Kavanaugh’s opponents were just caught spreading a massive lie

Mark Twain noted, “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

In other words, healthy skepticism is warranted when someone uses statistics to bolster their flimsy argument.

And liberal Democrats and their pals in the press were just caught spreading this massive lie during Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Kavanaugh’s opponents repeatedly insisted that only 2 percent of rape or sexual assault allegations are false.

Because false allegations are so rare, they claimed, the charges against Kavanaugh were more than likely true.

As it turns out, it’s not even close to true.

The Washington Times reports:

Brent E. Turvey, a criminologist, wrote a 2017 book that dispels this notion. His research, and that of two co-authors, cited statistical studies and police crime reports.

“There is no shortage of politicians, victims’ advocates and news articles claiming that the nationwide false report for rape and sexual assault is almost nonexistent, presenting a figure of around 2 percent,” writes Mr. Turvey, who directs the Forensic Criminology Institute. “This figure is not only inaccurate, but also it has no basis in reality. Reporting it publicly as a valid frequency rate with any empirical basis is either scientifically negligent or fraudulent.”

“False reports happen, they are recurrent and there are laws in place to deal with them when they do,” he wrote. “They are, for lack of a better word, common.”

Mr. Turvey quotes a study by researcher Edward Greer, past president of the Association American Law Schools. He traced the one and only source for the “2 percent” assertion to a 1975 book, “Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape,” which quoted statistics from New York City, not from across the nation.

Mr. Turvey cites 10 studies that debunk the 2 percent assertion in the U.S. and abroad.

“The power of any lie is equal only to our desire to believe it,” Mr. Turvey wrote. “Specifically, our need and eagerness to believe it. This is the problem with belief — which is accepting something as true or correct without proof.”

In this case, the lie was repeated frequently on social media and in the traditional media like the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post to international sources like BBC News.

The media’s coverage of the entire smear campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh was disgraceful.

It shows why President Trump’s words ring true when he calls them “fake news.”

What are your thoughts?

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  1. You are dillussional at BEST!! NO ONE CORROBORATED FORD’S STORY. NO ONE!!! And the FBI does not are orders to breeze over any investigation!!
    Are you crazy or what! Just because you say things like you just did DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. QUIT YOUR DAMN LYING.

  2. Thank you Charles for mentioning due process. If this had been a court case, Mrs. Ford more than receive her due process, Judge Kavanaugh, well it was butchered. As Judge Judy would say where’s the police report. That sir is evidence. The Supreme court has ruled in many cases that presumption is NOT evidence.

  3. Let’s face it, people will lie especially if it will let them get 5 minutes of fame because they don’t care that it might hurt someone else because as proven by some investigation on Kavanaugh accusers.. some have never met Kavanaugh and none of them have any corroboration including Prof Ford that anything happened between themselves and Justice Kavanaugh.

  4. More importantly, WHY did their fellow freemasons in the democratic party LIE a pathetically demented LIE about Kavanaugh when a simple review of Kavanaugh’s record concerning SES/SERCO, 2000 Florida vote fraud,intimidation and abuse of witnesses in the White House Vince Foster murder case,and other VERY weighty and relevant issues would have precluded Kavanaugh’s suitability as a Supreme Court Justice. Why so OPENLY, vocally, and pathetically weird of an effort to smear this criminal when the simple truth would have put him away, especially when CIA recruiter Ford KNEW the Kavanaugh family from her parents’ relief from the potential loss of their home in a bankruptcy case? Only one answer is possible. The treasonous American Scottish Rite freemasons not only control both central parties, they control the committees. WHERE OH WHERE is John Quincy Adams?

  5. I’ll weigh in on this. I’m am a survivor. What happened to me is seared into my brain. I can tell you the exact date, time of day, place, how I came to be there, how I got home, and the person’s name. I know this just like I know where I was when Kennedy got shot, or the Challenger blew up. I listened intently to Dr. Ford’s story. Within 5 minutes I knew she was lying. Plus, when I did go to “court” I didn’t need a team of lawyers coaching me. I had one lawyer, and the only words he said, were “just tell the truth”. I put court in parentheses because it wasn’t actually a court, but held in a law office. I despise people who make these fake allegations, because it makes all the real victims and survivors less credible.

  6. That’s why the media hates President Trump he said long before they are fake news so they have dogged him ever since never will they report how well he is actually doing or how he has turned this country around after 8 terrible years with our token negro past president

  7. Please provide a source for your Trump quotes regarding how he can shoot people & etc. because I have listened fervently to every comment OUR President has said and that has never came across any of the sources I have. I could say that ‘Liz was the person on the grassy knoll when Kennedy was assassinated, because I heard her say that Americans are so stupid just for that very reason’. So who you gonna believe? Me or your lying fingertips?

  8. Should we believe the saying “sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” See and hear these democrat, faux-lib women screaming and raging
    vile language and note they are not “ladies.” What are they?

  9. I was told by a liberal lefty that they never, ever tell lies, or deceive people. The lefty further stated they trust everything CNN says.(sarc)

  10. Ford got more than that, Soros gave her a couple million, her lawyers got “go fund me”. Ford & her lawyer formed the rally against Trump, on T.V. She works with Planned parenthood, her brother worked for FBI Strokz
    (fired) & I believe her father may be retired CIA, her mother was foreclosed on by Kavanaughs Judge Mother, years ago. She’s paid Dem. Her attorney never turned over her polygraph to the Senate, there isn’t any.

  11. Watching Stephen Colbert and listening to him and his writer admitting they are
    happy to have ruined Judge Kavanaugh’s life is enough to make a person stop listening to Colbert at all. Nothing even close to funny about him or his guest.

  12. And How do you know that McConnell and Trump “blocked” WHO AND WHAT the FBI could investigate…Gee, you must be real important to know the inside of the WH and Senate operations. Get real.

  13. Liz, you must have been asleep when just as many came out and denied the allegations against Brett as NOT being the man they knew, based on many years of knowing him personally and/or working with him or for him. Your opinions must be, and certainly seem to be, based on a very limited number of sources. Probably cnn.

  14. Liz, wake up and pay attention. The folks Ford named as witnesses all said they had no memory of such an event, ever. That was NOT DT, that was the very people Ford claimed as sources for verification. They ALL denied it. And, as stated, many of the other statements from Ford were exposed as false. Again, NOT DT saying it, but the people involved in Fords life saying it. Her claim of a fear of flying has been proven false. The time line of the 2nd front door issue was proven false. The reason for wanting the 2nd front door has been proven false. Her story was so full of holes any one with any degree of intelligence could not possibly accept it as credible.

  15. Actully Hillary said that democrats are stupid and easy to manipulate. I don’t know where you get your information but I suggest you find an honest source.

  16. As a woman, I can assure you that women lie often. Unless there is corroborating evidence to support their claims, no one’s word alone should be enough to convict anyone. That’s what due process is about. The idiots on the left don’t seem to understand that.

  17. Liz you are a real dumbass. We won. You lost. So shut the hell up. P.S. Bill Clinton raped women. Most women on the left are sluts anyway.

  18. Liz where is the proof. evidence, sworn statements under oath, give it up, if you don’t have it, shut your mouth! In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. So until you have someone that’s going to risk being charged with perjury for lying under oath just keep the axe under the table, ok Liz? So for a person to be guilty now all someone has to to is say someone did something without any evidence or proof? “COME ON NOW”. You know that is not how the law works, or did you liberals change it while I was gone last week? If you did not see that this was a political hit job you must be as whacky as
    those other whacky Democrats that we’re on the judicial committee! What a show of the highest levels of stupidity and ignorance of supposedly educated people! Y’all can do better, a lot better!

  19. If it comes from either the MORON MEDIA or Democraps mouths it is a SUPER SAFE BET it is a LIE. If the Democrap is in DC they are 10000% LYING.

  20. People who talk like you are what’s wrong with America now. You all are the ones behaving like Nazi’s. Trump was right when he said that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th ave in New York and his followers would stay and defend him. It was reported he also said in an interview that his followers are stupid for just that very reason.

  21. You must not have followed the news media with facts. Dr. Ford’s friends did NOT refute her story. That was Trumps false spin on the story. You should know by now he make things up. Several hundred people at Yale and other places who knew Kavanaugh and his terrible behavior toward women and alcoholism with his temper tantrums which he still seems to have are coming forward. FBI said they had marching orders from DT not to do a real investigation. Use your common sense, what is most likely. This is not rocket science

  22. Judge Kavanaugh has been vetted by the FBI seven times over the years. You can’t get much more through then this. Yes, the seventh investigation was limited to whether or not this happened and in the length of time. She also lied about her fear of flying, the reason for two front doors, about her experience with polygraphs, and about being a psychologist. In my opinion it was a communist smear campaign paid for by george soros.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  23. Ford Is a liar she perjured herself in front of the senate and I hope she goes to jail for it wait a while and see how much money she gets from the democratic people she’ll get money you’ll see if you’re an intelligent person and if you can’t see that this was all bullship rap you better go check yourself into a nut house with the rested of the liberal idiots

  24. The Demoncrats are just that, DEMONS. I can’t they have degraded and besmerched the Democratic party. It is a disgrace to the American way of politics. There should be a limit to the terms of their leadership/ Pelosi. Feinstein, Waters, Schumer, Warren and a host of others need to back off instead of holding their little ring of fire. Others need a chance of serving their country. I am so sick of Demoncrats, It’s their way or now way. Bunch of ruling cry babies.

  25. Mr. Greer, you must not have followed the news very carefully. Blasey/Ford’s friends all refuted her story, and her best friend, Leland, says that Democrats in Congress tried to get her to change her story when she said she had never been to a party like this, and didn’t even know Justice Kavanaugh. Justice Kavanaugh has now been thru 7 FBI investigations! I am against sexual assault, but I see no sexual assault here!

  26. I would like to see a THOROUGH evaluation of Kavanaugh.
    Trump and McConnell BLOCKED who and what could be checked out
    in the FBI examination.
    Trump and McConnell also refused to take Ford seriously.
    Trump made fun of Ford.

  27. These idiot Democrats just grab numbers out of the air or, they pull them out of their butts. Obama taught these idiots very well on how to become a Commie or a Nazi.

  28. Is there a well documented study that reflects the true and accurate percentage, and if so what is that number?

  29. YES start the proceedings right now!
    Investigate – Prosecute – FINE – Imprison
    See whats left after she pays for her own attorney. Or is her last, Georgie, going to cover for that too?

  30. Ford and the other females used information that probably occurred in their lives but not necessarily to them directly and DEFINITELY DID NOT INCLUDE KAVANAUGH. HE NEVER RAN IN THE SAME IMMORAL CIRCLES LIKE THOSE WOMEN DID, THEY DIDN’T KNOW THE SAME PEOPLE BECAUSE THEIR INTERESTS WERE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

    Those females are like ALL DEMOCRATS, opportunists at heart. If they can “shred the truth” to fit their stories, they will do it in a flash. This is because all democrats are minus the “Conscience Gene” that creates regret and sadness for their actions. They are “guilt free” from the lies they say, the immoral actions they do, and the anti-God sentiment they feel.

    I bet if you took a poll of the people in church on Sunday, you’d find more Conservatives than any other party. Perhaps a handful of Liberals would attend, asleep during the sermon, texting, etc. But no serious worshipers in that group.

    Libs just do NOT fit into a church atmosphere until they realize the error of their ways. Don’t hold your breath on that ever happening — remember, Libs are okay with lies, immorality, dishonesty, etc. They are unruly children in grown up clothing and never intend on growing up!

  31. If the Democrats got away with these accusations, you can bet a few days before elections fake accusers would come out of the woodwork !!! If you yell and scream enough times people get to think it’s fact !!! People yelling Racist, and Fascist are the Racist and Fascist !!!!

  32. Dan, No doubt she is paid and coached well, whether cocktease or just sleeze. Schumer and Feinstein have 3 Go Fund pages for her amounting to over $1,000,000. Her Feinstein hit lawyers are pro bono….She made a handy sum for crocodile tears.

  33. Short, concise and accurate, Joe from another Joe The dwindling, or swindling Leftist have told these lies so long and so often, they are actually believing themselves! With that, they are showing how dumb they are, thinking that the rest of us might believe them, NOT!!!!

  34. Never…and how much $$ do you think Ford got for this performance? Plenty..she won’t ever have to work again.

  35. They should investigate her she should be charged with false accusations. Her lawyer was on cnn news and said she is dropping all charges. Why would you do that if it was true? What happened is it didn’t work. He was confirmed. There is nothing the Dems can do right now, but they will find something.

  36. The Democrat Party has evolved in to a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots! They are unfit to serve!

  37. Hey Pam, I’ll be happy with 66. Enough to expel every Democrat out of the Senate. We also need a super msajprity in the House to clean out the deep State to change the rules to decertify the public unions do we can fire these traitors.

  38. Doesn’t and shouldn’t matter whether the false accusation rate is 2% or 99%, every accused is entitled to receive due process where they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
    The left’s push to eliminate that premise is a dangerously slippery slope. Of course these hypocrites only believe in due process if the accused is a liberal! They seem to cry innocent for violent criminals even after they have been tried and convicted.

  39. Description of unsubstantiated – uncorroborated accusations – little more than community gossip and rumors !

  40. Sometime soon those who attempted to run Kavanaugh away from a seat on the Supreme Court Bench will find that they painted themselves into a corner based on lies and deceit. True justice now looms over their heads like a severe storm that they won’t be able to avoid. They asked for it. Now they’ll pay the price!

  41. Hopefully the justice department will go after these hateful demon crats and throw the book at them. Send them to jail and have they sit in their cells wearing bright orange jump suits.

  42. Feinstein should do the country a favor take a look iin the mirror and let her conscience be her guide and resigned Warren is no better

  43. Also, I agree with the shoot to kill. It won’t take but two or three incidences of this, but the others just might decide where they belong!

  44. I totally agree with you and there might even be somewhere I made the same comment! Don’t give the criminals anything, no medical, no housing, no food allowances, NOTHING! PERIOD! Just go back where you came from!

  45. Well, Peggy, I have been the victim of exactly what Jack stated, so eat your words. My wife was told to accuse me of physical abuse, something which never happened, in order to have me arrested so she could get the property. So, I left her and the house, and everything behind, rather than face a scandal. It was the best thing I ever did. I met a wonderful Christian lady, got married, and now have a beautiful home in a great area. And guess where she is. She lost it all and is living in a very trashy trailer park, working part time, has a zero bank account, no car and is very miserable. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap!

  46. That is a zombie possum, completely mindless individual completely clueless to reality.

  47. Bring our troops home, hell with the National Guard assisting in rounding them up, place our infantry along the border with permission to shoot and kill them infecting our nation is sickening the health of our nation kill the infection before it is allowed to incubate, now them down before they cross the border.

  48. Well, Peggy, I have been the victim of exactly what Jack stated, so eat your words. My wife was told to accuse me of physical abuse, something which never happened, in order to have me arrested so she could get the property. So, I left her and the house, and everything behind, rather than face a scandal. It was the best thing I ever did. I met a wonderful Christian lady, got married, and now have a beautiful home in a great area. And guess where she is. She lost it all and is living in a very trashy trailer park, working part time, has a zero bank account, no car and is very miserable. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap!

  49. Re : “Build a wall” — Instead of wall, remove incentive’s for any non-citizens to come into our country.

  50. I like dogs too much for those low life’s to become dog catchers, think they would better serve the country as weather spotters in Antarctica.

  51. Oh please prove him wrong, or is it easier for you to believe a lie than to believe the truth. Trying to defend one lie by telling another. Your liberalism is showing!

  52. Nothing will happen to the lying females because their female. Sooner or later though the chickens will come home to roost, what goes around really does come around, maybe in another shape or circumstance but it does catch up..the
    Same with all these robots in the streets, their only being used and will soon be discarded to the ash heap of useleness.

  53. Oh Jack you’re so full of it. Social Services doesn’t coach women to lie that’s what’s wrong with our society you’re hurt you’re mad you’re angry and you just make up things like the president does if he does it then it has to be okay is that your philosophy honey. We cannot be this divided this nationalism is treacherous and hatred is even worse and false accusations on both sides I really rather pathetic. We can agree to disagree but I doubt that you will agree you have become a nationalist threat to the ideology that once was the Republican Party.

  54. “The power of any lie is equal only to our desire to believe it,” Mr. Turvey wrote. “Specifically, our need and eagerness to believe it. This is the problem with belief — which is accepting something as true or correct without proof.”
    That is a powerful statement and undoubtedly true. Now if Mr. Turvey could direct his efforts toward Trump fans who believe anything he says. The latest is Trump’s nonsense about George Soros.

  55. These 3 women need to be kicked in the ass and locked up for a few years for lying and committing perjury in a sworn testimony. They have tried to ruin a good man’s life and need to pay the price. Funny how Christine Ford wants to drop all charges now and says she will not help if the Democrats further investigate kavanaugh. The fact that she may be indicted for perjury and likely go to jail has her scared shirtless. Sorry but that window has already passed. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  56. The problem is:

    Conservatives believe it when they see it. Liberals see it when they believe it.

    This is compounded by the Clinton;s favorite…
    “The ends justify the means”

  57. If you remain a Democrat after the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination and confirmation you are in need of some
    Serious soul searching!!! Wake up!! Wake up!! Stop drinking the blue cool aid!!!!

  58. Why I have a hunch, Hillary was so sure she going become president, Hillary had Justice Scalia killed, and had plan place Obama in Scalia spot as a new judge. something very strange

  59. We need to start throwing a few people in jail! It may not stick but I think after spending a night or two in jail before going in front of a judge, may turn the tide so all the “protestors” will go home and stop bothering reasonable, law-abiding citizens. I am tired of politicians and entertainers thinking they can use their position to make law in this Country! Send them back home where they belong!

  60. Why I have a hunch, Hillary was so sure she going become president, Hillary had Justice Scalia killed, and had plan place Obama in Scalia spot as a new judge.

  61. I would certainly like to know what the”TWO” questions she was asked to answer were, don’t you want to know?

  62. When you have nothing to support your position you resort to known lies and scream them from the highest points until those who are gullible swallow them and then they become truth. When a protester is being paid to protest, do they really believe what they are protesting or are they simply being simpletons? When you see someone receiving money for their protesting does that make any sense to you? When you see someone “testifying” looking to someone else for the answer before replying, is that person telling the truth?

  63. the continued fabrication of false statistics will continue as long as the democratic party is not held responsible for these actions we need to remove them from their office at the balot box. Feinstine should be charged and silenced for leaking official information

  64. People who figure lie but figures don’t lie. I always heard my Father say that and only recently did I fully grasp it. Remember the polls in the 2016 election? All the so-called know it alls had a overwhelming victory for HRC. As we all know, not even close to accurate. These libtards and MSM, they read one unproven article and run with it, like the one above. Too bad they don’t have the common sense to dig deeper, read facts and not some unverified data. Educated idiots, most of them are.

  65. Satan uses lies to further his evil causes. Democrats are falling in line with the same reasoning.

  66. They will kill anyone that has info incriminating against them count all the supposed suicides by people ready to testify against the Clinton’s look it up and be a republican because the Dems want to be Kings.

  67. Ford’s team are up to something again. They announced that Ford is not seeking to press criminal charges against Kavanaugh. Looked like the damage had been done and will remain a lingering remainder for years to come. Best that we need to find more damning evidence that would call for a prosecution against Ford’s perjury.

    Ford is a psychologist that knows how to play a cyring little girl testimony. Yes, she can master the polygraph tests. A great deceiver she is. One of the best tactics the liberals can find in their war chest.

  68. And as we all know the ONLY rape allegations that the left wing loon democrats believe are false – are ALL the allegationgs made against a democrat. ALL the phony left wing loons with the ALL women should be heard signs pay NO attention to the likes of Juanita Broadderick or Karen Monahan. How can the left wing loons expect any sympathy to their cause them when they are so damned blatantly hypocritical?

  69. The Democrats will be punished. They will pay for their corruption and lies.
    They will pay for their evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Yes, the Democrates are very good at the LIE. It’s the only real thing they’re good at.
    I keep going back to Pelosi saying, Let’s pass it so we can read and see what is in it.

  71. Yes, the Democrates are very good at the LIE. It’s the only real thing they’re good at.
    I keep going back to Pelosi saying, Let’s pass it so we can read and see what is in it.

  72. WHEN will they be responsible for all of their deceitful manipulations and lies?
    Investigate, prosecute, fine and imprison. And how about an public apology?

  73. Another lie straight from Goebbels, Hitler’s lying NAZI propagandist, is what the liberal media and democrats now. “If you tell a lie often enough, it will become the truth!” is a quote that expressly covers the media and demonrats. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER even if you don’t have a senator running!!! These dangerous liberals ALL need to be driven from office!!!!

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