Kavanaugh’s confirmation may come down to this one GOP Senator

Democrats orchestrated a devastating smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh.

While the supplemental FBI background check found nothing new, Kavanaugh’s confirmation is now far from certain.

And it all may come down to just one GOP Senator.

The first vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was a nail biter.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) shocked many Republicans when she voted with Democrats to block Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

And Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted yes, allowing Kavanaugh’s confirmation to move forward by a slim 51-49 margin.

But while Senator Susan Collins voted to allow Kavanaugh’s confirmation to move forward, she’s planning to announce her position on Kavanaugh in a floor speech Friday afternoon.

If she decides to vote “No” in the final vote, Collins could very well sink Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The Hill reports:

It wouldn’t be the first time Collins has supported a nomination during a procedural hurdle and then later voted against the nominee.

In a dramatic moment last year, Collins announced from the Senate floor that she would vote for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos during an initial procedural hurdle but said she could not support her on a final confirmation vote.

With Senator Murkowski voting with Democrats to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation, we can presume she’ll vote “No” on a final confirmation vote.

That means Kavanaugh can only afford to lose one more vote and be confirmed with Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote.

A “No” vote from Collins could provide political cover for Senator Manchin to oppose Kavanaugh as well.

Not to mention wildcard Senator Jeff Flake, a NeverTrumper, who’s retiring from the U.S. Senate at the end of this term.

Collins could go for a “John McCain moment” — channeling the late senator when he gave a dramatic “thumbs down” that stopped ObamaCare repeal.

If Republicans fail to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, it could be devastating in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Should Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed?

UPDATE AT 4:01 P.M. – Senator Collins announced in her speech that she intends to vote “Yes” for Kavanaugh to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Stay tuned Saturday evening at 5 P.M. for what transpires during the vote.

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  1. Here is another old hag that wants to be seen in the news. This is the only way she can get attention. She is always against anything the Rep. Party is for or what the Pres. is for!!

  2. In 5 weeks the democrats will clean your clock.
    You have pissed off 3/4 of the women in the country.
    They will make you pay.

  3. Good comments. People do not realize the evillness of this man. How his money is supporting five or six left wing liberal groups/institutions. He is very dangerous. The millions thrown to Clintons, Obama (recently 81 million to the new Obama Institute) & millions to over throw Trump.

  4. Got THAT right, PS! Witness the military cemeteries that dot our great country. The last full measure of devotion…the ultimate sacrifice. We must ALWAYS remember and pay homage…????????????????????????

  5. I was simply making light of the sheer dichotomy of GOOD vs EVIL! FACT > George Soros IS Jewish but with NO religious beliefs…a former NAZI collaborator in his native Hungary who was COMPLICIT in the extermination of 6 million of his brethren in the Holocaust! FACT > George Soros has the intellectual abilities of a lowly GNAT…bent solely on the destruction of OUR DEMOCRACY and OTHER democracies worldwide! His ill-gotten billions speak ONLY of PURE EVIL! He is NO Oskar Schindler who…if he could save but just ONE life…he saves the world! And ¡BRAVA! that Trump moved our Embassy to Jerusalem! Tho I do not practice Judaism, I am of Kiev in The Ukraine extraction…proud OF it…and am NO xenophobe in OUR America! Did I shed some clarity on your misinterpretation, Nancy B?

  6. I agree she is a fake BUT not a good one This never should have happened! Paid to protest by George Soros. He is behind all of it. He should be tossed out of the Country!

  7. I’M SORRY THAT dragonFLY felt the need to associate someone’s religious beliefs, being Jewish, with their intellectual abilities. This is America and no further comment is needed.

  8. dragonfly- As soon as Dr. Ford found out that Kavanaugh was on the short list, she contacted her congresswoman in California and the Washington Post. She was trying to remain anonymous while alerting everyone publicly that she had been molested by Kavanaugh. Because she is an ordinary citizen and not a political operative, she was doing her civic duty in the best way she knew how. The letter you refer to came after- repeat, after Kavanaugh became the nominee. Evidently, the Republican attack focusing on who leaked what and when has been successful with you. It has distracted you from the real issue here- the character of this man who will soon sit on the Supreme Court.

  9. Children that were shown being separated from parents were from Obama’s term in office. They were put in cages and treated like animals. Trump was not the one who started the separations it was Obama.

  10. OH Possum! You are SO wrong! She gave her now infamous confidential letter to her local Congress rep who, in TURN, sent it to DIE-anne not-so-FINE-franken-stein who, in TURN, shared it with NO ONE other than DemonRAT members of the Judiciary Committee THEN the FBI! And in the MEANTIME, OH Possum, her now infamous confidential letter was LEAKED to the PRESS! Cat was out o’ the bag so she, in TURN, showed her face and not BEFORE! She never INTENDED to go PUBLIC! DemonRATS USED her and ABUSED her with a BOMBSHELL that blew up in THEIR faces! It WAS a very WELL-orchestrated SMEAR CAMPAIGN! And a last-minute HIT job to SLANDER and ASSASSINATE THE CHARACTER of Kavanaugh! Why ELSE wait until the hearings were OVER??? STOP PLAYING DEAD, OH POSSUM!!!

  11. Hello Friend,
    Accusations have been flying hard and fast this week since the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. This story has many layers, like the fact that Senator Feinstein sat on this accusation for over two months and didn’t breathe a word about it. But there is one big thing that Congress and the mainstream media are ignoring. We all know what the talking heads in DC and on each of the networks think, but what about the voting public. Do you believe Judge Kavanaugh is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court? American Polling is conducting an urgent national poll to answers this very important question. The results of this poll will be shared with many of the major media outlets, including CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and ABC News. So they can show ACTUAL results on the opinions of the voting public. Please take just 20 seconds of your time today to let your voice be heard.

    Vote Now!


    Warm Regards!

  12. Susan Collins (R-ME) delivered the speech of her LIFE today on the floor of the Senate! And proud of Joe Manchin (D-WV)…the ONLY (D) who will not be DICTATED to by the likes of Schumer! ChuckyCHEESE, PeLOSER, BLOWmenthal, CRAZY Mazie Hirono (who forgets WHO won the WAR but now WAGES war on every man in America), Spartacus Booker, DIE-anne not-so-FINE-franken-stein, COONskin…UGLY AMERICANS!!!

  13. Will not even dignify your ‘little lies’ statement with the question of WHAT ‘little lies’! EVERYONE has a RIGHT to some semblance of PRIVACY! And if some teenage nonsense was for him and him ALONE as a SINGLE man, that is OKAY! Even tho any big REVEAL would not change the deep love he shares with his WIFE and DAUGHTERS! His life of FULL ABUNDANCE began with THEM…and that is ALL that matters TO them! Have YOU, O.Possum, never kept ‘little secrets’ that might prove somewhat embarrassing if they got out at the most inopportune time??? ASK yourself…then do not WONDER but show some EMPATHY! We are ALL imperfect MORTALS who have NO right to sit in judgment of the NEXT person!

  14. Dr. Ford is on the record for trying to prevent Kavanaugh from being nominated in the first place. She contacted her congresswoman when Kavanaugh was on the short list.
    I am not saying Kavanaugh was not qualified for his experience. I just wonder why he had to tell all the “little lies” during his testimony.

  15. This was no “last minute hit job”. Dr. Ford went public with her concerns as soon as she noticed that Kavanaugh was on the short list. She was trying to alert people about him in order to prevent him from being nominated. If Trump had nominated someone else, none of this would have happened.

  16. George Soros >> Jewish…and a former traitorous NAZI collaborator in his native Hungary…while 6 million of his brethren perished in the Holocaust! Lie down with a NAZI and you BECOME a NAZI! Every ULT-LEFT palm he greases is a NAZI palm! Including, but not limited to, the NAZI AGITATORS who even ADMIT having been paid by him!

  17. UH-OH, Dan Tyree…Ric B FOUND US! Up to his USUAL! RIC rhymes with DICK rhymes with PRICK! So it is said…so it shall be done!

  18. YADDA YADDA YADDA, Dr.JD…LIBERAL law professors who pass LIBERAL law students who become LIBERAL lawyers (Katz) and MIGHT get appointed to the ULT-LIBERAL 9th Circuit Court of Appeals! TALK TO THE HAND…

  19. O Possum – – you cannot take away the conspiracy BS that fills their brains – -that is part of their cult KOOL AID, and they will be left with nothing in their brains. Remember the code is simple, blame a conspiracy, when proven wrong then blame media, and then sprinkle it heavily with George Soros, who can leap tall Trump Towers in only one jump. Soros keeps them from thinking they might actually be a LITTLE responsible for their own lives.

  20. dragonFLY, someone who spends half his time repeating Trump cult messages without a thought in his head, and ZERO tolerance for someone who votes at all outside cult parameters, probably should not be calling ANY one a moron!

  21. Yes, Laura, kissing Trump’s ass is the job of Dan and dragonFLY and other cult followers. They don’t want competition, so they can get their lips close to the source of most of the tweeting.

  22. Who said God is on YOUR side? God is on the side of continual lying (Trump and Trump “University” fraud, Trump and only borrowing $1 million from his Dad when it was slightly $413 million, Trump and his not having affairs with women he paid off), Trump separating children still from their parents (some here legally), Trump in his MOCKING of a disabled journalist AND Dr. Christine Ford, a woman courageous enough to come forward as a victim of sexual abuse?? Oh please, only if your “god” is Satan.

  23. This was a Collage professor testifying as noted by many people in the media with the sound “a frightened small girl’s quavering voice, finishing her sentences with a quavering increase in decibels as if she was 12 years old and reliving the fear and horror of her memories of the incident” I think it’s important that this is a Clinical Phycologist who knows the effect this form of diction has on most people and purposely spoke in this manner for effect. an you imagine sitting thru one of her lectures if this is her normal manner of speech? It would be most interesting if someone could find a video of one of her lectures and compare the vocal patterns. Bottom line, she is a fake and a damn good one. People react to every nuance of speech, expression, and body language she exhibited subconsciously. She knows her profession well and how to use it to achieve the desired results. The majority of people in their lifetime have an experience that leaves terrorizes them and they can tell you the color of socks the Pizza guy was wearing when he came to the door and she can’t even tell you how she got home or where she got home from. Innocent until proven guilty is the foundation of our justice system. She’s taking advantage of that by failing to give enough detail to convict her of perjury under oath. Just my opinion and I do vote.

  24. How dare Murkowski show independent thinking as a Republican – – that was the days before the Trumpon cult people became Trump’s base. If people start thinking in the GOP, Trump will be finished – – as his support plummets!

  25. From coast to coast, the nation’s law professors are asking the United States Senate to REJECT the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court because of his “lack of judicial temperament.” . When the letter went public yesterday Oct. 4, there were 650 law professors who’d signed on. Today, (Oct. 5) that number is approaching 2,000 and still going strong. Now, even REPUBLICAN retired SCOTUS judge has withdrawn his support for Kavanaugh because of Kavanaugh’s lack of proper temperment and his clear partisan bias.

  26. BS this was planned before he was even nominated you fool. Brainwashed people librals who want to live under communism are the biggest idiots known to man.

  27. All those people who voted against Kavanaugh and are up for election this year, may be surprised on election day. If Elizabeth Warren is running, vote her out. She wants to be president so I guess she’s running in 2020.

  28. I agree with the majority here. Confirm Kavanaugh now! But my question is…This is not the primary. You don’t get to pick a better Republican. In most cases your choice is between a Democrat and a turn-coat Republican. That’s not much of a choice. We have to do a better job in the primary elections to get rid of the turn-coats. We need to have longer memories.

  29. Hey, Dan Tyree! It’s ME…got your ‘6’, good buddy! And M, zee, scooch, steely mags, potty mouth! Let’s see…who was I before?! PammyJayKay!…among others! Seems our Diane and DrJD labcoat are on VACAY! Replaced HERE with a one Laura Brooks MORON! Catch you on the FLIP…!

  30. I agree Cpt. Lisa Murkowski has had the support of Republicans who passed a bill to open ANWR to drilling. This was a sought after result for decades. Lisa was appointed by her father, Frank, who was immersed in scandal and Frank’s attorney was disbarred. Alaska is a conservative state and if Lisa votes “no” her next election is toast. I am presuming she will never run again. Gary (Univ Alaska Fairbanks, civil engineering class of 1964)

  31. This is stupid. If you are a Republican you vote party unless there is proof of wrong doing. Which Flake and others wanted to see what FBI report had to say.
    Report said nothing wrong. It’s time for you people to step up and do the right thing. You have drug this man and his family through the mud long enough.

  32. Put your lips in reverse, Laura Brooks, and tuck your teeth in! Raymond never SAID that Collins is on the Judiciary Committee…but RATHER…REMOVE her from ALL committees (on which she may sit)! Collins is now voting with the FULL Senate, you MORON!

  33. I believe they have., Lorlyn. Also the Dems think that the voting public is too stupid to know what the Dems have been doing. Good grief people, don’t forget who votes no on Judge Kavanaugh”s nomination. You, Surely, should not want them “governing” our country – unless, of course you think Sociaism/Communism is good. If you do, you really need help.

  34. \It’s a shame that the dems and The RINOS forget that all this supposedly happen 36yrs ago! I wonder what kind of history could be found out about the things those sitting in judgement of Judge Kavanaugh have done. Is there anyway way to investigate as to see their dark side of their lives? We might find that some of those people should not be representing the people of this country. Christ said “LET HIM THAT IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE!” Remember also, FOR ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OG GOD

  35. Lisa is channeling FORMER Gov. Sarah Palin FORMER running mate of now deceased RINO John McCain! Kissin’ too many ESKIMO tribesmen…


  37. We, the voting citizens are closely watching the behavior of the Senate during the crucial supreme court confirmation period. If this man is not confirmed, you will hear our angry voices loud and clear during mud term elections. Which trumps all the violence and bullying in the streets we are witnessing recently.

  38. Whatever happened to a person “Innocent” until proven Guilty? Not only has there been NO corroborating evidence that the Judge is guilty of something that happened 35 yrs ago, but has had now SEVEN FBI Investigations saying he has done Nothing wrong!! AND the 7th investigation was done (after) these DemoRATS asked for another one!! What is wrong with these people; have they ALL gone Nuts!!!!

  39. CONFIRM……Judge Kavanaugh.
    IMHO, Senator Collins should vote to confirm because if she does not…the chance of her being re-elected, or receive any GOP Funding/Support, will fall to…….ZERO.

  40. There was no “orchestrated smear campaign” on the part of the Democrats. They were trying to get the bottom of a very serious allegation. While our Stable Genius in Chief first called Dr. Ford’s testimony “compelling”, he was getting no traction. So he went on to smear her with his immature mockery- just when you think the Stable Genius in Chief couldn’t possibly get any lower. Evidently he didn’t want to disappoint his fan club.

  41. If Collins votes no she is finished in the Senate, If the Republicans need to remover her from all committees, and she needs to be denied any and all help from the Republican party.

  42. yes he should be. enough of these games. what is shocking to me is, the democrats and the republicans know this man is innocent of all accusations and it should be a clear victory for this judge. but these people don’t really care about America or Americans. they don’t respect the rule of law any more and this is why there needs to be term limits.

  43. The Democrat Party has evolved into a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve. They should be brought up on charges!

  44. My sister, an M.D., may have lived in Alaska for the last 10+years to the present giving much needed health care and raised her family there, but when she retires she and her husband will return to his home state of West Virginia.
    She loves the wilderness but not the politics.

  45. I vote for Judge Kavanaugh. Dr Ford did not prove any evidence. I feel that the Judge is a good family man. I still believe this was done to smear his good name.

  46. but from what i heard that kavanaugh was saying on an issue that hawaiians are not qualified as something as indigenous people because they are polynesian and alaskans are something else but it was battle between kavanaugh alaska and hawaii but it was funny

  47. Yes he should be confirmed! I cannot believe something from 37 yrs. ago can cause this much disruption. Our elected officials are such a disappointment. Not all…but most.

  48. I agree….

    Now I would only wish that those who lied about .kavansugh…end up in jail

    This is not a joke situation….this was an allegation to ruin an honorable man

    Lies and defamation of character should be grounds for prosecution…and that also means the Dems. who conspired to kill off this nominee by disgusting false claims

  49. We knew Susan Collins father & I’m sure he is turning over in his grave the way she votes. He was a very Conservative Republican who owned a business in northern Maine. Susan went thru school in Caribou, Maine & has been a bit of a rebel all her life. She also is retiring at the end of her term. Good riddance to the RHINO !!!!

  50. Hopefully Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed forthwith! We need this good man on the Supreme Court! Captain Jim Green, US Veteran

  51. If she votes No,then Vote Her Out of Office and put on new ones that will vote with our President same for all the GOP’ers, they’re either GOP or their O U T.

  52. In my book, the senator from Alaska is not a Republican. Then why is she carrying the GOP affiliation? Why? Because her state is red?

    I have had with the RINO representatives.

    Dr. Ford has no witnesses. She named her witnesses, but they all rejected her claims. Also she is a master at polygraph tests. How is that? She is a … clinical … psychologist. That’s her field work. Duh.

    Murkowski barely won Alaska. Time to expose her.


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