Kim Jong Un sent a secret message to Donald Trump that left the world stunned

The world has been on edge on over North Korea’s rogue nuclear program.

Donald Trump pledged to put a stop to it one way or the other.

Stunning news broke that Kim Jong Un sent Donald Trump a secret letter that no one saw coming.

South Korean officials delivered a letter to the President where the North Korea dictator offered to meet with the President and suspend all missile and nuclear tests.

Politico reports:

“In an unprecedented move for the U.S., President Donald Trump has agreed to meet directly with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, following talks between South Korea and Pyongyang, South Korea’s national security adviser said on Thursday.

North Korea also signaled that it would not test missiles anymore and would be willing to negotiate ending its nuclear weapons program, according to the national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong.

Kim Jong Un “stressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible. President Trump appreciated the greeting and said he would meet Kim Jong Un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization,” Chung said on Thursday evening outside the West Wing of the White House.

Chung’s announcement was stunning on a number of fronts: Trump has engaged in a bitter war of words with the North Korean leader, dubbing him “little Rocket Man” and verbally antagonizing him. At the same time, Trump has called for increased diplomatic pressure on the hermit nation and focused on enacting crippling sanctions.”

It was a stunning development after months of the foreign policy and Washington establishment predicting Trump would blunder the United States into nuclear war.

But like their election predictions, they once again underestimated Trump.

The White House released a statement saying they Trump would meet with Kim Jong Un by May, but that the pressure campaign of sanctions would remain in place as a safeguard against a North Korean double cross.

Will these talks ultimately lead to peace and denuclearized Korean Peninsula?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Never cared for him which when he talk to black colleges he made such racist remarks him and his wife telling them how bad whites are etc etc. Hes going around now lying bout school shootings and people believes those tears were really concert those tears which I didnt believe a word they said bout him. He needs to get off his high horse stop making the world a bitter place.

  2. i never cared for Obama at all.. he’s a 🐍 in the grass.. his father was born a Muslim and so called black but once a Muslim always a Muslim. Obama is not fully black and i didn’t understand why he became president lol.. most people don’t know this but when Obama was in office he sold the Chinese the covid19 for research on helping to find better ways to get rid of some viruses, yeah right!!!!! any president that will sell guns and 💣 to a bunch of muslims knowing that they were going to turn on us.obama should be SHOT DEAD..but don’t worry about nothing because Trump will take care of it.

  3. Not many people know or remember the MacArthur Truman fact. Things would be a whole lot different today had that happened. As good a president that Truman was…he still failed at strategic international decisions, IMHO. Typical Democrat thinking.
    My mother who was a Democrat to Republican convert who lived through the Great Depression would always say…when the economy starts to falter, Democrats start a war to prop it back up. Something to think about. Surely doesn’t/didn’t apply to Obama.

  4. Gen.McArthur was stopped at rhe Yalu river,he wanted to keep going into China ,Pres.Truman stopped him.By the way,if rocket man sent a secret letter why the hell everybody know’s about it?

  5. I just finished reading of a situation where the NK were told to issue a statement where they would announce their desire to completely disarm, surrender their arms to a foreign power, who would then install a nuclear armed missile in NK which would be fired on the USA, and placing the blame on NK. Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?

  6. Did u ever investigate why McArthur was allowed to write fictional reports to President Truman? Or why our elected fools believed him? Was General Ridgeway the one who really kept our losses from being greater?

  7. I agree with you Lawrence,I would never trust them but at least we would have an in.I think we need to get back to Iran they are starting up again.I’m not trusting Turkey all that much either.Read yesterday Russia is off Delewar coast.

  8. NKorea is a ‘junkyard dog’ controlled by ‘other countries’.
    NK is in ‘crossfire’ at this point. USA ‘knows’ & identifies
    ‘other countries involved’ at large.

  9. In case some of you don’t know history. We lost somewhere around 54,000 thousand American troops in the Korean war. This terrible loss of so many American troops should never have happened. The U.S had just won world war two 5 years prior. We still was the only country at the time that had the atomic bomb. We with the help of our allies, ran over the north and was at the border of China. The war should have ended in total victory. The Chinese were massing at the border. The U.S. knew that the Chinese were possibly going to enter the war. The U.S. could have prevented the Chinese from entering the war by simply telling China, you enter the war and we will have no choice but to use atomic weapons if you do. Instead our generals and president chose to fight a ground battle which lasted for several years leaving us and Korea with the mess we have had for years. For once, we have a president that understands how to really win. No one should worry, president Trump is no fool. If this North Korean jerk thinks he will pull one over on president Trump, he will end up being a bigger fool than he already is.

  10. The President announced all pressure will remain in place. Any agreement will be subject to verification. If you desire peace prepare for war. – Roman Proverb

  11. That’s right Glenn, and anyone who tries to challenge him in 2020 is a fool. And anyone who would not vote for him is a bigger fool.

  12. While other’s may dismiss this overture, I welcome it. Without some type of personal contact, NOTHING would be accomplished. This may be a hoax — this may be a genuine attempt at peace — let’s at least find out. It’s certainly worth the effort. Thank you and congratulations President Trump.

  13. Personally, I think any meeting between any member of civilized society and Kim Dung is a waste of time. – unless that person is a barber and is there to restyle his hairdo.

  14. Nuclear nations spend great resources protecting their weapons from being stolen by other countries or groups. North Korea is not a large or wealthy country, which the U.S. has many embargoes on the in or out shipping of supplies, and money. For Kim, it is either war or surrendering to the U.S. demands.

  15. Trump…PRESSURE RESOLVE STRENGTH…while yielding NOTHING! Iran and Sanctuary California are NEXT! Tough sanctions continue with NOKO. Obama’s Iran ‘deal’ is about to implode. $1 million in Federal dollars withheld in “U.S. versus California”…while smug Kamala Harris (D-CA) has the hubris to spout that California is the future. Think AGAIN! It’s TRUMP with whom they deal NOW!

  16. I don’t believe President Trump is foolish enough to meet Kim Jung-Un in North Korea. Most likely their meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, or some other neutral country. I doubt if they would meet in South Korea even. But who knows, maybe they’ll meet in China.

  17. When the righteous rule, the people rejoice. When evil rules,
    the people mourn. This is from the bible, but I may have not
    worded it 100% correctly.

  18. Curious is it not, KJU aka the Loon is making to communicate with President Trump and arrange a meeting, offers to De Nuke…..Beware of NORKs bearing gifts, beware of how they approach you and where you decide to meet with them…I believe the Pres has his head firmly on his shoulders and is quite ready to dismiss the communist nonsense and cut to the chase, much like President Reagan handled his meet with Gorbachev that lead to the dismantling of the USSR….did you notice Pres. Reagan received no Noble Prize……The NORKs deserve no wiggle room, they are dictators of the worst cut and I am curious as to how much dissent is brewing in this oppressed country…the N&S deserve to reunite but the communist need to be expelled, China can give the refuge, they are not fit to remain in Korea united……Beware of NORKs bearing gifts….

  19. President Trump has more to fear from the established – elitist – entitled “Swamp” in D.C. than any of our enemies. If there is a trap they set it. Term Limits are desperately needed NOW.

  20. How come YOU get it and 50+/-% of those who vote Democrat don’t?
    Oh, wait…I think I have it. It’s all part of the Democrat strategy of “Dumbing Down of America!” How else might you explain it. Even someone with half a brain should be able to see through the Democrat platform.

  21. Kim Jong Un is in dire political trouble. It appears he may fear a mass uprising and is trying to preserve his dictatorship. He also may be getting strong advice from his own military concerning the results of a war with the U.S. Trump and Mad Dog are not to be messed with and some there realize it.

  22. Once again…this shows how the Democrats only thing about votes and power and to hell with the country. And many Democrat voters think about what handouts they can get instead of what the can be doing to Make America Great. Kennedy might have been a Democrat(unlike Democrats today)but his saying, Ask not what your country can do for you ask what YOU can DO for your country! was on the mark.

  23. Exactly…it will take some time and effort to reverse the damage Obama caused. This includes his CHICAGO STYLE POLITICS where he strategically planted Liberal/Democrat cancers throughout the country in governmental organizations including the courts and in DC. Which, we are living with, e.g., the FBI.

  24. Listen guys, this is mostly a situation orchestrated by rocket man and his allies. First he develops and demonstrates massive missile and nuclear capability, whether by genuine research or with the help of someone else’s fireworks, rattles his saber for a while, then offers to meet Trump. By doing this, he is not only negotiating from a position of apparent power, but he is calling all the shots. It has been standard “diplomatic” procedure for millenia. I am sure that Trump and his advisers know the score, but a little chat would not hurt. I trust that the skunk works will have a few tricks in the pipeline to bargain with, which is the obvious reason why Putin has made a few statements regarding Russian capability. It is obvious that rocket man would not proceed to attack the USA, as there are so many forces already aimed at his home. I am sure that, like Putin’s, the US missiles would be unjammable, but also irreversible.

  25. Yes – sorass and all of his living progeny need to be “disappeared” never to be heard from again. Obama, Klinton, and all of the demovermin leadership are complicit in the destruction of this nation and should be hanged for treason.

  26. Yes great news,but like others have said,be so careful.Would like it better if he came on our soil.Really hope he goes AFTEr he goes to Israel for the moving of our embassy.We must always remember the world would love to remove him,which is why we know he is the one to lead our country.Pray daily for him.

  27. Mr. Trump; our greatest President to this date is COMPLETELY worthy of the positon he is currently holding. He is the man that is getting things accomplished as he promised and just stop and think; if the Demoncrats and all opposing losers would stand up and support him in his efforts and ideas on making America great again, where we would be and where we could actually go to from the place we are currently in.

  28. I won’t quibble with your comment…BUT I think it more having to do with The Donald having a huuuge pair and Mad Dog Mattis being in charge of the military.
    When Mad Dog got done with Un and his missile and nuclear sites, and wherever he hides…it would be as if a volcano covered them all with yards of lava. There won’t be any BS like there was when GW attacked Iraq and claimed victory. Talk about naivete.

  29. This should be no surprise! No democrat could ever achieve this! WHEN God is for You, Who can be against You! Obama and Hillary should both be tried for Treason in a military court!

  30. A couple of points…IMHO.
    If Soros is so bad, which he is, why isn’t anyone doing something about him instead of attacking Obama?
    Puppets need someone to pull their strings and therefore are subordinate. The puppeteer is the leader so to speak.
    Anyone who puts money in front of Patriotism and the welfare of the country is a traitor. This describes the Clinton’s and Obama…and maybe our whole political system. Mainly because in general terms, it’s money that wins elections.
    Yet, there were naive voters who put them in office. Says a lot about intelligence of our population. Especially the OPRAH, ELLEN and VIEW fans. Don’t forget, it was OPRAH to a large degree who helped elect Obama. I put all three in the same category as Soros. need I say any more?

  31. This is why we need to vote out all dems, libs and rinos in 2018 and 2020. Tell everyone you can to get out and vote, we can get these crooked people out of office if we only stick together, President Trump has a big job to do by draining the swamp. Muellar, clinton , obama, and the rest will be going to jail. Back the President with all your might. Build the wall. Deport all illegals.

  32. I was never was afraid he was going to start a nuclear war, cause I don’t think he wanted to comit suicide and that’s what it would have been!

  33. Donald was elected to finally show some strength and to make America GREAT AGAIN. He is the perfect man at the perfect time and thank God we have him. He has tried to keep every promise he has made and will never put America second. Obama was a terrorist and a failure at most everything and has weak as any one could be. It’s a wonder we survived his tenure.

  34. Wow, this is amazing if it is indeed true..I agree with the others,watch your back while you are there..take your own water, food etc..can’t be too careful with this snake..but God Bless our Presdent, he really is the bomb of a man..Obama was a weakling, but not the Donald… 🙂

  35. I agree. Getting tired of reading/hearing that
    the former president was great. He ruined
    this country.

  36. probably found out that his testing over there started setting off the super volcano over there and wants to see if theres anything we can do to help save him

  37. (1) Obama was a puppet of George Soros and a disgrace to our great nation to be a sitting president
    (2) He was, is and always will be an Islamic radical. Hates the USA and it’s people.
    (3) I’m really getting sick and tired of having to hear about this “nothing as a human being” everyday of my life

  38. Exactly, and surely don’t eat any food. Bring your own water too.
    Can you imagine the two standing next to each other?

  39. All I can say about it is I sure hope so. This would be wonderful break from all the other failed administrations.

  40. We have told many people that President Trump was put into office by Conservative & christian voters AND BY GOD!! Why should we be suprised when we see results?
    God is with our president! He listens to wise council and he listens to GOD!
    It is good to see what happens when a leader hears and follows what our Heavenly Father says!!!!!

  41. I think he should meet with him but make sure your back is covered. After watching all of their talk/notalk at the end of the Korean war that still produced nothing but a cease fire,, All the people that are trying to escape to the south we should be careful. I know the President will not back down,, I hope inspections are included in any agreement

  42. He is a liar, mass murderer and a filthy Communist pig, not to be trusted and needs to be annihilated off the face of the earth along with the Mullahs in Iran and so many other leaders.

  43. Let’s see how the LSM handles this. The Donald is batting almost 1000. What a difference from the wuss Obama. Yes, that’s exactly what he is. An eloquent WUSS, and that’s it. No need to talk about records being sealed, Jeremiah Wright, bath houses, smoking dope, Red Lines in the Sand or blowing the National Debt sky high.
    America forgot what a winner was, otherwise they would never have supported Sanders, the Witch or Obama. The Donald is showing America what a winner is. And what a Patriot is.

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