Kellyanne Conway took the gloves off after Kamala Harris drew this line in the sand

Kamala Harris is trying to play the traditional Vice-Presidential role of attack dog.

But like every position she tried to fill in this administration, nothing went according to plan.

And now Kellyanne Conway took the gloves off after Kamala Harris drew this line in the sand.

Kamala Harris tries to make the entire election about abortion 

The only issue that polls show Joe Biden holding a definitive lead over Donald Trump is the issue of abortion.

Thanks to a combination of lies and gas lighting, Democrats filled Americans’ heads with falsehoods about abortion being healthcare and that pro-Life laws will get women killed.

Kamala Harris took those lies to Pennsylvania – which is what polls as the pivotal swing state on the map.

Harris – of course – made a fool out of herself.

At first Harris feigned outrage claiming she was fed up talking about abortion.

“You know, I’m so fed up with this sometimes because I’m on the road full-time talking about this and other issues,” Harris declared.

The only issue Biden’s handlers trust her to talk about without breaking into nails on a chalkboard cackle is abortion-on-demand.

She literally has only one job.

Harris then tried to crack a joke about her visit to an abortion mill and how funny she found it, telling her press corps to be ready for words like “ovaries” and “fallopian tubes.”

“When I went to that reproductive clinic, it was a long day. And the press was there and I said, let me just tell you. And you guys are gonna have to be ready for this, ready for certain language. And I said very loudly, ‘Ovaries! And fallopian tubes! Fibroids!’ And it was the funniest thing, for me at least,” Harris added.

Only Kamala Harris could find snuffing out babies’ lives in the womb humorous.

Kellyanne Conway responds 

Jesse Watters had Conway on his Fox News show and asked her to respond to Harris finding abortion hilarious.

“Do you think American voters are ready to hear about fallopian tubes for the next six months?” Watters asked.

Conway wasn’t in a laughing mood.

Conway told Watters Democrats were going round the bend on abortion thinking that every woman in America is only motivated to vote based on abortion-on-demand.

“No, of course not. They’ll overplay their hand. They finally found something she can actually say, even for more than a minute without a teleprompter. But seriously speaking, they’ll overplay this. Now she’s the abortion czar – always with this Russian title to break an issue,” Conway began.

Conway added that Harris only talking about women as if they have a one track mind insults their intelligence.

“By the way, Kamala Harris makes America’s women feel smart. Jesse, thanks for playing that clip for no other reason. I just feel smarter right now. All of us women do. I like the party– the Republican Party speaks to me from the waist up where my eyes, my ears, my heart, and my mouth are. She wants to talk to everybody from the waist down only. And she just proved that,” Conway concluded.

Both Gallup and Pew track the issues that voters think are the most pressing problems in America.

Neither poll found Americans listing abortion.

If Democrats are going to wage a single-minded campaign around the issue of promoting abortion-on-demand up until birth – an extreme position that fewer than 20 percent of Americans support – then Donald Trump will have an open field to communicate his message to the other 80 percent of voters.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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