Kamala Harris was seeing red after Democrats gave her this surprising news

Kamala Harris was supposed to be the future of the Democrat Party.

But her political career is going up in flames.

And Kamala Harris was seeing red after Democrats gave her this surprising news.

Kamala Harris was once considered a rising political star in the Democrat Party.

Not only was she awarded the role of Vice President, but Harris was also given a higher-profile role than usual.

Joe Biden even referred to his regime as the “Biden-Harris administration.”

Harris’s first high profile role as Vice President was when Joe Biden named her as the administration’s official “border czar.”

However, Harris completely flopped at her role as border czar, instead claiming her only job was to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

Along with her cackle and out of touch demeanor, Harris’s poll numbers have plummeted to record lows for a Vice President.

And now, with Joe Biden slipping mentally and his regime imploding, Democrats are starting to look to the future.

But it’s not looking good for Kamala Harris after a recent Hill/HarrisX poll gave her some jaw-dropping news.

When asked who their 2024 Presidential choice would be if Joe Biden decides not to seek re-election, only 13 percent of Democrats chose Kamala Harris.

36 percent of respondents said they were unsure who they would support in 2024 if Biden doesn’t run, with 10 percent choosing Michelle Obama and 5 percent saying they would support candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, or Pete Buttigieg.

And 13 percent said they would support a candidate that wasn’t listed in the poll.

Of course, these are devastating poll numbers for Harris, with 87 percent of Democrats wanting someone else other than her to run if Joe Biden steps aside in 2024.

As Vice President, Harris should be next in line to take over for Biden.

But tensions are growing between Biden and Harris, with the duo scheduling fewer joint events at the same time reports of infighting between the two camps are surfacing.

With Kamala’s historically bad approval rating, Biden may be looking to get rid of her as Vice President.

One way Biden could do this is by appointing Harris to the next Supreme Court seat.

But no matter what happens in 2024, it’s clear that Harris will have to compete to win the Democrat Presidential nomination.

After starting off the year as the heir apparent to Biden, this is another sign that Kamala’s political future is in jeopardy.

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