Kim Jong Un just revealed which American city he will strike first with a nuclear missile

The nuclear crisis with North Korea is reaching a boiling point.

War on the Korean Peninsula could break out at any second.

And Kim Jong Un just revealed his first American target.

Alaskans have been informed by emergency planners in the state to stock up on extra food, water, radios, and batteries in the event of a nuclear strike.

The state could be first on North Korea’s target list due to their missile warning and intercept technology.

Taking out Alaska could cripple America’s ability to detect and deter further North Korean nuclear strikes.

The Mirror reports:

“Alaska is being urged to prepare for a North Korean nuclear attack – amid fears that a warhead ‘could reach residents in 20 minutes…

… Jeremy Zidek, from the state’s disaster planning team, urged locals to shelter in place should an attack happen – rather than risk being caught in the open for the blast.

He also urged families to have an emergency stash of food and water, flashlights and radios.

And while he insisted that Alaska was unlikely target for a nuclear strike, Mr Zidek admitted that the state’s defensive facilities could be picked for attack.

Alaska is home to Fort Greely, where the US has interceptor rockets designed to destroy incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

The state also has missile defences at the Pacific Spaceport Complex as well as radar warning systems at Clear Air Force Station.

“We have the missile defence system here,” Mr Zidek said. “We have missiles and radars in number of different locations.”

“Perhaps there would be some type of attack on those military facilities to try to hinder our ability to react to any missile launches.”

President Trump still is working to resolve the crisis peacefully.

War with North Korea would be catastrophic.

And at least one state is preparing for the possibility.


  1. If you have to say it, say it right! Now we have ANOTHER golfer… Another golfer whereas he gets things done! Kim Jung Un has danced around every country he wanted to upset. Threats and innuendo had passed from NK to many countries, not just the U.S. This administration is not going to take it anymore. The U.N. should have dealt with this matter years ago but it seems more likely that the UN has “misplaced” the “big set” of balls they once had. After allowing ISIS, butchering nearly everything and anyone along the way, to take over so much real estate, the UN has all but lost all credibility they once had.

  2. Bennett, you don’t seem to get it! Obama started the Tiff with Un not Trump! Kim Jong Un is a nat on a Rats butt. He can’t go to war without China. China can’t go to war with the U.S without just cause. Not profitable. U.S. buys too much of their cheep knock offs. The News media is fanning these flames, Not Trump. The Dummycrats are deeply entrenched in the Luminati and want One Would Order! That’s why they keep scandal after scandal going. Obama spent most of his presidency on vacation and when he wasn’t he was posting sticky note laws. Open your eyes! Revelation 18 talks about the sailors crying because they no longer have a place to sell their goods. North Korea doesn’t have that much fire power. Personally I think we will do in ourselves. America no longer has one mind and one soul and a house divided Will Fall!!

  3. Yes it will happen and China and Russia will need to deal with the fall out, we need to revamp our judicial to support our President and our country. Seal all our borders. Vet everyone coming in get some people out. People in the FBI need to go to jail along with HRC, Obama, Holder Rice, Lynch Too many to name. I believe it will,happen and soon!
    Have a blessed day everyone.

  4. Thank you!!! You ar correct! God Bless President Trump and God Bless America! People need to pray! For our leader and for the people of this nation to wake up!

    This is frustrating because it’s so clear to me, I wish Americans would wake up, look at Europe look at Democrat cities! CA is a dump, Chicago is a killing field, Europe has no go zones come on people!!!


  6. Excellent, I agree starting to see some common sense from people. We have very few Allies, president Trump is a very smart man. People who are attacking him personally will have to answer for it. Pray for him.

  7. Obama is a very dangerous man, a George Soros puppet. Some people will need to see some more Americans killed to finally believe it. Only God can change the heart. Good vs Evil. An ex-president of the US is traveling the world with Geoerge Soros speaking on behalf of Globalism. He lit up th eWhite House in rainbow colors, he partied like a teenager any chance he could get, he spent trillions, more than all presidents together of taxpayers money. He stole from future generations. He left the White House a VERY rich man. Trump donates his pay, he’s walked away from his life to save America, God put him in the White House. Think about that! Obama is a triator and I think we will see him hauled off to prison along with many others. Evil never wins!

  8. M Kim I’ll continue his antics until Americans are killed that is his agenda, and he can’t turn back now. He’s crazy and his pride will not allow it. He’s going to get more desperate this is all he has. Take the man out, his regime will collapse, let China deal with the refugees from that fall out. The US takes care of S.Korea! US and its Allies need to walk away from the he UN. I’m so proud of our President for ignoring the haters and doing his job. Protect Americans job#1. The people of this country who hate our nation need to get out, my family didn’t serve to protect to have a bunch a overly poorly educated liberals ruin this country. Start respecting our flag and read the constitution.

  9. Agree! That man (Obama) will go down in history as the greatest fraud to America! They planned it and counted on the stupidity of the American voter. They chose well, he was charismatic, handsome charming and just enough a man of color to fool many. I think more people know this than are willing to admit. They were banking on HRC winning to continue the charade and cover all of the Global schemes for the last 25 or more years. Why do you think the Bushes are so eager to discredit Trump? This is spiritual warefare! Good and Evil! God gave us Donald Trump! Pray!

  10. What??? You make no sense. Explain with facts. George Soros and an evil and dangerous man. And right now fo m what I have read Obama is traveling the world with him making a lot of money, this is pure evil stuff. God is still blessing America or He would have given us HRC and that would be the end of us.

  11. You are correct! Remember Obama whispering to Putin to wait until he’s re- elected? And people still voted for HRC after all we know. HRC with her rest button it’s all a game show to her. The people of this country had better wake up, the Democrats hate America and want power, money and votes to do it. They want a Globalist society where they can control everyone. America is the Only Free nation and God is protecting us. However; the killing of the unborn, the same sex agenda, transgender agenda, all of it will not be ignored long. People need to fear our Lord and look to Jesus to change their hearts. Pray for our President and VP! Pray for the hearts and minds next generation.

  12. Judy don’t you think it”s about time to stop the blame game and focus on the now? We are stuck with a golfer in the White house that is egging another lunatic on and “we the people” are going to pay the ultimate price with a nuclear war.

  13. Here is another thought, since the warheads are Russian, who was the ones who made the deal with Russia for the Uranium One info.? Hillary and Obama….. Plus, remember all the times Obama and his wife went to China and Hillary too? Sounds to me like they were in cohoots with China and Russia, NOT President Trump. So, the true blame seriously goes to Obama and Hillary who are the ones who made the deal with these communist countries. But of course the news media will NEVER admit that.

  14. Perhaps it would be better if we missed the ICBMs that were headed for those places. You know, You win some, you lose some, and the rest are just wiped out.

  15. I never for one moment ever believed that Osama the black Islamic dictator was from Hawaii. I saw a video on you tube one time where he said he was a muslime, and he was a citizen of his country, Kenya. The whole problem is any time someone came forth that knew anything suddenly disappeared real fast. The registrar from Hawaii was coming here one time to testify against him, she suddenly drowned in a few feet of water when he plane went down. She survived the crash as it happen over the water and someone was helping her to the shore, when in a few feet of water she drowned, but the person helping her, survived. Gee, I wonder why.
    The one time that Joan Rivers said the one thing most people wondered about, that he was gay and the Mooch was a Tranny in the white house, and a few weeks later she died mysteriously and no one knew why, yeah right. She was taken out for opening her mouth and the demonrats refuse to say anything or they may end up in the same place. He is a corrupt filthy Islamic pig communist.

  16. Not on Trump’s watch. Maybe Obama would have sold us too the Devil but the best course is to let the madman rave. If he was going to do anything he wouldn’t tell us about it.

  17. I was an Electronic Warfare Tech in the United States Navy and my brother was the head robotics engineer for Teledyne Industries. His handy work being the Hubble Telescope and Starwars nitiative. Unless Kim Jong Un can fire 1000 nukes at once, Your OK.
    Oh, and yes, I Do know what I’m talking about.

  18. Doris, as the old saying goes – “All info is given on a need to know basis” …& to whom . Know your source at least 1/2 way in
    your ‘discernment’ …
    >Also during WWll we did not have ‘internet’ – we only had what
    ‘press’ (joe kennedy) fed us …

  19. Nancy: Those of us who live in one of these cities thank you for wishing us dead! How about you pull your head out of your ass?

  20. William Fortune – you sound like AI bot …
    > However North & South should be Totally Re-united !!!
    * that Unity will Come about in Time * for the betterment
    of Humanity …

  21. Gene – i’ll try, normal? Eng. my ink is ‘short speak’… &
    in ‘between ‘the lines’ … ASK for clarification – ok?

  22. Thnx W.F. – MR.Kim is quite young & sadly, brainwashed…
    All ‘that’ Can Change, Easily w/ rite ‘influence’ …
    >Mr. Kim will SEE & Stand-up to China/Russia ‘bulwarks’ –
    ‘we’will help’ …

  23. > Here’s one for ya, Tru World Peace & Developement… IF P0TUS Negotiates w/China/Russia to ‘protect’ NK PPL Heritage w/ Security/ Food / Energy etc. beyond ‘0ngoing puppet play’re China/Russia, then — i think You can see a big pic here …
    >>> China/Russia + Any War-mongers WorldWide(so called ‘establishment NW0 Soros,) NEEDS to ‘step up to the plate’ in a New way / Transform & Preserve the Heritage of NK which would Help the World… what re Angela M. & Germany ??? 0u …

  24. Rocket Man is finished. Now all we need to do is keep China from preventing S. K. from going in and killing him and keep China from occupying N.K.; stop all trade with China/Russia until North and South become one Korea again.

  25. TRUMP NEUTRALIZES ROCKET MAN: President Trump has effectively taken The Rocket Man down by declaring that that the U.S. will not trade with any country that trades/supports N. Korea; The Trump Doctrine.
    The Chinese economy is having trouble and we don’t need to be purchasing all their junk, we can make it here and make it better. Also, we don’t need China to buy any more of our National Debt; the Trump Ax will reduce government spending.
    China has up to recently arrested people leaving N.K. and sent them back to N.K. where they were exterminated. After Trump’s trip to Asia, China has started to build temporary housing for N.K. defectors, along the river that separates China and N.K.
    Japan and Radio Free Asia broadcast propaganda into N.K. along with S. Korea. S. K has an army of assassins getting ready to go North. It shouldn’t take long before the military people and their families defect, leaving Un without enough support to continue to threaten anyone. He no longer has enough money to keep bribing the military with expensive gifts so he either gives them a pat on the back and a badge or has them executed.
    The Trump doctrine needs to be extended. S. Korea and the U.S. can take care of the nuclear materials after Un is gone; China stay out; North and South can be united again. And the Doctrine extended to the United Nations; support the defectors or take your building in New York and get out !
    For those that don’t want war with N.K., support Trump. And for those that hate, Leave !

  26. Why is all this information being put out? During WWII the national slogan was “LOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS,”Now we have reporters churning out information! CUT IT OUT!

  27. N0! Richard… WHEN MR.Kim & Country & ppl FEEL Safe >> Leadership/ PPL of NK NEED to be Proud of their Ancient Culture
    &&& Develop / Retain ‘it’ More!!! …
    >>> 0lympic 0live Branch by MR. KIM Jong UN says ‘a Lot’… that IS
    his way of ‘Asking’ for > HELP < to be 'free' of manipulated Threats… capish.

  28. The NK people, have been told, the reason they starve is because of America. They get , no true info, just what their Gov wants to push.

  29. Obama ended his presidency with many unfinished businesses. Guess that Trump has to stir a rude awakening to the disturbing facts of hidden scandals that Obama swept under the rug.

    Let us begin with his mystery birthplace and the timelineof his whereabouts. Hawaii, my ass. That is the closest US state domain that the Soro-backed liberals can find to cover his track.

    Even his Kenyan relatives claimed his birth in one of Kenyan hospitals. I guess that dead men tell no tales: his global bed-hoppin mom and white grandparents. We need the truth.

  30. I think Kim Junk Yard , although stupid AND has a BAD HAIRCUT, is not s stupid to launch the first nuke. Even China said they will not support him if he strikes first!

  31. I have lovely Christian friends in California who are still reeling from the shock of the terrible wildfires and you want to punish them!! You should be ashamed of yourselves for even suggesting states which are not even your own! America is great and all must stick together to make it greater.

    There is good and bad in all societies and please remember that.

    Remember God knows what’s going on and He is the supreme judge not any of us.

    Let’s have no more of this speculation of whose city it is but get on our knees and pray for President Trump and our allies’ leaders.

  32. What we all need to do is pray for President Trump to have God’s wisdom in dealing with this situation because remember the First Commandment and also God says thus you shall go and no further.

    We also need to pray for the North Korean people who are starving and the soldiers whose bellies are full of worms and that more of them will have courage to say enough is enough.

  33. 0-M-G… USA has Missile Defense Systems stated in article …
    NK can spit all the ‘firecrackers’ they want … we Take the Missiles
    Down – 0k? (unless we have been lied to re Missile Defense)
    > the 0nly way Alaska gets hit (which it will not) would be an Inside jobbee(Always ‘remember that’ > Inside jobbee @ 5th column, 0k? 0K! ). Plenty of Russians IN Alaska now …& please remember, obama Supposedly ‘gave’the Aleutian islands to Russia…
    ALL this Sabre ‘rattling’ comes from the Military Industrial Complex for ‘funding’, thus a paycheck … No war = no $$$… Please, let your ♥ not be troubled re NK… Kim Jong Un IS 101 Psych. China/Russia playing NK as puppet … NK has Nothing in resources…capish. China/SK does N0T want an ‘influx of NK refugees – E’one ‘knows’ that …
    >NK must Always be preserved for a Beautiful Ancient culture & Heritage – All the ‘bullies’ just scare the crap out of him etc …
    Basically, problem solved when we get rid of War-mongers, NW0 Agendaaa… they want Peace, Food, Security Like E’0ne else …
    >>> Does the Olympic 0live Branch thru Mr. Kim ‘reveal Anything’
    At ALL??? i tink so __

  34. Trump will make the sawed off fat little dictator squeeeeeel like a pig. Remember Kim, fat little dictators melt just like cheese.

  35. I feel for the citizens of his country. I feel for the world. I especially feel so very sorry for this insane person’s wife. Can anyone imagine how difficult it MUST be to not puke every time he touches her?????

  36. Very unfortunately, there is no more “San Francisco”; instead, it is “Sham Fag Sicko”!!!!!!! (Yes, I grew up and currently live in the SF – Oakland – San Jose metro area and am severely, SEVERELY, pained at how this, hitherto, world renown immensely beautiful city has been turned into such a horrid “Fairy-Land” and Queer capital of the world!!)


  37. Good comment and well stated and it has so much truth in it. This crazy has to be stopped at once.

  38. If A war breaks out With North Korea most of his military will run across the border the 1st chance they get.

  39. To bad after Germany Surrendered during ww2 That they didn’t let Patton clean the commies out of Russia

  40. Zzzzzzz…Kim Ja-who? Is anybody still listing to that guy? You know, the first thing you learn in parenting is that when your kid is pitching a fit, ignore him/her. The more attention you give the more they whine.


  42. i spent many years up there and even a hundred thousand korean troups could not get ast the civilians up there let alone the military I know of quite a number of 20mm cannons in civilian hands up there let alone damn near every civilian has a large caliber rifle for the bears,and is very handy with them..

  43. it is not only china, all the missile s the pig-faced idiot has are all russian,the missile and the launcher/errector and radar-control are way too complicated and advanced for porky pig to build ONLY the nose-cone is korean.

  44. My problem with that is how badly S Korea will be hit. NK can be total taken off the earth, but without hurting SK.

  45. Kim Americans don’t bomb cities or be terrorist we Take out countries like yours! And YOU POS COCKROACH ARE TO STUPID TO SEE IT! AMD NOT ONE BOMB OR MISSLE WILL BE LAUNCHED! AND TOMORROW YOU WILL BE A HAS NEVER BEEN YOU COCKROACH!!!!


  47. I tried to list the reasons we should consider as more dangerous to America than NK but i was told that me views would not be published. S o now we have lost the freedom of speech also

  48. Why pick on China? We have bigger problems with Washington than with NK. With corruption rampant, RIno’s, Democrats obstructing Trump, slush funds paid for corrupt congress members, Hillary selling Uranium to the Russians, Federal Judges controlling the. President, foreign governments buying our congress members to aid everyone but the American citizen, funds paid to the

    Why not? Are you protecting the corruption in America?

  49. I cannot help but wish that the NKs would change their mind and select Washington instead. Nothing short of Washington’s total destruction will save Democracy.

  50. One missile and it is dooms day for Kin Jung. with missile subs and bombers in Guam what is left of N.K. the telling could writtenon a postage stamp.

  51. Dovid,
    . . . . President Trump is our President. If you don’t want to acknowledge him then you need yo pack your bags. It is because of traitors and commies like you that we are a nation in distress.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  52. I’ve a hard time believing he’d name his actual target unless he’s a dumb as a box of rocks. Alaska should be prepared, but the same should be done in any largely populated city.

  53. All you have to do is leak information that we have a mole in his cabinet, he’ll torture and kill his cabinet then go in a kill all the Koreans that look well fed. Save the best for last, send a rocket through Rocket Man!!!!!!

  54. We need to quite buying any thing that says made in china small c. Fly the U.S flag stamp on all mail domestic or international up side down as we a Nation in distress. RESIST Trump

  55. Bout time one of our “elite teams” should infiltrate NK and take out this scumbag once and for all. With all our assets, this should be relatively a simple task. Poof Gone Pass the garlic…

  56. Get real ED, He’s not going to be standing in the open 500 or 1,000 yds. right across from the South’s border, he probably spends most of his time in the middle of the country, far away from danger where he’s safe.

  57. Well, don’t tell HIM that! Let him find out the hard way, if he’s so insistent to start something. Maybe he’ll be OUR first target, huh?

  58. And there won’t be any dumb/stupid statements like GW made when we first hit Iraq. There will be no questions whatsoever that it’s over. Talk about hitting a nail with a sledgehammer doesn’t even get near the magnitude of devastation. On the other hand…I really don’t think anything will happen.
    I find it hard to believe that one of our crack snipers couldn’t get him with a 50 BMG and our super scopes like we do/did in Afghanistan.

  59. This little sawed off, fat pot bellied dictator, hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about. When I was in the military, I spent nearly 3 years in Alaska, went up there, before it became a state. If indeed there were a place to hit this country, I can guarantee you, it isn’t Alaska. Alaska is without a doubt the most prepared state, for invasion, that there is in the entire union or at least it was when I served there. The commanding General John H. Michaelis i.e. ‘Iron Mike’, took charge and got the entire command ready for combat and I seen a 10′ drone hit and taken out, at 70 miles, with a NIKE missile, to put that into perspective, that was 58 or 59 years ago, can you even begin to imagine what’s up there now? And as for as NK landing or invading Alaska, some of the best fighter pilots that this country has, are stationed in Alaska, just waiting for those sirens to go off. It was our mission, to get those fighters off the ground, when an alert was sounded, of which we went through many alerts. So anyone thinking about coming through Alaska, might want to rethink that sort of plan, because it’s a definite loser.

  60. Someone in his country should take him out and feed him to the pigs before it`s too late to save the country and the people in it. If he makes a move to fire a missile at the U.S North Korea will no longer be. That fat little maggot will get them all killed.

  61. We should send him a letter stating there will be a Huge dinner in the Fat little porker’s honor and to invite ALL his friends, (I’m SURE he wouldn’t pass up the chance to stuff his Fat face), then when they are all together, drop a MOAB right in the middle of them all. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

  62. So target Alaska to take out our early warning capability?
    What difference would that make to NK? As soon as their missile is airborne headed for Alaska, I expect there will be several nukes headed their direction from submarines not too far from NK. They might actually hit NK before the NK missile could reach Alaska.
    Is this little pig actually suicidal?

  63. They don’t have any way to organize and plan a coup, because if word were to ever get out the people involved would have their whole family imprisoned, plus it would be hard to find anyone to even meet with, because the whole country has been programmed to hate Americans.

  64. Yeah the same way this nation allowed BHO to do what he did for 8 years and people just said: “oh give him a chance, he is a downtrodden…….and he needs a chance! We see how that worked out, don’ we? That’s the same thing as the N.K. Dictator!

  65. His people are as stupid as some of our people. That being said they will suffer the cost of that maggot starting something with the U.S. If his people had any brains they would try to bury that slimy slug under the rock he crawled out from.

  66. but aren’t you concern that missile may malfunction ? Send in first a crack battalion of psychiatrists..

  67. If he does press the button, he sure won’t do it a second time! There won’t be enough left of NK or it’s military to say squat over! It will be nothing more than a radioactive field for eons yet to come and will be nothing more than a “forbidden zone”. Unfortunately, the fallout will come right back to haunt us…and we ourselves will be poisoned by it. Bad boomerang..this nuclear fallout could even reach could we be sued by other govt’s for the contamination of their soils due to the fallout?

  68. Elinor,
    . . . . They aren’t stupid. They are uninformed. They have also been brainwashed since the day that they were born. NK is a small example of what the world would look like today if Hitler had succeeded in conquering the world. Remember several generations have now been raised in NK under this and the previous regimes.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  69. I vote for sanctuary city San Francisco. Does Colin Kapernick still live there? Maybe we can kill 2 birds with one stone. Maybe even Nancy Botox Pelosi might be home. We can make it a 3fer

  70. Gee. I am really disappointed. There are such better possibilities: Washington, New York, Chicago, and California as a whole. Just goes to show you, a closed society such as NK is way behind the times.

  71. He needs to be taken out and that is all there is to it. That way many lives would be saved for there would be no choice but to send him the same thing.

  72. Send all democrats and 2/3ds of repubs over to little fat unc jungle in NK. And then send one or two nukes as a goodby presant. Would make a better world.

  73. There are aircraft off the coast of Korea that can also hit ones fired at the West Coast. Kim Jung Idiot would be stupid if he fired off just one at the US and not his whole lot. Because he would never get another chance.

  74. Those are just ones that the public already knows about. Or at least many of us knew about. What is released to the public is not all that we have at any one time. Look how long it was before the public was told about the FA-117 and the A-12/SR-71.

  75. Not at least since they had a “cave in ” at the test facility. You have to wonder if a ” bunker buster ” made a surprise visit and NK is afraid to admit it.

  76. Send him some footage of what we did to Hiroshima back in 1941, after their attack on Pearl Harbor. No explanation with it is necessary… just a friendly little reminder.

  77. They release this kind of stuff after they send a note to the UN that America keeps threatening them! They are mentally unstable!

  78. Deploacy is a old useless tool long outdated.we use diplomacy with blm, antifa, Muslims and they see us as slaves because deplomacy means weak and surrender to using naacp pattern they used to make whites have no rights and whites not allowed equal rights.keep talking and one day Kim will be your master.Obama does back kim.blm, antifa and naacp backs NK. A time for peace and a time for wars.It’s war time.

  79. All we need to do is arrest Un’s basketball buddy, Dennis Rodman, for treason and use that to get Un to the table. They are like twins from different mothers!

  80. We do have this mentality in America. Call blacks or gays names they and media’s make war on us. Muslims are the worst about everything is a insult and you must die if you don’t obey the word black Muslims word rules. Kim, blM, all Islam’s = same thing.

  81. Yeah, that’s what I was wondering. Say you’re hitting Alaska somewhere to draw the attention and defense focus there, then actually try to hit Hawaii or Southern California.

  82. Marc, little FAT Kim must be a Liberal, cause he got his little feeling hurt and no one wants to play with him anymore. he and his entire country are a JOKE. If his missile makes it 500 miles I would be surprised

  83. Kim has pronounce a death sentence for Trump for having the audacity to call him names. I guess the little fat mans mommy never taught him about “sticks and stones” Can you imagine if we had his mentality here no one would make it through a political campaign they’d all be dead.
    I’m sure we have better capabilities for handling a missile sent our way than what the government is telling us. They would be foolish to let us and the rest of the world our true capabilities. If he fired on Alaska , Korea would be gone 20 minutes later.

  84. Kim (a girl’s name in the USA ) Jackass Un is a moron and should be wiped off the face of the earth. He’s a flea on an elephant’s ass.

  85. If Mister Fatso dares to press his nuclear button I see a military coup. Kim Jong Un will be arrested and possibly executed. The new military government will immediately negotiate a treaty with the West and South Korea and that fat slob will be buried in the pages of history.

  86. I think Trump is handling the situation better than Bush or Obama did. They gave into him every time he made threats. Trump has drawn a line in the sand and said enough is enough, America will not be bullied any longer. It seems the nuclear tests have stopped. Has there been any since September?

  87. I hope this little guy has sense to not start a war and if he does then we should blow him off the face of our earth.

  88. God holds my survival plan. It cost me 30+years of concentrated meditation, while, I lived a rather interesting life. I, truly, don’t worry.


  90. With millions of lives at stake here in the U.S. and in N. Korea, I hope diplomacy wins the day as Trump and Jinping try to explain to Kim, the extortion tactics and continued development of weapons methods of the past will no longer work. Threats, past and present, are to be taken seriously and coupled with nuclear capabilities are very dangerous. Iran is similar in nature as the Mideast is about to erupt. Dangerous times as a mistake by all actors, including the U.S. could result in war. Trump’s attempt at diplomacy is appreciated. A report and aerial footage show a potential environmental disaster as the mountain collapse where N. Korea has tested six nuclear bomb test. Release of radiation? Perhaps.

  91. The headline states, “Kim Jong Un just revealed….” When? How? What, if anything, did he say?
    “…which American city…” What is the city? Alaska is not a city.

  92. Diplomacy, no war. War is stupid, stupid, stupid. Talk, express your desires, compromise (within limits). Kim Jong Un will listen to words of diplomacy. He may be fat, short and ugly but don’t tell him that. Please Mr. Trump, be wise.

  93. Does that FAT PIG think that we would not retaliate if that were to happen, must be some good drugs he’s on.

  94. I just can’t believe the ignorance that our defense locations have been so openly revealed. We might as well say “Come and get us!” Jeez.

  95. This is starting to sound serious, y’all… in fact, it probably wouldn’t hurt for ALL states to start preparing and stashing away supplies. You just don’t know what that fat little monster in N. Korea will do… it could be the entire U.S. before this is all over.

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