Kyle Rittenhouse made a legal move no one saw coming

Despite the Left’s best efforts to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse’s life, he is a free man.

He has a lengthy list of foes who have slandered and libeled him in the most heinous ways conceivable.

Now, Kyle Rittenhouse made a legal move no one saw coming.

After shooting three criminal sociopaths in the midst of a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the corporate-controlled press tried all it could to discredit Kyle Rittenhouse.

All of this was rubbish. He was labelled a violent killer who crossed state boundaries with an illegal weapon.

Even though 90 percent of what the Fake News Media claimed about Rittenhouse was entirely false.

And now Rittenhouse has a good case for defamation charges against the media, but he’s especially enraged with his initial lawyers, Lin Wood and John Pierce.

Rittenhouse indicated in an interview with Glenn Beck that he and his attorneys would go after them first:

“We’re gonna focus on our number-one fight we’re dealing with right now with the guy who’s been lying, Lin Wood and John Pierce. We’re gonna focus on them right now but maybe down the line in the future. We don’t know yet, but we’re gonna focus on those liars . . . I don’t want to talk much about [Wood], other than he’s a liar, and he’s putting my family in jeopardy . . . We’re getting death threats because of the lies he’s saying. It’s just disturbing.”

According to Rittenhouse, Wood and Pierce used his name to generate money and put him in prison needlessly.

By discouraging conservatives from voting, Wood helped the Democrats win both Senate run-off seats in Georgia.

Nicholas Sandmann, a Covington Catholic High School student who was falsely accused of being a racist by the media, contacted Rittenhouse and provided him assistance on filing a lawsuit against the so-called “mainstream” media.

Rittenhouse may go after the media, but he first wants to hold his dishonest attorneys accountable for keeping him in prison unjustly.

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