Kamala Harris was stunned after she suffered a massive defeat she never saw coming

Kamala Harris’ political career is circling the drain.

But she was just hit with another nasty surprise.

And Kamala Harris was stunned after she suffered a massive defeat she never saw coming.

Kamala Harris’ short time as Vice President has been an epic disaster marked by non-stop gaffes and miserable failures.

Joe Biden handed her the job of being the regime’s border czar to tackle the growing illegal immigration crisis.

Like everything else, Harris has fallen flat on her face with her botched handling of the border crisis.

Instead of visiting the border or trying to secure it, Harris has been fumbling around searching for the “root causes” of illegal immigration in Central America.

As the border crisis grew in recent months, Harris has been nowhere to be found on the job.

The Summit of the Americas conference gave Harris the chance to try to redeem herself on the border.

The conference was scheduled to bring together leaders and diplomats from North and South America to discuss cooperation on issues like illegal immigration.

After being missing on the job, Harris sprung into action by announcing a major initiative aimed at solving the “root causes” of illegal immigration in Central America.

She announced a $50 million effort funded by American taxpayers to create green jobs, along with paid community service opportunities in climate action and other social justice causes for Central American youth.

Eager to work with Central American leaders on these efforts, Harris thought she was going to get some much-needed good PR from the conference.

Instead, she got a humiliating snub, as the leaders of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras all decided to skip the conference.

The illegal immigration crisis was going to be a major topic of discussion at the conference.

However, the leaders of the key countries involved gave Harris and Joe Biden the cold shoulder.

Even though Harris is trying to solve the “root causes” of illegal immigration, despite the promise of millions in aid, the leadership of the countries involved wouldn’t even take the time to meet with her.

Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador make up the Northern Triangle of Central America, which has been ground zero for the recent surge in illegal aliens after Biden took office.

While Harris has promised to solve the crisis, this is another sign that Central American leaders aren’t buying into her supposed leadership.

Mateo Haydar of the Heritage Foundation pointed out the massive failure of the snub.

“The Biden administration’s total lack of leadership has isolated the few governments that were working us to curb illegal immigration just a few years ago. Those countries perceive weakness in the Biden administration, so there is no incentive to cooperate on U.S. interests,” Haydar explained.

“What it expects to negotiate or agree on without the Presidents of Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries is totally unclear,” he added.

This the latest humiliating failure by Kamala Harris that will only ensure the border crisis will not be solved anytime soon.

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