Kari Lake made one promise that has all hell breaking loose

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake is leading Democrat Katie Hobbs in the polls.

Trump-endorsed Kari Lake ran one of the best campaigns in the country this cycle.

And now Kari Lake made one promise that has all hell breaking loose.

From day one of her campaign, Lake has made the invasion at the southern border the centerpiece of her messaging.

Democrats blabbered on about imaginary threats to democracy or their fanatical support for abortion on demand up until the moment of birth.

Lake, however, actually focused on the issues that voters care about.

That’s why polls show her leading Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs going into Election Day.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, Lake shared her plan to secure the border and stop Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion in Arizona.

Lake explained that the official number of illegal aliens entering the country – more than 4.5 million since Biden took office – understated the depths of the problem because those figures did not count “getaways.”

Lake explained that the “getaways” try to avoid detection because they are dangerous criminals or violent people, and the majority of them enter the country through Arizona.

“Cochise County, and what they call the Tucson sector, is where the majority of the so-called ‘getaways’ come through,” Lake stated. “And you know, we’ve had more than 5 million people come here illegally; a million of them are ‘getaways.’ These are the people who have such bad backgrounds that they don’t want to be processed. A lot of the people coming want to be processed for asylum, etc., but these are the people who are so dangerous that they don’t want to be processed, and they’re coming through this area.”

Lake outlined her planned response by citing a legal opinion from Attorney General Mark Brnovich which would allow the Governor to declare an invasion at the southern border and use the National Guard to deport illegal aliens.

“This is truly an invasion, and we have legal law to set us up,” Lake added. “Our Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, made a great statement saying that we truly do have an invasion, and you can use that to protect your border,” Lake said. “And so we’ve got that, we’ve got Governor Ducey, who has been putting some barriers up, and he’s already in a battle with the federal government. I believe we’ll win this battle because it is our border, it is the Arizona border, and our state is defined by our border. In Article One, Section One of our Arizona Constitution, it defines the state of Arizona by our borders, and so we can protect those borders. It’s state property, we’re arguing, not federal property, that border, because of what it says in our Arizona Constitution.”

The corporate-controlled media likes to make it seem like Kari Lake turned into a political superstar because her former career on TV as a news anchor made her very charismatic.

But the real secret to Kari Lake’s success is the fact that she is running on an agenda that addresses the real life problems voters are facing.

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