Karine Jean-Pierre is fuming after Joe Biden gave her this brutal rejection

Everything is going wrong for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

She thought her life couldn’t get any worse.

Now Karine Jean-Pierre is fuming after Joe Biden gave her this brutal rejection.

President Joe Biden’s growing classified documents scandal has White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in the hot seat.

She’s wilted under the pressure of trying to defend Biden against an increasingly hostile White House press corps.

Jean-Pierre is in way over her head as she dodges questions and repeatedly refers reporters to the White House Counsel’s Office while she fumbles her way through tackling questions.

Left-wing reporters are griping over Jean-Pierre’s inability to answer their questions.

The Biden regime could be tipping its hand that change is afoot for the Press Secretary.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was deployed to handle questions on the classified documents at a press briefing with Jean-Pierre.

After Kirby told reporters he would “defer most questions” on the scandal to the struggling Press Secretary, he then proceeded to field most of them.

Democrats are increasingly grumbling over the terrible job Jean-Pierre’s done handling the classified documents scandal.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough accused the Biden regime of “stumbling and bumbling” in their response to the scandal and wondered why Kirby wasn’t put in charge of fielding questions from the press on it.

According to one Fox News contributor, Kirby’s appearance at a press briefing during the middle of a crisis could be a sign that Jean-Pierre is out the door.

“The people that watch this show may not agree with the answers that one John Kirby would give but, let’s be real,” Fox & Friends First co-host Todd Piro said. “John Kirby is in the building. He can do this job way better than KJP.”

A communications advisor to former President Barack Obama pleaded with the regime to dedicate a spokesperson to handling the crisis after Jean-Pierre’s stumbles.

“How much longer does KJP have in this role?” Piro asked.

Fox News media contributor Joe Concha didn’t pull any punches about Jean-Pierre’s future as Press Secretary.

“I would think probably within the next couple of months, we’ll see a pivot to John Kirby as the White House Press Secretary, particularly if Joe Biden announces he’s running for President,” Concha predicted. “If he does announce, then KJP, Karine Jean-Pierre, has an out.”

Jean-Pierre worked at MSNBC before she joined Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign.

“She’ll be the communications director for the campaign type of thing,” Concha said. “But John Kirby should have had this job right after Jen Psaki left. Not Karine Jean-Pierre.”

The regime could dispose of Jean-Pierre by giving her a meaningless job on Biden’s campaign to make her go away.

Concha said that he couldn’t even watch press briefings anymore because Jean-Pierre robotically repeats the same scripted talking points.

“It’s like everything’s being played on a loop at this point,” Concha exclaimed.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s disastrous performance during the biggest crisis of the Biden Presidency could be the end of the line for as Press Secretary.

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