Laura Ingraham called out Dr. Fauci for this underhanded move to sabotage President Trump

Dr. Fauci presented a false front to the public.

The media portrayed Dr. Fauci as a nonpartisan civil servant just trying to get the coronavirus pandemic under control.

And now Laura Ingraham called out Dr. Fauci for this underhanded move to sabotage President Trump.

Laura Ingraham had White House Science advisor Dr. Scott Atlas on her show to discuss the news that Pfizer claimed their coronavirus vaccine was 90 percent effective.

Ingraham noted how news of the vaccine – which it appeared Pfizer held until after the election to hurt Donald Trump – saw Dr. Fauci change his tune.

Before the election, Dr. Fauci was predicting more doom and gloom claiming American life would not get back to normal until 2022.

Ingraham played a clip of Fauci saying “you can get people in a theatre without worrying about what we call congregate-setting superinfections, if we can get restaurants to open almost at full capacity.”

But now that the election is over and Fauci doesn’t need to scare voters into opposing Donald Trump, Fauci is talking up a vaccine being available in April 2021 and life getting back to normal.

“That’s why we were talking that it might take well into the second and third quarter to finally get people to be convinced to get vaccinated. But for those who want to be vaccinated — and I believe the incentive to get vaccinated will be greatly enhanced by the degree of efficacy… if Jake Tapper wants to get vaccinated, I think you’re going to get vaccinated within the first four months. I would say by April you’ll be able to get vaccinated,” Fauci told fake news CNN host Jake Tapper.

Dr. Atlas pinned Dr. Fauci’s change of heart and adopting a more optimistic tone on the election outcome.

“Maybe he has cheered up because of the election,” Atlas stated. “This is the same person who said we wouldn’t have any vaccine data this year even though the president and I both said we would probably have some results hopefully in October. For sure hopefully in November.”

Dr. Faucio’s duplicity and partisanship are one big reason many Trump supporters hope the President fires Dr. Fauci in the coming weeks.

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