Kevin Costner made a major career decision that left fans asking this important question

Kevin Costner revived his career by starring in the hit series Yellowstone.

Now he’s following his dreams after his stunning exit.

And Kevin Costner made a major career decision that left fans asking this important question.

Actor Kevin Costner was on top of the world playing John Dutton on the Paramount+ smash hit, Yellowstone.

But his messy split with the show opened the door for him to pursue a passion project he’s been working on since 1988.

Kevin Costner leading multipart Western epic 

Inspired by classic films like How the West Was Won, Costner is releasing a Western called epic, Horizon: An American Saga, which he co-wrote the script for, starred in, and directed. 

Costner walked away from Yellowstone in part because of scheduling issues with Horizon.

The first two films are being released this year, with the plan for two more movies to create a 12 – hour epic on how the American West was settled beginning during the Civil War.

Costner floated the idea of fans eventually being able to watch all four movies in one sitting at the theaters.

“Maybe a year and a half, two years from now, they will come (to theaters) for 12 hours,” Costner said.

Business expert Eric Schiffer told Fox Business that Costner is pressing his luck by asking fans to spend half a day in a movie theater.

“To sit in a movie theater, even if there’s a small intermission, it sounds like Costner needs to be paying people to go,” Schiffer remarked. “It’s wacky, it’s crazed, and it’s inconsistent with modern-day reality.”

He added that having fans watch four movies in a row is “a threat to the estate of Kevin Costner. It’s the financial kiss of death.”

Costner bets big on the success of his new movie

Court documents from Costner’s divorce revealed that he put $20 million of his own money into getting Horizon off the ground.

And he gave up the lead role on one of the most popular shows on television.

Achilles Public Relations founder Doug Eldridge said Costner could ride the wave of interest in Westerns created by Yellowstone to big success with his new movie.

“The hunger for Westerns is seeing a surge in popularity that it hasn’t enjoyed since the 1960s,” Eldridge explained. “Yellowstone was a key driver in that revival, and Costner was at the heart of the hit series. He is doubling down on that popularity — both for himself and for the genre — in ​the creation of Horizon. I predict it will be a monster hit, and Costner will cash in, commercially and critically.”

Time will tell if leaving Yellowstone behind to make Horizon will prove to be the right decision by the veteran actor.

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