Kavanaugh’s character assassination exposes a glaring double-standard

Democrat politicians and their media allies are hoping to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The 11th hour allegations of sexual misconduct reek of desperation.

Yet their rush to convict Kavanaugh in the court of public opinion just exposed their glaring hypocrisy for all to see.

Democrat politicians and their pals in the media are breathless in their coverage and discussion of what they call the “shocking” and “credible” allegations against Kavanaugh.

The alleged misconduct occurred more than 30 years ago, when the Judge was 17 and his accuser was 15. There’s no way to corroborate her story.

But it’s the left’s deafening silence with regards to a woman’s much more recent allegations against a high-ranking Democrat, which exposed their hypocrisy.

Rep. Keith Ellison is the Deputy Chair of the Democrat Party.

He’s also the Democrat nominee for Minnesota attorney general.

Yet just days before the Democrat primary, Ellison’s now ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan and her son accused Ellison of domestic abuse.

Monahan’s son first made the accusations after discovering photos and videos of the abuse on his mom’s computer.

When asked for comment about the accusations against Ellison, Bernie Sanders (who supported Ellison’s bid for DNC Chair) told The Washington Post:

“Nope, nothing,” Sanders said as he walked briskly toward the Senate doors. “You’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get going.”

Compare that to his polished press release he put out attacking Kavanaugh:

“The allegation from Professor Christine Blasey Ford is a serious one that deserves a full investigation. Neither the Judiciary Committee nor the full Senate should vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court until that takes place.”

This is just one example of the deafening silence from those who are attacking Kavanaugh.

Take MSNBC’s Symone D. Sanders for instance. She said,

“I believe Christine Ford — no, because to come forward, she has no — there’s no enticements for her to come forward and to have her life destroyed.”

Yet Symone Sanders has said nothing about whether or not she believes Karen Monahan. Monahan certainly has “no enticements for her to come forward and to have her life destroyed” by making domestic abuse allegations against a Ellison — who could very well become Minnesota’s top law enforcement official.

In fact, Monahan says unlike Ford, she’s been “smeared, threatened, and isolated” from the Democrat Party.

Perhaps the difference then (for Democrats and their pals in the media) between the credibility of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations and Karen Monahan’s all just comes down to the party and position of the man they are accusing.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Give the Dems enough rope and they will hang themselves. They already have the noose around their necks. Let the FBI be the ones to tighten it and hang them high!

  2. Seriously? Did you believe Ford’s accusation? No proof, no date, time, location, police report, story kept changing, lied about fear of flying, lied about lie detector experience, her named witnesses have no knowledge refuses to submit a key piece of evidence (her psychiatrists notes) to back her claim. Now if someone is just “believing” something happened it surely is this woman.

    On the other hand Monahan has proof, photos, 911 call, police reports, Dr. reports, & a witness. I guess she just “believed” those bruises on her into existence.

    This blatantly displays the double standards of the left.

  3. If a person can convince themselves that something happened; they will believe that it happened even if they are really lying. I don’t believe her and I believe that she is hiding some thing.


  5. Nothing about this scum bag ellison is likeable or electable, yet he supposedly won an election in a district that is 90% white, blue collar, with a Jewish community and a wealthy community.
    Now we hear numbers that he leads a state wide poll by 5-6%, margin of error. I don’t think the people outside the metro area know a thing about his ex girl friend or the abuse charges.

    If a Republican uses a plastic straw there’s hell to pay, and it leads on every news channel for weeks.

    The election needs to monitored at every level. Every blank ballot accounted for, every voter verified legal. Every data transmission of election results verified.

    I seriously doubt ellison won the seat the first time. If he wins the Attorney General seat, be advised the fix is in, as it has been for decades in Minnesota.
    It’s a long list of how in the H did that person win.

  6. Republicans hold the congress, the senate, the presidency, YET
    the democrates seem to still have all the power. WHY ???

  7. Check this out from PatriotPulse.net:
    Bill Codner Sr September 19, 2018 at 9:07 pm
    Professor Ford is a liar, a DemocRAT spokes person who’s parents hate Brett Kavanaugh. Brett’s mother, a judge, presided over the bankruptcy of Professor Ford’s parents when they lost their home on a foreclosure. So there you go, she’s a hateful liberal, with an ax to grind and all this has been drummed up in order to obstruct a good and decent man’s way to the Supreme Court.

  8. Maybe that is because he may be hit with a sucker punch ,and one dose not need gloves for that,because the foot dose just as good.

  9. It seems those types of democrats don’t have enough fingers left to do their pointing with ,and now they are using their toes and there connected to their feet and now their kicking themselves where it hurts them .

  10. Rules for radicals by alinsky… look in the mirror and what you’re guilty of, blame your opposition of. Seems like ever DemWit lives by this book. Enough said!

  11. Here we go again you lefty want to take about abortion when it kills million of unborn babies each year and then you have the on the other when a crazy person kills people or even high school students with a gun you want to blame the gun not the crazy nut job using the gun.Killing is killing no matter if is with a gun or abortion you lefty are such liars and user makes me sick. God stated in the bible i know you before you was in the womb. So all you people who support abortion are murders and women say years later they wish they have never aborted their baby. Another thing that you lefty support in these Muslims who believe it is ok to rape a 11 year old child you people on the left are the problem of this country and you have no direction on how to take the this country either. The left is the reason why this president was elected and it was your lefty Muslim love President Obama who got Trump elected for going around the world and tell other countries he is sorry for what the US has done to them. He is no Alpha male he is a beta male.

  12. Richard Crooks, Kavanaugh wants this woman and himself to come before the Judiciary Committee. He has the witness that she said was in the room come forward and deny that anything happened and she lied. Kavanaugh is a kind, wonderful man who has past girlfriends and people he went to school with in HS and at Yale who say he wouldn’t do what this woman suggested. The Democrats, probably, Soros, paying this woman to lie so Kavanaugh would not be elected BEFORE the 2018 Mid-Terms, so the Democrats could stop him if they get more Democrats elected. They just want to stop TRUMP no matter who it hurts!!

  13. Patrick, broke many Constitutional laws when he was President, such as DACA, which he put into law. ONLY the Legislative Branch can make or change laws, not the Executive Branch, but Obama didn’t care because HE wanted this law. I don’t believe Trump bribed anybody. Maybe you should stop listening to the MSM who lie every day about Trump and all you Democrats believe everything they say. Did you know that the same MSM did not say anything negative against Obama and is just the opposite of how they treat Trump because they say 91% of what they say is negative against Trump and they will NOT report anything good that Trump has done. Obama had an American, who worked a few months in the Trump campaign, so Obama had him lisened to on the phone which meant that they also listened to Trump’s phone calls which is illegal. Obama also had the FBI and the DOJ sending in a spy on Trump’s campaign, but not on Hillary’s and she had colluded with the Russians in making the Trump dossier and she and the DNC paid for that Dossier which was not verified information. They used that Dossier to get the FISA court to approve investigating Trump and they didn’t verify the information or tell that Hillary paid for it which is also illegal. Obama and Hillary LIED and are still lying all the time about Trump. There is clear footage of Obama saying the opposite than what he is now saying while he is campaigning against Trump. Obama LIED and tried to lead from behind so he didn’t have to teak any blame if situations in other countries would go wrong. Trump LEADS with other countries and is trying to get our taxpayer money not have to pay by asking other countries who sends their goods to America and charge us a high tariff, but America has not been charging them hardly anything which means America has a very high surplus we are paying. Obama and other Presidents did not have the guts to try and make our trade policies even out for America which will save millions of dollars for American taxpayers. Stop listening to the lies of CNN and MSNBC because you are not hearing the truth. Listen to Fox News who tell the BAD and the GOOD about Trump and tells what he is doing so you will know the truth. Trump has done an excellent job as President and has fulfilled many promises he made on the campaign trail. He does not take a salary for being President and gives all his salary to charities. He may be a little brusk and rude, but he accomplishes a lot for America and I would rather have him than Obama who talks real good, lies and breaks laws if Congress wouldn’t give him what he wanted. He has lied about this good economy being from what he did. There has been many reports that this economy started turning around on the day that Trump was elected and that’s why the Market has made records under Trump.

  14. All that’s needed is to follow the money trail to Blasey-Ford’s bank act & who is fronting her attorney whom is never probono.

  15. I may have missed it, but I haven’t seen any comments about the way Ellison seems to be being treated with kid gloves.

  16. The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. Examples: Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer!

  17. Libs only quote admandments of the constitution that suits them. One of them always gets thrown under the buss. Guess which one. And the ones they quote are often twisted out of context. Bottom line. They hate freedom unless it’s freeby handouts to deadbeats.

  18. they say everything has to be a 2 way street and i agree so far that 2 way street has been 1 time when trump wanted to push it with the republicans, do i question him yes but that is because of his actions, you have a man in office that has been accused of a lot of crimes and his answer to when he made vulgar comments was he thought it was a locker room situation in his opinion but it doesn’t matter because if you said in a locker room it is still how you feel which is still wrong, he gets accused of an affair against his wife not once but twice his answer is its all lies and a democrat conspiracy the proof come out its true to him its a democrat conspiracy not that he did wrong, proof comes out that he has been lying the whole time its a democrat conspiracy, not that he did wrong. the truth comes out that trump gave the order to bribe 2 people to sway the out come of an election but to him he hasn’t done no wrong only a couple crimes so that’s ok. trump says a democrat is lying and demands he should resign but trump lies none stop but thats ok its trump. in hellsinki trump chewed out and degraded the germans for buying oil from russia and he goes to meeting just him and comes out degrading americans and being putins little lap dog but again trump didn’t do no wrong. and this is just a couple of things trump has done. no president in 240 years has put more then 1 nominee in supreme court trump is working on his 3rd and think in his way has already been kicked down how many times because of illegal things now hes loading the supreme court with his picks whats it going to take for people to understand that its time for a change and we can keep going the way we are and where is this country going to be with a president who believes he has the wright to do as he please and the law doesn’t apply to him and if he gets in trouble hell pardon himself and carry on like nothing happened. is this the sign of sanity because if it is ill take insanity. and people just remember when this gets worse and save time and you look at your kids and tell them if we can afford to risk it because they are the ones who are going to pay for his actions. please do remember the constitution says we have to defend against attacks from both foreign and domestic and this isn’t then how much worse can we take.

  19. This is just the same thing the Republicans did to our President Obama and now the worm has turned. If Kavanugh was honest he would want this to proceed so he would not have this cloud over himself.

  20. What planet do you live on for the last ten years the media covered obutholes ass ang if you can’t see the bias find another planet to live on. We don’t want that kind of stupid here in America.

  21. Hey I just heard the girl you were dating in high school says you raped her. She said she said no and you just couldn’t see and to hear it, so you went ahead and forced yourself on her.

  22. look at yesterdays article from Operation Rescue. they diagram the family tree of Ford and her lawyer Katz and their connection to soros funded “dirty tricks” groups. not surprising. POS’

  23. The accusations against Kavanaugh are a late date effort by confirmed Democrats after wild and insane disruption of the hearings failed. The story is carefully crafted back in time so as to be impossible to disprove. I wonder if there is any evidence that some George Soros money changed hands.

  24. Micala you hit the nail right on the head! It saddens me to see what the democrats are doing to Brett Kavanaugh! Democrats are hurting themselves in the long run. How could they discredit a good, honest, intelligent, wonderful husband and father!!! How much lower can the DEMOCRATIC PSRTY STOOP!!!

  25. Diane, when you have an administration that covers for each other, you don’t get charges.If Hillary the liar had won, we would never have heard about the illegal spying done by the FBI. The same FBI that was working with the paid informant that got the illegal FISA warrants started in the first place. And Lois Learner needs sent to jail. So does Eric Holder for his perjury. Along with his replacement. An FBI with top people that were actively trying to prevent the legally elected President from taking office. It isn’t too late for many of the 0bama administration to see the insides of the iron bar hotel.

  26. And so they have. She can show up next Monday. Seems like if she sent the letter to DiFi in July she has had more than enough time to get ready. Either show up or get on with the vote.

  27. You forgot the 14th Amendment and that even if states were to allow certain acts, those states cannot be allowed to take away rights guaranteed by the 14th amendment. To refuse to allow a woman to choose to terminate a pregnancy, when that might be what she wishes, basically is forcing her to carry the baby full-term and take away the rights for a woman to decide what is best for her and her own body.

  28. Or to to do anything about the biggest mouth in Washington maxi mouth Waters pushing the left to attract Trumps followers in public , that’s inciting to riot that is a crime!

  29. Aw come on now! For the love of God, this attempt to discredit Judge Cavanaugh stinks of desperation!!

    Who gives a crap what Cavanaugh did in high school? There is NOT one high schooler that didn’t screw up one way or the other. That is the time of learning and doing stupid stuff because “YOU ARE STILL A KID”!

    I’m sorry but that woman that is accusing CAVANAUGH of a grope fest is lying through her teeth. Someone is paying her huge amounts of $$ to perjure herself by claiming something that is so out of character for Judge Cavanaugh. His personality is not that of a hormonely-racing jock looking for a quick release. He’s simply not made up that way.

    So no matter how you look at it, it is a contrived story put forward by a needy woman and created by an even more desperate Democrat party to discredit a good, truthful, intelligent man.

    All of the Left’s desperation is going to explode in their faces as their own Democrat support base dwindles because of the FOOLS they have all been. Who’d want to be a part of a lying, childish, egocentric, America hating Democrat party? No wonder they are fleeing that party to escape the embarrassment and insanity that the demonrat party leaders are exhibiting! Wouldn’t you run too?

  30. But Trump is the one who gave an interview and said “we have plenty of time,” best to wait and give it a fair hearing . . . not just Democrats. A rush to decide may mean this is just being railroaded, especially since Grassley and the Committee refuses to release only 7% of the Kavanaugh White House documents. But that is what Repubs are probably going to do, because jsutice and fairness is not their goal.

  31. Actually the democrats follow the adage, “Do as I say, NOT as I do.” They truly think they are little Saints running around saving the world. When one of their tainted flock commits an unthinkable crime, they conveniently gloss over it like it never happened! Yeah, they are the most CLUELESS individuals in this world and when tragedy strikes them, they are like children running in circles — like what they are doing now with Judge Cavanaugh. His confirmation scares these people worse than if the Devil himself came to their homes. Why? Because Judge CAVANAUGH is a righteous good man and they are at the opposite spectrum — full blown egocentric evil. No wonder seeing the Devil wouldn’t scare them. They have been keeping his counsel for a very long time…

  32. It is my opinion that Dr. Ford has gotten cold feet about testifying under oath to lies used to develope this false accusation. She is already vulnerable to a very costly law suit. If Sen Grassley bows to the demands to involve the FBI, with its recent corruption, we can forget confirmation for Judge Kavanaugh. This is the trap set to move this beyond mid term elections to allow those Democrat Seantors in Red States to avoid responsibility of a vote, until after the election is over. The most fair thing to do is hold the announced hearing next Monday, with or without both key witnesses, who have receive invitations, and immediately make an Up or Down vote for moving this out of committee. The FBI should not be involved since the accusation is not a federal crime. Niether should any of those many people that have given the media second hand information be involved. I think in lawyer speak, this is called “Heresay Evidence.” We have witnessed the compoletee work of the Judiciary Committee on national television, with all 21 committee members asking multiple questions in turn, after reading the largest amount of background information every present to the committee. It is time for a vote. Could the recent news of Dr. Ford’s lawyer having a connection to Soros or the forclosure case of her parents have a bearing on her wanting to avoid testifying? Do Democrats see “Hand Writing” on the wall? “YOU HAVE BEEN WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES AND FOUND LACKING.”

  33. Sharon, you make some good points, and I agree taxpayer dollars should not be used for abortions, unless it is a medical necessity. But Kavanaugh’s rulings and writings show as clear dislike for Roe v. Wade and he was the judge who made it almost impossible for a 17-year old confined in Taxes to have her right to an abortion, which was totally against the law. An appeals court had to make that decision and Judge K did not like it. Judge K is a lawyer and they use semantics, twist and turn words around. K said it “was” the law of the land, not that he agreed with it, and would side, if ever on the court, to overturn it. Lawyers can get really weaselly with semantics, and say one thing but mean another.


  35. And don’t forget, Diane, about Karen McDougal Trump also lied about and then schemed with Cohen and his friend, David Pecker at the Enquirer to buy the “publication rights” to a story they always meant to kill. David Pecker is now working with Mueller and the story is he had a whole safe full of bad things Trump has done.

  36. She dreams that it happened as it is the only excitement that has ever happened to her and her money hungry dreams????????

  37. If the Republicans fail to get Judge Kavanaugh confirmed they will lose the Senate in November. They forgot that they are supposed to be in control.

  38. Kavanaugh stated while being interrogated by Congress about Roe v Wade and he stated it was law. Everyone has their own convictions about abortion. If one chooses to have an abortion that is their choice, however, I dislike using taxpayers dollars to pay for it. Choices have consequences… YOUR CHOICE, YOUR CONSEQUENCE, YOUR DECISION

  39. VERY good question, Diane! If it was me, and nothing happened, I would be ready and willing to get on that stand and clear both my name and the name of my “friend.” It does make you wonder if this “friend” is afraid of perjury and/or the costs of telling the truth. There are few costs to telling the truth if you are truly innocent.

  40. Many people, especially males, do not understand the mind of a rape victim, the trauma, the shock, the PTSD, and then worse, the victim is often put on trial and has to relive the whole thing, making the victim feel like he/she is the one guilty. Especially in times past, most victims have not experienced a supportive environment. Sometimes, the police can be part of the problem, because most police used to be male and projected their male attitudes into the situation.

    Think about it this way. Most servicemen in war zones cannot speak about the war and what they went through, for quite sometime. Having a father who fought in WWII, having friends who fought in Vietnam . . . many could not speak for a long time about their experiences.

    Today, with more women supporting women, we have seen finally some justice for Bill Cosby and other sexual harassers. This is not to say that Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh are right or wrong, just give the accuser her right to speak and we should all be agreeable to a fair and just weighing of the evidence.

  41. You’re wrong. Good men/women when drunk and smoking weed do awful things under those conditions. To me, the true question is: Was it Kavanaugh or someone else? Under those conditions, how would anyone know who it was. Kavanaugh wasn’t no angel during his teen years, because no one is… but that shouldn’t be a reason to no confirm him now. Are you the same today as you were when you were a teenager? Hopefully not.,

  42. He said he had no recollection of the incident…. What happened 35 years ago at a party where many were drunk shouldn’t have any bearing on Kavanaugh’s ability to be a SCOTUS justice. She wasn’t raped…. it appears many were drunk, smoking weed, and where were the parents who owned the house? Where were the girls friends who were at the party? I’m not saying this didn’t happen to Ford, but can you be sure it wasn’t someone else besides Kavanaugh? Do I believe Kavanaugh was an angel during adolescence? NO…… no one is…… but this should have no affect on his confirmation.

  43. Not all conservatives are racist and sexist, thank goodness. But you managed to say both a sexist and a racist slur in one statement. Tell me Larry, is it any wonder few minorities and few women are voting your way? And tell me again how your party is not racist and sexist, despite all the evidence to the contrary?

  44. The more tim s people are informed by facts the need to vote Republican to kick out the Democrats

    The better

    Repeat it over and over…if it gets people out to vote

  45. I grew up with conservative/moderate Democrats and now they are no where to be found.
    What happened to the conservative/moderate Democrats?

  46. I agree, how can she accuse him of anything? When she does not even remember the details. This is NOT sexual assault. So where is she going w/ this? Is she just another Liberal Professor pushing & teaching Liberal Lies? Her whole story makes NO sense. She doesn’t even remember where the Party was, or the people who were their. Liberals put her up to this. Just another Obstruction of Justice to keep out a Conservative Judge. Just like the Russian Collusion, nothing there.
    She was drinking along w/ others of course her mind is sketchy. Does she remember if such a thing happened at all, or did she dream it up in her drunken stuper????
    Kavanaugh say he wasn’t even at that party. So its a he said, she said. Sorry NO guilt.

  47. If this woman can’t remember what happened, where she was at the time of incident, whose house it was, what kind of party is was, was she so stoned drunk and smoking weed it distorted her memory? Was it Kavanaugh or someone looking like him? i’m not saying this didn’t happen to Ford, but there’s no proof it was Kavanaugh.

  48. You are clearly the one lacking intelligence in this conversation, Peggy. First of all, a mere allegation is no indication of guilt. Second, no, it is not your place to decide when a human becomes a human. Birth control is much more easily (and more ethically) accomplished BEFORE conception. Is it too much to ask of you libs to take preventive action against pregnancy before you have sex? Yes, there are extreme situations where abortion is called for, but not just because you submitted to your animal instincts without contraception.

  49. I agree. If this woman was assaulted, she would remember every detail. I believe she was paid to accuse, knowing that there was no proof. The Democrats are quick to accuse with no proof, if it is a Republican, but refuse real proof when it is a Democrat. What a bunch of hypocrites! They are disgusting!

  50. VOTE RED 2018…..If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  51. A charge was never filed 35 years ago. Which is part of the problem this woman will have advancing her story. She simply has no proof. No charge has or will be filed now. This event, if there ever was one, has way surpassed the statute of limitations time limit.
    I support every victim’s right, male or female, to seek justice after any kind of assault, sexual or otherwise. But cases such as these, which are tried in the “media courts,” first, often belittle the horrors true victims’ have suffered, and secondly, may very well deter real victims from seeking justice.

  52. Ms. Ford’s attorney works for a company that is funded by Soros. I believe there is probably a pretty hefty financial incentive for Ms. Ford to come forward. I wonder if she realizes how incredibly stupid this sounds – I don’t remember when, where, who, or what – but I know he did it? How is anyone supposed to investigate this? As a woman, I understand the emotional issues tied with being sexually assaulted. I do not, however, know anyone that can’t tell you anything about the incident other. Even her current story differs from the notes taken by her counselor (which include no names). This is a delay tactic by the left with no concern for this man, his wife, and his young daughters. Disgusting!

  53. Dems are One way minded, Hey Dems LIFE is a 2 way street fools wake up, Karma is coming, watch your 6.
    No exceptions, Your goin Down.

  54. Well the American decent people need to wake up to the fact that the Democratic Party starting with the of Clinton’s the obamas Eric holder And George sorrows is the new world mafia That’s all I have to say just read their backgrounds any of them go digging into any one of them and see what you might find you be surprised Thanks and have a great day

  55. Lies that is what he does best. Oh i forgot cheater ,cheater, cheater and gives out secrets ot the Russians what Clinton did about her her server was awful but what he does. He lied about he would be in the white house all the time. More vacations than most of the presidents. Conplains all the time. With these tariffs another recession is on the way. I come back and see what everyone saids about that.Maybe one day a leader will come that everyone can claim i will sit this out prayerfully not out doors like a lot of people i see

  56. This situation does amplify the hypocrisy that does exist in the Democratic party. I have wondered why not more was said about Keith Ellison situation as there is evidence that abuse did occur. How he could be elected for Dem candidate for Attorney General of the state with the occurrence of abuse and I believe he doesn’t have a law license or is a member of the bar is hard to understand. Things may have changed that I’m not aware of but the state, according to the AG job requirement, does not require that the AG be a member of the bar. Here is someone who violates the law and then is nominated to run for a position that will direct and handle legal problems of the state. Why hasn’t his situation of abuse not been followed up on?

  57. I want to know why her friends that she was partying and illegally drinking with surface. If she can’t remember where and when this happened maybe they can fill in the blanks. Now she doesn’t want to testify after her attorney was on most news channels stating she would testify, something doesn’t look right about that. I am tired of hearing about people being threatened when things don’t go the way they want. All she has to do is to show up Monday, public or private and testify. If she doesn’t, she was to drunk to remember and is having a hard time with her own guilt.

  58. Shocking, yes; credible, no. This whole thing sounds like a Teddy Kennedy saga. First the accuser want to have her name kept confidential. That didn’t go over well. So then she was identified. But that was still not quite good enough. So now she supposedly she will offer testimony. But there is stalling going on because the democrats want to drag this out as long as possible. But even if she does testify we still only have her word for anything. Even her talking to a therapist six years ago about a remembered incident does not substantiate the claim that she is now making against Kavanaugh. She appears to have a rather faulty memory.

  59. You Forget though that it’s oh so easy to falsely accuse a man of assault when he didn’t do it and yet he will be punished making him the victim in reality which is the case with kavanaugh

  60. I’ve always said, argue with a liberal long enough and you can always get them to contradict themselves. You can point out liberals’ hypocrisy and double standards all you want. They will just stare blankly back at you. The truth is, they simply don’t care that they are hypocrites or their thinking is completely incongruent.

  61. There are three things here that you don’t seem to understand when it comes to Ellison! First, and foremost, he is a Democrat. Secondly, he is Black. Thirdly, he is a Muslim. Each one of these factors, when taken individually, would put him above reproach. Taken all together, they make him unassailable!

  62. Where is Jeff Session. A once respected lawyer and litigator. Jeff you have disappointed the residents of Alabama. Obama, both Clinton’s, Holder, Lynch, Comey and a dozen others should be facing 12 of their peers in trial.

  63. The denial made by Kavanaugh should hold the same weight as the accusation made my Ford. In a “he said, she said” situation, that is the law. I can’t explain why some feel the Women’s accusation holds more acceptance then his denial. That thinking has got to stop.

  64. Feinstein is doing this to keep the feds away from her. She should be investigated for her personal Chinese spy, driving her all around DC while she was on her cell phone talking about top secrets.

  65. what we have seen on tv in the last 2 years has shown anyone willing to look that truth and justice for all does not happen in the United states of America maybe we should all be using the Clinton defense to get out of it

  66. All those allegations and indictments are deep state driven. You want to trust them, who have been shown to be biased at every turn?

  67. You said it yourself. There are other conservatives. And some of them probably don’t have an attempted rape charge hanging over their heads.

  68. My thoughts? Yes. But I’m sure you’ve spent plenty of time on the Ellison affair, yet now you call the other side hypocrites. I think you should heal yourself first.

  69. Can drunk girls do something real stupid? The answer is absolutely yes.

    Did they grab your junk? If yes, does that define their true intention?

    Christine Blasey is a clinical psychologist. She knows a mind trick or two. Well, is she going to answer Grassley emails? Or she is stalling the confirmation process?

    Teenagers have done this and that. They are very curious. Ask the liberal parents. They would say … that’s true. They were once teenagers.

  70. White Cloud reply To Peggy Post of Sept 18, 2018 AT 6:18 PM [And how many people that Trump chose for his administration have resigned] I do not like statistics. Please talk about issues. For example, Obama AG, Loretta Lynch, meets with Bill Clinton on tarmac at a time when Comey’s FBI investigates Hillary Clinton on her use of private e-mail server instead of obligatory US Government Secure e-mail server, a must for Hilary as Obama’s Secretary of State. Both Loretta Lynch and Hilary must be in jail. So should be Comey, who has not recommended to prosecute Hillary for Gross Security violations in communications via e-mails. What about many terrorists attacks by jihadists on Americans USA soil during Obama administration? Is Obama in Jail? Are officials from FBI prosecuted in that connection? CIA officials? Is Obama politicizing IRS against republicans under investigation? […(due to sexual harassment ] Please tell me, who do you mean? However, democrats have plenty of sexual harassment cases including Senator AL Franken, Senator Edward Kennedy drowning a woman, he had a love affair with, Bill Clinton multitude of sexual affairs, or MN representative Ellison to name a few. […or spending taxpayers money to excess)…] Do you mean Obama Administration US consulate in Libya, built indefensible, where US Ambassador in Libya got killed? Or do you mean Obama IRS focusing on conservatives to harass them […, been fired or have pled guilty to criminal charges and are going to jail??] Do you mean Paul Manafort. He is not a member of Trump Administration. [Yet you trust Trump judgment???] You have not mentioned anybody specifically from Trump Administration found guilty in anything. It is not easy to trust you, since you are not giving any facts. Yes. I absolutely Trust Trump. I do not trust Media. [Now that’s hysterical!] It is not hysterical. There is plenty of incriminating info about Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, FBI’s Comey, Obama, Brennan, and Rosenstein. See some of the incriminating info above. Their place is in Jail. I hope that Trump will bring these people to justice. [Nobody from Obama’s administration has ever been indicted let alone are in jail.] We hope Trump will correct this problem. But some people have been fired or removed, or their security clearance revoked, re: Strzok, Lisa Page, Mr. Brennan, formerly of CIA.

  71. Since when does being male make one guilty without proof? One person’s allegation doesn’t spell guilty. If it is proven with witnesses and/ or physical evidence then judge kavanaugh must go. There’s plenty of other good conservatives to take his spot. But not without proof beyond any reasonable doubt. If he’s tossed on 1 person’s word, America will never recover from it. I don’t uphold sexual assault. I know someone will bring up Trump, but he wasn’t charged with anything. He just shot off his mouth. If he did grab pussy, no one said it wasn’t consential. Unproven allegations are scary.

  72. When men stop lying about their responsibility for their actions. They always say….it didn’t happen. Then they’re backed into a corner and the truth emerges. Prime example is Trump, himself……lies through his teeth but paid off the adult film “stars” to the tune of $130,000.

  73. So is Kavanaugh’s high school “friend” who was allegedly in the room when all of this went down. He refuses to testify under oath. WHY?

  74. And how many people that Trump chose for his administration have resigned (due to sexual harassment or spending taxpayers money to excess), been fired or have pled guilty to criminal charges and are going to jail?? Yet you trust Trump judgment??? Now that’s hysterical! Nobody from Obama’s administration has ever been indicted let alone are In jail.

  75. And this accuser is apparently not going to testify under oath now. Smells like reads like, looks like and thus, it probably is. It’s is the old Marxist rule, “Accuse others of what you are doing. It will confuse them.” Smart people do not fall for that BS these days, only DS Leftist. If one tells a lie enough, they begin to believe it themselves. Look familar here?

  76. White Cloud reply To Peggy Post of Sept 18, 2018 AT 6:18 PM [Beverly deer I cannot support this man because of the way he stands on abortion…] This has nothing to do with groundless accusations of Judge Kavanaugh sexual misconduct 37 years ago when Kavanaugh was 17. It is a pipe dream that Senator Dianne Feinstein held onto since early July, 2018 to disclose it at the right moment after September 15, 2018. At this point nothing could stop Kavanaugh from being approved for the Supreme Court position. […every woman’s right to decide for herself it is not a religious thing…] Not every woman can decide if an abortion can be safely done for her that is without causing her death or serious damage to her health. This has nothing to do with religion. […and religions cannot decide when life starts its between the woman her body and her beliefs…] This cannot be based just on woman’s beliefs. At its worst it is life or death. I can’t believe that every woman can make this decision correctly. […not yours or anybody else’s certainly not Trump who has paid for abortions from the girlfriends that he screwed around with.] No one just comes to any woman to help decide her on abortion, except religious fanatics. Trump is no fanatic. Judge Kavanaugh is not a fanatic too. Trump does not offer to make decisions on abortion for any woman. [So a Supreme Court Justice who attacked a girl when he was drunk and High School…] None of this is supported by facts. It is all is Dianne Feinstein’ groundless allegations. They are as devoid of facts as is the idea of Trump collusion with Russia during 2016 elections. [I think for the sanctity of our country he needs to go get another one who can come up clean and green.] This country will definitely benefit from a strong constitutionally based Judge as is Brett Kavanaugh, whose record is unblemished by the facts to the contrary.

  77. The DEMONRATS will never stop trying to dig up dirt and lies on our president and anyone associated with him in any way. I pray that it will continue to backfire on them like it did when the president was elected

  78. Peggy: Roe vs. Wade is a Constitutional question, whether the court without benefit of Congress can regulate what laws a state legislature can make insofar as those laws are not in violation of the Constitution. Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to its people.” – Rescinding Roe vs. Wade does not change any laws regarding abortion, it just removes federal restriction on what laws the individual state legislators – elected by the people of their states – can make on the subject.

  79. Peggy, I forgot the abortion issue on my other post. I am against abortion as birth control. This is an issue that should be up to each state. States should regulate and NOT be TAX funded, in anyway. If is murder, when used as birth control. Should only be used when life of mom orf child is in danger, in cases of incest and rape. 6,000,000 a year deaths via abortion is sinful. Abortion may be mostly up to the female, but I should not pay for ending your pregnancy, for your irresponsibility. It definitely is a religious issue, like it or not, this country was founded on religious values, with the Bible in evidence. If you are a non-believer, you have that right, but I should not pay for your carelessness.

  80. Peggy, really believe you are watching too much fake news. I do not believe the accusations from 35 or so years ago. Plus, she was not raped, at least not on that occasion by Brett K. The info that Judge Martha Kavanaugh was the person that handled the foreclosure on her parents property sounds like this is payback. With all the real mess the others like the Clinton’s and BHO have done, and you are questioning this old, one sided tale?

  81. Democrats are always believing their party over anybody else’s words. Democrats don’t want to believe one of their own people could or would do something like this to a woman.

    Democrats are in such a hurry to have these hearings from Judge Kavanaugh and Professor Ford, however, on the other hand, Professor Ford isn’t responding to Senator Grassley’s emails either.

    For Professor Ford to go to Washington Post and tell them what is suppose to have happened to her back in the 1980’s, then why doesn’t she respond to Senator Grassley’s emails to come to testify in front of them? Something to me, ” Just does not make any sense for her to go to Washington Post to tell them what is suppose to have happened to her in the 1980’s, however, now, she want even respond to Senator Grassley’s emails!” Doesn’t anyone else think that this is a little suspicious that she now wants to announce this just right before Judge Kavanaugh is to have his voting process to start and to be added to the Supreme Court by the first of October?

    I do not believe her, because, Judge Kavanaugh has had at least 65 people, and the most of them were women, who came to testify to his character of how he treated them when they were together. Even there has been 2 of his old girlfriends even came to testify on his behalf.

    Democrats are doing everything int heir power to stall for President Trump’s nominee to be added to the Supreme Court! Democrats are still just as corrupt and crooked as they were during the 2016 election towards candidate Trump, and now President Trump.

    I believe Judge Kavanaugh, and I trust President Trump with everyone of nominee that he submits for any office or court position. President Trump has done a whole lot better than Obama did for 8 miserable years.

  82. Cowardly act of accusations without proof, witnesses, and evidence is what the legal justice system call unprovable in a court of law. VOTE FOR CONFIRMATION OF JUDGE KAVANAUGH.

  83. IF such an incident ever happened, the lack of a record of it in the police files is perfectly understandable as, assuming the the date of the alleged infraction is accurate, then both the victim and the perpetrator were under age at the time.

    If it never happened, then the lack of a police record is even more understandable.

  84. Are you really that naive, Peggy, or have you just joined the liars club? There is a big difference between these two cases. Do you defend Ellison? I do not and there are witnesses and evidence.

  85. I find that my opinion of Democrats, which I had thought couldn’t sink lower, has sunk lower, indeed. They have nothing to offer this country except for their insatiable lust for POWER. I find no benefit to myself or any other non-liberal in their lust.

  86. Demon rats are what they are. When OUR President drains their swamp where they hide, they will be like the cotton mouths coming out, mean, slithery and dangerous! I just can not believe nor understand how/why people can still stand with them yet. If they believe the media, I am truly disappointed at how low the intelligence of our nation has sunk.

  87. For the same reason they are now saying that Dr. Ford does not want to testify under oath. So she can’t be charged with perjury or filing a false police report.

  88. Marvin I think your name suggest you will never understand. As a high-school student it would have been very very hard for her best friend let to tell her mother. She knew this because women who are assaulted always made to feel like they were the guilty party it still exist it’s sad Marvin I trust you don’t have any daughters or never will because if you defend this man for attacking that woman as a teenager can you should never parent a female child.

  89. What it all comes down to is the Democrats and left wing loons severe case of “selective morality”. Forget Ellison – look at how they have ignored – joked and laughed – and swept ALL of the allegation against the Clintons under the rug – since way before this high school party ever happened. Bill Clintons rape accusations go ALL the way back to 1969 when Brett Kavanaugh was only 4 years old.

  90. Beverly deer I cannot support this man because of the way he stands on abortion it is every woman’s right to decide for herself it is not a religious thing and religions cannot decide when life starts its between the woman her body and her beliefs not yours or anybody else’s certainly not Trump who has paid for abortions from the girlfriends that he screwed around with. So a Supreme Court Justice who attacked a girl when he was drunk and High School I think for the sanctity of our country he needs to go get another one who can come up clean and green.

  91. Good men don’t assault women even when they’re teenagers and drunk. he needs to answer he’s not cleaning green very few men are.

  92. I would like to know why this matter has not been recorded by the police and why no charges have come forward.

  93. I believe this is a lastditch effort from the Hypocrites of the DNC and lieing media undermine a good man.By a obvious hateful biased like liberal woman.who can only remember bits and pieces of her story that pertrays her as the victim.theres to much guestions of her convenient release of this imfo.Just ain’t right.

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