Karine Jean-Pierre revealed how desperate Biden is by launching this attack on Ron DeSantis

Screenshot via YouTube, The White House

The war of words between Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis is heating up.

The verbal sparring between the pair could be a preview of 2024.

And Karine Jean-Pierre revealed how desperate Biden is by launching this attack on Ron DeSantis.

President Joe Biden is widely expected to launch his reelection campaign for President next month.

He knows he’ll have no record of accomplishments to run on after creating one disaster after another as President.

Instead, Biden is preparing to relentlessly smear his Republican challenger as “MAGA Republican extremists” in hopes of winning a second term.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be a top contender for the Republican Presidential nomination if he enters the field.

The Biden regime isn’t taking any chances and stepping up their attacks on the Florida Governor ahead of a possible Presidential campaign.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attacked DeSantis for waging war on wokeness in Florida.

She lashed out at “extreme Republicans” as hateful for fighting back against the woke agenda.

“When Republicans — extreme Republicans, these MAGA Republicans — don’t agree with an issue or policy, they don’t bring forth something that will either have a good-faith conversation,” Jean-Pierre said. “They go to this conversation of ‘woke’ but that is not actually policy.”

DeSantis has made fighting back against wokeness a centerpiece of his conservative agenda and routinely touts that Florida is “where woke goes to die.”

“What that turns into is hate,” Jean-Pierre continued. “What it turns into is a despicable policy and it’s just not the way we’re going to move forward.”

Jean-Pierre was asked about a speech by DeSantis in Iowa where he called out radical gender ideology being taught in schools.

“This is about attacking – we’re talking about young kids and their parents. Because of how they view themselves. Because of how they see themselves. Because of how they want to live. Kids and their parents,” Jean-Pierre said. “What does that have to do with anything about being woke? It is just hate. And it is shameful, it is shameful.”

Jean-Pierre previewed a potential line of attack against DeSantis if he becomes the 2024 Republican nominee.

Joe Biden embraces the most extreme positions on the Left about transgenderism and is willing to duke it out with DeSantis over them.

The Biden regime is trying to paint DeSantis as an “extreme” culture warrior.

The DeSantis team fired back at Jean-Pierre after she went on a tirade about the Florida Governor.

“Here are the Florida policies that [Jean-Pierre] labels as ‘despicable’: No porn in schools, Preserving the innocence of children, [and] Keeping public education free from sexual content, radical gender ideology, and racial discrimination,” DeSantis’ Press Secretary Bryan Griffin said on social media.

DeSantis has brushed off frequent Democrat attacks against his agenda and remained on the offensive.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s attack on Ron DeSantis could be a preview over a major battle about wokeness in the 2024 Presidential election.

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