Kavanaugh’s latest accuser has one MAJOR problem

Democrats believe they smell blood in the water.

They’re convinced the smear campaign against Kavanaugh is working.

But Kavanaugh’s latest accuser made a huge mistake.

Kavanaugh’s latest accuser has a credibility problem.

The third woman to make bizarre allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh hired Stormy Daniels’ sleazy attorney, Michael Avenatti.

Avenatti’s an odd choice for representation given his past clients and reputation.

Generally, credible people wouldn’t hire self-promoting, creepy porn lawyers with 2020 presidential ambitions as their attorneys.

President Trump slammed Avenatti on Twitter after Avenatti released a “sworn declaration” from his client making allegations, once again with no proof, against Kavanaugh.

The Daily Caller reports that Kavanaugh vehemently denied the latest accusations.

“This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone. I don’t know who this is and this never happened,” Kavanaugh said.

In a document sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning, Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick claims she attended parties where she saw Kavanaugh try to get girls drunk and disoriented so that they could be “gang” raped.

Kavanaugh will testify before the committee Thursday about allegations made against him by Swetnick, Deborah Ramirez and Dr. Christine Ford. He will testify, “There has been a frenzy to come up with something — anything, no matter how far-fetched or odious — that will block a vote on my nomination. These are last minute smears, pure and simple.”

“The truth is that I have never sexually assaulted anyone — not in high school, not in college, not ever.”

While Kavanaugh will definitely testify Thursday to try and wipe the record clean from the Democrats’ smear campaign against him, it’s still not clear if Christine Ford will testify.

What are your thoughts about the latest allegations?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Glad now Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed which supports the concepts of innocent until proven guilty & due process! Interesting thing is the Dems’ supportor, Islamophile feminist Linda Sarsour was against Kavanaugh’s nomination too but for any woman’s testimony to have merit in Islamic justice requires 4 male witnesses & Kavanaugh’s accusers had none so he should have been confirmed even under Linda Sarsour’s own rules or Sharia which the Dems were willing to selectively ignore for their own self-interest along with due process and presumed innocence in lieu of proven guilt!

  2. I wonder who is paying the lawyer. Ford did not make the money to afford his fee. Who ever is was wasted the money.

  3. This whol thing has turned into a horse and pony show. Why would any citizen want to go through the mess that the demos have created by their obstruction? Judge Kavanaugh, if you were a Demo, you would have not heard from the accusers, or they would have been silenced like the Clinton accusers or kept quiet like the Feinstein driver/spy. God Bless America and MAGA. RVN 68-69

  4. I read that this happened at all the parties she went to. She must like being raped and beaten. Why would she keep going to these parties if any of this happened at them. SADIST. Maybe this happened to Ford, but not by Kavanaugh and somewhere else. I truley believe that Kavanaugh DID NOT do this.

  5. How do you find evidence related to a supposed assault from 36 years ago? Did she save her dress? There are no witnesses that are willing to back up her claim. No police report filed. She doesn’t recall where, when who was at the party. NOT A SINGLE DETAIL. I was molested ATM a very young age, I KNEW who it was, where we were, where it happened. I was four, She was fifteen and at not one but 10 parties serving a minor alcohol

  6. I have been acquainted with many highly educated idiots. They couldn’t find their way out of an open ended paper bag if you gave them a map.

  7. Avenatti is a bottom feeder so we need someone to get him out of this. Dr. Ford has no proof or documents to prove her case. I don’t think she will show up for Thursdays hearing. I just wish the FBI would stop and let this all calm down.There is no evidence to find on Dr. Kavanaugh and we need this all behind us.

  8. Any one with half a brain can see through this load of CRAP.
    Use common every day thinking,this only took place in Dr. Fords mind.


  10. Laura, when you say things like that you are insulting the entire state of NY. All NYers born and raised in NYC boroughs, Long Island, etc. talk like Trump. Trump has spent most of his life working around blue-collar workers, an ethic his father taught him. You need to look up the official stats on the economy. He does know what he is doing.

  11. Laura, when you say things like that you are insulting the entire state of NY. All NYers born and raised in NYC boroughs, Long Island, etc. talk like Trump. Trump has spent most of his life working around blue-collar workers, an ethic his father taught him. You need to look up the official stats on the economy. He does know what he is doing.

  12. Just shows you know little about your president:
    Donald Trump’s IQ 156,
    Barack Obama’s IQ 102,
    Hillary’s IQ 100 Proof
    Donald Trump scored in the 99.9 percentile on his IQ test, his score a 156, technically speaking that classifies him as a genius. Leonardo Devinci had an IQ of 220 where Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160, so Donald Trump is almost as smart as Einstein was. Barack Obama on the other hand is bordering on being classified as mentally-challenged with a score of only 102. To put this in a better perspective, some third graders have a higher IQ than Obama has. In fact Obama has the lowest IQ of any president to date. So who would you rather have at the helm of your government? Trump, Obama or a drunken Hillary?

  13. It was Diane Feinstein and the democrats who prevented an FBI investigation. Did you forget how long they held the evidence when they could have asked for an FBI investigation? Are you unaware that the former VP of the US is on record as stating that it doesn’t matter if the FBI investigates as they will not make any conclusions. Why not ask for the two men to come and testify who claim they are responsible for this wrong act instead of pushing for an FBI investigation that may prove little, if anything? Get your facts straight first before speaking. It helps prevent the ongoing insanity in this matter.




  17. WOW Sir! You said it all in your statement! So many of our government officials are thumbing their noses up at our laws, and it’s my opinion that doing so is to commit treason, and at the very least, they need to be impeached, and then charged with treason, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison!!!

  18. This man had no time for drunk he made something of him self. But on the other hand the whore has made nothing worth a dime. The democrats are organized Crime when did you have 200 people doing and saying the same dam thing. They are nothing but domestic enemy of the united states and should be arrested and charged with obstruction of the Federal Government and removed from office pending out come of trial. And when done you need to attack the scum being paid for this whore service

  19. Everyone that doesn’t think that this should go through do process..I hope to God you or any of your Female Loved ones Ever have to go through a Sexual Assault…Put yourselves in the predicament a Victim of Sexual Abuse is usually Threatened or belittled to Not to Report

  20. Randall Hart….Your comment including the word “Fox” You just lost ALL Credibility…Sinclair Broadcasting is Licensed for Entertainment Purposes Only…You’re a Joke!

  21. Obviously the truth hurts Laura. I would have replied to her post but there was no reply arrow.
    If not her, who the hell was supposed to protect her children?


  23. If I were a lawyer with litigation expierence I would represent the judge pro bono. Dr. Ford is a liar and is lower than trailer park trash. Sure she’s educated, but has no sense of right and wrong.

  24. M it does not matter whom the nominee is. The commies will pull out all stops to derail. I’m watching the dog and pony show. As I predicted, she’s whining and slinging snot. Someone with her educational background would have studied drama. Go figure.

  25. I hear tell a bus load of women that Kavanaugh molester , raped, groped!! are pulling up to the curb!!!….. Keep an look see for them!!!

  26. John Ballinger You are sooo correct!! If ALL, majority and minority members were placed under oath and asked if they had EVER inappropriately touched a woman, with or without her consent, if they had as teenagers EVER behaved inappropriately with a girl at a party, supervised or not. How many could truthfully, under oath say NEVER??? ZIP, 0, NOT ONE!!! ok, maybe one, but not more.

  27. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! The whole scenario is such a circus orchestrated by Liberalassacrates to try and stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation and therefore stop the President’s work draining the swamp! They know with Kavanaugh on board warrants, subpoenas, trials, and prison time loom in the futures of many! They are afraid, very afraid because Our President doesn’t give up, doesn’t give in and won’t stop till the swamp is drained!!!

  28. Apparently Ford had such a great time in the 1980’s that she doesn’t remember where it happened, when it happened, how she got there, how she left, or who else was there, and we are supposed to believe that it happened and she knows who groped her??? Furthermore if awkward teen groping was against the law we’d all have records.#metoo, MY ACHING WRINKLED ASS!!! MAGA, OR ELSE.

  29. Dan T., EVERYONE READ THIS PLEASE! This is going to be a message for Dr.J.D./Dian-a-sor(Diane). This Democrat BS is from the same old playbook written especially for you by your commie leader from days gone by. Your motto, win at all cost! You are talking nonstop about the Republicans already having their minds made up before Christine Ford testifies. Of course, sane people know she needs to have her story corroborated and all the witnesses she has named deny it happened, including a lifelong friend of Ford’s. It has also leaked two men have come forward stating they say it was them Ford was talking about, they did that. They have been talked to by the committee twice, so that is interesting.
    But, let’s go back to the day DJT announced who the nominee would be. Has everyone forgotten about the protestors waiting outside with their signs that the name slot was blank and he/she gender to be marked after they had the name so they could fill in the blanks and carry on with the protest? Democrats were NEVER going to vote to approve whomever was nominated and Dem committee members said that! During the hearing they tried everything they could to stop Judge Kavanaugh, after the hearing was closed they pulled these little rabbits out of their hat of dirty tricks. Dems are willing to accept what Ford says without question, yet her students say she is a weirdo and has told them she had sex with more than 100 guys during high school. What kind of crazy teacher tells students that kind of stuff?
    People pity Anita Hill due to the Judge Clarence Thomas hearing but her appearance made her a very wealthy woman. Some day we will find out that these women were paid mega bucks to come forward at this time also. Dems remember, what goes around, comes around!

  30. You have it backwards. The dems have consistently said they wouldn’t vote for “any” Trump nominee, even before they knew a name.

  31. None of these lying pawns for the democrats will testify under oath. Eventualot they’ll be prosecuted for perjury.Then Brett Kavanaugh can sue all these idiots for libel.

  32. Swetnik does not understand the difference between being gang raped and pulling a train, the latter being voluntary. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  33. Doc these lying sluts are paid to lie. Suppose some women said you grabbed their poon tangs and you know you didn’t. Whom should we believe? Suppose your son was subject to political liars. What goes around comes around. I dare some lying c–t to trash my life. Them “women” were probably too drunk to know whom copped a feel. The judge should sue the hell out of all of them including the commiecrat party.

  34. I was sexually assaulted and came forward immediately. This is just the lowest of lows when it comes to the democratic party. They will stoop to anything to stop Trump. Brett would make an awesome fair and honest judge. Im behind him and do not believe for one second these women are telling the truth. Of it did happen it wasnt with him. Just seems soooo odd they would come out at the last minute. Ive been thete. If i were to keep it a secret i would have gone to my grave with it. Sick of politics. Let Pres Trump do what he needs to do to get this country back on its feet again.

  35. Oh Dan, always with the joking! Were the doors closed and Republicans refusing membership before? This hearing is not going to bring recruits, in the way it was handled, it is making women and others really angry and the unfairness to the accusers and how these old white male Republicans are not even listening to accusers before having announced they have made up their minds. I have continually told you and others before, you have NO idea about modern females – – – they are TIRED of being treated badly by men — by jerks at work, by Bill Cosby and Weinstein types, by people that grab them by private parts and brag how they get away with it.

  36. Dr. Ford will be and the first three victims have all expressed a willingness, if not a desire for an FBI investigation – – but Trump and Grassley have prohibited it. Remember, it is illegal to lie to a FBI agent. Only ONE accuser is allowed to testify, and Grassley and other Repubs want to have a vote tomorrow, not giving the other three even a CHANCE to be heard. This is not an investigation, it is a kangaroo, sham of a hearing where Republicans announced that their minds are made up before even listening to the evidence.

  37. It does not make any difference whether these ladies are under oath or not. Remember Hilary, Loreta Lynch, Susan Rice, etc.? The Democrats are doing whatever they think is necessary to stop another conservative justice from being appointed to the supreme court. This is nothing more than an outright assault on Justice Kavanaugh. Not only that, but now they have attacked Ted Cruz and his wife having dinner. Where will this end? Why won’t someone charge these people with something and stop their interfering with people’s daily lives?

  38. Have any of these “victim’s” been under oath yet? I don’t think they have eve made a formal complaint to any law enforcement agency. Today is supposed to be the day that at least one of them testifies. So far, none of them is exposed to perjury or even making a false report to the police. Instead they file their complaints with the media and their low life attorney none of which are under oath. If no “victim” goes under oath today it will be a clear indication that this whole thing is nothing more than a stall by the democrats to defeat Kavanaugh’s appointment. The fault lies with the republicans who are so concerned with proving how “sensitive” they are that once again they are being played for fools by the lying scumbag democrats. OK republicans, line up and bend over, here come the democrats!

  39. I’ve been there with lies even added to ex-wife’s statement by the woman that took her statement. Ex jumped up in court and yelled, “I never said that”. To which the DA said, “Well you signed the statement”! So you can’t even trust the police! I call lawyers “LIARS”, except for a few that I know. Most say anything to make a buck. Besides, with Mr. Soros funding over 2,300 liberal groups, there are lots of people with no job skills that will do most anything for money. Like Hillary, Comey, Kasich, etc.

  40. If you really think this good man has one shred of guilt you’re more delusional than that scum bag lawyer Avantee or whatever his name is. This is smear. Pure and simple

  41. Not if you ask for a paper ballot. That have tho Vince you one, and a paper ballot can’t be hacked. Got to go old school to get around voter fraud.

  42. Everybody that votes on this Supreme Court nomination, for or against should take a lie detector test and have their back ground checked going back at least 50 years. I really hate being so judgmental but probably what would happen most likely every demoncrap and at least a hand full of the republicans would disappear and skip town overnight not even looking back. People not knowing what is happening would think the swamp was being drained. After all the lie detector test and back ground test were complete what would be the odds of coming up with at least one perfect human being? Folks politics has become a sorry, sorry rotten game. I’m going to have to stop writing about this. The stench from the swamp ( just writing about it ) is becoming so strong i’m going to have to head out doors and have the house fumigated.

  43. My condolences for what happened to your children. It is not a wonder that you 7/8 year old could not remember. However I was sexually assaulted in my early teens and I remember every single detail. What Ms Ford described was not a sexual assault. At most it was an attempted assault. And there are too many holes in ALL of the STORIES that are being made against Judge Kavanaugh for them to be taken seriously. They are nothing but stall tactics. And the reason I know is that the first one was mild and didn’t really work, so the next was a little more and then a little more and then a little more. But all are not really provable or unprovable. Witnesses say they didn’t happen. Hundreds of women say they will vouch for Judge Kavanaugh. But 4 Democratic activists who have said they will do anything to prevent him from being appointed tell wild unprovable stories with few facts and fewer witnesses. And you think the FBI should investigate 30+year old stories that don’t have a time or place to them? No, let’s see if Ms Ford shows up at the hearing. Then we will see what she says and what he says.

  44. I am sick of the feminazis insisting that all women should be “believed” just because they cry “rape”. I know for a fact that SOME woman lie, more than you would think, to get custody of their kids, to get revenge on the guy that broke their heart, for money, etc. I know, and have counselled men who lost everything when their lying wives claim they sexually abuse the kids, just so they can get full custody. The burden of proof is with the accuser, and ALL men,and women, are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt!

  45. The problem with that is that we would BECOME them, and in the end they would win. We MUST use only Constitutional AND HONEST ways to win — which does NOT mean we need to be “push-overs”. Kavanaugh is doing it correctly, he refuses to lie or cheat but will NOT give up to the deceivers. They thought that they could so disturb him that he would run, but the quiet person who refuses to go the immoral way is often FAR stronger than the cheating bully can conceive.

  46. Like the one Ford took, only asked if she believed her story? And with her TRAINED to beat a polygraph anyway? BESIDES, the burden of proof lies on the accuser, and NOTHING that she has said has been verified, all of her “witnesses” stated that they never saw the situation that she described, tat it did not happen. So she is NOTHING, just a liar.

  47. Congress ALREADY has what — about 17% approval rating of the public? Think it can get any LOWER? They NEED to understand that to be a ruler they NEED THE AGREEMENT OF THOSE RULED, and they DON’T HAVE THAT! DC is a faux “government” ANYWAY, we NEED to throw out every career politician that is NOT a representative of OURS. We have LONG SINCE lost our belief in the crooks, time to throw them all out.

  48. ANYone who puts ANY credibility on the lies of ANY of these ‘crat slagheaps OR their crooked, corrupt ‘attorneys’…does not deserve to have such an honorable man as Judge Kavanaugh protecting them on the Supreme Court…you have to be pretty gullible…nay, STUPID…to fall for this ‘crat scam once again…

  49. Thought……IMO, Avenatti hired her instead of the other way around. And she’s dumb enough to get involved with the smear campaign. Smells like another Soros promotion.

  50. Here’s a thought.. If Trump is Putin’s puppet then why the hell hasn’t he extradited Soros to Russia to the puppet master? Maybe they haven’t colluded about that yet!


  52. Innocent until Proven Guilty MUST Prevail…!!!!
    In today’s P.C. Environment ..the Mere Accusation Makes You Guilty…!!!

  53. That is very simple! They have never existed! Also, I have it on the best authority that Avanitti has been having sex with Stormy Danials and now has the clap and crabs!

  54. I said in a post on sat. that another one would pop up and they will just keep doing it. So the republicans need to just vote myself and all my independent friends support a yes vote for Kavanaugh. Get it done!

  55. gator:
    They won’t check it out because too much time has gone by for an investigation.
    Thee is only enough time left for a smear.

  56. You’re right! THankfully, never raped, but was in a similar situation as the one Ford CLAIMS she was in, except I was NOT drunk (or even drinking) and I remember every detail before, during, after, where/when/who!

  57. It’s all political plain and simple, and the Democrats don’t care who gets hurt in the process! Pelosi has sunk about as low as she can go and should have to pay for her actions! Republicans better vote and put a stop to this now by voting Kavanaugh in or they will pay big time in November!

  58. People if you can not see the slime that is coming out from under the rocks , and being push along by the democrats , then do your country a favor , don’t vote , because you need to reeducate your self , when you are being openly coned and can not see it , you truly need help , ask your self this question , why have none of these women in all the years never file any charges when they say they knew the persons name .

  59. Wow….Marshmil1789…You must have Dementia…You don’t recall the uproar from the Republicans with Bill Clinton and Monica..If you can’t remember, maybe you’re too old to Comment..

  60. The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots! Bigots are unfit to serve! They should be brought up on charges!

  61. Currently, I’m listening to Hannity and Levin just finished his segment. They are both correct but I am wondering why they haven’t picked up on one truth–IF the latest gal was telling the truth, wouldn’t that make her a sexual predator? SHE was in college going to a high school sex party. She claims she was 19 and these guys were a couple years younger. It sounds like the local police district needs to check that one out.

  62. Dianne……Both my kids were Molested at the ages of 7-8 (my son) and 2-3 my Daughter by my now ex-stepdaughter…My son 6 months later couldn’t remember the date and time that he was Molested..My Daughter has had it hard because she was too young to testify and seeing How the Justice System was back in 1990…If you were Molested and Raped as you claim…I hope to Christ you got Justice..My kids didn’t…Kavanaugh needs to be Investigated by the FBI For even 1 Claim of Sexual Misconduct..Even though there are now 4 Claims Against him

  63. Thank you Dianne. My sentiments exactly. Seems as if her memory wasn’t too sharp at 15. We all know as a teenager when your body and emotions are not fully developed girls do fantasize, daydream and wish upon a star. Like you said, you do not forget details of rape unless you are under 5 years old.

  64. I was a High School Teacher for 30 years, this kind of behavior from students would not have kept sectit and would have been investagated. There would have been a some type of recorded. House party someone provided the house,someone provided the achol, the adults who allowed these parties to take place are responsible for the actions of minors. These women are making invisible accusations. As for the third woman if this was going on at all of these parties, whydidshe continue to attend these parties. Did she want to be gang trained? Sounds fishy to me.

  65. It is said that Trump has left the door open to replace Kavanaugh. Better hope not because he will lose the majority. And as long as the republicans are not backing the President I will not donate any more to the cause. They need to vote Kavanaugh into office and stop making the Dems think they have got control of the house.


  67. Take a vote on Kavanaugh already! Spineless GOP at work here! If it were the Demoncrats they would of told the GOP that elections have consequences! So f**k off GOP girly men! Freaking Deep State RINOs!!!!

  68. It is just the Democrats pulling out all the blocks to delay the confirmation of Kavanaugh. Avanatti has the credibility of a hyena

  69. From what I’ve read from her students this Dr Ford was one totally weird whacko .slept with so many men it’s no wonder she needs therapy. Dozens upon dozens possibly hundreds ! She was always drunk with her legs spread. One big slut ! No wonder everything is a fog .

  70. To believe any Liberal Democrat today, is to throw America to the Wolf’s.
    I haven’t seen one, worth the Ground they walk on.

  71. I completely agree. The Democrats need to loose big in November as a statement against how they conduct the business of our country and way they are trying to write their own laws to fit their agenda.

  72. I totally agree with you. I am old enough to remember when a person was innocent until proven guilty in this country. That apparently isn’t the case anymore. That is a shame.

  73. The proof Randy is that no hoopla was made by Democrats when Ted Kennedy was involved as the driver of a car that sank in water at Martha’s Vinyard killing a lady he was dating at the time. He left the scene. Nor was there any hoopla complaining when Bill Clinton was discovered to have had an encounter in the White House with a female intern. And why didn’t we see and hear a lot of complaints against Rahm Emanuel for internet nudity photos he posted during the Obama administration? Hmmm? The three in question were/are known Democrats. Dianne Feinstein and others don’t dare produce questions about behavior of fellow leftists regardless of the morality/legality in question.

  74. I feel that this entire ruse is only an evil creation from the dumbocrats to try to smear Judge Kavenaugh and get him to drop out of consideration for the SCOTUS. They know that they cannot defeat him in a legitimate up and down vote. He seems to be a very qualified jurist who loves his family and his country. I hope the testimonies that come out tomorrow will bring this nightmare to an end.

  75. agree from a woman, no way I would have gone back, seriously??? These liberal Senators probably would, for me voting red in Nov. to hopefully stop these leftist & offset their fraud @ the polls.

  76. Kavanaugh’s accuser took no “lie detector test”. Like her flimsy story, she offers no evidence for it.

    Die soon, libtard.

  77. I bet he would, but as you and he both know, they are not allowed as evidence in court, and the reasons are……….. I think you know that too.

  78. I completely agree with your comments. It’s amazing that Clinton’s accuses from the past were ignored and treated just the opposite by Feinstein when they brought their accusations up against him. Now she wants these on opposite political sides to be seen and heard, something that she was totally against in the past against her political party. It’s not about women to her, it’s about politics and that sucks.

  79. Allowing these individuals to spread the manure they have spewed by continuing to discuss it only keeps the lies alive. Give. The fact they have no proof – none told their parents or the police or their closest friend. When the Dr gave witness names everyone said it wasn’t true including one of her best friends. The last one to come out using the sleeve bucket attorney and after supposedly in addvance of the party she says she was gang raped – just with the knowledge she supposedly saw continued to attend the same parties with the same people observing the same evolution of gang rape over and over again. They must think we are all inept and bordering on being morons.

  80. Yep, Nancy.

    I just talked to a liberal that the first two accusers are still vague over their incidents such as the date and location. Told him that in the eye of law, they have to have the evidence to prove.

    He said it doesn’t matter …

    Whoa, that’s how the liberals think. It doesn’t matter. What happened to the concept of due process? This is bad. Clearly they know that it is wrong to ignore the need of evidence. Also, these accusers waited for more than 30 years to report it.

    Tomorrow on Thursday, Dr. Ford must testify. I’m not sure about Deborah Ramirez. She should be booked for her testimony on the same day with Ford. About the third accuser, I haven’t read about her but she sure looked … happy. ????

    Senator Flake once said that he would vote in favor of Kavanaugh if the first accuser failed to convince the judiciary committee, but I’ll say he is full of it. He must have known that the extension request would ultimately bring more accusers to join the drama.

    Thursday, come quickly and be over with it.

  81. Perhaps Judge Kavanaugh would consent to a simple Lie Detector Test like one of his accusers took? I think not!

  82. She even stated being raped but kept going to them for another year. Doesn’t sound like rape but active participant. But judge denies knowing her.

  83. Diane, you are the moron! I’m a white woman!
    I knew whoever was nominated would have this happen!
    They are getting money from Soros to do this! You won’t like what America will become if these corrupt commies get their way.
    Your a sniveling millennial brain washed by your communist professors. Ocassio Cortez is just as stupid!

  84. THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE !.. Just the accusation alone, has created a divisive alignment amongst Congress and the Public. Did he or Didn’t he..WILL REMAIN, on peoples minds, regardless of the outcome. Kavanaugh has been SET UP..and the tools being used against him, by the Liberal LEFT Dumbocrats. are THE LIES being thrown out and onto the public domain, for the Media Jackals to wallow in and chase, and for the gullible public to swallow and feast on, like vultures on carrion. What an all time Low, Washington, D.C. has succumbed to. We have evolved to a state where JUST AN ACCUSATION, of ‘alleged’ criminal activity, some 35yrs ago, in this case…is enough to RUIN ANYONE, in public office or otherwise. Feinstein should be brought up before the Congress and disciplined severely for your gross misconduct and Conduct unbecoming of a Senator and she should also be forced to resign her seat. Others too … Pelosi, Watters, and others should be censured and fined. With No Apologies.

  85. Evidently your education is lacking – you can’t even express yourself with honest vocabulary. You should be proud of the way you talk. It just reflects your morals

  86. What I see is that the Congress and Senate which make and control the rule of laws are not one of their own and Constitutional law .You have to be proven guily . That’s by our laws and Gods laws . If they won’t defend the laws created by them and the Constitution ( Republican or Democrat ) then they all need to be replaced .

  87. How bout no truth there Di…
    1/2 Truth…pfft…
    Why don’t you go play with your own kind on some lefty website. You have nothing of sensible value to offer here.

  88. WHY keep attending such “parties” if you have to be AFRAID that it could happen to you…”gang RAPE”…..Yeah, right I believe this happened too…..NOT….!!!! UNLESS you WANT it to happen to you…..!!!! ALL just MORE “NON-sense”……….!!!!

  89. My question: Why now after 36 years If the female witnessed this why ware until now I can’t see any of this as credible Surely if this was an ongoing party to be able to rape women Why bring it up 36 years later after more than one woman was supposedly assaulted I don’t see this as anything other than POLITICALLY motivated I vote the Judge Not Guilty

  90. We can only hope so… I pray for Kavanaugh, that the Vote for SCOTUS is a THUMBS UP..and he gets on the bench. America will be served well by his confirmation.

  91. Notice they supposedly went to the same parties but don’t know each other – they have lots in common they can only remember Judge Kavenaughs name. The last one is the prize winner her story consists of what most young ladies would tell their folks or the police – but no this one just continued to attend the same type of party over and over again. Maybe she just wanted to get back in line. Anyone that can’t see this is an ochestrated set up funded by the devil and his minions isn’t interested in the truth. Get on with it vote tomorrow and vote him in Friday. Allowing him to be seated for the next session of the Spreme Court. Wonder what these sick Deocrates will come up with when Ginsburg leaves.

  92. I grew up in their neighborhood and would have been 27 in 1982. If there had been a gang rape by private school kids someone would have said something and it would have been front page news. 10 years before a girl I knew was raped at a concert in Ft Reno park and she tried to keep it quiet, it happened on Saturday night and by Sunday it was page one in the metro news and we all knew about it at school. She wasn’t looked down on she received support from everyone.

  93. what I don’t understand is why we don’t pull the same evil tactics on the dems but the problem with that is that no matter what we can think of to try would probably be true in the end.

  94. Dan – You’ve outdone yourself. Congratulations, you’re a fu*king moron. (But so are ALL the old white men on this right wing website)

  95. Again, Avenatti with a with a group of senators that are all lawyers fail to admit the FBI does not investigate non federal crimes. If they requested local law enforcement to do an investigation, if accepted on the uncorroborated evidence it would still go no where.

  96. They did not exist in Kavanaugh’s life.
    Remember when they were talking about
    Mueller’s investigation. They are able to compose
    their statements. It is unfortunate that composing
    is aceptable.

  97. If they would answer that question, it would shed light on FBI “investigations” all the way back to the JFK asassination.

  98. Three garbage accusations, mthat must be ignored. have the Confirmation vote at the Judicial Committeee followed immediately by a up or down vote in the whole DSenate. If that can be accomplished on FridayGreat. If not, keep the Sennate in session over Friday night into Saturday until voting has been accomplished and Kavanaugh confirmed as
    SCOTUS Associate Justice!

  99. No need for payment. it is fun pestering a bunch of uninformed morons that post on this propaganda farce news site.

  100. These people are the ones running our county and city governments by a wide margin. It’s no wonder our cities and schools are in such sorry shape; the Democrats are in charge of them!

  101. Remember this one day you will be judged by the ultimate judge and when you are handed His sentance it is for eternity without parole. You can’t possibly believe or you wouldn’t bring accusations against a person and his family without proof. You lowlifes threatening his wife and two young daughters need to come out in the open and be dealt with by fathers who would get pleasure out of teaching you there are consequences to your vile filthy satonic life. What trash you are. Here is another revelation that you can laugh at but one day you will find out he’ll is a real place.personally I believe the Dr. will find a reason not to face a seasoned prosecuted who’s life work is dealing with this type of issue.

  102. Diane, what color Kool-aid are you drinking? Do you not listen to the news – other than the lying CNN, MSNBC, NBC?? I honestly pity people like you who are so far out of the norm – no uninformed – that you show your ignorance each and every time you open your mouth. Wake up!

  103. What they are smelling is their own blood. They forgot who they are dealing with. Kavanaugh is a meticulous record keeper. He saves everything. Including his calendars from that time period which shows him out of town during this period of time. Can they claim OOPs.

  104. No need to worry the Democrats have simply slit their own throat the country is sick of this kind of crap smearing a judge with an impeccable reputation nobody believes any of this crap. Senator Dianne Feinstein should be referred to the Senate ethics committee. She’s guilty of slander and defamation dereliction of Duty violation of her oath as a senator. Throw these Democrats out of office let them learn the hard way. They think they’re invulnerable they are wrong. I can’t wait for the midterm elections. America keep making America great again throw the bums out.

  105. John,
    You are spot on! It all comes down to the demorats desire to retain their “right” to kill infants in the womb!

  106. Liberals keeps proving over and over and over again that they are a band of hypocrites, thugs, liars, and fascists who will sink to ever lower depths in order to curb liberty and freedom in the U.S.


  108. Monkey I agree these tramps are a waste of our time and that would be ambulance chaser is nothing but a loser

  109. Yes Bruno, I fully believe you are right, and I would really like to see Judge Kavanaugh sue each and every one of them for slander and character defamation. I don’t think he, as a great lawyer and judge, would have any trouble winning a suit against all of them and, particularly, the Democratic Party. He could win enough to put all of the women in the poor house and probably in jail, and absolutely break the Democratic Party into non-existence.

  110. We are a nation without a soul if Kavanaugh is crucified by this mob of deviant’s! We are proving out one of Ronald Reagan’s most pungent speeches. Instead of being one nation under God we will be a nation gone under!

  111. Now the 3rd accuser states that she was a victim of gang rape. Never reported it. She continued to go to a number of these alleged parties and witessed these same gang rapes happen to other females and said or reported nothing. So if we are to believe that Kavanaugh is guilty of rape……what is her culpability and is she infact guilty of a crime? She could have reported her assault which would have ended the other assaults. She has knowledge along with a first hand experience. Now having experienced an assault what compelled her to keep attending these parties????

  112. It is a sad thing that democrats have stooped so low to accuse an innocent man and go after his wife and children. How could any sane person want a group like this in charge of our government. They are evil demons.

  113. There is only one question I have. It is said that the FBI conducted 6 investigations into Judge Kavanaugh during his Government service. How did they not find these people during there investigation?

  114. That is EXACXTLY right…Plus The whole Democratic party is crooked as hell. They will lie, cheat and steal to try to hurt the BEST PRESIDENT we have ever had just to pave their way to hell with Obama and Hillary!!!

  115. These women have already lost their reputations……….but, they knew that going into this scam…….Soros, who is paying them millions of dollars to do this, is what they will walk away with………the DummyCrappers, however, will end up with dog poop on their faces……..ha ha ha ha………….No Proof, no win……….liers don’t win. Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

  116. Yep! That’s where he got the money to build that palace he inhabits; you know, the one with the largest carbon footprint in TN.

  117. 100% correct. I believe the DEMWITS believed they could run Judge Kavanaugh away from the process with these horrific allegations. They prob told these “females” they would never have to testify, aka lie under oath. When that did not happen, they realized what was about to go down – THEM!

  118. It is interesting that three accusers all have repressed memories….how is that possible…..Ford, claims she remembered it was Kavanaugh who groped her 35 years or so ago but does not know when or where…only that she remembered it in 2012…and…all of the people she said were there deny it…..The second lady says she remembered Kavanaugh attacking her but told friends she was asking if they remembered it that she was not sure it was Kavanaugh…..and…the last one…claiming he and his friend Judge drugged girls at high school parties and gang raped them…..she graduated when Kavanaugh was a freshman….but… while in college 30 minutes away continued to attend 10 high school parties over the years where she witnessed gang rapes but….said nothing and continued to attend these parties….all this stretches credulity.

  119. Do I see now that the brave Dr. might not appear this week either??? I mean, REALLY?
    Is there no extant rule of law which compels an accusing witness to ‘put up or shut up’
    especially regarding her insistance of guilt, before an august body such as our Senate?
    This really could be a comedy show, with Judge Kavanaugh’s supporters paraded around by
    the nose! Really, guys — IS THIS FOR REAL, OR WHAT??? When does it end, with the accuser dragged in in handcuffs to present her ‘tragic’ case? By Christmas, maybe???
    Have you no power to say, “Show up, or forfeit?” Sen. Grassley, PLEASE!!!!!!! jje

  120. Someone please deal with sleazy porn idiot Avenatti. He’s such a scumbag & he’s so proud of his ignorant self. What a piece of crap this moron is. He is so insignificant but desperate to be relevant. How low this whole group has stooped is beyond human understanding. Now they even have the nerve to make demands and issue admonishings. Oh Lord, please intervene & stop the insanity. Judge Kavanaugh, you hang in there. The liars will be exposed.

  121. I might have once considered the possibility that Justice Bret Kavanaugh may have acted out of character while still in his youth. That said now knowing more about the man, as well knowing full well about the actions & deed of his judicial enemies = Demon- Rats Truth be told this is infact the entire driving force behind all of these false accusations. It is after all a fairly well orcastraded smear campaign.Mind you I said Fairly well orchestrated:as it is far from perfect . Though the evidence is obvious to those whom are capable of honest decerment this circus atmosphere will fail to eliminate the man from proceeding on ward ,He shall be seated on the Supreme court yes the vote to confirm him might very well be close. He might even need the Vice President Mike Pence whom also hold Sway as President of Senate to brace a tie vote..So be it We shall have the Honorable Associate Justice of the US Supreme court.

  122. I suspect the Progressives have already passed the tipping point where even many of their erstwhile supporters now question the sanity of their attacks. Even RGB has spoken negatively about the Democrat actions.

  123. Watching and listening to Avenatti is like watching an episode of “Better Call Saul”… He is a perfect example of a sleazy low-life lawyer, and that idiot is also talking about running for President. Unbelievable !!

  124. It probably has a lot to do with greed – -if we were to check these women’s bank accounts today, those accounts, no doubt, look a whole lot healthier than they did a couple of weeks ago!

  125. She is too old for it to be her time of the month. It is time for her to retire and believe me she and her husband will have so much money compliments of the tax payers to live in great style. She has been bilking the tax payers for years in property scams.

  126. I saw a picture of Soros and Ford together, apparently she makes it her mission to meet and be photographed with these far left elites. I also read Soros paid AL Gore millions to push “Aggressive US Action on Global Warming”… America is under attack by 187 groups funded by Soros. I found so much I wish I hadn’t read some of it. I googled Rothschild… The rest followed. The site had stated the Rothschild’s were worth 500 trillion dollars and owned 80% of the world’s weath. Snopes.com/fact check.

  127. This whole smear campaign is using funds better committed to upholding truth & justice – those qualities America is supposed to be based upon. Come on America, squash this bug!

  128. It is such a shame that these women are agreeing to spread such vicious lies. None of the accusations have been corroborated. The worst thing is they (the Democratic Party) have no regard for how this is affecting Kavanaugh’s two young daughters & wife right now and how it will in the future. #nevervotedemocrate

  129. The IMPORTANT thing is the QUALITY of Kavanaugh NOW!!!! Not what happened/DDN’T HAPPEN 35-38 years ago!!!!

  130. Latest accuser said she went to over 10 party’s and there were gang rapes. Judges lawyer asked how come she kept going back to them and never reported a rape.

  131. You nailed it! Rid the world of Soros and all of this chaos will disappear. The man is an economic terrorist and should be extradited to Russia that has a warrant out for him. They will handle it.

  132. Julie stated that she attended parties several times knowing there were girls being raped, but said nothing, didn’t report it to the police! This kakes her an accomplish! They should investigate her!

  133. I am wondering how much money these women are getting for playing this game knowing that in the end the truth will come out and why is she coming out about this it didn’t bother her for thirty years and I also thought that after fifteen years the case would be dead something stinks about this and if you believe this women then you are a brain dead demorat

  134. Diane, the only ones who are insane are on your side. Like Mad Maxine Waters, Blooming Idiot Blumenthal, and Goofy Gillibrand.

  135. So a judge who wants to stop the murder of babies by abortion is having his character put in question by false accusations from the people who want to murder babies, who are all being true to their depraved character.

  136. This new accuser has a very shady past and needs to be eradicated now. If this was High School, she was way to old to attend from another city and if it were college, that did not happen. They have people in charge of each dorm and would never have happened. These accusers need to be lined up in front of a firing squad. They are truly the slime’s on this earth. Confirm Judge Kavanaugh Now and stop all this smear tactics with the Democrat party. It is criminal that the Democrats are putting Judge Kavanaugh and his family through this. There should be charges brought up against the Democrats and the accusers for trying to ruin a very good person like Judge Kavanaugh. I stand with him 100% CONFIRM NOW.

  137. she is really stupid, to pick a pimp to be her lawyer, or did he go pick her, has she got a drug problem, and needs money to support her drug habit, or in deep debt, because of her drug habit, lets hear more on her, back ground an her past behavior. I,am sure she is a pure as fresh snow. COUGH COUGH, soory I was having and allergy attach, I,am allergic to BULLSCHITT LIES .

  138. I agree. This whole demorat thing is a big farce. They are a bunch of low lifes lying to get their way. I think Kavanaugh should sue them for slander. As far as avanetti is concerned he is a scumbag ambulance chaser who thinks he’s somebody special. He should be disbarred, after he pays in millions in debts from his shady prior deals. What a scum

  139. Trouble with this farce is if the demos get away with accusations against this nominee, it won’t stop there. They will repeat this over and over. Good people will not accept responsible jobs for fear of this wholesale character assassination! Dirty politics at their worst!

  140. Wow !!… never seen so many ambulance chasers on a wild-goose chase like this in my life. Most people who have, at least the intelligent quotient of a knat, knows full well, the deviant mindset and agenda of Feinstein and her fellow cronies, in the Congress, who will say or do anything to Smear a mans good name, in trying to keep him off the bench of the supreme court. What your witnessing is complete character assassination of a Good Man, and a huge burden being hoisted, onto his wife and children to carry, while their Father is being attacked by degenerate Democrats, their lapdogs in the Media, and elsewhere, in the public domain. What a basement Low level, the Democrats and some Republicans have stooped to, and for Americans to be in witness of. What a tragedy.

  141. Diane it’s women like this that throw cold water on any chance democrats have any chance of winning the mid terms and just because someone say this or that happened doesn’t make it true. Judge Kavanaugh will be a scotus judge so suck it up sister and grow a brain libtards. Anything democrats do now is just a lie, they’d sell their sole oh wait they already did!

  142. Ford will not show up because she knows if she lies ahead will be prosecuted and would lose her license and go away for five long years in a federal penitientetry and do all five years.

  143. I agree. Avenatti is really a dirt bag. An arrogant and ignorant little man who has delusions of grandeur. These dirtbags are all the same crude humans who have been total failures in life.

  144. Bulls*it!!! You must not like how much he has accomplished in so short a time but then you probably don’t even know because you because you just listen to the fake news networks like MSNBS or the clown news network. They would never tell you all the good he has done. You are just so ignorant! It’s the truth but you democrats are dimwits and not capable of critical thinking! Sorry but it’s the damn truth. Confirm judge Kavanaugh now! This is a smear campaign that the demenRats are so good at! Pathetic!

  145. President Trump is the first people’s president in your lifetime! He didn’t ramble, verbosity answered every question wstraight forward without studering. Is your hate that strong? Sorry to inform you but President Trump will be re-elected to second term and place a 3rd Justice on the Court, thus protecting our Constitution for a very long time!

  146. President Trump is the first people’s president in your lifetime! He didn’t ramble, verbosity answered every question wstraight forward without studering. Is your hate that strong? Sorry to inform you but President Trump will be re-elected to second term and place a 3rd Justice on the Court, thus protecting our Constitution for a very long time!

  147. The Dems are the “Scum of the Earth.” These women are being paid a large sum of money by SOROS foundation & the DNC to lie and interrupt the nomination. Kavanaugh should file a lawsuit of Defamation and Slander, sue there ass for all the money they got for telling these lies. They have to be punished, God please punish these evil people, especially Avenatti.

  148. I think all these women’s are lying and being paid by the Democrat party!@!@
    I say Kavanaugh is a great man and should be conformed to the highest court. God bless him and his family.
    The FBI should investigate the Democrat party and the people making these threats!!

  149. President Trump is the first people’s president in your lifetime! He didn’t ramble, verbosity answered every question wstraight forward without studering. Is your hate that strong? Sorry to inform you but President Trump will be re-elected to second term and place a 3rd Justice on the Court, thus protecting our Constitution for a very long time!

  150. The heck with Ellison, its time to bring charges against Corry Booker. He has admitted he did it. Boot him out of the Senate on ethics charges.

  151. The dems soro and other billionaires that own a lot of the carrier politicians are funding this BS they know if Trump stays in power he will clean the swamp of all the bought politicians because Trump can’t be bought that’s what scares the hell out of all of them

  152. The people in Hawaii are living the good life and have no worries. They don’t pay attention to our politics and they won’t know enough to vote this Hirono woman out. Senators get six year terms which is preposterous and they could be censored or maybe impeached? Let’s make sure the Dems don’t get the majority in November! Vote, Vote, Vote “R” all the way!!

  153. She grad HS in 1980 Kavanuagh started HS in 1979 Swetnick claims that she “met Judge Kavanaugh and Mr. Judge in 1980 or 1981.” Why did she, an 18- or 19-year-old, start hanging out with Kavanaugh and Judge, who were 15 or 16, depending on the year?

    Now we have her having sex with minors and covering up rapes for 36 yrs I believe these are crimes

  154. “Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty” The proof falls on the accuser, NOT the accused. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything. Senator Schum’er is a Martian, no, he comes from Venus, etc, etc.

  155. You do not have to be genius to figure out a democrat. They are just plain stupid. The real problem with democrats is they breed like rabbits and if they are left unchecked the will overrun the country. Sheep also comes to mind.

  156. A despicable disgusting attempt to derail the appointment . A race to the bottom by the Democrats ! I hope they are wiped out in the forthcoming elections.

  157. My thoughts exactly. What woman would knowingly attend a party with the knowledge of its purpose? They were “getting what they asked for”


  159. Back in high school these women where know as the school sluts, now there changing there stories from school sluts to metoo victims. Sorry sluts, it doesn’t work that easy.

  160. The easiest way & most simple explanation is that Avanatti is full to his ears of BULL$HIT , & has no other way to get the attention his parents never gave him !! He is nothing more than an ambulance chaser !!!

  161. The demorats have lowered themselves into the depths of sleaze so deep on the Kavanaugh issue. They are using tactics straight out of the Saul Alinski playbook. That’s the bible hillary, Obama, maxine and every sleazeball out there prays to. Now they have Avenatti, u can go any lower than that. I am going to vote against every demorat in November. Vote RED!

  162. She or any of the he other women have NO EVIDENCE that is a big problem for the Democrats and their smear campaign this guy is too clean he has a calendar from back in 1982 to back him up these women have nothing but lies! If these allegations were true they would have been reported 36 years ago and there are NO records or witnesses! Sorry Dems gonna have to try to smear your own people like Keith Ellison now there is proof on this guy! 6 women seriously!? He needs brought up on some serious charges!

  163. Oh Di,
    She’s not going to show up because she will be testifying under penalty of perjury. She cannot prove any of her allegations. She has no corroborating evidence or witnesses . This was made up out of whole cloth. Plain pure & simple. Just the demoncrats wet dream. They do not want Kavanaugh seated as SCOTUS, because a lot of those dimms are soon to be under military tribunal for treason against the republic! Why do you think Sen. Grahams questions to Kavanaugh had to do mainly with military tribunals? Better get a grip on something sturdy D/JD, you may need to steady yourselves!
    Also, the letter provided by Feinstein, supposedly written by Ford, reads like a letter written by someone whose English is a 2nd language. It certainly did not come from a PhD Ford. Her technical writing is far superior to the document provided by Feinstein.

  164. Sorry, Edward, but a consigliere would have been dead long ago. He is one dumb sheet and the gal that hired him cannot be much smarter. From the reports I have read, she kept going back, evidence of not smart? People like Diane display the same intelligence, er, lack of of.

  165. Judge Kavanaugh went to an “elite school” and this woman #3 graduated from a public school in another city. First off, how and who would invite her to such an exclusive party at an exclusive school. She is also 18 at the time and the Judge was 15 are you seriously expecting people to believe that you were invited into this exclusive group?Unless you were there for another reason rather than an invited guest???? Sleazy girl, sleazy – who is paying your legal fees to Aventi?

  166. Dan – The romance continues! Awww, isn’t that sweet? Are you watching your insane rambling president’s News conference? If there was a case for the 25th amendment, this would be it…….he’s insane. This, alone, will get Democrats out to vote. He’s totally unfit for office.

  167. The latest girl Swetnick must have liked going to those parties, because she said she attended 10 – 12 of them. If she said they got girls drunk and gang raped them, why did she attend so many parties…that’s the first question she should be asked by opposing counsel.

    You can’t believe anything these lying liberals say.

    The Republicans got to get rid of this nonsense and confirm Kavanaugh already!

  168. Dan T., Don’t you hate to insult the female gender by calling Diane a female? We have to come up with a separate category just for Diane. Although, I don’t think we could discuss her in polite society anymore. 🙂 To keep it clean we could call her something like Diane-a-sor, hey, I like that pretty good, whatcha think?

  169. Agree! Why put up w/ more? They can buy one a day until after Nov 6th when the Leftist/liberals may have both Houses.

    There is going to be massive voter fraud.

  170. Yes, she’s turned her life upside down and is currently in hiding because she’s not going to show up. Are your seriously THIS ignorant?

  171. I understand the game the Democrats are playing here and it could be played continuously for 50 years. Dems say whatever the cost, DJT must not be allowed to seat a constitutionalist SCOTUS judge, be it Judge Kavanaugh or another judge. Dems don’t want a judge who interrupts the law, they want a judge willing to re-write the law. The foremost thing right now is, they are afraid that Roe V Wade will be overturned. How many ways does it have to be said, one judge has one vote and there is no way Judge Kavanaugh could overturn anything by himself. I also understand the Dems have their panties in a wad over the Merrick Garland thing as well and I understand that better than using this bunch of women. The old saying, money talks and bull$hit walks is very true and knowing how many people the Dems have bought and paid for to further their agenda, I am convinced some folks have spent a lot of money to three and maybe more women. Everybody is so concerned because of the “me too” movement about insulting women. News Flash! Women lie just like men lie! Lying is an equal opportunity sport especially when money is exchanged.

  172. This is nothing short of a lynching. These women and this sleazy porn lawyer. If they dont confirm this man and put him on the bench and put a stop to this witch hunt. By entertaining this nonsense with these people they themselves have stooped to a new low. Talk about gutter snipe. Wonder how these senators Democrats and Republicans would respond if these women came after them. THINK ABOUT IT GENTLEMEN.IT COULD BE YOU.

  173. I agree with Megan Kelly, these people have this man already TRIED…CONVICTED…AND CONDEMNED. Shame damn shame. That senator from Hawaii. She is off her rocker. Completely nuts. She has torn up our Constituion. I hope the people in Hawaii get together and vote her out.

  174. This is nothing short of a lynching. These women and this sleazy porn lawyer. If they dont confirm this man and put him on the bench and put a stop to this witch hunt. By entertaining this nonsense with these people they themselves have stooped to a new low. Talk about gutter snipe. Wonder how these senators Democrats and Republicans would respond if these women came after them. THINK ABOUT IT GENTLEMEN.IT COULD BE YOU.

  175. This is worse than what they tried to do to Justice Clarence Thomas, every single democrat needs to be voted out of office, if they are allowed to get away with this disgusting smear campaign we have lost America. Flood the phones, emails, Twitter, Facebook accounts of every single Congressman and Committee member and demand Justice and an Apology for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the resignation of every democrat and their aides responsible for this travesty.

  176. Stop using no proof, no evidence, or no witnesses as a reason to BELIEVE. The legal justice system rules the conviction phase of every accusation and it must occur in a legal trial. Any new justice can be recalled and impeached if found to have lied. GET ON WITH THE VOTE!

  177. I do not want to comment so then why am I. It is hard not to fight back. I wish everyone including talk radio would shut up. I think we are adding to the problem. The judge is going to testify Thursday. The committee will vote Friday and the Senate might vote over the weekend. I somewhat blame Grassley for delaying any time. The more we talk about it gives the Democrats more time to find snakes that will say anything for their 15 minutes of fame. Vote up or down. How much more can Kavanaugh take? Put yourself in his shoes his family.

  178. Avanatti reminds of a Mob Boss Lawyer! Always looking for some sleazy reason to support another Sleazy customer and make a quick fee. It is all about fortune and fame.or so he thinks. I think this guy is in for some kind of rude awakening.


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