Laura Ingraham issues one challenge that left Nikki Haley running for her life

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s campaign is under the microscope in the GOP Presidential Primary.

Haley’s record of selling out conservatives is not leaving the former RINO South Carolina Governor in a flattering light.

And Laura Ingraham issued one challenge that left Nikki Haley running for her life.

Polls show that Haley and DeSantis are in a battle for a distant second behind Donald Trump.

Both are fighting over the same set of big-money donors and trying to establish themselves as the alternative to Trump.

DeSantis tried to straddle the divide between MAGA and the establishment whereas Haley is running as an unapologetic Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney Republican.

The latest dust-up between the two came when Haley voiced support for a policy in Communist China that forced social media users to verify their identity and post online under their real names.

Haley claimed anonymous political speech was a national security threat and that forcing Americans to register their social media profiles and post under their real names would increase security.

DeSantis slammed Haley’s proposal, as anonymous political speech was a hallmark of American life dating back to the Federalist Papers.

On her Fox News show, Laura Ingraham extended an invitation for the two to settle this – and other issues – in a debate.

“Well, I’d like to see Ron DeSantis vs. Nikki Haley,” Ingraham declared. “The two of them, I think, need to debate it out. That’s what we need to see at this point. And I think America would like to see that as well. And we’re offering the Angle to do that.”

DeSantis immediately accepted the invitation.

There was silence from the Haley camp.

Haley’s campaign strategy in the GOP Primary is unclear.

The former South Carolina Governor is campaigning on a platform for a party that no longer exists.

During debates, Haley said Republicans need to accept the pro-abortion position and not push for legislation that Democrats claim is “extreme.”

Haley also doubled down on her support for a blank check for the war in Ukraine.

And Haley opposed efforts to stand up to woke corporations trying to force Republicans to accept teaching transgenderism to young school children.

This is the country club GOP of Mitt Romney and John McCain which Donald Trump smashed to bits in 2016.

Haley doesn’t want to appear in a setting where she will be challenged on her betrayals of conservatives.

And that’s why she would never accept Ingraham’s offer.