Kim Jong Un may have an apocalyptic plan for the U.S.

North Korea’s aggressive nuclear weapons testing led to a war of words between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Now a senior Korean official warns the U.S. should take their threats “literally” to test a nuclear weapon above ground.

But a new report delivered to Congress suggests Kim Jong Un may have devised a disastrous end game.

Peter Vincent Pry, Chief of Staff of the congressional EMP Commission and William Graham, Chair of the EMP Commission are warning the H-Bomb tested by North Korea in September could be detonated in the ionosphere to generate a superpowerful EMP attack.

Their report to Congress argues that a North Korean EMP would eventually wipe out 90% of the population.

Forbes reports:

Unlike a conventional ICBM which launches and then goes into a suborbital flight before re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, an EMP warhead need not re-enter Earth’s atmosphere before exploding hundreds of kilometers above its target. Super-EMP weapons are designed to produce a high level of gamma rays, which generate the sort of high-frequency electromagnetic pulse that is most damaging to the broadest range of electronics, the report concludes.
The consequences of such a detonation would be dire.

“The U.S. can sustain a population of 320 million people only because of modern technology,” said Pry. “An EMP that blacks-out the electric grid for a year would [decimate] the critical infrastructure necessary to support such a large population.”

In three days, the food supply in local grocery stores would be consumed and the 30-day national food supply in regional warehouses would begin to spoil, says Pry. In one year, he contends that up to 90% of the population could perish from starvation, disease and societal collapse.
But in the event of such an attack, aircraft electronics would be fried, as well as electronics in air traffic control towers, and navigation systems, says Pry. “Airliners would crash killing many of the 500,000 people flying over North America at any given moment,” he said.

Pry says electro-mechanical systems which regulate the flow of gas through pipelines would spark; causing the gas to ignite and result in massive firestorms in cities and large forest fires.

There would be no water; no communications; and mass transportation would be paralyzed, says Pry. In seven days, he contends that reactors in U.S.’ nuclear power plants would essentially melt down, spreading radioactivity across most of the nation.

While this may sound like the work of science fiction or Hollywood, history shows how chaotic even limited blackouts have been in this country.

Pry and Graham writing in The Washington Times note three instances in particular, and their seemingly simple causes:

  • The Great Northeast Blackout of 2003 — that put 50 million people in the dark for a day, contributed to at least 11 deaths and cost an estimated $6 billion — happened when a power line contacted a tree branch, damaging less than 0.0000001 (0.00001 percent) of the system.
  • The New York City Blackout of 1977, that resulted in the arrest of 4,500 looters and injury of 550 police officers, was caused by a lightning strike on a substation that tripped two circuit breakers.
  • The Great Northeast Blackout of 1965, that effected 30 million people, happened because a protective relay on a transmission line was improperly set.

It’s not just “preppers” and kooks who are concerned about an EMP attack causing widespread destruction.

Longtime Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (now 91 years old) is so concerned about EMP attacks he built an off-the-grid “compound” on a mountain in West Virginia after he was defeated in a re-election bid in 2012.

Barlett warned years before that Russian officials had described to them how they would “destroy” America with a similar sounding plan to set off a nuclear device high above our country and wipe out the power grid.

Is this the apocalyptic plan Kim Jong Un is devising?

If so, what is the government doing to prepare to head off such a plan?

Sadly, it doesn’t appear very much.

The EMP Commission was terminated after 17 years on September 30.

Pry and Graham blame Obama holdovers in the DHS, DOD, and DOE for not requesting Congress extend their commission.

What are your thoughts about all this?

Share them with us below in the comments.


  1. What are we waiting for, take them out! Have lots of ammo on hand, always prepare for the worst and shoot straight.

  2. The power grid needs updating. These power companies rake in billions and yet they can’t or won’t upgrade? They should be FORCED to make the upgrades, on their own dime, NOT ours! Power rates are
    already way too high now, with 50 percent in taxes, fees,
    and surcharges, let them use some of that money instead of
    bilking the taxpayers for it. Noticed the exorbitant taxes came in under the 0bama (0Zero) administration. Where is all that money going? Again, that money should be used to upgrade the power grid,
    transformers and related equipment.

  3. It seems like the white house.congress and senate always stop our military forces before they finish their job no fault of their own,we have the most dedicated forces in the world if they would be left to complete their missions!! I for one am proud of our military men and women!!!!

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  5. Its the cheap utilities that wont upgrade their systems..its the greed of profits and somebody else to pay for the upgrades(govt.)..taxpayers..they need new transformers and they take yrs to build and we need lots of them.

  6. The Roman Catholic Church will not unite the world because the Pope does not believe Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior! Read: John 14:6 JESUS SAID: I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE: NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER (GOD), BUT BY ME. The reference to Priests of God and Jesus are not the priests of Roman Catholic Church!

  7. Kim Jung Um is nuts and we had best strike him first, Warn him and then do it we warned Japan before we dropped the A-bomb! Kim has already made his threat ! Do we think may be he got his Uranium from Russia through the Traitors , Bill and Hillary Clinton ?

  8. the thing is we can have ships sitting out there to take out missile before it gets to far and you have also rember that China Japan and Russia have also warned N/K about all this they don’t want anything to happen to us because there is to much US money sitting in there banks that would become worthless also they all own stuff over here that would be hit also and it would not only affect us


  10. If we lived in a vacuum that might be possible, but we don’t and North Korea has allies which we really should not piss off. I am hoping the Chinese are not backing this lunatic and encouraging him to say things the Chinese can’t say directly and get away with it.

  11. Well, sounds dire, doesn’t it! Well the good news is that that will never happen, not to the US for sure! How so? Well read the prophecies of the Bible; they tell us that the US is the one that will force the world, at the end of time before Jesus returns, somehow to honour united religion with the Roman Catholic Church in charge of this great religious unity across the entire earth! Read Daniel chapters 2, 7, 8. Chapter 12, seems to summarize these somewhat. Then read Revelation 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, and 20. These chapters will give you the future of this earth and how the end will be. There will be no EMP over the US. The only E. M. P. I know that is useful is that Every Man must be Prepared for God’s return to this earth. If you disagree then check it out yourself. And time will show that I am right!

  12. Kim is negotiating, he is not going to attack first. He knows that would mean the total destruction of NK. Even if NK falls he could live his life out in China

  13. We would not allow a Kim to live on our border. We control Central America and when they get out of line we attack. Teddy and the Rough riders – remember Noriega, he just died in a Miami prison

  14. Unless Dim Dumb makes a mistake there is not allot we can do. China will decide when to give up and make a move to topple Dim. If this was Mexico threatening China it would be the US to stop it. We do not want the Chinese army using our wall for a target stand.China does not want American troops on its border

  15. Wipe out N.Korea and Iran Now! Before they take us out!
    Do it Now while we have a President with some balls!

  16. All countries rely on computers except for may some of the backwards poor nations like Malawi in Africa. Even then an EMP would cause damage there. Heck we could not even fight back. This idiot could end the world as we know it.

  17. There is no North Vietnam and when its comes to China Vietnam will be our ally. They do not want China taking over the South China sea anymore than we do.

  18. Money will be useless, no planes will fly, big ships will be useless, cars will not run, ever go to a store that lost it’s power? you can’t even check out groceries. Maybe he can get a canoe and paddle back home.

  19. Do other nations have the same problem as we do or is it just the United States? Could that happen to Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and other countries and if one exploded over the USA would it also do the damage to Canada and Mexico? This should be a priority for our country to work on and get us better prepared.

  20. Obama didn’t push for continuation because he doesn’t care. He has plenty of our money so he can go some where safe!!

  21. North Korea has successfully launched 2 satellites (2012 & 1 month after 2016 H-bomb test). These pass over the US at a good height for EMP to affect most of continental US. Russia has reportedly provided North Korea with “super EMP” nuclear device plans. The 1962 US high altitude test over the Pacific knocked out streetlights and electronic devices in Hawaii, over 900 miles away. Our now-terminated EMP Committee produced frightening reports that unfortunately did NOTHING to protect our very vulnerable infrastructure.

  22. Good question. It would be nice if we had a follow-up story on this issue. If N. Korea is as dangerous as all that, Pres. Trump should do SOMETHING about it right now!

  23. This has been a concern of many of our population for some time now, but what, really can be done other than stock up on survival food and maybe scratch the money together to buy an overpriced generator for the home. There is even talk of it (EMP)frying the computers in our cars, making only the older vehicles operational. This is no joke and it would be reassuring to know what our government has done to protect us from the effects of an EMP, either Russian, Iranian or North Korean!

  24. There wouldn’t be a North Korea if President Truman had left General McArthur finish what he had started. He had push the North Korean army all the way onto the river. Then wanted to make a fortress along the border, and make it one country, but know in steps a democrat to play general. Thus we have this mess.

  25. We have our best aircraft carriers around North Korea in the event the fat little dude desides to fire off a nuke. Our military can shoot down their nuke rocket but we need to be prepared for everything.

  26. America better Wake up on this issue. I Know we are in better Hands with President Trump than Obummer. Only the Good Lord knows what secret weapons America is , or has Developed. PRAY People.

  27. It just goes to show that, if our, wimpy, politicians had annihilated North Korea when we had the chance we wouldn’t be in this mess today. The same thing is going to happen with North Viet Nam. We should have killed them all and let god sort them out.

  28. This doesn’t sound good at all. I’m thinking it might be best to not take chances and have Trump go ahead and give this little fat dictator an ultimatum… give up his nuke program or be wiped off the globe. We simply CANNOT risk those EMP attacks. I hope Trump isn’t too busy to handle this situation, and takes care of it so we can breathe a little easier. This kind of thing makes me nervous.

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