Brett Kavanaugh just gave Barack Obama’s Deep State some very bad news

Barack Obama’s Deep State hunts around for anything they can use to trip up Donald Trump.

And they thought this one lawsuit was a silver bullet to take him down.

But Brett Kavanaugh just gave the anti-Trump forces some very bad news.

Trump opponents inside and outside D.C. lost their minds when Trump appointed Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General.

Whitaker criticized the Mueller probe as a witch hunt in his capacity as a legal commentator on cable news.

The left figured Trump installing Whitaker was his first step in firing Mueller and ending his investigation.

So outside groups sued Trump over Whitaker’s appointment.

Brett Kavanaugh and the rest of the justices dismissed the case with a simple two sentence statement.

The New York Times reports:

The Supreme Court declined on Monday to decide whether President Trump acted lawfully in appointing Matthew G. Whitaker to be the acting attorney general, denying an unusual motion asking the justices to address that question in the context of a case about a different issue. The court also turned down the case itself.

The court’s order was two sentences long and gave no reasons. There were no noted dissents.

The case, Michaels v. Whitaker, No. 18-496, concerned Barry Michaels, who was convicted of securities fraud in 1998 and wanted to buy a gun. He challenged a federal law banning gun ownership by people convicted of felonies on Second Amendment grounds.

The request for a ruling on Mr. Whitaker’s appointment came in the form of a motion to change the name of the case to Michaels v. Rosenstein, on the theory that Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein is the rightful acting attorney general because Mr. Whitaker’s appointment violated federal statutes and the Constitution.

Trump haters thought they could gum up Whitaker’s ability to do his job with frivolous court cases.

The left figured that would allow Mueller time to put together his report without interference from the Trump administration.

But they were wrong.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.




  2. Thank-you Justice K, and the rest on the SC!

    Do you want this BS witch-hunt to end,and Mueller to stop digging, and scratching, and endlessly sniffing beyond the scope of his authority? Do you want the wall funded & built? Do you want crooked Hillary held accountable? How about crooked Comey? Are there other issues you want addressed or wrongs righted, like
    immigration loopholes, or chain migration maybe?

    Then say so where it may actually count!

    Seriously folks. This is the real deal. No hype, sidetracks, false ads, just what it says. You want to create a petition to send to the white house, or e-sign an existing petition to force congress to act? Go to: /?page=1 It’s great! and quick too !

    Get these lying, hypocritical lazy-assed bums to stop playing games, and do their friggin’ job for a change! I, for one, am sick of them wasting my money, and living the high life on my dime !!!

  3. It’s far past time to hold these traitors accountable.Start with the ones not upholding their Oath of Office.Try them as the traitors they are,quickly,no appeals,quicker public executions as they deserve.Start with the Feds,then state,then local until all are completely cleaned out.

  4. A shit storm is coming. All these ‘Asylum’ seekers are nothing more than the Demonrat’s army. They will be the ones we see on the battle field.

  5. tear down the walls of the DemoRats, their home walls, Soros’ home walls, all those walls–maybe that will teach them a lesson what it feels like to be overrun and stolen
    it will come out of their pocket –money only speaks to their booty end!

    • The democrats tell us that the reason they’re against the wall is thst they say that walls don’t work. Why do they keep silent that Israel has them and it eliminated more than 99+% of the terrorist attacks there huh? They want to keep the borders open and get as many illegals as they can to come here, make U.S. citizens out of them, and register them with the Demoncrat party so as to get their votes to keep them in power. Without them, they would never have a chance to win elections.

  6. take out the popcorn and watch FOX–especially Tucker and Hannity–just start laughing because the truth hurts the DemoRats–payback time–payback time!!!
    the Clinton gang, Pedophiles, Soros, Podesta, etc…as the list goes on & on the DemoRats end…Jail Pelosi for taking your money while you are not getting paid…paying with that for her face lift, and Beach parties….they all have walls in their home –Tear down their Home walls and invite the illegals to squat there!!!!Free food in their homes, free bathrooms, free clothes–show them what the poor really will take away–not from us the taxpayers but from their own backyards

    //// fake news ////
    MSNBC and CNN
    ////// SUCKS //////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  8. Trumps getting his players into place for this big chess game and like Brenda said the democraps are playing checkers and wont know what hit them until they hear CHECKMATE!! Game over!There to busy playing George Sore asses game with the deep state corrupt cartels to know what’s going on! Arresting the pawns with some knights right now! And going to Gitmo!! Love this President! He was truly put there to rid this nation of these corrupt worldly players!! They could pull a stunt so beware! Anything big happens it wont be another country! Its will be deep state game like they pulled in Vegas or 911!

  9. Rosistein cant act as attorney general! He will be defending himself for allowing the witch hunt to start to begin with knowing Hillary paid for fake dossia and has more Russian ties than anyone! He will be headed for Gitmo soon with the rest of corrupt deep state! J. Brennan was finally arrested in Virginia yesterday! Swamps getting smaller, democraps will be running out of idols soon! They might just have to face reality!

    • the brennan arrest is a bogus report..I have heard nothing about it..It was debunked back in JUNE..there are satire web pages on it

      • Was reported yesterday on different websites and one in London, 2 chinooks was filmed coming into Gitmo at dusk with 8 hand cuffed people being led into building! Hope it’s TRUE and they got that rat bastard!! Hes pure evil and a traitor and converted Islamic! Hope to see him hang with Obama and the rest!

      • Said he was arrested for pedophilia in Virginia at his home and more charges coming! Hes behind the attempt on Trump last week!

  10. We need to prosecute all of the treasonous liberals gumming up our Republic with base less lawsuits and trying to rewrite law from the bench.Any jurist helping in this cause needs the same action against them also.

    • I want all of them in a jail cell .. a normal blow joe on the street would have life if they were even driving a car or a passenger in the car , to meet someone trying to conspire.. therefore a jail cell.. ppl that have sat in a car waiting for a friend that robs a house thinking their friend is getting something from the house goes to jail and has to do time … all that were passing a thought of dossier should be in prison.. not federal either let them see what we the taxpayer s have to get when we break a law.. the real jailhouse… time to even corruption

  11. This goes to show one that the demoncrats will do anything to get their way that includes lying, cheating, stealing etc. They are the party of loosers and those are the only ways that they can think of to stay in power. Without those tactics they would cease to exist period.

    • Absolutely agree. I have been saying for the past two years Trump and some govt officials have info pertaining to the Obama/Clinton. The right move would be let them move and talk freely, to relax and gain confidence while the whole time there is evidence we all saw. They are further incriminating themselves and so arrogant and stupid cant even see it happening. Trump is a calm, patiently waiting for the right time. Have you ever wondered why Trump does get wound up with all the liberal antics and propaganda. Clever politics. Let them bury themselves. The left thinks they keep getting away with murder, actually murder with the Clinton’s. Letting their guard down and getting increasingly cockier.


    • Wait a seck, he must have been an American citizen cause he had 3 different birth certificates.
      I remember sherif joe in Arizona beating Obama out of all 3.
      I sure one was real… ha ha ha, I kill myself

    • Thank you John. I cannot understand why Mueller does not go after the Rats for anything they did wrong. Lynch, Obama, Clinton, and all the rest who are involved in the deep state should go to Gitmo for life. Who does Obama think he is, let me tell you what I think he is. He is the Manchurian Candidate, not born in this country, is a Muslim and that makes me want to puke to think he was allowed in our beautiful White House. I do hope it was cleansed thoroughly. Take note I think he had his grandmother killed to shut he mouth. SHE SAID HE WAS BORN IN KENYA AND SHE WAS THERE WHEN HE WAS BORN. Soon after she died. Hillary probably told him how to get this done as she is a pro at it.

    • I want all of them in a jail cell .. a normal blow joe on the street would have life if they were even driving a car or a passenger in the car , to meet someone trying to conspire.. therefore a jail cell.. ppl that have sat in a car waiting for a friend that robs a house thinking their friend is getting something from the house goes to jail and has to do time … all that were passing a thought of dossier should be in prison.. not federal either let them see what we the taxpayer s have to get when we break a law.. the real jailhouse… time to even corruption

  13. Yes, I’m in support of President Trump and what he doing for the American people . I’m disgusted with the continual actions of elected individuals at the State and Federal level that have disdain for the American legal voter in favor of those that are not, and spend taxpayer dollars to fuel their ineptness in their positions at the expense of the American voter / taxpayer. Each state has a site to obtain the representatives email address and local office address. The Federal government has the same. Find your representative’s name and contact information. Use the medium to express your thoughts respectfully. Use FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to obtain operations office documents to see how they are spending your money and who’s on their staff. A lawyer is not needed to file an FOIA. Americans for America is and remains our greatest tool to put the light on the “rats” and make it public. Support organizations like Judicial Watch that, in my judgement, serves Americans …but they need assistance….us. Not just monetarily but with action to expose and hold elected officials accountable for their actions and inactions. Personally, I would not count on FaceBook or Twitter or other medium that is controlled by UNKNOWNS determining what can be posted. Respectful rhetoric disarms them but also elevates their CENSORSHIP actions towards others. They make their money by advertisers, like all, but there’s no greater tool than the buck. In the end, President Trump is leading the charge to get America back to the people, and he and others like him that “walk the walk” and are doing need the support from the masses with respectful rhetoric and actions.

    • Please read the Alinsky Rules so you can realize these satanic sect of Libs with the hidden name of Democrats are following. Many do not believe Lucifer exists, but he promises those who listen to him the world of money and fame. But what these poor souls do not realize is the fact that Satan cares not for anyone but himself.

  14. odummer that ILLEGAL should be run out of this country or i,d rather see him swinging from a tree by the neck along with clintons,schumer,pelosi,soros. all these so called dumbacrats have done nothing for our country for as long as they,ve been in office. dumbacrats have run this country up untill we got a real president for our country MR DONALD TRUMP.AMERICA OPEN YOUR EYES BEFORE IT,S TO LATE, DUMBACRATS ARE TRYING TO GIVE OUR COUNTRY AWAY, WELL YOU,VE RUN INTO THE WRONG COUNTRY, TO THINK THAT WE THE REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL FIGHT TILL THE END IS ALL THAT COUNTS.

  15. Thank God President Trump is a fighter for justice and honesty. He loves America and proves it everyday. The liberals just cannot give him a chance to be the Great President he can and wants to be. The witch hunt needs to be terminated and those who instigated it should be investigated.

  16. Thank God some in Washington DC are on Trump’s side. With so many turning on him, it’s about time!! I believe in the president. He may not be a polished politician but that’s exactly why we voted him in.

    • Agree

      Time now to call all your representatives…to find the Wall…unless you want to pay firillegals with no education, no English, no skills…forever !!

      Being brought here by drug mules..carry disease and have shown violence to authority in Mexico…just what America does not need.

  17. I’m a firm believer in Karma, and karma will pay all these currupt POS a visit one day! And when that day comes, I wish I could be a fly on a wall to watch it!

  18. I will have to agree with one article printed today, saying that there was a coup attempt against Trump presidential campaign. That’s a concern that we all know that it should be considered as treasonous agains the US constitution.

    It’s bad … so if possible, the Senate need to appoint another special counsel under Whitaker to prove this charge as valid and reasonable against Comey, McCabe, and others involved. I think he would have no problem getting this done.

    This corruption must be stopped.

    • A special counsel would take up to 2 yrs to investigate and reach conclusions. Trust that our genius President has a plan in place. Certain things need to happen first, such as getting more of his conservative judges in place. The wheels turn slowly in DC. Have patience. It’s coming!

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