Laura Ingraham dropped the hammer on the Big Lie Nancy Pelosi told about January 6

Democrats always planned to use January 6 for their political benefit.

But Pelosi and the Democrats found out some bad news.

And Laura Ingraham dropped the hammer on the Big Lie Nancy Pelosi told about January 6.

Ingraham explained that when Democrats came into power in 2021, they knew their Green New Deal agenda would declare war on American energy and cause gas prices to rise.

Economists also told Democrats that their socialist spending spree would spike inflation.

But Ingraham told viewers that Democrats planned to ignore the consequences of their policies – as well as their multiple other failures in foreign and domestic policy – because they thought they had an ace up their sleeve in the form of January 6.

“So Chicago could remain a killing field. More than 100,000 Americans could die from overdoses. China could plot against us in the Asian-Pacific. And instead of covering any of that as it needs to be covered, the press focused almost singularly on vilifying the conservative movement with groundless smears about an insurrection that wasn’t — and with the wheels coming off the Democratic Party because of our crumbling economy, the January 6 mess is still all they’ve got,” Ingraham said.

Ingraham debunked the idea that the Trump supporters who entered the Capitol on January 6 were seditionists hellbent on violently overthrowing the federal government.

“The idea that that ragtag group of people who smashed their way into the Capitol, that they were the product of some organized effort orchestrated out of the West Wing. It’s beyond ridiculous. If there was true evidence of any of that, we’ve already heard about it,” Ingraham added.

Ingraham added that anyone who committed violence deserved to be punished, but she concluded by saying that the Democrats’ effort to seize on January 6 to indict the entire Republican Party as insurrectionists failed miserably.

“Now, we’ve always said that in any case, when laws are broken, perpetrators need to be punished. Justice must be done without regard to politics. But that wasn’t enough for the Democrats. They have attempted unsuccessfully to use January 6 to indict the entire Republican Party and protect themselves, in other words, to insulate themselves from any accountability for the devastation they’re currently wreaking upon America,” Ingraham stated.

The polling data backs up Ingraham’s assertion.

NBC news found 55 percent of Americans said Donald Trump bore none or only some responsibility for January 6.

And CNN election analyst Harry Enter stated that the current trajectory of the Midterm elections have Republicans on track to pick up their biggest majority in 80 years.

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