These latest numbers show Megyn Kelly is backfiring on NBC bigly

Megyn Kelly’s switch to NBC has been a complete disaster.

Many now believe the network made a $69 million blunder.

But for Trump supporters, these new numbers suggest it may be the best thing Megyn Kelly has ever done!

Ratings for the third hour of “The Today Show,” which Megyn Kelly hosts, are down a whopping 32 percent from last year.

NBC’s typical liberal viewers are so put off by Megyn Kelly, she’s actually beginning to weigh down the entire network.

This is ruffling the feathers of NBC anchors that follow her program.

Lifezette reports:

Viewers are tuning out for Kelly’s segment — and are not tuning back in. Since viewers do not want to watch Kelly, the fourth hour of the program with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb is down 26 percent from last year, according to the same Page Six report.
There are many reasons Kelly’s presence is having a negative impact on NBC’s ratings. For starters, she faced long odds to succeed at a liberal station after coming over from the Fox News Channel.

Kelly’s first week on “The Today Show” was especially disastrous. She managed to irk two of her celebrity guests. A recent Variety report noted that celeb publicists apparently do not want their clients making appearances on Kelly’s program.
Kelly was moved onto “The Today Show” after her initial series on the network, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” tanked in the ratings and was embroiled in controversy.

NBC thought it could make Kelly one of its biggest stars — likely because she sparred with then-Republican presidential primary candidate Donald Trump as a moderator in 2015. She used that position to get attention to propel her own personal brand. In that, she was effective as she departed Fox for more money — but the failures of the Kelly programs leave NBC with some serious dead weight on its roster.


But with two and a half years left on Kelly’s contract, the question remains how much more damage can she do?

Is Megyn Kelly bad enough to single-handedly tank NBC?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


  1. Megyn, Megyn, why you cryin’,
    Never did that much for me.
    Megyn, Megyn, now you’re dyin’,
    Better find where you should be.
    Megyn, Megyn, don’t stop tryin’,
    Maybe you should take a knee.
    Megyn, Megyn, folks ain’ t buyin’,
    No place for you at NBC.

  2. She started it so being perfect has nothing to do with it. She absolutely showed her true colors. He 2 cents about roger Ailes. She deserved what she got. Her pedestal has crumbled

  3. Lets pray for her, she is in a hard place to work. She is a smart lady. God has a plan for each of us. May she be where God’s plan takes her. Why speak so evil? I guess you all have been perfect!

  4. Never liked that woman when she was on FOX. She had the attitude of a German trained attack dog. After the debate debacle, I never watched her again. I have not watched her on NBC either, not even once. It would have been a waste of time.

  5. I USed to like Kelly but she was so biased against Trump in the first debate that she turned off so many fair-minded people. And it’s been all downhill since then, though she deserves it for signing with a fake news leader in NBC.

  6. Megan thought she would be the giant killer to take out Trump on that debate panel.
    It did not happen and she came off the loser. FOX gave her every advantage to be a star
    and she let it go to her head. She is not a Mike Wallace or a Cronkite just another talking
    head on a bad timed show. Dana Perino now has her desk at Fox and is so much smoother
    and likable .

  7. Hey haters, little quick to count her out. She is not only great looking but very smart lady. Do you remember her interviews when she was on FOX daytime? She is not a lady to sell short. I am glad she is having difficult time after her tangle with our great president, but if memory serves me he kind of initiated it. She should take her money and a couple years off to reinvent herself. I would like to see the old Megyn back.

  8. I have no problem if NBC tanks!
    Their only saving gclrace would be if they repent their libtard ways, admit that their blunders were inappropriate, fire all the liberal execs, and start up programs that are true to real American values!!

  9. She might be able to get a job at the Bunny Ranch near Las Vegas as long as she keeps her mouth shut …. at least some of the time.

  10. NBC is completely capable of shooting themselves in the foot all by themselves, Kelly was a fool to leave FOX, I knew that the day she left, but I was certainly not sorry to see her go. She got way too proud of herself, she was a legend in her own mind, her comeuppance was a guarantee. NBC’s penchant for fake and misleading news is a known fact, the possible sale and the firings are claimed to be a long time in planning, me thinks it is just a result of the quality of news and a slobbering liberal agenda.

  11. Does she know how to cook? I’d not want to be the one that has as to eat it; if she cooks like she does the news. NBC is a looser net work, and it has been for a long time. I don’t even watch our local NBC station.


  13. I do not waste my time watching the FAKE news channels. I get my news from real NEWS channels like FOX News or FOX Business. I am glad she is not on FOX anymore.

  14. She used to be so popular on fox until she got into it with trump.i actually feel sorry for what she did to her self because she thought she was so popular and loved that she was invincible.well she wasn’t and should never have tangled with the Donald..our great president..

  15. A haughty spirit comes before a fall Pride comes before Death and she has all the Pride any one person can possibly have

  16. Megyn Kelly is her own worst enemy. Sometimes pride cometh before a fall, and in her case, she had a bad case of over confidence. NBC will not allow one person to tank them. Perhaps with the help of a clever lawyer, they will find some loophole in their contract with her which will enable them to break it. She is done anyway, so why would they throw more good money after bad?

  17. It sounds to me like her career will soon be over. I foresee her remaining years baking bread and pies and serving on some school board PTA, much to the dismay of the rest of the board.

  18. It is so sad that such a beautiful and talented woman has to have made the most major mistakes in her job. Basically she is over and should be replaced. I do not watch fake news and this NBC is full of it along with the others. Watch FOX News to get the truth.

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