Kayleigh McEnany has one message for Black Lives Matter that every cop wanted to hear

Police are under attack in America.

From corporate boardrooms, to schools, to elected officials, police are facing smear campaigns, charges of racism and calls to defund their departments.

But Kayleigh McEnany has one message for Black Lives Matter that every cop wanted to hear.

On Wednesday, a slide from Goodyear’s corporate diversity training went public.

Corporate diversity seminars are how liberals brainwash companies into accepting the Left’s values as universal while conservative messages are controversial and worthy of censorship.

That is exactly what happened at Goodyear as the company’s diversity push claimed it was acceptable for employees to wear clothing or display signs that promoted Black Lives Matter or the radical homosexual agenda.

MAGA hats and Blue Lives Matter signs were expressly prohibited.

Kayleigh McEnany blasted Goodyear for the double-standard at yesterday’s White House press briefing.

“If you can wear a Black Lives Matter hat, guess what? You should be able to wear a Blue Lives Matter one, too,” McEnany told the press.

Goodyear claimed they were only trying to foster an “inclusive” workplace by allowing messages that promoted equality and avoiding divisiveness by banning all political slogans and apparel.

McEnany shut down that nonsense.

“As far as I’m concerned, Blue Lives Matter is an equity issue. There have been police officers across this country that have been targeted because they wear the badge,” McEnany added.

Black Lives Matter is a group founded by Marxists who want to destroy the nuclear family and push America to pay trillions in reparations for slavery.

Its supporters have rioted in the streets, beat and killed innocent Americas and burned business to the ground.

Blue Lives Matter simply says we support the police that keep us safe.

Only in the down is up and right is wrong world of corporate diversity would Black Lives Matter be seen as an equity issue and supporting police be controversial.

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