Karine Jean-Pierre wished she never got out of bed that morning after hearing one question

Karine Jean-Pierre’s ever growing blooper reel is a political embarrassment for the White House and the Democrat Party.

Jean-Pierre just can’t get out of her own way.

And Karine Jean-Pierre wished she never got out of bed that morning after hearing one question.

Jean-Pierre stumbles over question about Joe Biden lying about inflation

Every poll shows inflation is one of the top two issues for the voters.

Biden’s approval ratings sits under 40 percent, according to RealClearPolitics, because the American people blame Biden for the fact that prices are up nearly 20 percent since he took office.

Over the past several weeks, Biden’s repeatedly lied about how inflation was nine percent when he took over.

Inflation was 1.4 percent in Donald Trump’s final month as President.

Fox Business Network’s Edward Lawrence asked Jean-Pierre if Biden was either senile or a liar when he claimed inflation was nine percent the day he came into office.

“I wanna ask you about how the President talks about inflation. So, two times over the past two weeks, the President said inflation was nine percent when he came into office. Is the President misleading Americans on that? Or does it — just not realize that inflation was 1.4 percent when he came into office?” Lawrence asked.

Jean-Pierre is raging incompetent on her best day.

But here, Jean-Pierre had to defend the indefensible.

And what Jean-Pierre settled on was the preposterous claim that the factors that caused inflation to surge to nine percent in the summer of 2022 were in place.

Jean-Pierre blames the pandemic 

Jean-Pierre falsely claimed the genesis of the inflation crisis was the COVID pandemic and Donald Trump’s policies.

“So, you know — and — and thank you for the question, because I know that this — we got a lot of incoming on this yesterday and look, I — what the President was — the point that he was making — uh — is that the factors that caused inflation was in place when he walked in — into the administration — when he took office,” Jean-Pierre stated.

“Let’s — as you know, the pandemic caused inflation around the world to be — uh — uh — by disrupting our economy and breaking our supply chains — as you know, we had to act quickly on dealing with the supply chain,” Jean-Pierre added.

“Annualized core PCP in the second term of 2021 was nine percent. And so, he was talking about the factors that were in place that led to — that led to that and look — and I said this earlier, going to say it again, we’re going to do everything as we’re talking about CPI, we’re going to do everything that we can — this President is committed to doing everything that we can to fight inflation and that’s what the President was trying to speak to,” Jean-Pierre continued.

Lawrence pushed back, noting that the pandemic was underway for 10 months before Biden took office and inflation still remained under two percent.

What Jean-Pierre and Biden want the American people to forget is that liberal economists such as former Obama advisor and Harvard President Lawrence Summers warned that the $1.9 trillion socialist spending bill Biden signed into law back in March 2021 would set off an inflationary spiral.

Prices started rising once Biden began pumping trillions of new dollars into the economy.

This was a predictable – but also avoidable – disaster.

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