ ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES. TRUMP in 2020!!!!


            Gosh what are you so upset about? Was it Obama saving us from a great depression you want undone? Or stopping the loss of 800,000 jobs a month and handing Trump 74+ months of private sector job growth you want stopped? Or saving the Auto Industry that you want stopped. Just what did Obama do that was so bad?

          • Hey Dash… you’re wrong. The reason you can incorrectly run your thoughts in to text to me today is because of what I and many others have done for the country thus you. I said in terms of personality Trump is not Presidential. I did not say in terms of him getting the job done that he was not Presidential. As for that he is doing a great job and I am going to vote for President Trump again. Dim wit Daniel is the loser who supports obama. I never did and never will. The only nice thing I can say to obama is ‘I’m glad you are no longer in office.’

          • Odumbass was a complete loser and a mulatto piece of shit. He’s not good enough to kiss Trump’s ass. You commie libturds might as well suck it up. The wich hunt is falling apart. Then mueller will be killed for failing to deliver. I heard for years we needed a black president. Next time that’s said, I’ll say we had one and he wasn’t worth shit.

        • He does have presidential material that obama didn’t have cuz Obama & Clinton sold us out. Trump did a good job so far on bringing jobs back to America & is doing what he said he’d do. Clinton & Obama supported terrorists & Obama gave them $, weapons & other stuff instead of supporting our troops.

        • When I think of mob kingpins or arrogance, I think of a whole slew of Democrats.
          Especially the front runners these days.
          Honestly Diane, you make some of the most childish comments I’ve ever read.

  20. She is the ugly one, her hatefulness is disgusting. The demorats have been ugly with any conservative elected for many decades. They need to get some morals and humility.

  21. Who does she sleep with to get the presidency? George Soros? Hildebeast? Mad Max Waters? Peelousi?
    Kamala will bait the blacks and Hispanics into believing their lives are a mess because of the white man. She is a POS.

  22. “They have spent three years smearing Trump as a racist, misogynist xenophobe.” No, Trump is a racist, misogynist xenophobe. Democrats are just ‘telling it like it is’. The very same thing that Trump support say they like about him.

      • He was all those things before he was elected. “Donald Trump and his father, Fred, were sued in 1973 for systematically discriminating against black people in housing rentals.” During his three marriages he had numerous affairs.

          • This is a little of what Kamala Harris has done.“After studying political science and economics (B.A., 1986) at Howard University, Kamala earned a law degree (1989) from Hastings College.”

            She subsequently worked as a deputy district attorney (1990–98) in Oakland. s managing attorney of the Career Criminal Unit of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, a position she filled from 1998 to 2000,…she headed the San Francisco City Attorney’s Division on Families and Children for three years. She was she was elected as the San Francisco district attorney in 2003, becoming the first woman, black, and South Asian to achieve this feat. In November 2007, voters re-elected her to the office.”

            And what proof do you have of your libelous statement?

        • Mike Beverly and Mellie,
          The last poll I saw on black voters, there was between 30-40% voting Republican. That is the most in history.
          We need every person we can get to vote GOP. The Democrats have more in their party than we do.
          Please stop with the racist remarks so we don’t lose good black people from our party, we need their help.
          And yes, I am white!

    • you have no room to talk about anyone if you are a democrat, Obama checking out the butts of 15 year olds, Bill Clinton need I say more, Hilary Clinton checking out other womens boobs, Biden well now there’s a poster child molester, corey booker little oral sex annie in the mens bathroom… the list is quite impressive when it comes to the democrats, especially the 17.5 MILLION dollars spent to suppress sexual allegations charges..

      • RTC, This Daniel, who is not a real person but, is only a “pen name” of a sneaky liberal trying to hide “Lord only knows why” but I digress….I just wanted to say, when Daniel came on the scene commenting, he was sooooo sticky sweet asking Republicans to explain their comments. Now after a few days he sounds exactly like the rest of the angry, mean, arrogant liberals with their superiority complexes. There are two or three of them writing under all these “pen names”, why? They want to appear to be a multitude of liberals battling for their “cause”, that’s only reason I have thought of, but then again who knows how a liberal thinks?
        They are all a crock of regurgitated liberal talking points and don’t have a dime’s worth of intellect among them! Pathetic, sick, sad, souls……..

        • Yep, ‘sooooo sticky sweet’ until every response was to call me all sorts of names, call me stupid, libturd idiot, etc. but never any explanation on the opinions they have espoused. But I don’t think I have descended to the level of insults hurled at me. If so, please show where and how I attacked a participant personally by gratuitous insults and I’ll apologize.

          • Daniel,
            Oh puuuullleeezzz! (that’s “please” if you have no imagination!
            You really didn’t expect us to believe that you were seriously interested in what we had to say!

    • Wake up….Dems want to kill babies AFTER they are born. Once out of the womb, it’s no longer her body. It’s called infanticide.

  23. Well, Democrats live and breathe and flourish in the damn gutter. They don’t have to take the 2020 campaign to the gutter. Democrats thrive in the gutter. This Harris woman is just a typical black troublemaker from California. I don’t like Democrats and think the world would be a better place without Democrats. I know there is going to be a bunch of you poor Democrats that are going to piss and moan over my words, just know I don’t like you.

  24. she really scares me because women are so stupid they will vote for her just because she is a woman. I couldn’t believe how many women were sick over hillary losing and she would have killed this country but as long as its a woman they vote for them

    • Yeah not to mention that Hillary, when she was a lawyer, had gotten rapists to be free of charges & would rather let killers & rapists loose in our country than behind bars

    • Carol, your comment offends me. I am a woman and I make my own mind, Noone tells me what to think, what wear or how to vote. I know I would never vote for Kamala Harris for any office at all.

  25. She has satan at her side President Trump has God. No contest.PERIOD

    Sadly though African-Americans (not all roughly 95%) will vote for her like they voted for the Kenyan who duped America because she’s so-called “black”. They never learn.

    Keep your hats on. I’m black but I would never vote because of skin color. Especially after that last loser whom I didn’t vote for either. Call me uncle tom, sellout don’t matter. I’ve been called worse by better people.

    • Then you know how most blacks are racists. You have intelligence a d integrity which the average black does not have. In the black world if you are an individual thinker you are an Uncle Tom. Its disgusting.

  26. Kammy has nothing in her “skillset” that will benefit this country. She is lots of sizzle, but no steak. Yet, fair-minded individual that I am, I will reserve my final critique until the time comes for her to get out of that business attire and show us what she GOT’s. The same litmus test applies to Alexandria … but if that nutcase poses with that bugged-eyed, wide open mouth that is her staple, she will be removed from further consideration.

    • What else is new with the Dems? Only way they can win is with voter fraud. Harris will overplay the race and gender card to her advantage when it’s not about that at all. It’s OK for her to use race and gender but when it’s used against her, she cries race card/gender card. Me too movement is not for her because from what I’ve heard she got ahead consensually.

    • Voter Fraud? Just Why do you think that the Demoncrates have taken over California? Voter Fraud, plain and simple. When an Illegal comes into DMV for their Illegal Drivers License, they are immediately Registered to Vote. There are probably more Registered Illegals voting in California than Citizens.

      • First, “twelve states (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Vermont, and Washington), the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have laws in their books that allow undocumented immigrants[1] to obtain a driver’s license or some type of driving permit”. Second, these are not illegal Drivers licenses. Third, the population of California is 39.5 million people. 2.3 to 2.6 million are undocumented. Fourth, the number of California citizens eligible to vote in 25.2 million and 19.7 million are registered to vote. So nothing you have stated makes sense.

        Oh, and what other voter fraud are you talking about?

  27. Just based on some of the things I have heard from and about her, she will be as unelectable as the clinton woman. Probably even more so. The clinton woman is very cunning. This particular commie is just smug. She has nothing of value to bring to the race.

  28. By the time the new House tries to do their damage the rest of us non liberals will vote for Donald’s second term. It will be a year of the new idiots versus the old school idiots and I will be laughing from the side lines. Democratic Party is in the dumpster. Bring it on Kamala and you will go down quicker than Hillary.

    • Dan T., I read somewhere that her mother is from India and her father is from Jamica, he is an islander. Think I got the right countries. That’s why I call her brown instead of an black woman. Back father and indian mother.

    • I know kids that have more experience changing clothes on a Barbie doll, than Kamala Harris knows about running a country!!!

  29. Kamala Harris, I think, is the single most dangerous Democrat challenger at this point. She is a “brown woman” (there are two dangers), she is attractive and well groomed, she is intelligent and well educated. I know she has some “morals” baggage but, most wealthy people and politicians do. We need to watch her closely to see if any criminal or illegal issues surface.
    She pretty much made a fool of herself during the Justice Kavanaugh hearing, hopefully that hurt her. She does concern me right now.

  30. stay in CALIFORNIA WHERE THE Snowflakes run the show or so they think– you dont have a chance in hell of winning — you a one rude -ugly bitch

  31. Back in 1975 Kamala Harris sucked up to the SES/Carter/freemason/jesuit/Vatican/Moscow/Washington/Rothschild alliance and see where it got her. Ridicule. Self promoted ridicule. If campaigning for oneself to attract ridicule was a goal, she certainly won that contest. Long live The Bill of Rights, an honest vote, and the U.S. Constitution.

      • “After studying political science and economics (B.A., 1986) at Howard University, Kamala earned a law degree (1989) from Hastings College.”

        She subsequently worked as a deputy district attorney (1990–98) in Oakland. s managing attorney of the Career Criminal Unit of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, a position she filled from 1998 to 2000,…she headed the San Francisco City Attorney’s Division on Families and Children for three years. She was she was elected as the San Francisco district attorney in 2003, becoming the first woman, black, and South Asian to achieve this feat. In November 2007, voters re-elected her to the office.”

        Now just when in 1985 did she do all the things you accuse her of doing?

  32. Back in 1975 Kamala Harris sucked up to the SES/Carter/freemason/jesuit/Vatican/Moscow/Washington/Rothschild alliance and see where it got her. Ridicule. Self promoted ridicule. If campaigning for oneself to attract ridicule was a goal, she certainly won that contest.Long live The Bill of nRights, an honest vote, and the U.S. Constitution.



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