Key Joe Biden allies just got caught covering up this sex scandal involving a child

All hell is breaking loose in Washington, D.C.

Just weeks into the new administration and the scandals are already piling up.

And key Joe Biden allies just got caught covering up this sex scandal involving a child.

The Lincoln Project was a Super PAC formed by failed Republican strategists to help elect Joe Biden and make the founders filthy rich.

While their ads had little impact on the election, the group’s founders succeeded on the second front, with $50 million of the $90 million raised by the Lincoln Project flowing to companies owned by the Lincoln Project’s founders.

By now the Lincoln Project is in turmoil after The New York Times reported one of the founders – former John McCain chief strategist John Weaver – groomed young men for sexual relationships including one who was 14-years-old at the time Weaver first reached out to him.

The Lincoln Project’s other co-founders released a statement decrying Weaver and claiming they had no knowledge of his predatory behavior.

But those denials collapsed when the Associated Press broke the news that in June 2020 the group’s leaders were made aware in writing and through follow-up phone calls of 10 allegations of harassment – including two by Lincoln Project staffers – against Weaver.

It completely obliterated their claims to be “shocked” when the accusations were first made public earlier this year.

The group’s founders saw their golden goose dying and raced to put out a statement claiming they hired a top flight law firm to conduct an audit of the group and recommend best practices going forward to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

Few found this statement believable after the reports surfaced that Weaver’s partners allegedly looked the other way when confronted with allegations that Weaver was a creep who preyed on young men.

And many believe the only justifiable accountability is for the group to go away, the guilty to face criminal prosecution, and the enablers to see their funding dry up.

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