Kellyanne Conway shut down a Never Trumper in one amazing way

Never Trump Republicans refuse to accept the reality that Donald Trump is the leader of the GOP.

So they plot ways to sabotage him.

A reporter asked Kellyanne Conway about one Never Trumpers’ plans to undermine the President and she shut him down in one amazing way.

Conway was quizzed by CRTV’s Eric Bolling about Never Trump ringleader Bill Kristol’s announcement that he was considering running for President.

The White House counselor took all of two words to crush Kristol’s pathetic fantasy.

Never Trump Republicans are desperate for a so-called “Republican” to challenge Trump in the 2020 GOP primary.

Ohio Governor John Kasich and retiring Arizona Senator Jeff Flake are the two names that generate the most buzz.

But Trump commands record levels of support from Republican voters.

Those numbers show elected officials taking on Trump is a suicide mission.

So it could be left to a pundit like Kristol to run against Trump in the GOP primary.

The notion of a Never Trump Republican taking on Trump is absurd.

Never Trump Republicans are RINOS who agree with the Democrats on all the big issues.

Their only guiding principle is sucking up to liberals on social media to win cable news bookings as the “reasonable” Republican.

Some Trump supporters almost wish an establishment RINO like Kristol or Kasich would run against Trump so GOP voters could deliver Never Trumpers the decisive defeat they so richly deserve.

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