Karine Jean-Pierre had a meltdown after she was asked this scary question about Joe Biden

Karine Jean-Pierre is under fire as she tries to spin the biggest crisis of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

Now she’s facing the most pressure-packed situation of her career.

And Karine Jean-Pierre had a meltdown after she was asked this scary question about Joe Biden.

Parkinson’s disease specialist’s White House visits put Karine Jean-Pierre on her heels 

It’s been clear for some time that there’s something wrong with President Joe Biden.

Videos went viral on social media in recent months of him wandering around aimlessly, freezing up, and saluting thin air.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed them as selectively clipped “cheap fakes.”

But the charade about Biden’s mental state came crashing down at the first President debate where he malfunctioned on live TV for 90 minutes.

A report from the New York Post added to the media feeding frenzy after the debate when the outlet revealed that Dr. Kevin Cannard – a Parkinson’s disease specialist from Walter Reed Military Medical Center – met with Biden’s personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, at the White House multiple times over the past year.

Jean-Pierre is used to dealing with a mostly friendly White House press corp.

But the media wants to push Biden out of the Presidential race because they think he’s a political liability at this point.

She faced a press that was suddenly hostile toward the President and interested in doing their jobs for once.

Karine Jean-Pierre heated dealing with a hostile press 

Jean-Pierre refused to discuss Cannard or his White House visits during her daily press briefs.

She claimed this because of privacy and security reasons. 

But the press wasn’t buying her excuses.

“I’m not going to share people’s [doctors’] names,” Jean-Pierre said. 

CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe caused her to snap by pressing her about the President’s medical situation.

“It’s a very basic, direct question,” O’Keefe yelled. “That’s what you should be able to answer by this point.”

“No, no, no, no, no,” Jean-Pierre fired back. “Ed, please. A little respect here. Please.”

O’Keefe pointed out that she wasn’t answering a simple question.

“That is what I’m sharing with you,” Jean-Pierre said. “So, every time he has a physical, he has had to see a neurologist. So, that is answering that question.”

O’Keefe told her that she didn’t answer the question again.

“Did Dr. Kevin Cannard come to the White House specifically because of the President’s condition?” O’Keefe asked.

Jean-Pierre ducked the question by citing security reasons.

“We’re miffed around here about how information has been shared with the press corps about him,” O’Keefe said.

He pointed out that Cannard’s visits were public records from the White House visitor log.

Jean-Pierre was furious that reporters were grilling her and characterized their questions as “personal attacks.”

“We do our best to give you the information that we have at the time. That’s what we do,” Jean-Pierre whined. 

She called the situation “really, really unfair.”

A report explained that the press was just trying to figure out why the doctor’s name wouldn’t be disclosed.

“Yeah. But the personal attacks is not okay,” Jean-Pierre ranted. “I just want to be very, very clear here.”

Karine Jean-Pierre has always been unqualified, but now she is wilting under the pressure of dealing with an increasingly hostile press.

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