Karine Jean-Pierre froze like a deer in headlights over this brutal question

Karine Jean-Pierre provides evidence on a daily basis as to why she’s the most incompetent White House Press Secretary anyone’s ever seen.

Jean-Pierre’s daily press briefings are a never ending blooper reel.

And Karine Jean-Pierre froze like a deer in headlights over this brutal question.

Reporter confronts Jean-Pierre about student loan bailout 

Joe Biden announced a new lawless order upping the number of Americans bailed out student loans to debt to just under $5,000,000.

Biden bragged that taxpayers picked up the check for an average of $35,000 per borrower.

Even Biden’s supporters in the media choked on how blatantly unfair that was to the over 60 percent of Americans who don’t have a college degree.

NBC’s liberal White House correspondent Peter Alexander confronted Jean-Pierre about Biden ripping off taxpayers to bail out student loan debt holders.

Alexander began to ask Jean Pierre about the unfairness of the situation, saying, “— now for the 4.7 million Americans who have received this debt relief, the averages, you said, at the start of this—” before Jean-Pierre cut him off.

“Yeah. About $35,000,” Jean-Pierre confirmed.

Alexander was wondering why Americans who didn’t go to college wouldn’t get their own check for $35,000 to help them out with their financial struggles.

“— this was $35,000 their relief has been for, so I guess why don’t those individuals who didn’t receive $35,000 in debt cancellation deserve a $35,000 check from other Americans for what other means they would want to use it?” Alexander finished.

“You’re talking about the — ” Jean-Pierre began to answer before Alexander clarified.

“The people who didn’t go to college, so they’re not getting debt relief — the $35,000 that they don’t get because they didn’t go,” Alexander asked.

Jean-Pierre’s absurd response 

Jean-Pierre claimed student loan debt holders were being “crushed.”

“I mean, we’re talking about folks who are in debt who are literally being crushed — literally being crushed because they took — and they took — you know — they took—” Jean-Pierre began before another reporter cut her off from making such an absurd comment.

“They’re not literally being crushed? Let’s be—” the reporter shot back.

Jean-Pierre conceded that was the case and then launched into a lengthy soliloquy about how student loan debt holders “bet on themselves” and the country owed it to them to bail them out.

Everyone facing student loan debt willingly took on that obligation.

No one forced them to go tens of thousands of dollars in debt for college.

Polls show Joe Biden running behind where Democrats typically do well with young voters, and Biden thinks he can buy their votes.

But Biden may be getting the worst of all worlds.

In addition to annoying working-class voters who now have to pay the bill for student loan debt, a recent Harvard poll found student loan debt ranked at the bottom of a number of issues young Americans care about.

Inflation and the economy were at the top.

Biden’s catching all of the heat for bad public policy that has virtually no political upside.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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