Karine Jean-Pierre instantly regretted telling this utterly absurd lie

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has to spin Joe Biden’s colossal blunders.

But she just stepped in it with one answer.

And Karine Jean-Pierre instantly regretted telling this utterly absurd lie.

President Joe Biden is presiding over the worst border crisis in the country’s history.

Record numbers of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs are pouring across the wide-open southern border.

While the border is in complete chaos, top officials in the Biden regime are claiming that everything is fine.

Vice President Kamala Harris, the regime’s “Border Czar,” claimed that the border is secure during an interview in Texas.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has repeatedly lied through his teeth by claiming that the border is secure.

He also falsely blamed Republicans for aiding human smugglers by simply pointing out that the border is open.

The Biden regime’s tortured relationship with the truth about the border continued during a White House press briefing.

“A follow up to some of the immigration news from over the break. Does anybody around here think that the southern border is secure?” Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked.

“What I can tell you is this is a President who has been working since day one to work on border security, to make an immigration a priority,” Jean-Pierre replied.

She dodged the question about whether anyone in the Biden regime thinks the border is secure.

Instead, she told one of the most insane lies of her short stint as Press Secretary by saying that Biden has worked on border security since day one.

Joe Biden began trying to dismantle any semblance of border security during his first day in the White House.

He shut down construction on former President Donald Trump’s border wall on day one with an executive order.

“The President is coming forward and trying to come up with solutions,” Jean-Pierre said. “But the difference here is that you have Republicans, as you know, who are doing political stunts. And, you know, and we’ve called that out over and over and over again.”

Jean-Pierre is blaming Republicans for Biden’s massive failure even though Democrats spent two years with full control of the federal government.

Doocy kept pressing Jean-Pierre on the border after she dodged the question.

“But roughly 7,000 migrants cross everyday illegally. Does the White House believe that the border is secure?”

“I’ve told you what we have done, that we have made this a priority,” Jean-Pierre replied.

During the last fiscal year, the Border Patrol encountered a record 2.3 million illegal aliens at the border.

Karine Jean-Pierre is telling increasingly outlandish lies as the border crisis unfolding under Joe Biden spirals out of control.

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