Karine Jean-Pierre raised the white flag of surrender in this big fight

Democrats never like to admit defeat.

But this time, Jean-Pierre had no other choice.

And Karine Jean-Pierre raised the white flag of surrender in this big fight.

Karine Jean-Pierre confirms Harrison Butker will receive White House invite

The woke media desperately wanted to cancel Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker over his commencement speech address to Benedictine College.

Liberals in the press were hoping Joe Biden would help them exile Butker from the NFL for expressing his Catholic beliefs at a Catholic college’s graduation ceremony.

That’s why a reporter asked Jean-Pierre if the White House would invite Butker with the rest of the team for the traditional championship visit.

Democrats usually love diving into the culture wars.

But on this front, Jean-Pierre beat a hasty retreat.

“So, what I can say is all of the team – per usual when there is a championship – gets invited,” Jean-Pierre responded. 

“I don’t have anything to add on their attendance or how that looks, but the team is always invited. Everyone on the team is invited. I just don’t have anything beyond that,” Jean-Pierre added.

The reporter then wondered if Joe Biden would disinvite Butker to the White House over his comments.

“What I can say is we invite the entire team and we do that always,” Jean-Pierre repeated. 

“I don’t have anything beyond that,” Jean-Pierre added.

“We invite the team. It’s an invitation that goes to the team, and so it’s up to the team who comes and who doesn’t come,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

What Butker said 

In addition to telling female Benedictine College graduates that motherhood was a noble goal and more rewarding than corporate job titles, Butker also tore into Joe Biden.

Butker called Biden a fraud Catholic who pretends to observe the faith while trashing all the Church’s central teachings.

“Our own nation is led by a man who publicly and proudly proclaims his Catholic faith, but at the same time is delusional enough to make the Sign of The Cross during a pro-abortion rally,” Butker declared. 

“He has been so vocal in his support for the murder of innocent babies that I’m sure to many people it appears to many people you can be both Catholic and pro-choice,” Butker added.

This is an election year.

The NFL is wildly popular.

The wife and daughter of the Chiefs’ owner stood by Butker.

If Joe Biden canceled Butker, it would be opening up a can of worms when Joe Biden already faces an increasingly steep political hill to climb if he wants to make up his polling deficit to Donald Trump.

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