Laura Ingraham dropped a bombshell about who rigged the election against Trump

Donald Trump and his supporters have a lot of questions about the results of the 2020 election.

The answers they are getting are leading to even more questions about the level of fraud in the 2020 election.

And Laura Ingraham dropped a bombshell about who rigged the election against Trump.

On Tuesday night, Ingraham interviewed Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham.

Ingraham mentioned the disturbing reports about the left-wing tech company Facebook funneled $250 million dollars to localities across the country for the purposes of running the election.

Fulton County, Georgia – which is ground zero for allegations of mass voter fraud that stole the state for Joe Biden – received $6.6 million in election funding.

Facebook doled this money out after it took unprecedented steps to censor President Trump and conservatives during the election to prevent negative news about Joe Biden from reaching voters.

Trump supporters believe this money was just another aspect of the scheme to rig the election against President Trump.

Ingraham wondered about all the money flowing into Georgia.

Governor Brian Kemp actively seeks out investments from businesses in communist China, invites left-wing movie studios to film in Georgia, and now took money from anti-Trump social media companies to administer what many believe is a fraudulent election.

This left Ingraham wondering if Governor Kemp and other top Georgia Republicans were being bought off.

“A lot of people are wondering, given this huge influx of cash into Georgia, that people are on the take here in one way or another,” Ingraham added that “big Wall Street types are getting sweetheart deals with IPOS and other investment sweetheart deals in China.”

“What’s going on here with Zuckerberg and the Democrats?” Ingraham continued. “Are people lying down thinking, well, I’ll get ultimately rewarded in the future?”

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