Kamala Harris was publicly humiliated when she made this shocking request

Screenshot via YouTube, CSPAN

Vice President Kamala Harris is a disaster of epic proportions.

Her public appearances leave Democrats groaning.

And Kamala Harris was publicly humiliated when she made this shocking request.

Vice President Kamala Harris was once considered one of the rising stars in the Democrat Party.

She’s become the least popular Vice President in the last 50 years according to public opinion polling.

Her stint as Vice President has been marked by frequent gaffes and incoherent world salads during her public appearances.

Democrats are grumbling that the unpopular Harris could be an anchor on President Joe Biden during his expected reelection campaign.

And Kamala Harris added to these doubts after she utterly humiliated herself at a White House event with a friendly crowd.

The Vice President spoke to a crowd of journalism students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HCBU) for Black History Month.

White House Office of Public Engagement Director Keisha Lance Bottoms tried to warm up the crowd before Harris came out to speak.

“We have a very special guest, as you all know,” Lance Bottoms said. “I know you have been waiting on this special guest, our Vice President.”

Lance Bottoms recited a laundry list of “historic firsts” that Harris achieved such as becoming the first black and female Vice President.

“Will you all please stand as she enters the room,” Bottoms announced.

Harris was shocked from the sleepy reaction from the crowd of disinterested college students.

A few of the students clapped as Harris entered the room.

Sensing the embarrassing reception for the Vice President, the students were encouraged to show some enthusiasm for Harris.

“You can clap, it’s okay,” the students were told.

Despite the request, only a handful of students clapped for Harris.

The embarrassing incident was reminiscent of when then Presidential candidate Jeb Bush delivered a campaign speech and an exasperated Bush asked the crowd to “Please, clap!” when they didn’t respond to one of his applause lines.

This humiliating request is another sign that the Democrat Party is over the increasingly unpopular Vice President.

Kamala Harris couldn’t generate any enthusiasm from a friendly crowd of black journalism students handpicked for a White House event.

The spotlight is increasing on the Vice Presidency with 80-year-old Joe Biden at the top of the ticket for Democrats next year.

Democrats are grumbling to the media about Harris being a liability as Biden’s running mate.

When Harris can’t excite a crowd of college students, it raises serious questions about what kind of a reception she would receive on the campaign trail.

Harris is expected to pick up an increased workload campaigning because of Biden’s age and mental decline.

Kamala Harris is a huge problem for Democrats that will give the party sleepless nights.

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