Karine Jean-Pierre just got replaced in the most embarrassing way ever

Karine Jean-Pierre’s tenure as White House Press Secretary has been a disaster.

Even Joe Biden and his handlers won’t dispute that.

And Karine Jean-Pierre just got replaced in the most embarrassing way ever.

John Kirby takes over press briefings

Joe Biden only promoted Karine Jean-Pierre to the position of White House Press Secretary because of identity politics.

As a black, female, homosexual Jean-Pierre’s promotion “made history” and that’s all Biden cared about.

Jean-Pierre is unable to answer questions unless she has a pre-scripted answer prepared in the gigantic binder she lugs up the podium at every press briefing.

Biden could get away with this amateur hour performance when the stakes were comparatively low.

But following the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack in Israel, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby essentially took over the briefing duties.

Kirby’s attended 22 briefings in 2024 and fielded questions for about the exact same amount of time as Jean-Pierre.

Experts react with shock

Former Trump administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he’s never seen anything like it.

“There is no precedent for this. Press Secretaries always bring guests, right. It’s like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna have the OMB [the Office of Management and Budget] guys brief you on the budget and talk to you about that.’ That’s normal,” Sean Spicer said in an interview with the Daily Caller. “That’s as old as the job. But this idea that you have a co-Press Secretary is unprecedented.”

Spicer said Biden and his team know Jean-Pierre is a weak link and used the excuse of a national security crisis to make a change in the communications department.

“I don’t think the dynamic is awkward to begin with. I think they did it under the presence, under the guise of national security and foreign affairs. But the reality is, Kirby has really taken over a lot more, for obvious reasons,” Spicer said. “The Press Secretary should be able to handle all of the issues and it’s pretty obvious that there’s a level of competence that just doesn’t exist.”

GOP strategist Scott Jennings told the Daily Caller that even Republicans have been impressed by Kirby for his ability to field questions from reporters.

“Sometimes I’ll tweet out, like, ‘This was a good job by Kirby.’ I’ve had a number of [Republicans] tell me that Kirby gets it. I mean, I actually think he has the respect of Republicans. And so therefore, they listen to what he has to say and they find him to be a credible messenger. I don’t think anybody respects Karine,” Jennings stated.

“I can’t remember a time when this has happened. I mean, it seems to me they give Kirby all the important things to talk about. And they let her talk about the rest,” Jennings added.

Of course, every Democrat Press Secretary has the advantage of the fact that the press is on their team and rooting for them to succeed so they won’t ask exceedingly difficult questions.

But the ease of the job makes Jean-Pierre’s failures all the more glaring.

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