Kellyanne Conway shut down a Never Trumper in one amazing way

Never Trump Republicans refuse to accept the reality that Donald Trump is the leader of the GOP.

So they plot ways to sabotage him.

A reporter asked Kellyanne Conway about one Never Trumpers’ plans to undermine the President and she shut him down in one amazing way.

Conway was quizzed by CRTV’s Eric Bolling about Never Trump ringleader Bill Kristol’s announcement that he was considering running for President.

The White House counselor took all of two words to crush Kristol’s pathetic fantasy.

Never Trump Republicans are desperate for a so-called “Republican” to challenge Trump in the 2020 GOP primary.

Ohio Governor John Kasich and retiring Arizona Senator Jeff Flake are the two names that generate the most buzz.

But Trump commands record levels of support from Republican voters.

Those numbers show elected officials taking on Trump is a suicide mission.

So it could be left to a pundit like Kristol to run against Trump in the GOP primary.

The notion of a Never Trump Republican taking on Trump is absurd.

Never Trump Republicans are RINOS who agree with the Democrats on all the big issues.

Their only guiding principle is sucking up to liberals on social media to win cable news bookings as the “reasonable” Republican.

Some Trump supporters almost wish an establishment RINO like Kristol or Kasich would run against Trump so GOP voters could deliver Never Trumpers the decisive defeat they so richly deserve.

Are you sick of Never Trump Republicans?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. yes , i wish the never trumpets would take a flying leap off the inpire state building or resign their positions before we vote them out !! ( you dumb ass never trumpers are treading on thin ice ) DID YOU GET THAT !!!!!!!

  2. These faux republicans will never win.PRESIDENT Trumps base is stronger than ever.He will repeat in 2020.Four more years of prosperity.

  3. She’s great. No big deal if they all run for president none of them are going to win anyway. There were a bunch of career politicians sold out this country in the American people way too many times. When’s the last time anyone of them did anything that was for the good of the country enough themselves or their own political aspirations. Thanks for the laugh for the day that Fkake is going to run for president in 2020. The only reason he isn’t running for reelection in his own state is because of people within that state have rejected him and he had no chance of winning. No big stretch to understand why since he is so arrogant, obnoxious, inept and useless.

    • As far a Flak, the only reason he is or got where he was because of McCain, he was running on McCain coat tails, and ASS kissing.
      Anyone running against Trump for 2020 will just be a waste of their money, Our President has 2020 won already, next will be the Vice President, than HOLLY MOSES, YOU ALL HAVE A BIG, BIG SURPRISE …. A WOMAN PRESIDENT.
      She is already there in Washington …. and she will kick ass, and take names!!

      • Hilariously true. But, it’s not Jeff Flake, his real name is Jeff FAKE. He is a Rino just like McCain. McCain should have ran on the democratic ticket. He might be president if he had.

  4. Rinos should just come out of the closet and declare themselves commie liberals and get it over with. The liberal communist would like the voters to think they are intellectuals, when every communist nation except China has failed, and they are slowly turning to capitalism to keep from going under.

    • Rinos Already 0UT of ‘the closet’. ‘WE’ Know!
      > an aside & Much to my dismay = RINOS/Establishment Voted
      Shuette Nomination for Gov. in Mich. = Not Good.At All. ( PPL
      Did NOT Do Their Homework/ & i tried, but to of no avail. &&&
      DUE To a perhaps False Endorsement by POTUS DJT ( Before he knew
      the Real ‘Truth’ from ‘erroneous Advisors’) 🙁 whew.
      &&& the Dem. Nom. Is Worse. Mi. in Trouble. On schedule for
      ‘Sanctuary State’ – Smack dab in Middle of Ca /NY. Need a ‘prayer’
      for MI. Thank you. Is Your STATE Next ??? 0n the Agenda??? Be Aware. &&&
      ‘Take Care’.

  5. Click on Twitter and you have to log on using BIASED DATA COLLECTION FACEBOOK is something I will NEVER DO !!! FACEBOOK IS A TRAITOR & collect everything you type & do when you log in. Looks like everyone with over a $ Million + wants to be President BUT like Kelly says “WHAT COUNTRY”

    • What wit she has! These Never Trumpers don’t seem to want to look at both sides of an issue, just like the Democrats. Democrats see only what they want to see. If there were a Republican Senator mouthing off like Maxine Waters there would be screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth about how that senator should resign immediately and be brought up on charges of some sort. What all these people are overlooking, for one thing, is that for the first time in almost 20 years there are more jobs than people to fill them. NO OTHER president since Reagan can make that claim. For all you Obama people who think he is responsible I say BS!!! He is the absolute worst president EVER. I will vote for Trump in 2020!!

    • It is more like lies and distortions. If someone from CNN or MSNBC has their lips moving it is either or both lies and distortions. They are worse than the National Inguirer…

      • You got that right! Main stream media makes up stories that are all b.s. The left will find out soon who the real Constitutional Patriots of this Country are. It ain’t the democrat communists. It’s the deplorable All American smart as he’ll Trump Supporters and Conservatives.

    • Vasu, 1st of all POTUS DJT ‘corrected’ 0ver ivankas comment. <<“Alternative Facts” ?” Those 2 words basically do not belong together.
      > Taking a ‘tad’ of Truth/ THEN Twisting/Distorting/Convoluting/Mixing Info
      0ften times Into an 0utright LIE IS “fake news”. That is what
      POTUS DJT is referring to. In other words SEDITION. V. Dangerous to a
      Country & Society.

      • Hey zee, do believe that Vasu Yahoo is gaming a bunch of people, he/she or whatever, thinks is stupid. Anybody who can come up with the term “alternative facts” knows what it is and what fake news is as well. The only mystery is why would the question be asked. If it was a indirect shot at deplorables, it missed the target.

        • G, i think there is some true naivete’ on Vasu’s part re 2 sentence post. ‘his’ other posts are a mile long,a bit convoluted & frankly ‘Boring’. & perhaps ‘gaming’ on those, but more like ‘preaching’ – he has
          indoctrination of his Heritage & culture.
          I can see where he could be mixed up in his question.

  6. Kasich and Kristol both may as well save their money. Kasich needs to know that taking money from Soros is the wrong thing to do, it is taking money from a DEVIL, you did it last time and you won’t get away with it again.

    • You go, KellyAnne. President Trump will become President, again, in 2020. I’m a proud American and I’m proud of President Trump. Perfect? No, but great for our country.

  7. Haha & LOL. She’s Back !!! diane troll looking
    for $ . Talk to me Diane, i’ll give $.10 &
    no more. I can make a great Sandwhich for $.50,
    you will have to earn the rest. Well, DanT. /M
    seem to take care of you. Thank them. ___ rite ?
    > SAY “Thank You”. & BTW: U R ‘fun’ to read, in a Sick way.
    Gak. Say “THANK YOU”, Diane. Did U read my reply on the
    ‘other’ blog???

  8. Peggy Dwyer, that’s the dumbest comment I’ve heard yet.. A very low IQ Liberal and a completely brainwashed idiot. As far as the Rino good luck you’ll never win just like anyone of those communist LIBERALS running, all of which Peggy would vote for. Obviously a Hitlery supporter and an Obullsht lover.

    • Kellyanne should expose the list of prominent never Trumpers, like Kori Schake who once worked for John McCain as a foreign policy adviser and campaign analyst. Schake co-wrote book with James Mattis the General who linked up with other never Trumpers working with Spirit of America Jim Hake a CFR Member along with Schake. As a former member of the Hoover Institute at Stanford Schake’s loud mouth got her in trouble especially with Chairman of the Board of Hoover Institute Joel Peterson whose also on the Board of Directors of JetBlue Airways. The fact that Crown Airways brought back soldiers of Desert Storm, a 19 yr. old US Army Cavalry Scout Private who had just spent 8 months at war sat out on a street at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. Finally, the buses came, and took the young man to the airport. The planes waiting were from Tower Air. The owner of Tower Air had volunteered his planes and staff to bring soldiers home for the cost of fuel only. The owner was President Donald Trump!

      • Thank goodness for MAGA supporters like Kellyanne who are the reason President Trump will win in 2020. These RINOS and lefties still preach the old adage of the 60’s which we all know means freebies for those who do not desire to work. Work of any kind is good for an active mind. GO MAGA RVN 68-69

    • @Texas Michael- I knew a woman a few years back named Peggy Dwyer. Her daddy was a very wealthy crooked business man and they lived in Waco, TX. She might be this same Peggy Dwyer as the ideology is the same.
      God Bless Kellyanne for her quick wit and fabulous point of view.

  9. it’s still President Trump. Always will be. Demos are not allowed the President Office until trey7 take a test and pass the usa citizen test again. Because they are just as bab as the Musilums as far as I,m concerned.

  10. Your comment disturbed their Liberal Clique Emily! To them, they call a lie the truth. and their lies as the truth. I got kicked off Face Book, for the same reason. Much like Hitler before the 2nd world War, only their lies are acceptable as truth!

  11. Re: 20/20 Yep…20 for zero/ 20 for hilLIARy/20 for Holder/20 for
    Lynch/20 for Rice/20 for Comey/20 for Mad Max/20 for Muller/20 for soros/20 for the rest of the rats (as in dumo-rats) in the swamp.
    And let’s not forget the lie spewing profs in our Ed facilities…!And CNN (Clinton News Network)MSNBC (Media Spewing Naught But Chaos)NBC (Nothing But Crap)ABC Always Bad Comments)

      • Don’t worry Emily. Diane is losing it. Spewing more crap than usual. Peggy also The guys with the net will gather them up. There’s institutions for people like them. Or they will let their insanity lead them into violence. Then some Godly NRA member might be forced into a defensive action. God forbid, but with then two anything could happen.

      • Obviously you are another Liberal who doesn’t listen to facts or anyone with the truth. You can’t accept the fact that WE have elected a president who looks out for America and Americans first, not like that fake Hawaiian Muslim who bowed to so many and apologized for OUR being the world leader in almost everything…

    • Don’t let paid troll using the names Diane and Peggy Dwyer make you angry, Emily. Just want you to reply so can make $ off you. And, you can’t communicate with a troll from another planet and different language.

      • Hey Pacman, The NRA advocates nothing that does not line up with the Constitution so Diane the troll’s stupid remark that Godliness doesn’t line up with the NRA is a fully loaded crock of you-know-what. God’s law is not broken to be a prepared member of the NRA and neither is man’s law broken. I guess
        Diane thinks it is fine for criminals to be armed and they are, check Chicago, for that fact. But decent law abiding people are supposed to be unarmed. Now, just what in Hades is wrong with that picture! Just plain stupid, these people who think gun control and confiscation is the answer. There are plenty of solutions to shootings, people need to implement them, like yesterday!

    • Stopped watching all of them. They make me sick. Watch only Fox, and not always.surprised Facebook has not locked me out for comments already made

      • God will lead Diane and Peggy to become republicans. They will sell all they have and give the money to Trump. They will publicly call hillary a crooked bitch. Will use profanity when speaking of obama. They really know they are wrong. Just waiting On second thought, they are too stupid to be republicans. God would have to cure their stupidity. Good luck with that.

        • Dan T., Man when you started your last comment I thought you had gone to sleep and was having a nice dream. But, then I knew it was Dan T. wide awake and laying it on the troll. I still believe Diane is Peggy and Peggy is Diane. Have seen nothing to change my mind will let you know if I do.

          • Probably one person M. Too much alike. He or she , a legend in its own mind. Super liberal? Not hardly. Just a sore loser that grew up spoiled. Typical snowflake.

    • Same reason I was sensored by Twitter! They don’t want the truth there either, especially if it exposes THEIR Lies!

    • Joanna, Sorry but happens to a lot of us. Try using different wording or phrases. Bad to spend a lot of time for it to be deleted, I know.

    • Not true, more Pres. Trump supporters than they can keep up with. Our job is to help keep America Great! Networks will do what they want, other ways to communicate messages and get the word out. Old School tech still works

  12. When Maxine Waters opens her giant sized mouth, it’s like looking into a big wide cave of hopeless, dark stupidity, and
    then the hateful hysterical nonsense that she utters echoes in the vast emptiness of that yawning cavern under
    her long ugly nose.

        • Hey M. Diane is out and about. Trying to lecture people about Christian living. Has nothing to do with standing up to communists.

          • M and Dan are paid right wing trolls. Probably from Russia. Dan doesn’t know anything about Christian living because he’s a fake Christian.

          • Dan T. Oh man, it, Diane, is really on a tear today. It is mad at you and me and taking it out on everybody. Must be low on bread and milk and needs some $ made from trolling. I don’t care what it thinks about Christianity because it informed me one day it is not a believer and does not believe in Christianity, you know heaven, hell. I have been told the last thing an atheist does before dying is call on God for help. I wouldn’t doubt it because who can look at this beautiful world and doubt God exists? I tried to explain to Diane a Christian is not perfect but is still a Christian. I doubt that makes any sense without a good understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

          • Dan T, I knew it was mental from day one but, it has really gone over the edge now. In fact we have had some real doozies on here today. It may be out of talking points. I think desperation has taken over and it does not know how to handle the situation.

    • That is funny. Karma is a bitch, she will get them where it hurts. Does not seem like it right now, but breaking ethics rules in Congress gets one expelled from office. “Not if, but when!” They are doing it to themselves. “Stupid is what stupid does!(Gump, 2005).


  14. The old adage…. Its ignorant to be bliss…. However its wiser to be wise!! WE THE PEOPLE choose to be wise!!! TRUMP 2020 …MAGA!!! Kasich & Flake are two LOSERS!!!!

    • This is just another “Soros Owned” Rino, like Hillary, bought and paid for by Soros via his “Open Borders” groups funding. Did you know Soros has given over $38 BILLION to this group since 1985? Soros now owns the Dems and the Unions, as well as the “Lame Stream Media”. Read up on it for yourself please, before you respond.

  15. Smart women (and there are billions of them)will vote Republican and for Trump. All the pundits are wrong again. Remember ‘Hillary can’t lose?’ There will be a RED wave in November!

  16. Keep making America great, President Trump! All you cry baby liberals need to go find a safe space to crawl in and suck on your pacifiers or commit suicide cause Trump will be President until 2024. That’s what you get for giving us an unAmerican like Obama!

  17. Kelly ANN is sharp & I simply adore her wit & intelligence! Unlike HRC, she makes me proud to be a female. HRC makes me feel ashamed except that she’s a sub-human species.
    I live her reply to BK possibly running for Pres, priceless actually.

  18. Kasich already lost once and his sour grapes politics were the reason. The American People are for the most part smarter than Kasich and saw right through him and his false platitudes like we did with Hillary. As for Flake — well, his name says it all!!!!!!

  19. RINO’s are the very reason my entire family voted for D Trump.
    They open their mouths and nothing comes out.
    They are the very reason Obama won.
    RINO’s never keep their promises and ultimate backdown or side with DEM LIBERALS.
    Enough is enough.

    • Bobby B, that paid troll, Peggy Dwyer, is no more a Rebublican than I am a commie Dem lib, and all of you know better than that. I will go one step further and say that Diane and Peggy Dwyer are the same paid troll. I saw where the troll Diane wrote a comment in defense of of Peggy. Now that was rich of course, it could be disastrous if there is a multiple personality disorder involved here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I agree 100%… DRAIN THE SWAMP !!!… Everyone get out and VOTE!!! Republican across the board in November and let’s shut these ignorant Libtards up for GOOD…TRUMP 2020

      • M there is no facts from piggy or Diane. Just hot air. They are probably speaking from a prepared script. They are too stupid to speak their mind.

        • Absolutely their propaganda is in black and white, you can take it to the bank. We all might be surprised as to where these posts originate. In these times I would not be surprised who, and where in the world, is interacting with all of us. They could be living down the street from me but, maybe not. There is a little mystery and intrigue to think about.

  20. President Trump is the right man for the job. We need more Republicans that are on the Trump train. Keep up the good work Mr President.

  21. Yes I am extremely sick of the RINOS! They need to get on board the Trump Train or else they could be tied down to the train tracks to be decapitated by the serious Republicans!

    • I cannot bring myself to call these defectors “never Trumpers”. They belong more in the category of “Wussy Republicans”…..who are constantly sucking up to the ego-maniac, self-appointed democraps.

  22. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge I would be digging a great big hole on the Washington Mall and burying a bunch of these assholes ! !

    • People like Peggy just like to get a rise out of people. If you ignore people like her, they eventually slink away when they no longer get any attention.

  23. like obummer lied u can keep ur doctor and ur health insurance and in Syri he drew a red line they ran over and he ran like a whipped pathetic dog with his tail between his legs.
    Peggy ur a stupid liberal bitch with no brains.

  24. The only thing I remember about Kasich’s debates are “Ohio this” and “Ohio that”. Was so sick of hearing the word Ohio!!

    • I remember how seriously he stated he would stay in the race all the way to the convention and then (somehow) he would win the nomination. Not sure but I think he dropped out the next day. I also remember how he gave a big middle finger to all Republicans by not even showing up for the convention being held in his state.


  26. Okay, one more time, listen up true American patriots! We have a new paid troll. It’s name is Peggy Dwyer but, I believe it to be aka Diane. Peggy claims to be a Rebublican but I never saw a Republican with a stench like Peggy’s! I have already put this new one on “ignore”. NASTY !!!

  27. Do not consider “NeverTrumpers” as Rebublican. They agree with the Democrats and serve them by obstructing President Trump’s agenda.

    • They don’t agree with Democrats they just hate the a****** in the Oval Office that s***’s out lie after lie after lie.

      • So, Peggy Dwyer, what have we had in office prior to Trump? Little limp wristed Traitors who would give America up to Islamic Law? Trump might exaggerate his numbers sometime, but he has America First in his Heart!! And that alone makes him exactly what America needs right Now!!

      • you are a dumb idiot. If you are against one way you are approving the other way. I guess you voted for that felon who was robbing you blind. You people make me sick. You get a Great president who is helping your country and you are not happy. You are not a Rino you are an a**hole

      • Peggy. How about getting a job…. maybe one you are qualified for…. oh yea, it DOES NOT EXIST…….. so then just GET A LIFE… and shut the H*LL up… you have no idea what you are jibbering about………

        • Whatever happened to “free speech”? Do you have to be a right winged nut job to have a voice? This isn’t Russia (yet) and everyone can voice their opinion even if it’s different than yours.

          • Are you kidding Diane.? It’s the radical left that wants to harass and attack anyone that voices support for President Trump. I once thought “liberal” meant tolerant and open minded. Thanks for teaching me the true meaning. Liberals are tolerant of anyone who agrees with them and if you support the POTUS like I do are labeled racist, gun nuts, Bible thumpers, or worse. It’s left-wing liberal democrats that think the 1st Amendment only applies to them.

          • Yeah, we’re learning just how tolerant you Lefties are when it comes to people who disagree with you. Examples: the numbers of conservative voices blocked on Facebook, the teenager whose MAGA hat was snatched in Whataburger, the lady who was beaten outside a Trump rally before he was elected, the older conservative man who was beaten at a different Trump rally, the Free Speech advocates who were attacked at Berkeley…gee not enough room here to list all the tolerance you left wing liberals bestow on conservatives. (BTW, this was definitely meant as sarcasm)

          • M it is asked what happened to free speech. I don’t know Let’s ask the commie snowflakes at Berkeley college in commiefornia.

      • Piggy , You must be talking about the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama who illegally sat in our White House for eight long years telling lie after lie and the lame stream liberal media would swear to every lie the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama told . ” you can keep your doctor and your health ins. ” or I’m legal sitting US president ” this fraud and usurper barack husein obama now admits to being born in a foreign country or that is my real birth certificate April 27, 2011 . Just to name a few of the lies this pile of garbage told the American people wile illegally holding office .

      • Now now Piggy, you pulled your panties too tight. Obama is no longer in the oval office. If you look close the President is now Donald Trump. How you got so disgustingly confused I am not sure but I suggest you stop taking hallucinogens.

      • i am sorry peggy that you cannot understand an intelligent, non-politician sitting in the oval office tweeting “like a politician” from the oval office and letting yourself and all your “ilk” go crazy. your sick, unintelligent rhetoric comes from a 5-th grade sandbox. go back and get an education, if possible, and see you later…..much later.

  28. Go, Kellyanne and Sarah, also! Ladies love President Trump! And, love what he doing for our great nation even more! God bless America! MAGA VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER AND FOREVER. SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  29. The fallacy in these “Ne’er Trump‘s” logic is they have one qualification Trump will never have (nor need): they are politicians!

      • Hey Dan T., Diane thinks DJT is losing female support according to national reporting. Should we remind it of the 2016 Presidential Polls and what they meant, a big fat zero, nada, nothing! She said it was because of separating families. Do we need to remind it that Obama did the same thing while he was in the oval office. The MSM keep that under the radar, but fortunately there were enough pictures and verifiable information to prove it is true. When POTUS did it the MSM could not get it out and keep it out there fast enough. They wait on a minute by minute basis hoping to find anything they can use in their vendetta to bring him down. Trump 2020!!! EVERYONE VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER AND FOREVER, SAVE OUR COUNTRY, MAGA!

  30. These RINOs’ still don’t get it. They might be smart but they are dumb. Of all the accomplishments that President Trump had achieved so far for all the people and our country whether they are Democrats or Republicans why are they still feeling so stupid. Do they have common sense at all? Can they be rehabilitated?

  31. These Deep State operatives masquerading as Republicans are stating that they might as well run for President since they have at least as few qualifications for the office as Trump does. If that is what it it takes for them to be convinced how wrong they are, have at.

  32. To identify the character of a RINO, I think we should look at the example of the Koch brothers that stepped out of the closet, revealing their true color that they are entirely for illegal immigration due to the reason of their … cheap labor. That may explain why many RINOs freaked out at Trump victory that rests largely to the fact that he intended to expose the root of the border problem.

    Remember that we were all puzzled at our government inaction with the border issue for more than 30 years. It was until Trump stepped into the national spotlight that revealed everything what they really stand for. Indeed these RINO leaders are actually Democrats in Republican in disguise.

    We have to be very thankful that Trump exposed everything in we see in Paul Ryan, Mitchell McConnell, John McCain, Jeff Flake, and many others. Yes, that is to say that we need to be extra careful how we select the right candidates.

    Strange that these so-called Republicans are not really for MAGA. It is dangerous.

    Trump 2020!

    • Excellently said. Just one point to add. These career politicians don’t get rich off their salaries. They get lots of money from lobbyists. The lobbyists get said money from the big corporations who want laws passed, or not passed as in the case of immigration, because doing so would have a severe negative impact on their profit margins (I.e. they want to keep their source of cheap labor). They don’t care about the ways illegal immigration negatively affects We the People.

  33. Can’t touch this!!!! TRUMP’S untouchable. Why can’t all you HATERS just except your ass whippings and move forward. He’s doing a GREAT jod as our PRESIDENT. President Trump is helping everyone of us as much as he can. Just Quit your crybaby assess, GROW Up!! I’ve never in my lifetime seen such hatefull, self centered people. The truth is most of you Democrates should be ashamed of yourself,. Very childish and you call yourself politians the way you spread HATE, LIE, CHEAT the American people. SHAME on all of you discusting Democrates. Even JESUS is ashamed of you. That’s pathetic!

    • How can you call yourself a Republican and be against the Man in the WHITE House. Look at what he has done so far.
      Come on republicans stand up and be counted.

      • Oh that’s easy because everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. And he lies on himself it’s easy to see just by listening to him. I am not stupid I am a republican but I can never trust a man who lies.

          • Peggy Dwyer is not a Republican, Peggy is the same as Diane, a paid troll and a commie Dem lib. I have never seen a Republican spew such genuine hate and poisonous venom as this Peggy thing, she’s not real. Nasty, evil, thing! Nope, not a Republican!

        • Drop the “daddy” issues and look at how great our economy and our stature in world politics have improved since DJT became POTUS!!!! WE NOW HAVE A PRESIDENT THAT IS SHOWN RESPECT FROM WORLD LEADERS! NO FOOT OR BUTT KISSING FOR TRUMP!!!! THAT AS OBUMMERS BIG MOVE TO ENCITE WORLD DOMINANCE….KISS THEIR BUTTS AND THEN KISS THEIR FEET!!!

          • Tony, Don’t waste time with Peggy Dwyer, paid troll, is here to insult enrage so people reply and it can make $.

        • ditto.

          Trump for the next term and then 8 with Pence leading the way.

          Making America Greater and Greater

          That is MAGG.

        • Is Peggy trying to say Democraps don’t lie. Hahahaha

          There are liars that do nothing but steal your tax dollars and there are truth stretchers that are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

          And, there are a lot of media distortionists that do nothing but distort statements made by Republicans.

        • Peggy, President Trump can lie as much as he wants as long he is delivering as he promised, “make America great again”. Economy rolling full throttle, people are working, buying necessities for family, eating out. Perhaps you might want to open your eyes and ears and don’t get stuck on low gear with your information.

      • Dan God didn’t put Trump in the White House. And if you believe in a God and call yourself Christian then you must know that he has sinned because he lies he Bears false witness it’s one of the Ten Commandments that he continues to break and brake not to mention the one that says Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Keep God damn religion out of f****** politics you a******.

        • Jesus paid for Trump’s sins. We are not his judge. I have sinned plenty. But the Bible says we have an advocate with the Father. My dad fought a war for my right to express my views. You might be a republican, but you are anothae liberal idiot. So shut up

          • No Peggy, you are a Rhino, not a Republican!! You do know it takes an intelligent may who can Lie, and remember what he lied about!!

          • Dan – it’s fake Christians like you that give religion a bad name. So you can go through life and do whatever you want to do and just “ask” for forgiveness and that’s it? How absurd is that? Doesn’t surprise me that you condone this thinking. Organized religion is nothing more than a cult. So is being a Trump supporter.

          • Dan T. You see that last Peggy comment where it brought what it thinks about God. I am telling you that is so close to what Diane said to me it is bizarre. Peggy’s is actually worse than Diane’s because she actually cursed God’s name by using it in profanity. I am sure you have noticed that with both of them the big thing is accusing him of lying. They can’t get it through their thick skulls that DJT faith and any short comings is between him and the Lord, we elected him to MAGA and by golly, that’s just what he is doing!

    • You’re as bad as Trump constantly repeating yourself. you can’t say anything because you don’t know a thing about that man. if you did any historical research on him you would know that he is a misogynist, just lying, fornicating, malignant narcissist a danger to our beautiful country.

      • Peggy, Trump is a true patriot that only loves our country and wants what is best for it. The previous adimistration did its best to ruin our country. It fell woefully short even after spending more money in 8 years than the previous 43 Presidrnys, going on a worldwide apology trip because of the success of our country. Trump has done more for minorities than anyone in the last 50 years. Democrats have kept them perpetually dependent upon the government with their handouts instead of offering them genuine help. All to keep them and the illegal’s votes to stay in power. The Dems and RINO’s don’t give one s… about the minorities. You suck up to scum like Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren and not give Trump one ounce of credit for his myriad of accomplisments.

  34. A Never Trump IS NOT a Republican They are a DEMOCRAT LOSER LIBERAL that tries to make themselves believe they are a Conservative they even try to have the intelligence of a Conservative BUT Can’t quite make the grade. ! Loser LIBERAL

    • Patricia you are as biased as bias can be you drank the Kool-Aid you think that Trump is your god bow down to him and kiss his ass because that’s what you’re going to have to do

      • There were only two viable options running for President so we elected by far the better of the two, now made obvious by his achievements. These two are the ones the primary voters put up for election (well, in the Democrat camp, Hillary and the DNC put up for election) – keep that in mind when the next Presidential primary comes along. Perhaps by then there will be someone more Conservative than Trump running for the nomination. Until then, just be thankful you didn’t wind up with Hillary.

      • @Peggy- hush girl. Your show is slipping and your intelligence level just shined out for everyone to see. Bias? Yeah, we’re biased! Against pro- Democrat sleeve who want to stir up devisive comments from pro Trump, true believers in what this country was built on and stands for. We still “ hold these truths to be self evident”. We still stand for the National Anthem. We still “Pledge allegiance to the flag” and all that it stands for, and the lives that were willingly sacrificed, not only to bring this nation into being, but also to ensure that it endures! We support President Trump, not because he is “our god” as you are want to state, but because he believes in God, and I’m this country, and people like us- who duly elected him by the way. We support h because he not only is making this country great again- as he promised- but because he will continue to make this country even greater! We support him because- in spite of people like you- he has proven himself to be the winner we believed him to be. Bias? Yes, mam, we’re biased. We’re biased in that we want to see this nation returned to greatness it is capable of showing to the rest of the world, something you would never understand. We want this country to be great even for complete idiots such as yourself! If you are so saddened that your Queen did not make it to the White House, I am sorry for your sadness. You are truly blessed that she did not even though you have chosen to blind yourself to the facts. If you are a Democrat you need to look carefully at the cities across the nation that Democrats have controlled for decades, and then take off your blinders to actually look at the destruction and turmoil they have brought, turning each of those cities into dung heaps of corruption and lawlessness, crime-ridden dens of poverty and decay. The Democrats always talk a good game- helping everybody- until after the votes are counted when they return to their hired private security protected mansions to continue to suck their constituents dry, taking even their self esteem and respect away. Give me a break, Peggy, yeah, we’re biased. And proud if it at this point.
        Way to go KellyAnne- great comeback!

        • Peggy and Diane. Sounds like a dyke couple. Two old maids were laying in bed. One said I’ll be frank with you. The other one said”you were frank last night. It’s my turn. “

        • Gunny1951, Wow, wow, wow, love your comment. Thank you for all the work laying your feelings out there. Now the bad news is Peggy Dwyer and Diane are paid trolls making $ from your reply. I have them on “ignore”, they are nasty! I am so glad you wrote the comment and hope all read it.

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