Laura Ingraham called out Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with three big words

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could not wait to seize the jury convicting Officer Derek Chauvin of killing George Floyd.

But what they did next crossed a line.

And Laura Ingraham called out Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with three big words.

After the jury rendered their guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attacked the United States as a racist nation that oppresses black Americans.

Instead of this case being just Derek Chauvin on trial, Biden and Harris wanted to put all of America on trial.

It was ugly, divisive rhetoric at a time when Biden could have lived up to campaign trail promise for unity.

Instead, Biden and Harris divided Americans by skin color.

Laura Ingraham tore into Biden and Harris’ false claims that America is institutionally racist.

“That’s the big lie. Systemic racism,” Ingraham stated.

“The big lie” is a favorite phrase by many in the corporate-controlled media to describe Donald Trump’s claims that massive voter fraud rigged the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor.

Ingraham wanted to reclaim that phrase to accurately describe the decades-long smear by the Left that America is a racist nation.

In her monologue, Ingraham ripped Biden Harris for wanting to “reprogram all of America to believe that justice isn’t served when just one individual pays for criminal wrongdoing — for them, punishment has to be wide-reaching and never-ending.”

Instead of lying about America, Ingraham implored Biden and Harris to tell the truth about America being the freest and least racist country in human history where the overwhelming majority of the people wants justice applied equally and fairly.

“The fact of the matter is, we live in a great country, with overwhelmingly charitable good people,” Ingraham added. “Acts of depravity and racism do not define us and we despise it collectively. We want the law applied equally and fairly across the board, which is what our Constitution requires. When we see innocent Americans brutalized we’re disgusted and we pray for justice.”

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