Kavanaugh’s accuser just suffered a major blow

Democrats are desperate to take down Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Christine Blasey Ford is scheduled to testify under oath on Thursday.

But Ford’s smear campaign suffered a major defeat when this story broke.

Professor Christine Ford has accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of attempted sexual assault while they both were in high school in the early 1980s.

But with a showdown looming in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford’s story is beginning to fall apart.

The Washington Times reports:

Three people whom Christine Blasey Ford has identified as witnesses at the high school party where she said the incident happened deny knowing anything about it.

This weekend, the attorney for Leland Keyser, named by Ms. Blasey Ford as a friend who could verify parts of her accusation, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she has no recollection of the party and doesn’t know Judge Kavanaugh.
[Ms. Keyser] said she “does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

Keyser is a longtime friend of Ford.

She’s also a longtime Democrat, ex-wife of Bob Beckel and executive producer of Beckel’s podcast.

If Ford finds herself testifying under oath on Thursday, you can be sure the fact that no witnesses she’s identified to have corroborated her story will come up.

But that remains a big “IF.”

Democrats have so far successfully delayed Kavanaugh’s confirmation through Ford’s allegations.

Many believe it was just a coordinated delay tactic for new allegations to surface, including from Stormy Daniels’ sleazy attorney, Michael Avenatti, who’s making shocking allegations on Twitter about Judge Kavanaugh.

What are your thoughts?

Is this all a desperate smear campaign to force Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. There is such a thing and heavy blanketing over this country. Its It’s quite stifling ! It’s a godlessness that has been allowed to fester and spread since the 60s and possibly prior to. My awareness goes back to my acquired maturity in the 60s. The public statement that GOD IS DEAD changed things and allowed Satan to gain a partnered and participatory stronghold with the secular and liberal theocratic populous of the USA. The Democrat party, in the modern tradition, has rejected God, if not by word, definitely by deed. They have sold their collective souls for political power and popular reception. Generation after generation have been taught that they can do anything that feels good and self-aggrandizes. The poignant line in the movie, The Usual Suspects, rings true … “The greatest trick Satan ever pulled, was convincing the world he doesn’t exist !” How true, alas . . . how true !

    • You are wise beyond your years however the same set of people having been given over to a Reprobate mind are not capable of understanding truth and only seek to acquire power and enforce their agenda of no absolutes.

  2. Yes of course this is a stall tactic this was planned from the day Kavanaugh was nominated. These liberals have stooped to new depths and it’s only going to get worse. Funny though that I didn’t see Feinstein or Durbin in the 90’s standing up for the women who accused Clinton for rap, assault and exposing himself. Yeah they have standards but they are all double.

  3. Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  4. I believe Judge Kavanaugh. I think he is a great man and he is being wrongly accused. That Ford woman is being used by the Democrats. I guarantee you she is being paid a bunch of big bucks by Soros, that dumb bell. Don’t trust any of those Dumcrats!!!! They will do anything to discredit anyone if it half way lifts them up. They are the most horrible bunch I have ever seen. I have been Democrat all of my life. Changing to Republican as soon as I can get to the courthouse.

      • You are so right about Satan. He is using the lying NAZI DEMS to hurt a INNOCENT PERSON. I do not believe Dr. Ford she is being played by the DEMS. They really do not care about her. In fact a lot of those DEMS ARE NOT ANGELS THEMSELVES. They abuse their staff and sexual encounter with anyone that passes them in hallway of Congress. That is a fact because of the $17,000,000 slush fun to hush the person that they attached.

        • Ford will Be receiving a payment by the Democratic Party fairly soon For her little scam story against Kavanagh most likely receive cash but I think the Democratic Party is stupid enough to give her a check like Clinton did when she hired the 007 guy from the British secret service. And they found out the DNC paid for it. I hope they go enough to forward from perjuring herself for lying under oath that whole fairy tale story unbelievable God’s not dead If he was Clinton would have been president God didn’t want It to happen

    • AWESOME!! I won’t even ask … just glad you have seen the light, the Truth!! Welcome back to the real life … we all will need the help … come November, as this WHOLE COUNTRY IS AT THE END OF THE ROPE!!
      Democrats have turned from Plantation Owners … to A TERRORIST CULT, and they need to be STOPPED, or this country will be another Europe, Spain, France, Sweden, in a year or two!! Believe it or not … FACT!!
      God Bless

    • Fords brother works with Peter Strokz who started FBI investigation ,Ford works for planned parent hood where she developes abortion pills , were do you think this came from Democrate ku

      • Where can we get proof of her brother working with Strokz? And Ford working for P.P.? This is powerful stuff. Would appreciate a source.

    • Thank YOU, LOU ANN M. > Help SAVE USA___
      > BRING As Many Friends/Fam W/You.
      >Help them to ‘Understand’ what is really
      going on W/ More Info. Some ppl here
      post Really GoodInfo. & a Recent Crucial
      Info site Has Been Posted.
      > Totally IGNORE the ‘smack dissenters’, unless
      you want to be ‘riled or upset’. THNX Again___

    • Delay, deny, and accuse. That is what the Dems. Are doing, anything to block this conformation.
      Even a Blind person can see what is happening. Now you know why so many of us became Republicans..

      • I pray to GOD that he stays strong””AMERICA is behind you””” I to have become a Republican was a domocrate for 72 years”’was elected as a committee woman for 8 years””’ now ashamed of what has been done to the psrty””’ GOD bless AMERICA”””””””’

          • To “TruthB Told”
            You Nailed it. We are in the midst of a full court press from the Democrats. However they are the real Nazis. The Nazi Brown shirts assaulted and murdered anyone who spoke against Hitler or the Nazi Party. Sounds exactly like ANTIFA Hello !!! Effectively silencing opposition to their Marxist Nazi Totalitarian agenda.
            The Democrats have totally sold out what little souls they may have once had for money snd more power. The old guard of the democruds believe their in charge. Truth be known the democrat party is being taken over by ultra ultra crazy marxists. Soon the Schumers, Pelosis, Feinsteins, and so on of the democrat party are being replaced by all out self declared Marxists who are from the pool of illegals that the dems have so diligently worked to make legitimate citizens. To the Real and legitimate American citizens of this country, buckle up they are effectively terrorists and will stop at nothing to ,TAKE BY FORCE, the seats of Power in this country. The police forces have been effectoively rendered worhtless by the politicization of every action they take. Lenin took Power in Russia by bribing and using the Police Departments to silence his enemies. The Democrats have intimidated police Chiefs and Rank and file officers to such a level that they are going to be inneffective when the Dems make their move. Also the New Younger members of the police Departments have been brainwashed by the Public school educations they did not receive. Dictators need a popuylation that is far more less informed to enable them to take power because they really have no agendas at all just rhetoric.
            It is essential , ESSENTIAL< that all conservative Americans who love this country show up to vote and help maintain control of the house of representatives. BTW. Jealous Jeffy Flake is not done screwing over the Republican Party. Somebody forgot to babysit his ego.

          • john, “Why would they do that to one of their own?”
            > Answer: ‘They’ Do Not CARE, per the ‘evile Agenda’.
            > & please ‘know’ The Agenda’ ___
            > SAVE USA.

      • I used to be a Democrat, before I realized how untruthful and deceitful they are! All they crave is more & more money and power! Anyone who goes against them is either ruined financially or murdered! They are equivalent to Nazis!

  5. What is most irritating is that the Democrats are playing the Republicans and they are letting them get away with it. They use drama, noise and emotion to get what they want. It is so obvious. If they let the Democrats get away with their tactics, they are going to keep pulling those stunts. I left a message on Senators Flake’s VM, letting him know how unhappy i am with him. His issue is his dislike of President Trump, which seems to take precedence over the good of the party. I think he get’s off on the power he has, knowing he is the deciding vote.

    • Kind of like the Blacks playing the Whites now days. A white person cannot do anything, say anything, or think anything without being labeled as a racist.

    • Yes, he is acting so troubled by his decision but in fact, Flake never intended to vote Yes on Kavanaugh. FLAKE IS
      A RINO. Such a complete discusting man.

      • He certainly has the right last name. He is playing this so good, looks sorry that he had to call for ANOTHER vetting. He’s a sorry depiction of a human being. Matter of fact, so are all the demonuts.

    • it’s time for the Republicans to fight back, eye for an eye and shame all the Democrats that are trying to bring America down to its knees. They have the power they can do it . Why are they acting like a bunch of whimps unless they are being paid, bribe and threatened by the Democrats, they should expose lol their wrong doing. Republicans go after Clinton, Soros Obama and their cronies, enough is enough.

  6. If this site doesn’t quit sending emails of BREAKING NEWS that’s days and weeks old I will unsubscribe.
    That out of the way…..she’s a liar. Plain and simple.

    • Rite, Nick.
      RR Needs ‘some correction’.
      > 0nly take your ‘valuable time’ in
      brief scrolling w/ speed reading.
      >Do ‘homework’ re Ford/daddy/cia.
      &You may ‘KNOW’ the ‘truth’. In short,
      ‘mind control’ programs. EX: ‘manchurian
      candidate’ ( including ‘memory lapse’ program).
      > Seems Ford was ‘a selective’. You et al, figure
      out the ‘rest of the story’. SAVE USA.

  7. the 1% owns the fake news and demorats and fusion gps all the way to the clinton foundation ,the lawyers that became politicians have been bribed by the 1% that controls everything untill now that TRUMP IS PRESIDENT now the 1% is dumping major money to everyone that causes republicans problems because they no longer have any say about anything so the 1% is engaging in illegal activities to try to take control thru the dems that the 1% owns ,dems have ruined our America WITH THEIR GREED

    • Yes, he is acting so troubled by his decision but in fact, Flake never intended to vote Yes on Kavanaugh. FLAKE IS
      A RINO. Such a complete discusting man.
      Does anyone know that Ford is not the Doctor of Psychiatry as she stated. She is an advisor.
      Someone. Guess how has omitted the word ‘advisor’ on the title of her pisition where she works. It should say,
      Advisor to Doctor of Phychiatics.
      She is no more a doctor than a studing lawyer than has not passed the BarExam.So what that makes her is a liar.

  8. dems are all lawyers that change laws and investigate everything even when there is nothing to investigate they lie deceive make fake accusations just to stay in office and ruin every ones lives that do not agree with everything they do , why people vote for criminals like the demorats is beyond me ,they are prosecutors and they try to file charges on TRUMP and everyone he appoints for any office they are AMERICANS PROBLEM

  9. What you all said is true about the “Left” in the country, but you have over looked their major building base. EDUCATION, THEY CONTROL IT! Until the conservatives in this country start taking back our Schools of higher learning, you will continue to get these kind of robots coming out of our schools of higher learning. 10 yr. has to go, grading of professors from their students should be done every year, and if a professor keeps getting low grades by the students, fire them. Remember either you or your parents are paying for this education. It might be a good idea if some seniors, age, should go back to school and take classes just to keep these professors inline. It could pay off later.

  10. Of course this is a delaying tactic by democrats. Anyone with even the smallest amount of common sense can see that. They have vowed to do ANYTHING to derail his ascension to the Supreme Court, and that is what this entire accusation is part of.

  11. The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve. They should be brought up on charges!

    • Violent against people who cant defend themselves.. wont mess with anyone who looks like they might kick their ass good. We need to fi d rbis. SOROS Guy who was Nazi. And killed thousands of innocent is in our country pulling left wing bullshit. FBI should hunt his ass down and give him to the Russians who also he. Committed crimes against.and you A ntifa assholes you want a fight bring it on down in Texas

    • The Dems just can’t understand why when go to the trouble to tell a lie it just doesn’t work. Their big Hooray has turned into a big bust.

    • Wonder what Satan has planned for these evil demons. Would be great if they would count their blessings and not their money. No vaults in heaven…but will be many in the lake of fire.

      God is waiting for your repentance…I pray your souls will be redeemed.

  12. when you can figure out who is donating to ford , let me know , it’s said she has raised 700,000 dollars on go fund me.com , seems to me this is a money raising sceam , someone is paying her a of of money for this , and needs to be investigated

    • I agree. I never thought Ford’s testimony was credible! and anyone who believes her is pretty stupid!! Joe Biden’s statement really came back to bite him! So be careful Demorats, be careful!! I hope all you democrat idiots run for president so America can have a field day with you!! As far as Ford’s go fund me page, they should have a go-f–k me page for her! Can’t wait for Booker and Camilla Harris to run for president, and for good measure throw in sleeze bag Avennoti in there too! they will be demolished when all the dirt comes out that they are hiding! How is Booker still in there? From what I understand he should be investigated! I hope the FBI ask her the questions that should have been asked her instead of what was asked her! I wish Lindsay Graham could go back and ask her the very important questions! WAKE UP SOME OF YOU REPUBLICANS stop being stepped all over!!!! MAGA!!!!

      • Ford’s GoFundMe account has gone over $700,000 so far. There are a lot of stupid people out there , or Soros has given her the payoff.

  13. Ms./Prof., not Dr., Ford’s story is falling apart. With the a fore, I am beginning to wonder about her mental health. Her acting coach should be fired, not to mention the pushing Democrats for what they have put Judge Kavanaugh, and Ms. Ford, through as well as OUR Democracy! This is totally shameful. We the people are not dumb, but the Democrats are, thinking we would believe this charade.

    • i think the whole demcrat party are a bunch of liars and will say or do anything to get what they want and even destory america and the american laws and people to get what they want they are lower than most dangerous snake.and most of the peopleknow this . and so the goodlord that none of them belive in. they will answer to him in time god help them when that time comes

    • i AM BECOMING VERY CONCRNED ABOUT dR fORD & HER FAMILY.This allegation should not have been handled in this manner. If Sen Feinstein had sent the letter to the FBI, after advising the committee, it could have been investigated, quitely by the FBI rather than the sham circus it became.However the Dems wanted THIS TO HAPPEN AS IT DID FOE THE DRAMA!! They are and will continue to USE her until it no longer fits their agenda and then they will throw her and her family under the bus/train/truck!!!

    • Actually, Dr is the term for someone who is a PHD. While something many have happened to Dr. Ford, there is no proof it was done by Judge Kavanaugh. It also is highly possible that the person she saw for her mental health issues may have planted that idea in her head as to who it was. Any prosecutor would toss the case out right away because of several things. Lack of date, lack of place, lack of time, lack of witnesses, lack of police report, lack of physical evidence, plus if she came out with this under hypnosis, it is inadmissible in court.

        • Soros should be tried for crimes against humanity for the help with the Nazis during WW2 by turning in Jews of which he is also.

          • His time in court is coming – when his sentence is pronounced he will go screaming and yelling trying to buy his way out. My question is – why doesn’t president Trump turn him over to the countries that have legitimate charges against him to stand trial?

    • Apparently Ford was so traumatized that she received treatment from a therapist. Medical records are protected but can be released with the consent of the patient. If her medical records were released in confidence to the committee chair, we might have our first glimpse at the truth. If the incident and/or Kavenaugh’s name are not mentioned, it would be a strong indication of perjury. Maybe the renewed FBI investigation could turn up these records.

      • Give Feinstein a copy. If it has something the Democrats think they can use against Kavanaugh, she will make sure everybody gets to see it.She will decide when the best time to leak it and then somehow it will get out to the press.


  14. What the Democratic Party has become is truly frightening. I used to be a moderate, voting for either party, and basing my choices on the character, reputation and record of the candidate. While I am sure there are still worthy candidates in the Democratic Party, their complacency and complete obedience to what their leaders tell them to do makes me very distrustful of them. Yes, the Republicans seem to be in chaos, maybe it’s because none of them are afraid to disagree for reasons they believe to be valid. That is the true democracy, the right to your own opinion, and the right to disagree until proven wrong, or to compromise.

    • Awesome piece Sally – very well stated and the feelings of many Americans. I believe the democrats have injured themselves beyond repair. Their underhanded tactics will be demonstrated by the American people on November 6th 2018. Frankly when friends of mine would say the democrats think we are stupid and will believe anything I counter with NAH that can not be true – we are Americans and we bring a lot of common sense and knowledge to the table – we also admit if we don’t know something we say we don’t know – with this heartless smear campaign and guilty until proven innocent tactical approach the democrats are waging against Brett K. and his family (terrible) is just plain evil. Listen to accuser, if that ever happens which everything points to the democrats using this as their next false cry that justice was not afforded to the accuser – which is insane – first time I have ever witnessed the accuser setting the boundaries for how testimony will be handled and who can and can not ask questions – absolutely insane to entertain such insanity but the Republicans are doing it. Vote for the confirmation of Brett K. and get ready for the next confrontation because it’s coming. You see democrats we get it now – Please America Vote these people out and place real conservatives in that put America FIRST.


    • I’m & Independent, I use to Vote for either Party, but since Obama & Clinton I will NEVER ever Vote for a Democrat every again.
      I have seen their desperation & what they will do, to get their own way & to ruin peoples lives. Its Disgusting, Disgraceful, the spew of Lies, Hate & Violence I have seen is unexceptionably. So much so they will never see another Vote from me. Plus their Agenda for Communism is also NOT Acceptable.

  15. The demon-crats have sunk so low that they will never be able to crawl back up to being honest again. If you look real close you will be able to see horns starting to protrude from the top of their heads. It is a travesty the way they have used this mentally disturbed woman to try to bring down Kavanaugh. Satan has a very special place for all of them. Eternity will suck for a lot of people.

    • What people don’t seem to understan is that the Democrats have always been low!! They are the party of the KKK, and of Slavery!! That has never changed!! They have been exposed since President Trump came into office as to the liars and decievers that they have always been,.. to those who believed that they were somehow a good party!! The Democrats hate the poor hate the midfle class they hate people of color,.. but they use udentity politics to make people believe that they are fighting for you!! They are Evil and will lie cheat steal and kill to keep power over the people of thus Nation!! They are the very definition of SATAN!!

      • So true, Monica! Glad to know I’m NOT the ONLY one aware that the demonrats have ALWAYS been ROTTEN to the core! They DON’T want EQUALITY or HONESTY, they want to rule over the poor & minorities by making them believe they’re good guys while they DOLE out food stamps & welfare checks INSTEAD of JOBS!!!

    • I agree wholeheartedly…this IS THE WORK OF THE DEVIL. HE IS ALIVE AND WELL AND

  16. Notify/E-Mail Senator Grassely your feelings of this 3 ring CIRCUS. We the people need to hold all politicians accountable so e-mail him and tell him what you think. If we all wanted to see a circus Ringling Bros would still be in business.

    • Senator Grassely..I admire you and am praying for you in what you have endured and accomplished in this VERY trying time..I believe Judge Kavanaugh is a worthy and admirable person and feelfor his and his family at this despicable expose that is occurring by Democrats..
      those involved in holding on to these “politically” explosive papers for
      such a long time..evidence of attempts to derail Kavanaugh’s chances and life..Thank you for your wisdom…courage and stamina..

  17. Obviously it is a well coordinated smear campaign. My God, even the totally laughable Michael Avenatti has thrown his voice into the mix. And it goes on and on and on……..
    I’m 68 years old and I have never seen or heard anything like what’s going on now. The Democrats have gone off the deep end and they’re trying to take all of us down with them. I’m afraid for our country and her future if these lunatics manage to railroad Judge Kavanaugh and somehow win control in November. And if the Republicans are not extremely careful, they will lose and lose big in November. We, the people who put them in office, can just as easily remove them from office if they give in to these slimy tactics. We elected President Trump for this very purpose. To change the way things are done in Washington and to lead us to a better place. And the Senate better search their souls and think long and hard before they allow this fiasco to change our justice system.
    Pray for our country and the Republican leaders.

    • He is by Far the best candidate for the Supreme Court. Trump made a Good Selection. The Liberal Democrats should Smarten up. The Next Court Appointment might be with a Democratic President. They should encounter the same resistance. We are a 3rd Country today when you listen to some DUMB Senators Speak. They are not Top Echalon. Very disappointing. Bill Perry a former Judge

    • You said a mouth full. It’s time to vote the demigods out and we need to instill term limits people like Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi have done enough damage to this country time to run them out of office we are sick and tired of the bull

      • Please pay attention to the capitalized words in the following: Feinstein, Pelosi, waters and others of their ilk, give credibility to THE OTHERWISE UNSUPPORTABLE PROPOSITION that women should have never been given the right to vote. they demean the legitimate processes of our democracy and their actions are NIGGARDLY (IN THE TRUE MEANING OF THAT WORD) WHICH IN NO WAY IS RACIST. iT IS SO ONLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT COMMAND OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TO DISCRIMINATE ITS MEANING FROM THE SIMILAR SOUNDING RACIST WORD.

      • I am so glad people are waking up. This crap has been going on for quite some time, and everyone has just turned a blind eye and let it happen with no consequences at all. What the heck kind of justice was served with the CRIMINAL ACTS OF HIILlARY AND OBAMA OVER THE Benghazi Slaughter that they just sat back and let happen. And the cover-up of the classified material that was exposed to the Russians and God only knows to whoever else got their hands on it because of their willful and probably intentional negligence. That is not just an “OOPS” folks. That is “TREASON” And no one seems to care. What kind of hold or dirty secrets do they have on everyone the reason no one WILL TAKE ACTION AGAINST THEM? Man this is what is so maddening to me.

        • I, along with many people that I know, agree with your comment Shirley. They have just let that Benghazi Slaughter happen and NO recourse for Hillary and Obama who should have been charged for letting it happen and NOT sending any kind of HELP and blaming it on a video. It makes me totally sick to my stomach what is happening to this country and how Obama, The Clinton’s and the Demorats have gotten away with so much and NO CHARGES OF TREASON. It has just plainly gotten swept under the rug and forgotten. WHY????? All these BASTARDS need to be in prison for life and the rest of the DEMORATS constantly causing problems with innocent citizens of this country. It is truly scary and I have seen anything like it in my 70-yrs. Now the fiasco with the Judge and his beautiful family trying to ruin their lives. WHAT HAS HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY? It is frightening.

    • Get out there and VOTE IN NOVEMBER people! Your country is more at risk now than it was in 2016. MAGA Republicans need to be sent to D.C. The Dems. are planning massive voter fraud and will steal the election (and your children’s future freedom) if you don not.

    • I am 65 yrs. old and I agree with you. Never have seen anything so obvious what the Democrats are doing. They tried with Judge Thomas but got an eare full from him. I hope Kavanaugh gives them an ear full time!!!!

      • I’m 77 and I’ve never in my life time seen anything so bad. I’m praying every day for this poor family and I know God is listening.

        • Texas Girl:
          I agree with you 100%. It is beyond despicable what the demonrats are doing to judge Kavanaugh and his family. Did you see the pain in his mother’s and wife’s
          eyes. Heart wrenching and sickening which is the creation of the Democrats in their search for power. Oh yes Texas Girl, we can’t forget the media.
          They are like barnacles on a ship.

  18. At this point I was raised as a democrat many years ago. Today I’d rather be called any foul name rather than to be referred to as a democrat. I would not let a democrat lick the sweat off of my rear if they were dying of thirst.

  19. If these Damn-ocrat’s tactics don’t wake up the fair general public as to the evil character of that Partyand vote against every one of their political candidates on both local levels and national level of government, this country has gone to the dogs. I’m in my 90’s and hope I’ll never, never see another Damn-ocrat President in my remaimning time on earth

    • Rev. Jack Your generation was the last generation that put patriotism above politics. Thank God it was your generation that fought World War II. We would lose it with the current one. I wonder what the remaining WWII vets think about what the country they fought for has become?


  21. Democrats like to think the definition of a gentleman is one who can work as a gynacologist without getting a hard-on. The party is full of sexual predators

  22. Maybe something would change if every single angry Republican/Independent voter would do what I did. Call your Senators and leave a message, if you can’t get a human being on the line. Tell them you’re made as a hornet, and you are not rolling over for this! Tell them to grow some balls and stand up against the insanity going on right now, and vote for Judge Kavanaugh. Tell them you vote, and you’re watching them! Use the phone, e-mail, Twitter, and every other means you can muster to fight this nonsense. We cannot remain the Silent Majority any more. Fight them with everything you have! If we don’t speak up, we’ll lose our country to this crazy group of gutless wonders! Push back, and push hard! And go VOTE in November.

    • Yes, I agree. I just saw Judge Kavanaugh on Martha MacCallum’s show. I hope he continues to stand his ground & does not back down & allow these allegations to intimidate him. If he does not become a Supreme Court Justice, it will mean that any time a group does not like someone, all they have to do is make an allegation against them with no proof to back it up & that person will not be chosen. It cannot be allowed to happen in our society. We are innocent until proven guilty in this country & someone cannot just accuse someone of wrong doing with nothing to back it up & have it be that person’s downfall. Judge Kavanaugh is an honest, outstanding human being with impeccable credentials, he does not deserve this. Beware Dems, be careful what you are doing! Regina

    • It would do no good to call my senator. Nelson is the original invisible man who only shows up every 4 years to promise everything and then goes back to being invisible for another 4 years.

      • Even if you think it does no good, I think you should call anyway and register your opinion. Maybe somebody will take note of it, and at least you have done your part and expressed your wishes. We should also pray, that God’s justice will prevail on these evil, lying people.

      • Marlene, You have two senators in Nelson & Rubio. If you really believe Nelson is invisible, then get off your good intentions and vote for Scott this November!

    • I did just that. The problem is we have 2 liberal senators in MD, so most likely wasted my time. I’ve contacted them before and they do just what the Dems want and ignore the voters. It’s pathetic.

  23. I have nothing constructive to add to the above comments, except that I am joining the voices against what the Democrats are trying to do against Kavanaugh. It is pathetic! His wife and daughters are put through hell because some vicious anti-Trump woman has decided to accuse him of something against which he cannot defend. If the Dems win enough seats in November, the circus will just have begun! We cannot permit this. Get out the VOTE!

  24. this is a sameful attempt to delay the procedure til after mid term! dems R throw manure against the wall to see what will stick. Scoros is up to his A$$ in this and putting a lot os $s in it.
    turn about is fair play!! if the dems ever get in the house, they better get a good majority, because we can play the same game on nominations!

  25. Just like Judge Thomas testified to…This is a Political Lynching…It’s time NOW to stop these Disgusting Dims in their Tracks. This type behavior can no longer be allowed. EVERYONE Get Up and Get Out to VOTE!!!…VOTE Republican across the board in the November Mid Term Elections. Let’s STOP this crooked Demonrat Nonsense for GOOD…..VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!…… TRUMP 2018 – 2020…Welcome to the Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh.

    • The Republicans need to vote on Judge Kavanaugh, get him on the bench. The democrats said they would do anything to stop him, they stoop so low they are disgraceful. As a woman I am ashamed that these women let the democrats use them like this, it demeans the women that have really been victimized.

    • I plan on voting and it will be Republicans all the way. I am so sick and tired of those dumbocrats and their bullshit. What comes around goes around.

  26. I bet the alleged incident with Christine Blasey Ford didn’t even happen, that her entire objective is to delay the appointment until it is pulled back. One, we haven’t seen the letter. Two, everything about it is from her — the polygraph, the therapist report, everything. Three, she and her lawyer are Democrat activists. And maybe this explains the discrepancy between what she told the therapist and what she wrote in the letter about the number of people in the room.

    • I don’t believe any of it. Off with the accusers’ heads!

      And even if it did happen to these “children” back in the 80’s…… who really gives a damn!
      I know I don’t!!!!

      What’s most important is “what have you done with your life, since you were a kid???”
      “What contributions have you made to society and our country???”

      Kavanaugh has quite a resume’!

      Crickets from the accuser…….

      • It’s all bull. There should be a penalty for these attacks. By the way, how many dems are white male and if white conservatives should shut up then so too should Biden and Durbin.

        • There are penalties. But sadly it will only be Ford that faces them. Nothing will happen to DiFi or the lawyers. The FBI is already investigating one of the accusers. Because making a statement under oath puts you at risk of a perjury charge even if you retract it. Congresscritters unfortunately are protected by law for lying while in CONgress.

      • I agree with you. Ford really knows how to put on a show. They way she acted so scared, but yet she got married and had children. She said she was afraid to fly, but yet flew to numerous places. Give me a break. They hang needs to go bury herself in the sand and take those idiot dumbocrats with her.

    • Ford needs to be asked how much has been paid to her to make these allegations. Perhaps warrant her bank accounts thru the FBI. Same for other accusers the same checks.

      • The FBI has no jurisdiction over any of this yet.

        THAT Changes when she TESTIFIES, UNDER OATH, in a Senate hearing.

        THAT is why the delaying and, so far, REFUSING to be under OATH during any hearings she appears in.

        IT also makes her CIVILLY and CRIMINALLY LIABLE.

        IF she appears and refuses to SWEAR IN, she can be charged with obstruction of Congress, THEN there are several government agencies that can step in.

  27. just a story I was texted Ms Ford got caught having an affair w/student.. This is just being used as an excuse in saving her asssss from divorce

    • If I was her husband, I would divorce her and tell her how screwed up she really is. I hope she isn’t paying her therapist any money because him or her have for more screw up then ever.

  28. Dr. Ford’s attorney indicated that her client has suffered so much emotionally, that she cannot fly on a plane since she has become a claustrophobic. Can we find out if she has flown on a plane for her numerous meetings, conferences and or family vacations. Can we find any sources of information?

  29. I have testified under oath as a professional expert medical witness. I imagine that most people posting here have not had a similar experience.

    I can understand Ford’s reluctance to testify under oath. Same with her close friends who now DENY the existence of the alleged drunk party.

    In Ford’s case, there could be a mistaken identity issue, especially if the memory itself was “reconstructed” by a feminist psychologist. At SOME times Ford is “certainly” it was Kavanaugh…other time…not so certain.

    But Ford has already DUG her hole too deep. And even if she testifies…it is OBVIOUS that she does not want to.

    Kavanaugh, on the OTHER hand, has DENIED
    the allegations on OATH.

    When I have testified or presented documents to the Court…under oath, I am dead certain to be as honest and accurate as possible!

    Then, and ONLY then…do I proceed.

    I have to say OBJECTIVELY that I believe it is in Dr. Ford’s interest to withdraw. It is not too late for her.

    In the unlikely event she reads this post, I would think that is in her best interests.

    Dr. Ford, after he is confirmed, Judge Kavanaugh could privately hire a private investigator to get evidence against you. I respectfully suggest there is a very REAL possibility of mistaken identity in your case against him.. or that it was an implanted memory by an overzealous therapist.

    Dr. Ford, I respectfully suggest you withdraw. Please trust me when I suggest Kavanaugh can take your house away and cause you severe legal problems.

    You MAY think that you will get continued support from Democrat activists, but historically, such support is lacking.

    If you are WRONG, and it is so proven, you may seriously regret your testimony,

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  30. This is about as low as the Democrats can possibly go. These women are just making themselves look like drunken bimbos. Republicans HAVE to get out and vote.

    • amen to that, why not just abolish the demo party and be done with it, they still can’t believe clinton lost and will always be never trumpers, what a shame

      • What I can’t understand is the fact that the democrat party today has no wish to see our great country become a “shining beacon on the hill” ever again. They are so unpatriotic, they are social outcasts, they have been so dumbed down by their leaders who don’t give a flying hoot whether they survive at all.

        What is wrong with the democrats? It’s like their heads have been completely turned around. They shirk from being enlightened, and prefer to reside on the dark side of humanity with their ungodliness, their deceitful and perverted ways, their destructive and obstructive shenanigans, and that’s putting it mildly. I pity those poor ignorant and uneducated fools. They think that they’re pulling the wool over our eyes, but they definitely won’t be able to do just that come Judgment Day.

    • Absolutely agree that Republicans have to get out and vote in the Mid-terms or this country is in deep trouble. Everything that has been positive will disappear and I fear for this country.

  31. God help us! Take a vote already! Spineless GOP at work here! If it were the Demoncrats they would of told the GOP that elections have consequences! So f**k off girly men!

  32. In my opinion the damn bastards better get off their high horse and check into why they did nothing about Bill Clinton. Proceed with the approval of Judge Kavanagh NOW as this is totally a smear job by the demon crats. The whole bunch of them should be run out of town on a rail.

    • Buckwheat, I whole heartedly agree with your post. They need to drain that damn swamp and start with the lowest slime balls like Alinsky, obama, hilLIARy, bluedress billy, sorass, pokahantas, mad max, etc. etc.
      and the rest of the left wing nut jobs….!!!

      • Yes the Swamp must be drained immediately. Once a long time ago I was a registered Democrat. Today I am an Independent
        but I have also been Republican. With all the negative publicity, fake news, death threats against Ford and Kavanaugh I am
        ashamed to be called American. Since when do we judge people before facts are established which to me is happening now.
        When will All Americans be guaranteed to be heard?

    • I don’t know Buckwheat, I think they stopped that “Rail” business a while ago……..However, we could STILL tar and feather them !!

  33. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • That is exactly why she will never testify before Congress. Her job was to delay, delay, delay and that is what she has done! Our gutless wonders in Congress should have NEVER given her false accusations the time of day! Kavanaugh should have already had his vote and been confirmed by now!!!

  34. It’s all delaying tactics being used by the democrats to cast element of doubt and to try and build on event development to delay past the mid term election etc.

    However, I must say that in my youth I have been guilty of attempt at inappropriate touching and I believe most male and female type can relate to the same. This does not rise to a charge of sexual assault and may fall into youth development and raging hormones and if I were running for high office I would not expect any of past youthful behavior to rise to daunt me.

    • The Democrats are getting desperate, there will be more ladies coming forward with lies. Even lies can stall the system and buy the Democrats time. The Honorable Judge Kavanaught will win in the end and he should sue all of these people for slander

  35. Yes it is just a big smear campaign to stall the voting. With all of the accusations that are being put forth I would think that a libel suit would stop this kind of crap from happening when they are just telling lies. If they are found guilty in a court of law then they should be heavily fined and then jailed for at least 6 months to one year.

    • not a single Democrat was present 26 years ago. How is it that they can step forward and state they believe Professor Ford? The women want the Judge out of there fearful he might stop abortions in the USA> They are not operating with morals involved for if they were, they would not want the USA killing unborn as Germany did in WW II.

    • I’m a female and I feel really bad for men in this country. The women are accusing men left and right for sexual harassment. I’m surprised men aren’t afraid to even look at a women. It is ridiculous. I will always take up for the underdog. Those kind of women make me sick. Especially if they are telling lies.

  36. This is a continuing effort of the sleazy slimy Democraps in their efforts to continuously delay the confirmation of the Honorable Judge Kavanauh…
    This has become SOP for the slimy no account Democraps that will stop at nothing because they have no honor…. They have shown that several times over….
    Do you know what whale poop is? It is the lowest thing on this world as it is on the bottom of the ocean and the Democraps are lower than that….

  37. While an incident like this (if credible) should be taken seriously,consider the source. A women making allegations who has known ties with the lying, disgusting liberals,she can’t remember who,what where or when this happened. The witnesses she claims she does know of have absolutely no recollection of these allegations ever happening. Excuse my French let’s stop all the demoCRAP,lying bullshit and get on with Mr. Kavenoughs confirmation.I’m so sick of these liberal bottom feeders,I need a vomit bag.

  38. It just makes you wonder if GEORGE SAROS is going to ask for a refund of his money that he put up for Ms. Ford. The DEMOC-RATS are just filled with
    unscrupulous tactics that continue, their antics only mean that they are losing and giving up! You see the ‘TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT IN THE WASH!’

    • AbIt is a atotal jokae as this is all a fictional situation to stop the nomination. No one has anything that they can say against Judge Kavanaught, the soros money and the swamp rats are all in this together. They fight our president at every turn. The truth will prevail and these idot demo rats belong in jail….

    • How is it that a person such as Soreros is allowed to rfemain in ethe USA all the while he is financing agencies designed to take down our nation? Clearly he could be charged with sedition??? Send him back to Hungary and let them decide if he committed WW II war crimes

    • If it is found to be lies, these people need to be brought to Justice for taking the taxpayer money for all these delays and slander against Kavanaugh.

    • I am disappointed that the Republican Party has not called for a confirmation vote when all intelligent and thinking people know that the DNC is behind the Ford “story” which is totally fabricated by the DNC. Only brainwashed left-wingers believe the accusation and to allow the demons to get away with this abuse of power which is totally unAmerican and typical of the corrupt party the DNC is.

      • The Democrats are telling their members other false information that is going to get a big percentage of them killed and not by conservatives but by The Grand Solar Minimum. It has already started and if you are not familiar with it go to http://www.solarhibernation.com get informed & learn how to survive it. The most hard hit areas will be large urban areas. 42% of the world’s population will starve or freeze to death by 2034 with very bad weather lasting from 40 to 100 years. Its part of a 206 year cycle and right on schedule. Study and get prepared, tell your family and friends and get them started preparing. The War of 1812 was during the last one along with Napoleon loosing almost all his troops.

  39. Democrats are playing games as usual, without a care about ruining people’s lives. Please think of our country and confirm Kavanaugh.

    • I am ashamed of what our country is becoming. Unverified accusations can ruin anyone’s life at any time. Our country is so divided that it brings to mind something Lincoln said. “A house divided cannot stand”. Where will all of this end?

      • The division is caused by the rats that continue to poison all the losers and demo rats to try and control this nation. We need to pray for this country, but as James said, It will all come out in the wash and truth will prevail. The sad part is that they are trying to ruin a good man’s name and cause hurt to his family and children and to our President whom they cannot intimidate. Love him and all that he is trying to do for the betterment of this country…

    • Mr Soros founded the “Open Borders Foundation” back in 1985. Since then he has funded them to the tune of $38 Billion. He “Bought” the “European Union”, and recently complained that it isn’t working as well as he wanted. You don’t need to check personal checking accounts. Soros admits Obama and Hillary did NOT give him his “Americas Union” that he wanted! Now Hillary’s daughter is married to one of Soros sons! Did that “Improve you vision”???

    • Butch – Hmmmm. I wonder if there’s a big “donation” into Ford’s account from Soros’ account. Everybody knows about Soros’ big money into the Demonrats party. He even admits it (for those that keep denying the Soros saga). He is evil as evil gets. His goal is to see the downfall of America as we know it. Ask other countries that he’s ruined.

  40. This has been nothing but a sham from the beginning.Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed a.s.a.p after the hearing.No more stalling by the left.

  41. I believe he is innocent but we need to lay off the vulgar language and not sound like a democrat also remember that GOD so love world that he sent his only begotten son to die for all people of all time to pay the penalty for sin that whosoever believes on him might be saved

  42. Wow!! Can one imagine the future if this farce is permitted to come full circle? Who and What in the world has taken over the Democratic Party?????

    • I have been wondering that myself! If this turns out to be a farce, I hope that charges will be brought. I hope that we witness a professional hearing on Thursday. Can you imagine a world where this sort of thing becomes “acceptable” or being explained away as”It’s just politics”?

    • I have the answer to your question: SATAN is firmly established in the Democrats’ ranks! And there he will remain until the American people start praying to God asking for His help!

  43. If this happened while they were both under 21 years old, then no criminal acts happen, as the govt. says people under 21 years old are to not be held accountable for crimes and treated as juvenile offenders! So this is just a bunch of slanderous BS ! Liberals should be charged with ‘criminal acts against child’s welfare’ because if this happened while they were under 21, then Liberals are exploiting children and they should be charged and investigated not the one being accused!

    • JLR – They were not only under 21, they were under 18. That’s providing Kavanaugh was even present, which no one has been able to corroborate – not even her friend.

      • Then plug your ears. Some of us are sick of the “we’re better than that” crap that accomplishes ZILCH! You don’t take a knife to a gunfight…you learn that in elementary school.
        Sit down and be proper….we”ll handle this….your pacifists have had plenty of time….get out of the way.

        • Oh God, there is NO way people would ever consider people like you “better than that”! People are becoming aware more and more that you will do anything to win, under handed, illegal or fascist. I mean look at the fascists through history, Hitler, Mussolini, Trump.

  44. All this is another stall from the DemocRATS, and I am very mad because the RepublICANs cannot see through these LIES. Cut out all the hogwash and vote JUDGE KAVANAUGH in NOW!

  45. This smear technique, of the Democratic cabal, is much more then just a 3 ring circus!
    Folks, our Constitutional Republic is in GREAT, DANGER. Judge Cavanaugh, this great Jurist, Must Be Confirmed! As far as the mid-term elections, time to VOTE the Democrats out of office, they are the ones who are not fit for the office they hold. The office, by the way, that is FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE, not visa versa.
    We cannot allow, this man and his family, to be humiliated, and degraded any longer!

  46. I say yes have the FBI investigate her! Then the TRUTH will be seen clearly, she has fabricated the whole story up and then FBI send her the bill!

    • Based on the state of the FBI and the IRS, corrupted by the Clintons and obama, i WOUKLD NOT TRUST THEIR FINDINGS. Both agencies are clearly in the tank for the daemoncrats. The FBI
      would manage to fabricate evidence to prove prove the Judge guilty, and the media would relish this fake news. People have to wake up that the number 1 and number 2 enemies of the people are the democrat party, truly under satanic influence, and the media, which distorts the facts to turn true events and statements into false/fake reporting.

  47. As I remember in the early 1980’s, mostly females were always after males and certainly not just males after females. If this Ford person truly was sexually assaulted, against her will, she certainly would have reported it! So…she was probably part of the party-goers looking to hook up with guys or gals, as it was early in the ‘gay pride’ generation…. She was probably drunk and a willing party-goer….especially at colleges… It is interesting that college professors are the ones who brain-washed young vulnerable students to go against conventional behavior, and now when their ‘brain-washing’ caused victims, male and female, they are complaining about it…. I believe that this female was never sexually assaulted against her will. She is probably just another patsy being paid by Liberals to spread lies and false witness against any Conservative… money is ALWAYS the great motivator…she probably needs thousands of dollars to pay off student loans and other college incurred expenses….so why not get ‘free money’, just one thing, she has to sell her self to do it… Liberals are just using this woman, just like a prostitute is used by her pimps to get what they want….. by paying her big bucks! Liberals need to be ashamed of themselves! They are the biggest problem America has now….Liars, cheats, corruption-doing treasonous things against America….They all need to be held accountable! Why isn’t the college being held accountable if this truly happened? They are supposed to help protect students enrolled in their facility? This Ford woman should sue the college if this truly did happen to her…..That would have then started a paper trail that accusers of any one in question would be able to find as proof…..So…guess what, it probably never happened! What college was it that this supposedly happened at? Yale? Well then, that’s why it never happened…. Yale would be totally ruined if lawsuits were launched left and right against any crime against any one at their facility!

    • I totally agree with previous statement. How low the Democratic party morality and integrity Is going to end? Those accusing women should respond to the Law for defamation and assassination of character.

    • You said something about liberals need to get a conscience. ALiberal with a conscience doesn’t exist. Some one can be either a Liberal or have a consciene, but not both. I don’t think it was always that way, but that’s how it’s been for the last couple of decades.

    • very true, per others reporting,I have no way of verifying she tells her students that she had sex with a hundred guys during her junior and senior year in high school.

    • very true, per others reporting,I have no way of verifying she tells her students that she had sex with a hundred guys during her junior and senior year in high school.

  48. I believe this is all political. The democtatc party has turned this into a circus. I feel sorry for judge Kavanaugh and his family. They lie and want us to believe it. The threats the democtatc senators make about our president should get them investigated. And when they tell people to acted violently twords the Trump administration the senator Maxine Waters should be arrested and prosecuted for insisting violence against our president.

    • I agree totally with Paul Enck analysis above. This is disgraceful. I would like to add, Ford is a psychologist and professor. In all these years her training would be a sham considering how she has handled her own allegedly incident.

  49. It’s time to bring the dementocraps’ slander machine to an end. Lets subpoena these women and question them respectfully then of nothing can be substantiated, appoint a special prosecutor to investigate how extensive a network of criminal slanderers exists and RICO the whole bunch of them prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. Blow the whole criminal operation wide open and put them all in jail.

  50. I think this is a deliberate smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh to ruin a good man’s character. These women have been paid to come forward. That is apparent.i as a person whom was sexually assaulted at the age of 9 still remember those days and dates like yesterday and I’m 72. I use to be a Democrat till I finally opened my eyes to their crooked ways and actions against others. I think they will rot in hell for the sins and lies they have committed against this man.

    • That was very well put and thank you for the courage to say it. If u can’t remember when or where, and the witnesses named by Ford don’t recall Fords version, then I have a really hard time Ford now believes The Who is Kavanaugh! I say have someone delve into the financials of Ford and Ramirez and see how much money they were paid to slander Kavanaugh. Then Kavanaugh should sue them! Repubs need to get off the stick, quit being manipulated by the Dimms, which is exactly what’s happening, and vote him through on Thursday.

    • Linda Anthony – Of course it’s a smear against Kavanaugh. We all see it. The Honorable Judge Kavanaugh has an honorable, impeccable record until this shit came out. He’s been background-checked six times by the FBI and has been vetted twice. The same Demoasses that are doing this have confirmed him before with no question. This is the lowest of low for the left, but I’m sure they’re going to try and outdo themselves with something more scummier. I hope that the still decent Dem voters (some, not all) take a good look at their party and what it’s become. Is this really who they want running their country? I was a Dem years ago when they stood for the working middle class people – that might be in the history books somewhere (although they’re trying to erase history altogether). I hope they never come back into power again. We need Kavanaugh in SCOTUS. They need to take a vote now – and Flake better not flake out now.

  51. All of you Demorats need to leave Kavanaugh alone. He has done nothing to deserve any of this. He should be confirmed as soon as possible. These two women are liars and it is plain to see. Neither one can keep their story’s straight this new one says she isn’t sure who it was so why even bring it up didn’t happen, none of it. Shame on you both.

  52. As a young man (teenager and somewhat later) I did some things of which I am not proud; as did many others. Many of us played “doctor” with the neighborhood girls. Today, that would brand us as “sexual offenders” and require us to be labelled as such.

    As an immature young man who was then on the thresh hold of adulthood and who now approaches his dotage, I am reminded of the scripture which records the statement: “when I was a child, I spoke ( behaved) as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

    Many things happened in our childhood that were not repeated in our maturing manhood and would not represent who we are in the current crossroad of where we are now in

    Having said all this, it occurs to me that, even if the charges against Kavanaugh hold even a grain of truth, the event plays and holds no consequence regarding his appointment to the Supreme Court. Those of us who have sinned have a role to play in the counselling of those of us who come down the path behind us. It is our experience in the past that enables to give wise counsel.

    So be it, then, Judge Kavanaugh, by his life, education, experience and moral character deserves to be confirmed to the judgeship on the Supreme Court

    • With regard to the charges against Keith Ellison, they’re RECENT, DOCUMENTED (reported to the police), and show a pattern of abuse (corroborated by at least one former girlfriend). This demonstrates Democrat hypocrisy to the nth power. If it’s a charge against a Republican, veracity is irrelevant; proceed to the vilification and sentencing. Charges against powerful Democrats are “swept under a rug” and ignored by the press.

    • Yes, it’s horrible, but being LOW DOWN AND DIRTY is the DEMONRAT WAY anymore!! Don’t expect anything else from them but obstruction, fake abuse claims, and so forth. Did you notice that the DemonRats have now changed the meaning of the “allegation” of sexual abuse, and now they are foaming at the mouth, and referring to this “allegation” by the Professor as RAPE?? Someone needs to find them the TRUE definitions pursuant to the COURT system, and remind them!! And yet Keith Ellison, the REAL ABUSER, is being defended, and they are railroading HIS accuser!!! LIBERALISM IS A TRUE MENTAL DISORDER!!!

      • JMac, you are so right. We all need to Pray for Judge Kavanaugh he will be nominated. With lots of Faith and prayers he will be our next Supreme Coury Judge. Tell everone you know to pray.

    • No delay vote Kavanaugh in Democrats are useing everything they can to stop Kavanaugh from being elective even pay someone to lie to ruin a man life. Its just sicking to watch. You should investigate old Chuck Shumer he has lots of skeletons in the closet, do the same for Obama Hillary & every dirty Democrat in the white house clean the swamp out #Trump 2020 # kavanaugh # REPUBLICANS 2018

  53. Please let’s vote Do not Delay That’s what the want.
    Kavanaugh is our man.
    Democrats wasn’t going to vote for him no matter before or after this incident.
    Doesn’t that tell you anything open your eyes America don’t let the Democrats win

    • Totally agree. This was clearly a Schumer / Feinstein strategy to smear Kavanaugh and they should be chastised for clear violation of the Senates ethics!

      • God Bless you and Pray for Judge Kavanaugh he will be our new Supreme Judge by the end of the week. Yes open your eyes they have been playing with this since July. Vote now.

  54. Ford has obviously been “purchased” by the democrats in an attempt to bar Kavanaugh from
    his rightful place as a distinguished juror. These people will do and say anything to get Kavanaugh out.

  55. i agree with all of the comments. repulications wake up. do more to put a stop to this situation. he’s a good person. get him in office asap. both of the accusers r full of ****. and they know it, they fon’t have a leg to stand on.

    • The republicans have always been soft. They let the democrats get away with so much. Next, some girl will come out and say in 5th grade he kissed me. Confirm the man. He is a top quality judge.

  56. how much has soros/dnc/hillary spent on dragging up these liars? demos are grabbing at straws; when will they learn? the people spoke for Trump and thankfully we got him. Same goes for Judge Kavanaugh. Why can’t the demos wake up and realize working together is better than all their lies and wasteful spending by soros and others to dig up witnesses that do not exist.

  57. All the lies and hatred the democrats hold so close. What happened to honesty and integrity? It’s time to uncover the truth and move forward with the nomination of Mr Kavanaugh.

  58. Brett Kavanaugh never assaulted any woman, it’s all lies and a delay tactic. Stop playing games with these devils and confirm the man now. Let’s have the vote so the American people can see what Republicans wont vote for him so we can vote these devil Rhinos out along with these obstructionist Democrats

  59. Looks to me that the democrats have the bull by the knutts It is the republicans that are failing to stand up and defend the the choice of Kavanaugh It is almost as if they are afraid of somebody or something that they may lose the mid terms if they allow the process to move forward as should have happened two weeks ago

  60. You are absolutely right…The mess is going to be towards Ford’s and others that have been paid by Democrats.
    I, am amazed how this country’s Democrats are throwing so much garbage into our Nation and Gobern and what is worse…making this country a messy and filthy banana republic

    • This Fraud has been planned over several months with the usual suspects Soros, Obama & Hillary. It’s noted Ford was married to Bob Beckle who was always left of Lenin. He got sued once for not paying his prostitute. He said she didn’t perform. The court disagreed.

  61. TRUTH, Truth will always will win out over all the dodging and delay tactics the Democrats will try to use to delay and confuse this issue. In the end, he will be seated as the newest Supreme Court Judge.

  62. Why not open an investigation against the three accusers, especially Ford and Ramirez, since they have no credible witnesses? FBI should investigate this as a potentially perjury coup to derail Kavanaugh, and check phone records, emails, and conversations between DNC and said accusers…also bank records.

  63. This whole “thing” is totally unrealistic. You have someone who says she was abused 36 years ago in High School and that she did not want to report it. Then you have Judge Kavanaugh that has had several appointments between then and now and she has not said a thing. Then he gets nominated for the Supreme Court and WOW, now I want to say something but I do not remember everything, why, she was drunk. I have heard that the 2 witnesses have denied knowing anything about a party or being there. This is just crazy and I feel sorry for her if she appears. Then some scum bucket of a lawyer enters the picture and said he knows someone that the Nominee exposed himself to. Lets get real folks the “perception” is that is strictly a political roadhouse attempt.

  64. All of the accusers against Brett Kavanaugh do not have a leg to stand on and are guilty of lies, slander and of bearing false witness against him. I hope that they along with the democrats/communists are brought up on those charges, especially Diane Feinstein and her cohorts and be compelled to resign from the senate.

  65. The Democrats will stop at nothing to regain control of the economy. With a few RINO snouts feeding from the same trough they might still succeed. Fabricating a few stories to gain their objectives is not considered a crime by a Democrat; standard operating procedure.

    • That’ll be coming after the demonrats circus show and vote on confirmation . Kavanaugh should not overlook a lawsuit of liable and defamation of character and drag their ass thru the coals !
      Wonder what would happen if he started it now. Would Ford give up because of the ramifications of a proven suit against her? Then what would Soros’s mule do then?

  66. The democrats can’t be concerned with stupid, little things like facts.
    They never have been.
    If they had lifted so much as a finger in defense of ANY of the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, they’d have a shred of credibility on this.
    They didn’t, and they don’t.
    They have turned politics into a fantasy world of their own, completely blinded and disoriented by rage. They lie, cheat and steal, and look right into the camera and accuse their opponents of doing it…and their cohorts in the media gobble it up and disseminate it to the low-information sheep who keep them in office, but who are completely oblivious to the fact that they are being used.
    It is bordering on surreal. It is disgusting, disingenuous, and disheartening. One can only hope the light of truth will be soon reveal all their chicanery and bring them down once and for all.

    • The Dems will postpone the interrogation of Dr. Ford indefinitely in the hopes to take over the two branches of Congress. There are too many holes in Ford’s story and I would love to see that if she is found lying under oath, she, together with members of Congress that are part of the scheme to take down Judge Kavanaugh to be brought up on charges of conspiracy and locked up for several years.

    • First, confirm this week no later. Then begin the charges assault against Ellison, those can be backed up and proven. I believe that he is number 2 in the dem party. Nice to have a radical muslim and habitual women beater 2nd in charge. Should be expulsion from the office he holds. Defending him with available facts should make that slimy organization a little reluctant to do it again, oh I know it wont.

  67. Typical democratic smear tactic sleazy shenanigans.
    Trump administration has been stonewalled on many appointments by them since he took office..
    This tactic is getting old plus worn out & I feel their own party is getting turned off by this skulduggery

  68. Of course THIS is ALL “smear” and I will LAUGH my “you know WHAT off” if Kavanaugh really does pull out an OLD 1982 calendar with SPECIFIC notes on it that shows that he WASN’T even in Maryland at the time of that PARTY……!!!!!

    • God Blesd you. We all need to pull together and let God decide who will be the next Judge. It will be Judge Kavanaugh. Women feel their bodies are there but God does not agree wirh them.This is all about Roe versus Wade. Plain and simple. Pray..

  69. Watching this go along and watching the Republicans backpedal is depressing. I mean major depression for me and I consider myself a half full glass.

  70. Time for Republicans to Vote Kavanaugh into Supreme Court. Enough of the delay techniques of the corrupt Dems, they have no evidence of the allegations, and have only tried to smear the good name of Judge Kavanaugh. We the People are in support of Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump!

  71. The thing that bothers me the most is what this must be doing to Judge Kavanaugh’s family. Don’t the Dems know it hurts little girls to hear such garbage about their daddy?! Don’t they even care?! We had a bet going here, after Dr. Ford’s surfaced (not back when he was placed on the second most influential court in the country!) upon his nomination to the SCOTUS, that there would be not one, but at the very least, two or maybe even three “victims” to be trotted before the public, to try to knock off this supremely qualified nominee from the possibility of serving his country in this important role. The Dems are running scared of his morals, his squeaky clean family life, and his character, so they MUST demonize him in the hope he will withdraw his name. Well, he ain’t gonna do that, Dems! Bring in another victim! We haven’t smelled enough of your excrement yet!

    • I agree completely. I don’t understand why Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t sue these people and the Democratic Party for defamation of character. I don’t pretend to know the law in depth, but it sure seems to me that he has an irrefutable case against these loathsome creatures.

    • I agree. The Democrats and this Ford woman evidently don’t care about hurting people as long as they attempt to have things their way. Wonder how they would feel if someone falsely accused them or their husbands.

    • I don’t think these creep Democrats care in the least, who they hurt, how dishonest it is or anything else as long as they get their way. What a sad commentary on humanity. get the vote done and over with these women are lying and should be the one’s prosecuted.

    • Even murder has statutes of limitation. Further, there is a reason that juvenile law differs from adult law. Misandry and the feminist agenda has unduly demonized males and have influenced the laws that govern punishment for sexual crimes. Lastly, a false allegation is enough to ruin a man’s life.

      • No Dr. Ron, I don’t think there is anywhere where murder has a statute of limitations. Even in Maryland, there is NO statute of limitations on sexual assault, and Dr. Ford could file the paperwork today and Maryland officers would have to investigate it. Doubtful, if it came up, that a 17-yr. old would not be certified an adult to face charges. But, don’t forget the accusations at Yale are when Kavanaugh is above 18. The third one we don’t know yet, but the attorney, Avennati said about this “Avenatti posted a letter he wrote to Mike Davis, the chief counsel on nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee. He wrote that he had “significant evidence of multiple house parties” in the 1980s where Kavanaugh, high school friend Mark Judge and others would target women with alcohol and drugs in order to take advantage of them sexually, including gang rapes. He said to expect additional evidence in the coming days.

  72. Move along Ford! Your story is no longer believable!! You have been paid off funny how none of your witnesses want to go to jail with you for perjury!! If any of this story were real you would have gone to the authorities immediately and filed a report so I would like to see this so called report. And if it were attempted rape as you call it you would have remembered when and where and exactly what all happened to the detail and you don’t we were not born last night we know a smear when we see one! Hey maybe you and Stormy and Creepy Porn Lawyer can share a cell in jail because what you are doing to a Judge I can’t imagine the penalties when the truth comes out! Oh and is this really an attempt to get Brett’s mother back for foreclosure on your parents property where she just followed the law!? You know when she was a Judge! You people are playing with Fire here!!!! But don’t think it’s gonna be worth what you were paid to do this!!

    • You are absolutely right…The mess is going to be towards Ford’s and others that have been paid by Democrats.
      I, am amazed how this country’s Democrats are throwing so much garbage into our Nation and Gobern and what is worse…making this country a messy and filthy banana republic

    • Dead on! I hear so much BS about how Trump Divides, That started 8 years before Trump took office by an administration that could have further healed the divide. Turning Blacks against whites and young against old, lawful against unlawful, history against agenda, educated against uneducated, rich against ford, killing the economy, breaking the law, scandal and lie one after another How long will people be so blind? We’ve become too PC and can’t accept the fact that something may be true no matter how much it hurts. When will we get rid of dirt bags that are chipping away at our combined Society and grow together instead of the Pied Piper effect of having someone whip up emotions so bad that half the population of hard working Americans(a lot of us with MBAs and Doctorates) are “Deplorables” according to a lot of less educated just blindly following. Wake up, Get a GRIP! Look at the economy, GDP, trade barriers coming down. No apologies from this Retired VA Handicapped Veteran!!!

    • This explains a lot–
      From Ecclesiastes 10:2 in the Bible:
      The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
      but the heart of the fool to the left.
      Notes: Right. The place of protection and effectiveness.
      Left. The place of ineffectiveness and no protection.

    • Dr. Ron, I am a Democrat, and yet I absolutely AGREE with you. Any accuser who, outside of mental loss of capacity, bears false witness, then the penalties should be imposed and steep. It actually hurts genuine victims tremendously, for many of them are not believed by people when you have some who will file false charges.

      • This happens to males far too often in this country. When convicted, they are sent to prison and are labeled as sex offenders. I’ve seen it too many times. Can you imagine spending what little money you have on an attorney, being convicted, and sent to state prison as a convicted sex offender for something you didn’t even do, all because some female ( I.e., all ages) was mad and wanted to hurt you in the worst way? False accusers must be punished with prison, not just jail or fines. When males are sent to prison, it is a very traumatizing experience, and they may physically get killed, or have their manhood killed.

  73. If the only hindrance to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation is the Demoncrats’ and RINOs’ concern that this is a lifetime position that they will not be able to rescind, then, why not just ask the Judge to promise to step down if his accuser’s claim is proven to be true beyond reasonable doubt. He can even put that in writing.

    • That is a good idea. Now you mean all charges, right – – because we now have three accusers, and their may be more surfacing. But, in a way, it would be a mute point since that is what would happen if he is convicted beyond a reasonable doubt any way. We do not allow criminals to stay judges.

  74. I don’t think Grassley is stupid enough to delay one day longer its nearly caused a war and I falls on him and fake demo demands and he knows demos are acting illegal over taking the senate by force.

  75. We must move forward to confirm Judge Kavanaugh and the time is now. Any further delay well cost the demon crats big time and they will loose more seats in the House and Senate. The demon crats might just as well close the door and leave time and take all the bastards with them. Namely Ford, Pelosi, Walters, Feinstein, Harris, Holder, Clintons, and the Obama’s.

  76. The first part of the “delay” wanted by the Dems and Ford’s lawyer was done. The Repubs bent over and asked where do you want me to kiss you? This whole thing was initiated by Feinstein who removed herself from getting too involved with her statement of “not knowing…” No person with any integrity can look at the information now available and not come to a delaying tactic. I think Grassley is spineless. Look how fast he delayed and will keep going because even the republicans do not want President Trump’s pick to be in the SCOTUS.

    • Feinstein is running for election and might be in trouble. Her opponent is younger and if possible more Liberal. I guess she thinks this is her reelection ticket.

  77. These 2 I hate to say this Women have done nothing but,try to distort this man including the Democrats. I believe they should go ahead and put this man on the bench. Then the Judge needs to go get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against each and every one including the Democrats(senators).
    The Democrats said the republicans were trying to ruin this woman’s reputation and character what the hell have they (democrats) done to this man?
    Hillary putting in her 2cents. As if any one cares what she has to say. She needs to look in a mirror and take a long look at that husband of hers.
    Also the Electoral College has worked for over 200 years there’s no need to mess with it now.
    Hillary needs to go home and learn how to be a grandma.
    Person tired of her mouth.

      • Only in America, a Democrat can ruin your life and career with no evidence whatsoever. I think that hundreds of men and women that have been groped by Democrats in the past need to storm the investigation by the dozens. Nobody can tell me that with the brain damage the Dems have, they are as pure as the driven snow.

    • It was the Democrats that whined until the electoral college was created, anytime something of theirs doesn’t pan out like they like, they want it changed in their favor. Sorry Dems, you wanted it, you got it.

    • I don’t doubt that sexual assault has not and does not exist and they are crimes, but if the victims cannot prove that they were actually assaulted by the person that they accused, then they need to be held accountable including jail time.

  78. The Democrat Playbook> Do anything for the Power=Lie,Cheat, Steal!!!
    Call your Senators to confirm Kavanaugh (202)224-3121 and vote in 2018, President Trump/Pence still needs our support !

    • No this tactic comes from the Communist 101 Play book, Character Assassination’s. Flood the media with Accussers and accusations Yes My Comrade’s. The gullible already believe as the polls show. The Leaders of the charge against Judge Kavanaugh has over the last four or five years lead many of these the charge over and over again. She has constanly rush to Judgment and been found to have been backing false Accusations. So to the Gullible open your eyes unstoppable your ears and check the stories out thoroughly. And stop listening to just the DemoRat one sided accussations.


  80. Just as the story of the first accuser was beginning to will, the liberals found a second accuser! How many accusers do you think it will take to delay the vote on this “nominee” until the Democrats are triumphant in the mid-term elections and capture the House of Representatives AND the Senate, replace this conservative nominee with their own far-left nut-job, thus completing their conversion of ALL courts to activist judges who have complete contempt for the Constitution? The next step would, of course, be the immediate impeachment of the President. Or so they hope. And, God help us all, there just might be enough brainwashed graduates of our government schools to allow their plan to succeed!

  81. George Soros bribed this liar. Probably some threats from someone involved. Now some lying bimbo is saying judge kavanaugh exposed himself to her. Next some lying bitch will swear he raped her and knocked her up. These lying commie trash should not be believed. P.S. Bill Clinton raped women. Hillary helped enable him with threats. Is as true as anything on earth. The commiecrats circled the wagons around them puss buckets. The judge is a victim of lies and it seems the republicans don’t have any balls No proof, no charges. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. I’ll probably have this post deleted by goggle.

    • I agree! Confirm Judge Kananaugh now as that lying woman will not testify. She is too afraid of being cross-examined where her story, already on shaky legs, will collapse like a house of cards.

    • Now they trot out a new accuser from Yale . of course another activist. She has claimed she was intoxicated when he put his penis in her face, she was probably covered in magic marker and had a hot dog rubbed on her lips. It has happened in colleges around the world , and the left thinks its something new . They think they will sway a few senators with this cowshit. That is all they want to do. I would love to see 40 democrat senators vote for confirmation trying to save their party from Shumer, Feinstein, Pelosi,Blumenthal, Durbin and a few select others. I know Pelosi is just congress but she is just as evil.

    • Seems Google, that great conspiracy agency, did you delete your post. You sure reach conclusions about Soros, about all these accusers without the need for evidence. So, anyone who accuses a Republican is a liar, bitch and commie trash, but if someone accuses a Democrat, they are automatically LEGIT and the Democrat guilty — and there is no need of evidence, eh Dan? You say, “no evidence no charges” but you have made up your mind without Dr. Ford and the others having a chance yet to testify.
      What BS – – and yet where is your evidence about Clinton being a rapist?

      This rush to judgment is very unfair and unAmerican. The way Republicans have handled this makes it clear there is no fairness and this is a stacked deck. When the president, and McConnell, and several Republican members of the Judiciary Committee have already made up their minds and announced it publicly, that is like a jury reaching a verdict before the evidence has been presented. With you, there is no need for a trial or hearing, just tell ol’ Dan if the accused is Republican, then they are innocent, and if Democrat, they they are guilty. Would save a lot of time and end the clogging of the justice system – -of course, we should even get rid of calling it a “justice” system because that would then be totally inaccurate.

  82. Its so blatantly obvious that the Dem/Libs just want to delay, delay, delay. There’s nothing they won’t do to stop the confirmation as they create more tabloid style lies & gossip. At this point i think the vote should be taken today & he should be sworn in tomorrow. Lets ALL MOVE ON !!! GBA a very strong America. AMEN ????????

  83. Wonder how much Soros has paid these women to fabricate these stories, it’s so ridiculous that it makes me wonder how stupid they think we are, the democrats have stooped to a new low. It’s taken them all these years and his nomination to suddenly make them remember that these things happened to them!! As a woman it makes me ashamed that these women would stoop to this. It takes away from the real cases of abuse.

  84. It’s easy. Follow the money. Do an investigation of her finances. Did she just recently get a huge deposit?? Did the school she works for get a huge donation?? The students said that she’s the worse Professor in the school. Sounds like a huge donation right now might save her job. Something to think about. Hmmm.

    • correct, Lou! The dems have stated over and over again that THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO STOP KAVANAUGH’S CONFIRMATION. Well, that’s what they’re doing. Anybody who believes this tripe is an idiot.

  85. Talk about sleazy! The Democrats in Congress are exactly that, sleazy. This confirmation is now turning into a circus and the Republicans had better put a stop to all this bullshit ASAP!

    • This three ring circus the democrats are trying to play here has got to stopped. There is no real evidence of any wrong doing by Mr. Kavanaugh and his family. Thus is just so wrong.

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