Kevin O’Leary revealed one awful reality about Gavin Newsom that confirmed the worst

Gavin Newsom is considered one of the rising political stars in the Democrat Party.

But his record in California could be the end of national political ambitions. 

And Kevin O’Leary revealed one awful reality about Gavin Newsom that confirmed the worst. 

Kevin O’Leary says that California has become a third-world country

O’Leary Ventures chairman Kevin O’Leary is back in California filming the next season of the hit ABC reality show Shark Tank.

The legendary investor has become an outspoken critic of what’s happening in California and its cities like San Francisco.

Once one of the country’s crown jewels, San Francisco has become the poster child for the third worldification of America under Democrats.

The Shark Tank star revealed the ugly reality about the city during an appearance on the Fox Business show Cavuto: Coast to Coast.

“Walk around San Francisco,” O’Leary said. “It is not America anymore. It just isn’t.”

The city is overrun with homelessness, crime, and drugs that have caused residents and businesses to flee.

O’Leary blamed the failed policies of the city’s leadership for San Francisco’s descent into third-world conditions.

“What a wasteland. All of these places shutting down,” O’Leary lamented. “It is not a partisan argument. When a Walgreens shuts down and a drug store shuts down and a convenience store shuts down, a bodega shuts down, that’s nothing to do with whether you’re blue or red.”

O’Leary rips Gavin Newsom for policy failures

O’Leary challenged anyone to visit San Francisco and see how bad things have gotten in the city.

“Don’t listen to me. Go try it out,” O’Leary said. “You wouldn’t run a convention in San Francisco. You have to take an Uber one block to your hotel, or you get executed.”

The blame for the city’s decline fell on the shoulders of the local leadership and California Governor Gavin Newsom – a former Mayor of San Francisco.

California has a $20-an-hour fast food minimum wage law that went into effect in April, which eliminated more than 10,000 jobs and closed countless restaurants.

“It’s a mistake, it’s a Gavin Newsom mistake,” O’Leary said about the law.

“It’s not just fast food and convenient dining that’s shutting down because they’re unprofitable at $20 a minimum wage,” O’Leary explained. “Lots of other businesses are leaving that state.”

The Shark Tank star said that he stopped investing in California because of the state’s hostile business climate.

He noted that residents and businesses in the state are relocating to business-friendly Republican-controlled states like Tennessee, Florida, and Texas.

“It [California] is not a place to do business. It’s not in business,” O’Leary said.

Newsom has designs on running for national office as he’s built his political profile traveling the country and picking fights with Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“I think Gavin Newsom, for his interest in running for president, should probably fix California now, because everybody in the country has figured out that place is a disaster,” O’Leary stated.

California resembles a third-world country more than America because of the socialist policies of the Democrats running the state.

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