Laura Ingraham delivered one warning that Donald Trump never expected

Laura Ingraham is one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

But Ingraham has a word of caution.

And Laura Ingraham delivered one warning that Donald Trump never expected.

Facebook’s so-called “whistleblower” Frances Haugen testified before Congress about her claims that Facebook creates a toxic environment for young girls and how its algorithm facilitates the spread of misinformation.

Republican Senators largely treated Haugen as a legitimate whistleblower.

That proved to be a major mistake.

Laura Ingraham called out Haugen and the Left for setting a trap for Republicans ahead of the 2024 Presidential election when Donald Trump is expected to be a candidate.

Ingraham warned that “the Left doesn’t care if the culture or big business spreads content that’s not appropriate for children.”

And this is true.

The same liberals now expressing great concern about the impact of Facebook and Instagram on young children support drag queens pole dancing for children at public libraries as part of “drag queen story time.”

“Republicans may be walking straight into a trap,” Ingraham warned.

As it turned out, Ingraham was correct.

Haugen has donated exclusively to Democrat candidates including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In addition, Haugen was employed by the same public relations firm that once employed Jen Psaki.

Finally, Haugen enlisted the same lawyers that defended Eric Ciamerella, the alleged whistleblower that leaked Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President and kicked off the first impeachment witch hunt.

In her testimony, Haugen proved how dangerous she was by claiming the solution to Facebook problems is for the government to create a federal agency to censor the internet that would be staffed by left-wing former Facebook employees.

Ingraham was right.

This whole stunt gave the appearance of a coordinated maneuver by the Left for the government to gain new powers to censor conservative speech ahead of the 2024 election in order to stop a potential Donald Trump candidacy.

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