Kyle Rittenhouse stunned Tucker Carlson by saying he supported this Democrat over Trump

Kyle Rittenhouse gave his first interview to Tucker Carlson after the jury acquitted him.

The interview made major news.

And that’s because Kyle Rittenhouse stunned Tucker Carlson by saying he supported this Democrat over Trump.

After Kyle Rittenhouse shot three Black Lives Matter rioters in self-defense when Rittenhouse went to his family’s hometown of Kenosha to defend lives and businesses from BLM arsonists and terrorists, the corporate media painted a picture of Rittenhouse as a white supremacist Trump supporter.

But like everything else the corporate media “reported” about Rittenhouse, that turned out to be false.

During the 2020 election, Rittenhouse was just 17 years old.

And in the interview with Carlson, Rittenhouse revealed for the first time that he was originally a supporter of Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

“I’m going to get a lot of hate for this,” Rittenhouse told Carlson, “but I was a pretty big Andrew Yang supporter before all this.”

Rittenhouse explained that he was not really political at all, but after Yang dropped out of the race Rittenhouse attended a Trump rally because Rittenhouse liked the fact that Trump supported the police.

“I wasn’t really into politics. I didn’t know much about Trump. I didn’t know much about Biden. I went to a Trump rally because Trump supports the police. He’s a businessman. That’s what I liked about Trump. I didn’t know much about politics. I was just a 17-year-old kid,” Rittenhouse stated.

If the only thing Americans knew about Kyle Rittenhouse and his case was what they read in the corporate media, they would be woefully uninformed as the corporate media only fed the public lies and misinformation.

And the Rittenhouse case stands out as an example as to why polls show the American people do not trust the corporate media.

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