Kamala Harris was asked one question that will leave you speechless

Kamala Harris is considered the frontrunner for the Democrat Party Presidential nomination.

Some even believe she is the strongest candidate to take on Donald Trump.

But that all changed when Harris was asked the one question that caused all hell to break loose.

Harris seized on the Jussie Smollettgate crime hoax to claim Smollett was the victim of a “modern day lynching.”

However, Chicago police now believe Smollett faked the whole incident by paying two brothers to stage the attack.

Reporters called Harris to account for her remarks on a campaign stop.

Harris played dumb and pretended not to now know what anyone was talking about.

The Smollett hoax exposes another big weakness for the Democrat Party heading into 2020.

Their base is so tied up in identity politics and social justice that the gravitational pull of their coalition demands presidential hopefuls weigh in with the strongest statements possible about these so-called hate crimes.

But so many of them turn out to be hoaxes that it makes the Left look detached from reality and that they are nothing more than a roving outrage mob looking for the next victim no matter what the facts are.

The Democrats’ obsession with identity politics helped elect Donald Trump in 2016.

An even more extreme Democrat Party slavishly devoted to race and gender grievance politics will be primed for defeat in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story



  1. Just as Obama had done so many times? Open mouth before the facts are found and revealed. Harris should know better, by supposedly being in criminal law? Everyone knows now that Smollett is a worthless instigator and racist! His actions certainly weren’t Uniting?

  2. She’s also a radical racist, is for late term abortion or infanticide to be more exact, she wants to legalize marijuana and prostitution, anything that is currently unlawful orimmoralknows what else!! The more I hear about Camel-a the more I’m in disbelief that she is even a candidate for POTUS!! And Spartacus Cory just doesn’t cut it either, those two were so ridiculous and hateful at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing/witch-hunt farce and sounded like the dumb-
    A$$es they truly are!!

    • If another darky is put in the whitehouse , get a real blue gum. Not on other high yellow. Booker and Harris look too much like mulattos.

      • From NewsPunch.com: ‘According to Kamala Harris’ father, the Democratic presidential hopeful’s great-grandmother was a Jamaican slave plantation owner who founded the city of Brown’s Town, Jamaica.’
        So therefore the website thinks she’s a true Democrat…..I believe they’RE right…or is it Left!! Lol

  3. She is what we need ,another racist black person in the White House. How much more divided would we get. Having talked about illuminating all the white people especially men should be concerning. The only thing she would accomplish by being in the White House will be a Civil War. Which is what I think they want anyway.

  4. ANYONE in the Democratic party are pieces of S%^T……They could care less about this country and the people. Its all about THEM and their self crated fiefdoms.

    • Yes, as a Democrat she thinks she has the answers and the only thing she does and all like her is to create more division, that is an important tool because the centrist are in many cases not well educated in political matters and tend to vote based on untruthful facts,

    • From NewsPunch.com: ‘According to Kamala Harris’ father, the Democratic presidential hopeful’s great-grandmother was a Jamaican slave plantation owner who founded the city of Brown’s Town, Jamaica.’
      So therefore the website thinks she’s a true Democrat…..I believe they’RE right…or is it Left!! Lol

  5. She is a blatant racist with diarrhea of the mouth! Booker is a closet homosexual who if you will notice rushes to judgement as well. The only thing Booker talks about most of the time in his hearings is if someone is prejudiced against the LBGTQ agenda!

  6. LMAO

  7. When the story first broke she could open her mouth fast enough to attribute it to a facial hate crime. Just as Obama Bin Laden said Trevon Martin could’ve been his son or sending federal agents to Ferguson for the Michael Brown shooting. But then when they’re proven WRONG….Crickets…or duh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    What a joke these racist Democraps are.
    Oh and BTW she could wait to open her mouth for good old Willie Brown.
    Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe

    • Exactly so! They were fixated on having the first female President, even if she was a white woman! They have not given up that fixation, but have added a woman of color to their aspirations. I am not opposed to a female President, colr is not a determining factor, but the options that the Democrats are producing are not acceptable to me.

  8. Considering what the democrat party has become, it’s leadership and the direction in which it is moving I would be ashamed and mortified to be identified as a democrat!!

  9. And this inarticulate Race Bag wants everyone to believe she is Presidential Material? She fell face first in the mud as she left the gate!What a narcissistic wanna-be she is! Adios Kamala!

  10. The demonrats consider you guilty before innocent, this is a real scary place to be in this country. They are even trying to stir up a race war against men and white people. None of them belong in our government. They are the dividers not Republicans. Republicans are endanger because of the lefts bigotry and lies! The media also needs to stop before they actually cause a civil war in this country witch I do believe is what they want. Some innocent people are going to get killed if they don’t stop this hateful retiric! Their voters are ill informed and uneducated, and are being lied to everyday, and not smart enough to figure out the cards and lies that the left put out!

    • Sharon,
      This is your old English teacher. I am taking 15 points off your paper for egregious spelling errors, young lady. Republicans are “in danger”, not “endanger”.
      “Witch I do believe”? Just awful, Sharon! Which witch, the good witch or the bad witch? “Which”, dear. And “retiric” is rhetoric. Please don’t opine about the “ill informed and the UNEDUCATED” when you can’t even use spell check! Or better yet, a :friggin'” Funk & Wagnalls! Please write these corrections ten times each and bring them to class tomorrow as an assignment. Use the full heading on your paper. The title can be “Corrections”. This is for a grade!
      Thank you, sweetie. Have a nice day. See you in class tomorrow.
      Dr. P.

      • You should know by now, the Democrats always get a pass from the media ,there all a bunch of dishonest scumbags that never play far. It’s about time the Republican’s do something about this!!!!!

    • It isn’t that people are stupid, they just would rather let someone else do the thinking for them so they don’t have to be bothered.
      Democrat party has swung so far to left that they are in danger of making a full circle over the top of the rope…but then, that’s how monkeys play

  11. This is one of the RACIST BIT*HES that thinks with her mouth and not with her mustard seed size brain and proves it everytime she opens her mouth.Her and Maxine Waters are the real voice of the demoCRAP’s RACEBAITORS and they are racist to they’re core.I wish she would be the demoCRAP’s pick to run against President Trump you would see the demoCRAP’s abandon ship by the thousands and for good reason.This would be the biggest lopsided victory the Republican’s have ever seen !!!!

  12. I don’t believe fake-news, I don’t believe any network news, I don’t believe anything that has less than 2 corroborated and known contributors, and now I don’t believe gay black men!

  13. Anytime a racist black commits a “hate crime” on a white person Kamala and the communist left covers it up making people beleve that blacks are incapable of racism, and only white males are. There are hundreds of examples of this, but the communist media doesn’t report it and tends to cover it up.

    • I agree completely. I want to interject something here that has nothing to do with the present subject. Back when Obumer ran for president the first time he had no pruff of american citizenship to run for president. Then business man Donald Trump stayed on him for that for a year plus. Then one day a woman in the court halls in Hawaii came up with one (something) to quite Mr.Trump. BUT a month or so later she died in a mysterious crash. WAlA no one to corroborate. This a big part of why the Obuma Demie’s along with the Clinton Regiume all hate PRESIDENT TRUMP so much. He knew they were liars, thieves @ murders Way back then. And they are still out for revenge. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!

  14. Some queer negros will do whatever it takes to get head or ahead the same as Harris will do anything, the no limits Baby Killers. Pointed Ginger’s at Viet Nam bets calling everyone who returned a Baby Killer although less than 10% saw combat. Yet America as long as your a registered libtard government sanctioned murder of a Baby is okay. This liberal grandstanding like Smollett has done has happened forever in this country. How many years down the road are we going to wait until the Africans bring up fellow African Negro slave owners? Truth is at a premium.

  15. KamelToe Harris on the national stage will continue to show US what a loathsome opportunistic race pimping lair she is. By the time the primaries come around, all her donors will have dumped this pathetic fraud!

      • Her own father has discredited her saying her Jamaican ancestors would roll over in their graves if they knew what she said about smoking pot. Such a loser; hope she stays in the race as a favor to our president.

        • That’s right. Her own father knows what a fake she is- she threw her own family under the bus, just to look like a “Cool kid” in their eyes! If you do that to your own, can you imagine what she will.do to our country?

  16. Does she have a comment about the 5 black kids who murdered the white musician in Memphis that the “Media” is ignoring? CRICKETS!

    • Kamala, who got her start in politics via an extra-marital affair with the disgraced California politician Willie Brown. Whatever it takes is good enough for her.

    • And they are as described in the article “an outraged mob”…..looking to lynch anyone that does not buy into their BS!

    • Gerald,
      Just goes to show you that they will stoop to any level, don’t forget what a great actor he is! They always try to pin everything on PRESIDENT TRUMP, look what they did to those school kids! How they lied, when you can see perfectly that it was the older other side idiots that picked on the kids! But they dont show you that part of the video!!!! We have to unit and stop this craziness!

  17. I thought AOC was the chumpiom for the Communist Democratic Party. I stand corrected,she is also in a class of their own, complete idiots rushing to judgement for their own advancement and every time they open their mouth it shows. How anyone can honestly believe what they say as gospel is just as bad and worse, like sheep being led to their slaughter.

  18. Harris has done nothing to help American Citizens. Veteran’s losing their homes. No jobs. Sancutary State is not working. CA not working with ICE to deport illegal criminals. Harris would not work for American Citizens.
    Build a cement Wall.
    I thank God every day for the cement Wall.
    God bless our country

    • I ama VietNam vet myself, AND I AM HOMELESS.. All these illegals are handed everything they ever dreamed of and American Veterans get screwed. ????????????????????????

    • They are trying their best to get as many bad people in our country, so that their will be civil unrest and they can call to ban and take everyone’s guns if they get power. They need peoples guns so they can’t stand up against them, when they rule with tyranny and leave everyone helpless. This is how it starts in Communist countries.

      • True Sharon. That’s why we must stand with a voice of one and refuse to disarm. They start with touchy-freely policy like banning semiauto weapons. Next they will tell us we don’t need anything that goes bang. And it is possible to bypass the SCOTUS rulings. If we have to fight a civil war, get er’ done!!! I don’t want that, but better dead than surrender our freedoms.

  19. How about going back to Califorication and never being heard from politically again? She is just as ridiculously left wing as Cortes and just spoke recently in my old state of NH which is close to Bad Bernies residence. They need to run on the same ticket. MAGA RVN 68-69


  20. Thank you, Smollett. One of the best hoaxes ever happened in 2019. You could be accountable for taking down some of the worst presidential dreamers. Harris and Cory Booker. Booker’s girlfriend is the sister of Smollet? Girlfriend? That is yet to be found out.

  21. You are another dumb ass that rushes to judgement. Why don’t you shut up for a change and get the facts before you shoot off your mouth. Too much to ask from another black lawyer.

  22. Sen. Kamala Harris is a Criminal Democratic racist Pig pure garbage and really stupid how the hell did this thing get voted in fixed votes we need a over haul of our entire voting system.

    • Unfortunately, voters in CA were duped into voting for the 2 top vote getters in the primaries to be the only 2 candidates on the general election ballot. The only 2 on the ballot were Democrats, one of which was Harris. I think people expected that it would be the top vote getter in each party as it always had been and not both from the same party. That is how she was elected and not by a fair election. I fear that there is no avenue to reverse this tragic mistake because conservatives in CA are always defeated by the concentration of liberals in the larger cities. This practice of having the top 2 vote getters on the ballot needs to go NOW!


    • Because the morons in her counties are dummer then she is. In fact the better part of Ca. Are DUMMER THEN SHIT. THIS STARTS WITH THE STARS OF HOLLYWOOD. THEY KNOW MORE THEN EVEN THE POLITICIANS IN OUR HOUSE IN WASHINGYON D. C.. WE NEED TO TAKE ALL 535 assholes out of our house with out pensions, medical, etc. and tell them they are now collect SS ONLY IF THEY HAVE PUT IN TO THE SS FUND. I am totally fed up with both parties, however I am going to fight for our PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IN 2020.

  23. Kamala Harris needs to drop out and tend to her job. She ius not a Natural Born citizen, thus, isz not eligible to be POTUS or VP. We have had one illegal,look how that turned out! Neither of her parents were US citizens when she was born.

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