KFC is ready to start a war with Wendy’s with this brutal announcement

KFC considers itself the leader when it comes to fast food chicken.

But other chains have tried to encroach on its territory over the years.

Now KFC is ready to start a war with Wendy’s with this brutal announcement.

Another fast food war is getting underway over saucy chicken nuggets 

In 2019, a chicken sandwich war broke out between fast food chains when Popeye’s introduced their chicken sandwich.

Popeye’s chicken sandwich became a sensation and the chain sold out of it in two weeks.

Chick-fil-A picked a fight with Popeye’s on social media by claiming they were the original chicken sandwich.

Popeye’s fired back and the chicken sandwich war began.

Their fast-food competitors rushed to join the craze, with more than 15 chains introducing new or improved chicken sandwiches over the next year.

Now another fast-food war could be breaking out over saucy chicken nuggets.

Chicken nuggets are one of the most popular items at any fast food restaurant that carries them.

But fans were usually stuck with one flavor, or if they were lucky, there was a spicy option.

KFC launches saucy nuggets and Wendy’s responds  

KFC was a latecomer to chicken nuggets after putting them on the menu last year.

In April, the Kentucky-based chain introduced its Saucy Nuggets in five flavors.

Instead of having to dip the nuggets in a sauce, they came tossed in it like boneless wings.

The Saucy Nuggets come in Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce, Honey Sriracha, or Korea BBQ flavors. 

Some would argue that KFC’s new Saucy Nuggets were just boneless wings.

But chicken nuggets fans had a choice if they wanted something more than plain or spicy. 

And that could be a big deal for some customers.

Technomic’s Flavor Consumer Trend Report found that 34% of consumers consider sauces and condiments when picking where to eat.

Wendy’s announced that they were launching a new line of Saucy Nuggs tossed in one of seven flavors – Honey BBQ, Spicy Honey BBQ, Garlic Parm, Spicy Garlic Parm, Buffalo, Spicy Buffalo, and Spicy Ghost Pepper.

KFC wasn’t going to be outdone by Wendy’s in the saucy chicken nuggets fight.

The same day that Wendy’s Saucy Nuggs debuted nationwide, KFC announced it was adding Honey BBQ as a flavor of Saucy Nuggets and promised a “saucy summer.”

And KFC U.S. CMO Nick Chavez suggested that more flavors were on the way.

“In response to requests from our customers, we’re rolling out our popular Honey BBQ sauce on our nuggets. KFC guests have loved our Saucy Nuggets and we’re excited to continue to introduce new flavors into the mix,” Chavez said in a statement. “Our Saucy Nuggets are made the KFC way – starting with our 100% white meat chicken nuggets, hand-breaded by our cooks with our distinctive Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices and sauced to perfection.”

KFC also took a shot at Chick-fil-A by noting it’s open on Sunday and offering free delivery that day.

Saucy chicken nuggets could’ve ignited the biggest fast food war since the chicken sandwich.

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