Kelsey Grammer made one confession about Frasier that caught everyone off guard

Frasier is one of the greatest sitcom characters of all time.

Now the beloved psychiatrist is entering another decade of cracking up fans.

And Kelsey Grammer made one confession about Frasier that caught everyone off guard.

Dr. Frasier Crane – played by actor Kelsey Grammer – has been cracking up audiences since he first appeared on Cheers.

After headlining his own spinoff sitcom for 11 seasons on NBC, Frasier is back for a revival on Paramount+.

The side-splitting psychiatrist left Seattle to return to Boston, where both Cheers and the new show takes place.

Kelsey Grammer feels vindicated by Frasier’s success 

Grammer told PEOPLE that it felt great to be back in the saddle playing the iconic of Frasier Crane.

“It feels great, it feels great,” Grammer said. “And my wife reminded me today, she said, ‘You know what? A month ago you didn’t think, ‘I’m just going to be picking this up again.'”

Bringing back the series after nearly 20 years, there were questions if the revival could capture the comedy magic of the original.

Several of the main cast members from the series didn’t make it into the update.

David Hyde Pierce – who played Niles Cranes – passed on joining the series and John Mahoney – who played Frasier’s dad – passed away in 2018. 

Frasier’s ex-wife Dr. Lilith Sternin – played by Bebe Neuwirth – and his friend Roz Doyle – played by Peri Gilpin – are back in the revival.  

“There was a sense of, I’m trying to think of the right word, vindication,” Grammer explained. “In my heart, I thought, ‘I know we can do this and I know we can do it really well.’ And I didn’t want to do what some of the other shows had done, sort of come back and be the same show. I thought this all played exactly how it was meant to be.”

“And Frasier’s still alive, and he has a new story to tell and a new series of people to do it with, and it’s been fantastic,” Grammer added.

In February, Paramount+ announced that the show was greenlit for a second season.

Unclear what was happening with the series

Grammer admitted that lines of communication with Paramount+ weren’t as clear as they were when the show was on NBC.

“Because Paramount+ has been going through its whatever, and so we were out of the loop. And communication doesn’t exist like it used to in the old network,” Grammer stated. “At least the network relationship I used to have, was one that was pretty open and we communicated a lot. So this has been an interesting time.”

One of the funniest sitcom characters of all time is back for one last round of hijinks.

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