Kim Jong Un just got the worst news of his life

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un believed he could threaten the world into accepting his tyrannical rule.

He calculated that a nuclear stockpile would ward off any threats to his regime.


  1. Was this Trump executive order before or after he told the world that he, President Trump and his friend, Jung Un, had fallen in love? “What can I say? We fell in Love!” That’s OUR President, doesn’t he just make you PROUD? Spin that one – We know you will! Have A Nice Day! And PS. Don’t forget, it’s President Trump who told the Christians who gave him a standing ovation that Jesus was WRONG!

  2. Kim Jong Un may be close to death, but what will happen if he dies? He recently patched things up with his sister and allowed her to come back from the re-education camp that he sent her to. He killed his brother and his children are too young to replace him! So who would be in a good position to replace him?

  3. Not quite correct. MacArthur requested authority to use nukes to stop a Chinese invation, if necessary. It was believed that with this authority the Chinese would have withdrawn, and the war ended. However, Truman was concerned that a successful MacArthur would then run for President and be elected as a national hero. So, instead of merely denying MacArthur’s request, Truman fired him. That single act cost thousands of American lives, and set up a brutal NC dictatorship for over 50 years.

  4. I was an Artillery Officer with the 3rd Div in Korea. Many times I called for Fire on supply lines of the Geeks, but they would not fire, why?? Are we paying for it now???

  5. While hoping they will assist, we should remember: there would be no North Korea but for China’s invasion of Korea in Fall 1950. I suspect a major driver was the chilling thought of healthy, prosperous Koreans all along the south bank of the Yalu.

  6. MacArthur wanted to nuke North Korea over sixty years ago. Truman stopped him for fear of upsetting North Korea’s protector, China. North Korea has been emboldend to make its blustering threats ever since.

  7. I doubt it would be necessary to nuke NK. We have conventional weapons that could do the job without creating a radioactive wasteland. Think MOAB.

  8. What WOULD happen if we nuked ’em?… It would likely start a chain reaction resulting in WWIII. It may make every other nation (like Russia, China, etc.) fear Trump’s finger on the little red button, and what if he targeted THEM next? They don’t exactly have a running history of levelheadedness that I would trust them to NOT attack us first.

  9. If push comes to shove instead of sending our young men and women over there to get killed we should just nuke the whole damn country as over the years they have cost us many thousand young people and hundreds of billion dollars. Enough already.

  10. Mr Trump may be doing it right but I’m kind of a different cat. I say its time to drop the leaflets. They should provide the following ” we advise you in North Korea we want you to be free and live like your brothers and sister in SK. You now have 30 days to find safe spaces all away from Military and Nuclear sites. We will help you rebuild after the Annihilation” Twilight’s last gleaming is coming!

  11. HE, “rocketman”, like radical Muslim children, was indoctrinated by his Father, Kim Jong “mentally” IL and his Grandfather to be the nice little Communist dictator he came up to be.

  12. He probably broke down and cried because his toys, his missiles, are now being put in storage and no more hand clapping,”Gee I’m great” smiles. “Okay you peasants Big smiles and loud hand clapping for your leader!”

  13. He may not be right in the head and should be taken seriously. What I don’t understand he lived in Switzerland for many years and was exposed to a great country with everything a person needs. Why could he not take some of that back to his country and develop NK to a 21 Century country?

  14. Un is a menacing thug! Don’t accept his threats, he is stupid enough to put something into action that could harm us or our allies. Clinton, Bush and Obozo did nothing but placate him. Trump won’t put up with his bullying…finally, a president with some guts! MAGA

  15. Wow! I wonder what Kim’s reaction is to THIS little revelation! I wish I could have seen the expression on his face when he got the news… I’ll wager it wasn’t pretty.

  16. Just look at that pudgy little F-ker! everyone around him is skinny as hell but it looks like HE never missed a Big Mac super sized meal. Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll have a massive heart attack.

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