Kevin Costner made this huge career-changing announcement about Yellowstone

Yellowstone is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular TV shows of the 21st century.

The show was set to air its final episodes.

But now Kevin Costner made this huge career changing announcement about Yellowstone.

Kevin Costner discusses Yellowstone’s future 

Yellowstone is set to wrap up its run this November when its final episodes air.

As it currently stands, Costner’s John Dutton character isn’t slated to appear in the series conclusion.

Costner and series creator Taylor Sheridan couldn’t come to agreement on a filming schedule that worked around Costner being on set for the first two films of Horizon: An American Saga, a four-part film series about the settlement of the American West.

The first two movies come out this June and August.

Costner’s begun his promotional tour, and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Costner revealed that his character’s status for the finale still sits in limbo.

“No, we haven’t [talked],” Costner says of him and Sheridan.

The odds of Costner appearing in the final for Yellowstone don’t look good.

It’s recently been reported that Costner isn’t waiting to see the box office returns on the first two Horizon films.

Costner knows that because of Yellowstone’s success, he will never be hotter than he is right now.

That’s why he’s getting the money together now to film the final two Horizon films on the idea that financial backers will see a movie set in the West starring Costner as a viable gamble based on how the audiences responded to Yellowstone.

Costner not closing the door on a return to the Sheridan-verse

Costner praised Sheridan – who also currently produced hit shows like Tulsa King and the Mayor of Kingstown – and said he would be open to working with him again in the future.

“He’s doing special work in a lot of different ways. He’s very prolific about the things he does, and if he sees me in something that he wants to do, I’ll look at it just the way I did Yellowstone and maybe we will end up doing something together,” Costner said. 

“He likes a lot of the things that I like, and the idea of us working together is not out of the question for me. The subjects he chooses are very interesting to me. I like a lot of that stuff,” Costner added.

Costner said just because Yellowstone is wrapping up doesn’t mean the story can’t continue.

And in fact, Sheridan has the spinoff 2024 rumored to be starring Matthew McConaughey set to debut, and this series picks up right where Yellowstone leaves off.

Costner hinted that his John Dutton character could appear in this series if all the stars align.

Yellowstone stands as something that could continue. But that is a Taylor question. But other things that he’s doing I think are really, really good. He likes the same subjects that I do,” Costner concluded.

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