Kellyanne Conway told the one truth about Brett Kavanaugh the media wants to hide

The Trump administration is fed up.

Democrats and the media conducted an all-out smear campaign to destroy Judge Brett

Kellyanne Conway showed enough was enough when she went on TV and told a truth the media
and Democrats want to keep hidden.

Conway appeared on CBS This Morning to begin the pushback on the smear campaign against

The allegations against Kavanaugh were unverified and lack credibility.

But the media demanded everyone “believe the women.”

That led Conway – as well as many other Trump supporters – to contend that the accusations
against Kavanaugh were engineered by the Democrat Party to force Kavanaugh to withdraw.

Mediaite reports:

Conway dismissed Ramirez as a “so-called accuser” in her interview on CBS This Morning.

“Indeed, this is starting to feel like a vast left wing conspiracy,” Conway added.

Later on in the interview, Conway was asked if Ramirez “made this up,” and the White House
aide pointed out the “gaps in her knowledge.”

“There’s a great deal of suspicion,” Conway added, arguing the New Yorker report has less
“evidence” than other stories by Ronan Farrow.

Conway was telling the truth.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Farrow admitted Deborah Ramirez only stepped
forward because Democrats sought her out.

Her allegations were more unbelievable than Christine Ford’s claim Kavanaugh tried to rape her
in high school.

Neither the New York Times nor the New Yorker could find a witness to corroborate her story.

Ramirez only came forward with an allegation she herself admitted she couldn’t remember
everything about because the Democrats talked her into it.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It seems to me that you take all of the information and check it out for credibility. BEFORE the investigation has even begun, the LEFT is stating the accusers be believed and that the accused is GUILTY and cannot be believed. This is why the true AMERICANS will NOT vote for the democrats this mid-term because they do NOT RESPECT THE LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

  2. It’s because of the illegals in our country that have, or that soon will have, the right to vote, that we’re in deep trouble. If we plan to survive we must nip this in the bud. Border security and deportation must be the number one goal for us to survive.

  3. My odds are better believing if it’s left, it’s a liar, period and that includes those phony RINOs who try to imply they are “moderate” Republicans or worse “liberal” Republicans of which there’s no such thing.

  4. Did anyone see totally biased “60 minutes” tonight. They had on Coons and his RINO buddy flakey Flake whom he “persuaded” to do what Coons couldn’t get Judge Kavanaugh to do — ask for an FBI investigation. Really mad at the Republicans for ONCE AGAIN letting the corrupt Dems delay this appointment.

  5. Can someone tell me HOW DID THE FBI get to be crooked n kiss ass with the left? I was so sure FBI was the most trusted n their investigated crimes n was the most honest. MONEY, MONEY , POWER they still have. Very scary.

  6. I pray that this woman and the all democrats that are part of this dirty trick against Judge Kavanaugh and his family will suffer a terrible Karma, that no one can imagine. Democrats are too much, they are not human being anymore, they are evils. Lets see if they post my comment.

  7. You want to see riots, well we the people that believe in Judge Kavanaugh and if he is not confirmed the whole makeup of this country will change and its all because of EVIL in Maxine, Chuck, Nancy, Kamala, Booker Durbin, Feinstein and Mazie. They are all the DEVIL and they live in the house with SATAN so my hope is they will not have a minutes piece if Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed. They are all so disgusting and such scabs they will surely pay for their decisions. When you treat people with such disgrace what goes around surly will come around.

    • I do not believe Judge Kananaugh is that kind of man. He will still go by the Constitution and the laws of the land and supporting the Bill of Rights. He has great integrity and I believe he will be one of the very best Supreme Court justices that there has been.

    • I pray that this woman and the all democrats that are part of this dirty trick against Judge Kavanaugh and his family will suffer a terrible Karma, that no one can imagine. Democrats are too much, they are not human being anymore, they are evils. Lets see if they post my comment.

      • There is a fine line between a caress and a grope. The interpretation being in the mind of the recipient.
        This of course leads to a best guess by the perpetrator as to how the female will respond.
        It’s just not fair that a guys character is held hostage by the female whim for guessing wrong!
        Some thoughts on groping:
        Another consideration is timing! One time the lady might be totally receptive to a mans advances and another day she might find them repulsive.
        It works both ways. I have had experiences where women have felt that they had the right to touch me in inappropriate ways.Sometimes a woman will use any way possible (including groping of male parts) to get the male to do her sexual bidding. Often it’s a turnoff and sometimes it is not, mostly not. We don’t complain much because it’s all part of the game.

        Let’s be fair, women who haven’t been able to curb their sexual needs do it too!

        Extreme provocation called Twerking. Touch her and you get branded a pervert!

        The worst is when a women cries (Christine Blasey Ford) that she was groped 36 years ago. The timing is questionable as the revelation apparently was designed to derail the Kavenaugh confirmation. Ford is a known extreme liberal activist!
        She also claims to have attended at least 10 parties where groping took place. 10 parties? Must have approved attending them to keep going 10

  8. We probably will never know if Kavanaugh is guilty of ALL the charges. Or maybe even most of them. Even a few of them. But there is simply getting to be TOO MUCH smoke around this guy to be able to credibly dismiss all of it.

    • Why don’t we talk about Senator Blumenthal who lied about going to Vietnam and being in service. Blumenthal should be in jail for this lie. He never was in service and made up a story. What about Dianne Frankenstein who had a Chinese driver, a spy for China, so her husband, CBRE, Richard Ellis, could get many developments with the Chinese. And what about the Clintons=criminals of the highest caliber. And what about Keith Ellison, friend of Louis Farrakan, who beat up his girl friend and her doctor reported this beating by Ellison to the police. I could go on and on with the Democrats who have smeared a man who had 6 FBI background checks and came up clean each time. The Democrats are facist party with George Soros, the puppet master, pulling the strings and paying everyone money to smear our President and Kavanaugh. We no longer have a two party system. We have a facist party in Congress who call themselves Democraps.

      • I know all about Blumenthal,being from Ct. First I am ashamed of all the politicians from Ct. They are all crooked democrats. Esty with her sex offender,Tricky Dick rambo Blumenthal who was a lawyer in marine reserves. All his time was in DC. Became crooked AG for state and filed enough lawsuit against companies till most said screw you and left the state. Rosa Delora is just crazy. Cannot remember anything she said one minute to next. Murphy is a plain old liar. Walk across Ct on wrong side of road. Hope he gets hit bay car. The rest are just nuts. Follow party lines like puppies

    • When the smoke clears and it will because all three of these accusers have huge memory lapses and no credible witnesses to their hollow charges, Judge Kavanaugh will be appointed to the Supreme Court.

    • richman: Are you really that dense? Cannot you read with a modicum of comprehension? What if I told you that I knew someone who saw you steal a diamond ring the last time you were in a jewelry store? Am I to be believed? And don’t tell me that the democraps and their minions do not tell lies. Look at their history! The entire democrap party is based on a lie and deception.

    • Your comment is a bunch of smoke and mirrors.


      “Ramirez only came forward with an allegation she herself admitted she couldn’t remember
      everything about because the Democrats talked her into it.”

      More like they offered her enough money to lie.

    • That’s what happens when you let the crooked liberals use these women to falsify these accusations . Get the Rhinos to grant more time so they can concoct more. Bullshit. Your a fool if you trust these asshole Demorats

    • So typical. The Democrat mantra is: The GRAVITY of the charges (accusations) is too great to ignore (in other words, because someone lies about you, you are presumed guilty). Just criminal stupidity. You are a total ignoramus to believe that. Then the Democrats always say when the lie is exposed AFTER it ruined someone’s election run: “Well, it worked, didn’t it?” That was Harry Reid about his lies regarding Romney. Worthless liars the Democrats are.

    • Not if you know how sleezy the Democrats have been in last 2 years

      Plus you have George Soros and T Steyer have put hundreds of millions into getting rid of Trump…this to be accomplished by casting doubts on his ability to pick good people to help run the government.

    • Too much smoke?so a woman comes out 36 years later,15 year old drinker.cant remember most of what she should,but you see too much smoke?liberals suck

    • What smoke are you referring to? You did not put up any facts. There are no facts. There is no evidence that links Kavanaugh to Ford’s allegations. If you know of some thing the rest of us don’t please share it. I am sure the FBI would love to talk to you. It is people like you who spread fake news and confuse the issue. If you can convict a person just on some ones word, I hope you never get called to be on a jury. You would convict without any evidence. You are an anti-American idiot.

    • Well put. Spineless rinos
      GET to work republicans and do what the people voted you into office for.
      Confirm judge Brett KAVANAUGH now!
      If there have been no accusations on him in the past 30 years this is not him doing what Ford has accused him of. Get a grip.

  9. The thing that is most reprehensible in all this is that the side-show that the Democrats have turned this into will cause REAL victims to not want to come forward in future hearings. Not to mention that the statute of limitations is long past, making these allegations impossible to even be investigated.

  10. If any one of us were victims, how many could expect the Democrats to help us? We would not see justice unless we have enough wealth to hire lawyers.
    Democrats must be intimidating their own ; I cannot believe that ALL of them believe the crap that has come out. It will be interesting to see how many vote for confirmation.
    Sad that they won’t have the courage to represent the people who elected them. They are too cowardly to stand up for the truth, or they are liars. Either way, they should be booted out.

  11. Confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh now. These accusations that are coming out now are FALSE. These women have turned into slime’s of this earth and have sunk to a new low for accepting pay for their lies. Now they are saying guys lined up outside a dorm room to rape a girl, this is totally false, there are people in charge of these dorms and would never allow this to happen, more fake accusations. This was brought on by Aviannti an attorney that wants to run for President, no way should he ever be allowed on the ballot. Confirm Judge Kavanaugh NOW and lets get on with our lives.

    • My question on this new allegation, led by this liar his client in college claims rape by underage kids..Really,, who raped who..sounds like shes the guilty one or just plain Damn stupid..Going back to a party that she knows is going on to get herself that’s a dumb ass

  12. Has Stormy Daniels accused Kavanaugh of attacking her too yet? Wonder how much money these bimbos are receiving from the demoncrats to perjure themselves. The only promise the democrats and their corporate media comrades have kept is to work full time to stop whatever President Trump tries to do.

  13. I admit that I am a Neanderthal. Having said that, being a Neanderthal compared to what
    is going on today is a good thing.

    The hard fought campaigns were just as sleazy but they were orchestrated within the United States . Today, there is a heavy blanket of globalism thrown, covering fact, truth and decency. As a neanderthal, I never witnessed senators and their families
    being bullied and forced out of restaurants. I never heard of the candidates having
    threats of death not only for themselves but for their family. Rioters smashing, burning and looting various buildings. Mobs forming and insulting with profane words
    that come from the swamp. Sadly, the love of country, the pledge allegiance and the
    National Anthem will never be installed in the hearts of the young kids today.
    Every intelligent person can understand what this Neanderthal is saying.
    Through all this, I still say: GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  14. Time is up! Vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford and Ms. Deborah Ramirez. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

      • I smell a setup by the left, and George Soros money. There are some things you never forget, and if Judge Kavanaugh had done what these women claim, they would remember every detail.The majority of us would never forget something bad that happened, in our lives. even when we were small children.

    • Well put. Spineless rinos
      GET to work republicans and do what the people voted you into office for.
      Confirm judge Brett KAVANAUGH now!
      If there have been no accusations on him in the past 30 years this is not him doing what Ford has accused him of. Get a grip.

  15. I am just furious. Every story is more than the first. If there was gang rapes in High School no children from such a happening or proof of an abortion. Attempted Rape, Showing his male part, and now gang rapes. Next there will be men stating they were abused. It has to stop!!!

  16. Take a vote on Kavanaugh already! Spineless GOP at work here! If it were the Demoncrats they would of told the GOP that elections have consequences! So f**k off GOP girly men! Freaking Deep State RINOs!!!!

    • I looked up what was required for a confirmation for a Supreme Court Judge. I was quite surprised. Look it up, they don’t need the democrats ok, they have the majority just like the Dems did when O’bama care was made law. The rules are pretty much open, you don’t even need a law degree.

  17. Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment is too important for our country to survive therefore, the Republicans must make the appointment and let the chips fall where they may.
    That being said, Jeff Flake, is an absolute INBRED of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, which is putting the Democrat Scumbags before our country.
    It is my wish when the man calls, you Rot In HELL.

    • What is taking place with the types of people that been running our great ,are the types of people ,that all need to be investigated ,from the time they been in High School,till the time they have gotten into politics ,till when those types of people gotten in power,and I for one fell that that most of them could pass the test ,like what has and still going on with Brett Kavanaugh ,and not to mention what has and still going on with our president today ,after almost two years,and with those Democrats and liberals ,that are all behind all this evil good for nothing crap,need to be all removed from the Jobs they hold,before they bring more shame on themselves ,as it is showing the world what types of people we have running our country,as this kind of crap has been going on for decades ,and why we the people in our country have never seen the changes we been looking and waiting for to come,in our country,And now we are seeing why ,and we also know those types of people behind it,and who they are ,as their names and faces are well known to all of we the people in our country,and those are true facts,and nothing false about it.

  18. Soros has been giving BILLIONS to date to a few left wing Anti-Pres Trump groups to further their agendas, well, his agendas. I doubt there is a paper trail, he’s too sinister for that. This entire game the Dems are playing, it’s as disgraceful as Soros himself. I can just hear Killary cackling as she watches this play out. She’s the truly evil one in that family, foolish Bill is a guy who just finds its impossible to keep a certain appendage in his pants, except with Killary.

    • Soros can easily afford to pay each accuser 1 million dollars for them to testify against Judge Kavanaugh. They would have money enough to take care of their needs and get off free and clear. Leaving the dark cloud to hang over Judge Kavanaugh & his family for a long time. What a shame if we allow this to continue.

    • They’ve been paid or have a promise of high salaried jobs for doing little work. It may be jobs to their husbands,etc. Dint know the legalities concerning civil suitsof slander,but I would certainly consider it against these hucksters. The next liar to come forward will say kavanaugh and Ronald McDonald kidnapped her and assaulted her with a big mac

      • Remember who started this crap one of our deranged California Democratic “Representatives” California needs a drastic purge of its Demo POliticians if thats what you want to call them, I have many other names and identifiers for them, they remind me of Hitlers Brown Shirts!

      • I cannot believe what is happening to our political system. WHAT LIARS the Demorats have become. I hope that Judge Kav sues the hell out of all of them including Fineshit. They deserve it. WHAT A MOCKERY!!!!!!!!!

  19. A third accuser came forward today, so some of you need to start denigrating her in advance, because if anyone, including the mother of Jesus said she witnessed this behavior from Brett, you would not believe it.

    Julie Swetnick, who alleges that she witnessed aggressive drunken behavior toward women by Brett Kavanaugh and his best friend, Mark Judge, and that she was raped at one of their house parties. Avenatti and Swetnick are demanding a full FBI investigation before any confirmation vote.

      • Pretty good question. I wonder how Brett knew they weren’t republicans? Really people stop being so dishonest, everyone knows what is going on? How can you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.

      • They HAVE. About 70 of them that knew Kavanaugh have come forward. THEY have clear memory of the reasons for their belief in him, UNLIKE the “accusers”, who don’t remember where they were or even if it was Kavanaugh, yet they persist. All the supporting individuals named by any of these accusers have stated that they were never in such a situation and don’t believe it ever happened. and many more have joined the first 65, I think it is well over a hundred at this point.

    • As a woman, one who has experienced sexual predatory behavior (as most of us have, sadly), and as a woman working in the criminal/judiciary system for over thirty years, we need to understand that uncorroborated accusations, no matter how many you stack up on each other, not only unfairly harm the accused, and make it impossible to defend, but they also deeply harm the bona fide woman victims who become even LESS believed when allegations like this are entertained. Thiis travesty is detrimental to all men AND women alike. The innocent of both genders are the ones who suffer. And the evil marches on. It pits women against men, when we should stand against the evil. Common sense. Be careful when you start to let your politics interfere with logic and simple golden rule standards.

      • Hilda, I think these accusers are getting paid handsomely, for taking one for the team democrats. There was a very good question posed earlier. How did Brett only know to assault democratic women, what are the odds?

    • Julie, I am an American first, a woman second, a republican third and retired law enforcement, I therefore hold certain standards to judge the truth for myself. First YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, that has been the American way for centuries. Secondly you have to meet the standard of what is proof. There are numerous studies out that show eyewitness testimony isn’t always reliable, it helps after the physical evidence is presented, but doesn’t in itself prove everything. Also there are studies out there that shows memories can be manipulated by an unethical therapist and that a person can talk themselves into believing a lie. All the accusations lack two things, physical proof and detailed information. Every single woman survivor I’ve talked to vividly remembers her assault, not vague recollections.

    • What a joke. The FBI is corrupt. Can’t trust them to do the right thing. Judge Kav has already had 6 investigations into his background. When is the nonsense going to end. Judge Kav needs to sue them all who accuses him and sue them big time.

  20. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! These liars need to be sued for liable and defamation of character. What they are saying are all lies. Judge Kavanaugh needs to have a vote so that he can assume his rightful position as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

  21. This is a straight forward sleaze job against Kavanaugh plain and simple. The Democrats have literally turned communist and are not shying away letting America know about it. You can see they relish that we know their scum and they are smiling knowing the media will back their sleaze game 100%. Vote Red Folks our nation is being attacked by anti-American haters who have taken over the Democratic Party.

    • Hey what about Booker? He’s an admitted abuser, why is he still on the committee? Where’s all the screamin’ and protesting about him? I hope this just isn’t a white thing! Isn’t that discrimination?

      • That’s what I would like to know. Booker in his earlier years was as unlawful as they come. He has been in prison, but has hidden that information.

  22. On the way to Vietnam in 1964-65-66-67 I stopped in Hawaii for some R&R and heard a rumor that “Mazie” was servicing the troops.

    I think the Senate should investigate this rumor and determine if it’s (Senator) Mazie, or not.

    This is absolutely the way she and most all Demented-Dems think; i.e., guilty before proven innocent of charges that have no WHAT, WHEN, WHERE or HOW attributes.

    Are there any Vietnam Vets who hear the same rumor . . . or participated?

    • Good job, Richard. But looking at the ugly beyotch no one in their right mind would come forward and say “she put her lips on my penis.” F Democrats. Until Bill Clinton is prosecuted I could not care less about any “sexual contact” or especially Democrat #MeToo BS.

    • yes the Dems are trying anything they can .They are a bunch of liers and should beput under oath and lets see if they want to lie. Or even better let them take a lie detector test and lets see.

  23. Enougfh of the “They go low, we go high” mentality. It is time we conservative feed the left their own medicine. Make sure they never get another SC appointment without multiple accusations, start PROTESTING the leftist politicians wherever they may go (restaurants, gasoline stations, grocery stores, etc.). Let them eat their own medicine.

    • It seems like all of the snakes are climbing out of the den, and I for one, can say that I wondered just how long it would take for the SCUM to erupt, and now it has,,,,,,,Seems like a few individuals that were envious of Judge Kavanagh back when he was a student,,,,envy is a green snake that too many people turn into when they are not dedicated enough to be the type of student that I envision Judge Kavanagh was, and has been his whole life! The allegations now being expressed are more on the level of those that Crooked Hilly and her entarouje would spew forward. They have found a way to walk under the belly of a snake and not tickle his belly! From the diabolically evil Ms. Weinstein thru Avenatti, Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Nadler, Brennan, Clapper, Slick Willy, Crooked Hilly, Horrendous Holder, the Big Zero, and all NINE of the BETRAYERS THAT SOLD USA URANIUM to RUSSIA, and then ACCEPTED $145,000,000,00 in donations from Russian sources!!! Cannot forget Crooked Comey, McComb, and the two cozy lovers that were trying their utmost to railroad President Trump. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE BELONG NEXT CELL OVER FROM CRIMINAL COSBY!!!

  24. I think it is high time to set an example of one of those “Nice”(ha, ha) girls and sue them for whatever will get their attention. When it comes out that they have or will receive something of value for their story go for jail time. Then others may take a second look at their accusations.

    • Totally agree Robert. Makes you wonder how value has been received for their accusations? Not to mention the timing of these accusations.

    • Confirm Brett Kavanaugh.
      I think that is what needs to be done.
      Do the same to these commiecrat senators.
      Think I will make that my life mission
      I am absolutely DONE tolerating this BS

  25. How low can the (D)’s go>>> They can’t go any lower because they have proven they are the lowest form of animals on earth…disgusting beyond imagination by any common sense American !
    Wake up America and call your Senators (202)224-3121 demand they approve Brett Kavanaugh ! Don’t forget to vote in 2018 elections or the slimy (D)’s will take America down a path of destruction !

  26. It is only Tuesday….the DEMORATS could come up with even more liars by Thursday..

      • So, what you are saying is the since Kavanaugh went to Yale, he is a rapist? And that he mentally traumatized women? Certainly some evidence that Kavanaugh and his buddy, Mark Judge, gave females alcohol and/or drugs and then molested girls under the influence. Why not make Bill Cosby a SCOTUS judge?

  27. The lefties are a bunch of lost souls just grabbing at anything and if they can’t grab anything they pay people to make things up. So sad…

  28. She even admits to being drunk, how does that help her memory 35 years later. Also after spending hours with her lawyer so she could get her story straight.

  29. With the shenanigans that the left has been doing since Trump was elected President ,is Damn disgrace to any SANE thinking
    American, I wouldn’t stoop that low as to vote for these left wing idiots,more and more people are realizing just how low class they really are

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