Laura Ingraham tweeted at an anti-gun Parkland student and it didn’t go as planned

David Hogg is one of the leaders of the anti-gun Parkland students.

He’s been all over TV accusing gun rights organizations and supporters of being child murderers.

Fox Host Laura Ingraham tweeted at him and then all hell broke loose.

Ingraham tweeted out the news that Hogg had been rejected by a number of colleges in California.

Ingraham’s critics accused her of personally attacking a teenager.

Ingraham’s supporters argued Hogg has become a public figure and a vocal proponent of banning certain guns and passing “universal background” checks which would create a national gun registration database system.

Hogg responded by calling for a boycott of her advertisers.

This is a tried and true left-wing tactic designed to bully and silence conservatives for expressing their viewpoint by threatening their livelihood.

CNBC reports companies ended up dropping Ingarham’s show:

“Online travel website TripAdvisor said it will stop advertising on right-wing host Laura Ingraham’s television show after she attacked on Twitter a survivor of the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

In a statement on Thursday, a company spokesperson said that TripAdvisor does not “condone the inappropriate comments made by this broadcaster.”

“In our view, these statements focused on a high school student, cross the line of decency. As such, we have made a decision to stop advertising on that program,” the spokesperson said…

Earlier on Thursday, pet food company Nutrish said in a tweet that it is “in the process of removing our ads from Laura Ingraham’s program.”

Ingraham quickly apologized, but that didn’t satisfy the left as Hogg and his sister continued to pummel her on social media.

Do you think Ingraham should have apologized? Let us know your thoughts.


  1. Remember we will never be the Communist Party trying to use the media as they own the media and they have trillions of dollars to spend. The only way this country will be taken back from the minority that has all the money will be through a Civil War and that’s what they’re pushing for. Anybody in our government that works for the taxpayer and stands behind the left or murdering those who died for freedom over and over again by standing behind them and they will get everything that they have coming to them if they stand behind them in the civil war breaks out.

  2. Liberals want us to listen to him as if he is an adult but really he is just a little kid and a mouth piece for liberals talking in his ear. He needs to grow up. And for all the companies banning Laura’s show. WE BAN YOU!!!!! If it is ok for the stuff he is saying why not for the other side. The only difference is Laura is stating facts and he is just using bad words. As his parents I would be ashamed of his word choices. Big man…. he knows how to use bad language.

  3. Hey opussom, David Hogg is far from being a child. He is at least 18 years old. In most cases he is considered an adult. Although he does come off a good bit like a child. What with his four letter word diatribe against all those who do not agree with him. In that respect he does act like a little 2 year old baby.

  4. So Trip Advisor does not condone the remarks made by Laura Ingraham. But, they must condone the vile and vulgar language that has been used by David Hogg in some of his interviews. I have heard what he has said, and I would not use that kind of language in public. This just goes to show that Trip Advisor is nothing but a liberal shill for the democrats. The are alright for someone to use four letter words like it was nothing, but balk at someone just telling the truth about another person. David Hogg, at his age, is considered an adult in most instances. To try and continue referring to him as if he were a young child is ridiculous. These people and groups who he maligns and disparages should file defamation law suits against him. Make him pay for his words and loose all that money he is getting from these television appearances. I am sure he is not appearing on these leftist liberal shows for his health.

  5. History does repeat when it’s not learned and these kids have not learned; they’ve been indoctrinated. So were their parents. They don’t know American history, let alone world history. No one ever told them the real horrors of life in Hitler’s Nazi Reich, or Stalin’s USSR, or Mao’s China. I wish schools would bring in folks like you to tell your stories. I grew up among many who slid out between the retreating and advancing armies and heard their stories as a child I the ’50s but most even among my generation didn’t have that opportunity. Once you’re all gone that chance is lost forever. But your story doesn’t fit the globalist left’s agenda; they want a global gov’t like those. So all those and future kids will hear is how glorious those were, and how everyone was provided for.
    The answer to your question is no, it’s followed you here too.

  6. Well, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? He’s NOT! He didn’t “survive” anything; he’s a “plant” by leftists bent on gun bans; nothing more than that, unless you count the fact that he’s a nasty, potty-mouthed brat trying to bully everyone to do his will!

  7. Eric, Ed was correct; Japan was poised to follow up Pearl with an invasion of CA. ALL that stopped them was that Yamamoto, who had studied here, and gotten to know Americans, including our 2nd A rights, was barely able to persuade the Japanese high command that “there will be a gun behind every blade of grass” if they pursued that course. It wasn’t the vast Pacific that deterred them, at all.

  8. I watch Laura almost every night and I will not let the Hogg fraud have any effect on that. I will decline to do business with any company that dropped her because of the Hogg fraud. I have no respect for cowards.

  9. I think you’re a mite short on your military base numbers. But it was, indeed the civilian gun ownership which deterred Yamamoto, and he, in turn, the Japanese military high command.

  10. Possum: there was absolutely no hate in Butchy’s comment. Amazingly liberals use words they don’t know the meaning of. I am amazed you didn’t call him a racist pig also because that is a lib favorite. These terms are used when limbs have no logical retort for defense of their faulty arguments

  11. Butchy- My day was not complete until I got your all caps rant. Now I can sleep easier tonight knowing you got a chance to spew your hatefulness. Hope you feel better. I also hope you and your family are doing well tonight. Happy Easter.

  12. been trying to talk my neighbor (a democrat who said he wouldn’t have a gun in his house!!!) to post a gun free zone sign in his yard, so I can cancel my alarm monitoring system…………..

  13. you can’t fight a trash eater with truth. To bad his mother did not believe in killing unborn.

  14. This kid is most (very likely) likely getting some type of renunciation for his being a pawn and useful idiot for the liberal elites controlling him. He, himself, said he was NOT at the Parkland shooting and got there AFTER the attack. He is not getting any sympathy from me & I do hope that he grows up one day to realize he was played

  15. The only difference I seen between his stance and the film of hitler during the launch of that one ship is the SALUTE hitler did was open hand and his is a clenched fist other than that even the facial expression appears to be copied from him.

  16. Teen drivers KILL more teens in this country than GUNS. So maybe we should take away their license untill their 21. I mean we want them to feel SAFE. And how bout the DRUGS in schools that KILL the little darlings I don’t see them getting upset about those.

  17. The biggest attack on children was IMPOSING GUN FREE ZONES (telling all criminals NO VICTIM can offer armed resistance) after the third FAILED attempt on a school that was stopped by an ARMED BYSTANDER after columbine.

    The intent was to AID THE CRIMINALS who do not obey the law by disarming the people that had been stopping them.

    Conservatives DID NOT impose this policy.

    That one reporter made it clear as they folded up and refused to report one of the CIVILIANS saving children incidents when he made a statement that they only report what they want to see emulated when asked why they were not going to cover the story the reported stated the CHILLING WORDS “We do not want him (the one who saved lives) to be EMULATED”. The only logical conclusion from that statement is that the SUCCESSFUL CRIMINALS who harmed those they wanted to is what the media wants to see emulated.

    Especially when they beat the story to death in the media for MONTHS even ignoring higher death tolls in accidents to avoid confusing people with real facts.

    It was nearly two weeks before that one reported the PICKUP truck accident that killed 10 people because it CONFLICTED with the story of far less than 10 harmed by a shooter that happened the same day.

    They HELD UP the accident story until they had REPEATED the other numerous times screaming for STRICTER INFRINGEMENTS on the law abiding that the CRIMINAL would simply have ignored as they did the EXISTING ONES they already violated to commit the crime then BARELY mentioned the accident once. No calls to BAN PICKUPS or to SAVE LIVES by RESTRICTING THEM FURTHER no accusations of it being an ASSAULT truck because of how fast the victims were killed etc.

    Frankly anyone who listens to a kid doing a MODIFIED HITLER SALUTE needs to RELEARN HISTORY how Hitler took power and what he did after he DISARMED his intended victims through the same PROPAGANDA campaign that it was about PROTECTING people.

  18. Eric, you are so off on that comment. we have 7 Army post in USA, (Ft Hood, Bragg, etc,) 2 Marine Bases. (NC, CAL) 16 navel bases in USA alone, and Butchy was right..Yamamoto said “if we attack the main land (USA) we will find a gun behind every blade of grass” That’s why, Not since 1812-14 has any country attacked us..(England, burnt down White House). Because of, wait for it, Americans owning guns…

  19. This Kid has no Idea the can of worms he is opening! If he thinks that a crazy man (kid), can walk into a “no gun zone” school and kill kids and his answer is take guns away now will work? he really doesn`t understand how the 2nd works.. needs to go to school and learn. oh, maybe a junior Collage would work for him..

  20. Listen up all you stupid people on gun control, GUNS DON’T KILL, IT IS THE IDIOT HODING THE GUN!!!!!!!!!!! We need more checks on peoples mental health and background checks with LONGER check ups on buying a gun, take as long as it takes to check these people out as to be sane enough to own a gun. Check with neighbors, people that know these people to see how they perceive these people. I’m am definitely for the 2nd amendment.

  21. If the stories are correct, his mother would never be ashamed of him. His mother is a Broward County teacher.



  24. Ingraham’s immature attack actually fits right in with a long tradition of “conservatives” who attack children. Rush, to his ever lasting shame, set a very low bar when he insulted Chelsea Clinton’s looks on national TV, when she was 13 years old. At least Laura had the decency to apologize.

  25. Ed, you are an idiot

    No country has invaded us because we have oceans east and west, a desert south and a small impotent neighbor to the north.

    Our military mainly is stationed overseas so we can rule the world,

  26. I just did the same. It’s so nice that whatever the businesses on this list provide can be obtained by another company. Too many haven’t learned yet that they must stay neutral or perish!

  27. y’all should “Follow the money”! Mr. George Soros just filled his liberal organizations coffers with 19 billion dollars! All 2.300+ of them, like MoveOn.
    The Dems got almost 2 BILLION from the unions to get Hillary elected. Look what cities like Detroit got from 100+ years of Dem rule. Like gun control? GO to Chicago, over 3,500 shootings last year, almost 600 killed. Maybe this creep should move there? Or is that where he came from? Like Hillary and Obama.

  28. I lived in Hitler’s Germany and saw all this punks before.The Nazis and Hitler jugend marched and screamed their heads off till they where successful and our Guns were taken away. guess what happened then? Well Hitler Sayed no more guns no more resistance and no more Elections, I am the Fuerer now. And that is what the Liberals and marching punk’s and Obama wanted to do. Now this punk wants to enter the adult world, but cant stand on his own 2 feet and now cries like all the liberals do. In reality they are copycats of the Nazis of Germany. I thought I left that behind, now have I ???

  29. He looks and sounds to me like a little dictator. He can give it out but is not able to take. A little sticky pot also. I’m quite an old lady and don’t shop much anymore but I’m E-mailing the names on this list and advise the importance of them keeping advertisements on Laura’s show.

  30. I saw the video of Hogg saying he wasn’t there. Will try to backtrak & Post here, if RR doesn’t ‘red flag’ me ( which they just did & then took it off).

  31. Jim, I saw the video of Hogg – straight out of his mouth, wasn’t there & rode his bike to get there as fast as he could ( to begin his narrative.)

  32. Ingraham Should Not Cave Under Any Circumstance – sponsors or not.
    Go Somewhere Else, if flak from network.
    >Hogg looks like ‘Manchurian candidate’. Cannot even imagine what his ‘blow up’ Trigger will be.
    >BTW: i just got red-flagged from RR -ie “comment awaiting moderation” – say what? . Comment was to Butchy: “ouch -haha haaa”
    was all i said. & grounds for moderation. wow. haha haaaa -ou scare me. Let’s see if this get thru.

  33. Ingraham Should Not Cave Under Any Circumstance – sponsors or not.
    Go Somewhere Else, if flak from network.
    >Hogg looks like ‘Manchurian candidate’. Cannot even imagine what his ‘blow up’ Trigger will be.
    >BTW: i just got red-flagged from RR -ie “comment awaiting moderation” – say what? . Comment was to Butchy: “ouch -haha haaa”
    was all i said. & grounds for moderation. wow. haha haaaa -ou scare me. Let’s see if this get thru.

  34. If you get into the fight, be man enough to handle the backlash! The whiner and spoiled brat needs to stop using the death of these student to make himself famous.

  35. Agreed, nor has he apologized for pretending to be a survivor and lying to America, nor lying about his age and even being a student at Parkland. Ingraham owed him no apology; and shouldn’t have given it!

  36. I agree! This kid , with his fist raised reminds me of the pictures of the hitler youth. Millions of innocent little babies are being killed for their organs! The democrats, Supreme Court liberals are swimming in blood. The FBI and the sheriff’s office are the ones that got these kids killed. Not the guns!

  37. So you say Murder is murder? You need to tell the hypocritical democrats that . They show undying support for planned parenthood an abortion rights every chance they get . Do some research on how many school students have been shot an killed by a gun. Compare that to how many unborn children are murdered a day at planned parenthood facilities. My older brother is a deer hunter an member of the NRA. He is also a hardworking upstanding man. Don’t you dare call him a murderer because he believes in the second amendment. Laura Ingraham should have never apologized for her comments. That’s why the Liberals are the bullies they are because when people say the right thing and they are called on it they always back down . All that kid is doing is looking for his two minutes of fame by next year this time he will be forgotten .

  38. Mao Zedong: “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.”
    Frederick Douglas: “A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box.”
    Vladamir Lenin: “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”
    Joseph Stalin: “We don’t let them have ideas why would we let them have guns?”
    Barrack Obama: “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.”

    Any questions?

  39. I am notifying the companies that withdrew their adds that I will NOT be buying from them, to let a little bully like David Hogg dictate to them is pathetic. I wish Laura hadn’t apologized to him, he didn’t deserve it. He hasn’t apologized to Dana or Marco Rubio for the terrible things he said, he thinks he can be rude to other people, but brings out the “I’m a kid card” when he’s challenged.

  40. Ed, Well said. As a retired educator, I am very disappointed in people who do not check facts, respond with their own need to be recognized even if they do not present information correctly . What happened to our higher level thinking skills ?
    Those who watch the 5 plus others spewing the same thoughts, and are swayed by information presented are lacking in their own thought process. We should be able to agree and disagree but to present this foolish undocumented information is so sad and perhaps frightening for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren and those to follow. Beverly

  41. Laura didn’t ow the ‘Jr. Lefty’ an apology for anything. Hogg is just a little, brainwashed POS that is being used by the left and anti-firearm groups to fuel their agendas. Hogg has become a legend in his own mind and a puppet for the anti-firearm groups…. !

  42. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but really does seem that each time one conflict ends, the American public’s attention is drawn toward another, while someone or some persons are working behind the seen. Keeping the American people in the dark about what is really going on.
    Now to me the second amendment is a very important doctrine contained within the constitution. Our founding fathers new that one of these days the American people would need it to protect themselves from a government that has no respect for their citizens. All the rights contained in the bill of rights were deemed important for the protection of American citizens, or they would not have been attached to the constitution and made a part of our daily lives. People are so misguided that they can’t see between the lines, that we are loosing our first amendment. What is next, loss of our third, forth, fifth and so on. This not really about the second amendment, but about all our constitutional rights, because if they can take away our second amendment, then they are free to do with us as they please. It will eventually come down to either you do what they say or they will shoot you, because they are in control. Now I have watched David Hogg do his theatrical speeches, and he so much reminds me of films I have seen in the past of Germany’s youth under Hitler. Now I am not saying that he affiated with any such group of Neo-Nazis, but what I am saying is based upon what I have read that he doesn’t have the right to stand there and portray himself as a hero of humanity. The kid is just a teenager, who wasn’t even at the scene of the shooting, (according to his fellow classmates), who I have to assume know if he was or wasn’t. But believe me the tv show the View would love to have him as a guest, since they spew the same stupid talking points. Any sane American citizen, know that the Country has the largest standing civilian army in the world. That is why no other country has attempted to invade the United State and this is based upon the second amendment rights. Fools will give in but the real patriots will stand strong and will not give up their riights, while protecting the fools that did.

  43. Welcome to the real world David Hogg. When you stand with the liberals except the truth to come out and it will not be from them. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t run with the big dogs go home”

  44. Just deleted my Trip Advisor account. Also refuse to fly Delta or use in company that jumps into politics

  45. No person regardless of their age should have to go thru what he went thru. But with that being said, when he puts himself, he better be prepared for the flack. Especially when it out s verifiable truth. I don’t care what his age is. I do not feel sorry for that arrogant, rude, disrespectful teenager. Laura could have said so much more.

  46. Bush hogg found his calling. He went past the summer fast food jobs to liberal hackster. Hes gona need to bulk up some guessin he is just toppin about 105 lbs.Some pissed off 8th grader might kick his butt over somethin.

  47. No one has said this was an inaccurate statement. I believe Laura as a reliable source of factual information. Mr Hogg has not denied this was inaccurately reported. Mr Hogg’s supporters are ones taking offense, which would be better described as embarrassed.

  48. Thank you for the information…People need to see the truth when someone pulls what he is doing.. He has to be coached by the Progressive Liberals who want the 2nd Amendment repealed..

  49. Shows their stupidity. I am a survivor of the Parkland shootng just like Hogg is. I was in North Carolina and David dumbass Hogg wasn’t at the school at the time of the shooting either. He ran back to the school and started doing interviews. That came straight out of Hogg’s mouth. He is NOT a hero, and is nothing even similar to a gun “expert”.

  50. Will certainly keep this list of “sponsors” and spread it far and wide. We wouldn’t want to OFFEND any of them with our IN GOD WE TRUST currency. Laura may have chosen a better way to present her message, but her message was correct.

  51. It’s time some one spoke out about this , that kid gose on and on , no respect for hisself, if I was his parents I would be ashamed of him, just another loud mouth

  52. I’m glad that a list of advertisers that will no longer support Ms Ingram’s program exists. My family and I (7 people) will no longer use these services and we will explain to our friends why we dropped these companies. If they are getting into politics, where they don’t belong, then they suffer the consequences. What kind of company obeys the rules set down by a bunch of foolish child leaders paid by leftists to cause trouble under the guise of their being worried about being shot. Most of the immature sheep that follow probably don’t know what the issues are except they will have a good time protesting and breaking the monotony of their everyday routines. These children leaders are what are to be called ” useful idiots” enriching themselves by leftist elites (the same as the DACA useful idiots that were discarded like so much unwanted garbage by the leftists when the need to support them stopped). Ms Ingram had every right to tweet a comment. The people to blame are the law agencies that failed to act before the terrible incident happened. As I said, I will no longer use the services of these companies that are controlled by hysterical children and I will notify as many as I can about my (our) decision and the reason(S)

  53. Well, not Trump or Ryan but Congressman Scalaise was gunned down during practice for a baseball game by a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter. His life and others lives were saved by the good guys with guns.

  54. Stop calling that imbecile survivor. He wasn’t anywhere near the shooting. And the drivel about being an organizer. The moron is following a scripted show by the former Hungarian Nazi Soros,in a Hitler Youth style manner hitting on the Constitution. Would you check on your facts before you post it.

  55. The SOB should be drafted in to the service. to make a man out of him maybe that will keep the little wuss quite

  56. Yes, murder is murder. I have had a gun held on me; I’ve been beaten and had a cracked jaw and teeth knocked out by the butt of a gun. The gun was just the object. The man who held the gun was a convicted felon who should not have had access to a firearm. I cannot blame the gun. I absolutely blame the man.
    My brother was murdered. He was beaten to death with a baseball bat. I’ve seen statistics on numbers of people who have been beaten to death with bats, pipes, crowbars, etc., but have never read about any movement to ban those items.
    According to FBI statistics, for a number of years, murder at the hands of a person wielding a knife or other blade has been the most frequent cause of death. No one calls for background checks or registration of blades.
    I have no issue with background checks for firearm purchase or the cessation of assault weapon sales. I DO have a huge issued with violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Don’t play with it, revoke it or rewrite it!
    For nearly 30 years, I managed a federal alcohol and/or other drug detox and treatment program. (Yes, alcohol is a drug, closely related to ether.) Many patients had felony convictions. Most of them talked freely of owning firearms. If there is a ban on firearms in this country, criminals will have guns, I promise you.

  57. Pigg and the rest are always blaming the NRA for these murders. “The NRA has blood on its hands is pure B>S> I don’t know how many members there are, but I believe I can tell you how many people have been killed by them.ABSOLUTELY NONE. I AM A DUES PAYING MEMBER AND DAMN WELL PROUD OF IT. I have shot a few Piggs in South Florida and a few deer in Northwest Alabama but NEVER a human being. As for Laura, “KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”.

  58. Live by the sword die by the sword. This arrogant little wuss has opened himself up to criticism by his own actions he’s all tough and cussing in interviews but when you yourself Hogg put the information out there for everyone to see and by your own actions opened yourself up to criticism so either man up or fade away from the spotlight if you can’t take the heat. #2A #USA #MAGA #Trump.

  59. People kill people all the damn time dimwit that have nothing to do with guns a gun is a thing like a car knife alcohol,has nothing to do with a gun ,get clue an stop being the sheeple.

  60. While I am sad for Mr. Hogg’s devastating experience, he put himself out there. When you put yourself in public, or even on social network sites, you have to be ready for nays and yays. It’s a part of growing up, something that this young man is not even remotely ready to do. His egregious behavior and anger only makes matters worse. I learned in debate class that the way to win a debate or get someone to come over to your view, you have a better chance if you prove your argument civilly with three points, without much emotion, but plenty of well-thought-out facts. Mr. Hogg acted immature and hateful, not the “spread the love” side that he wants to convince us think he is. I shut him right out. We need young articulate and passionate leaders, which he is not ready for. Maybe that is why he didn’t get into any of the colleges.

    As for the companies pulling out of sponsoring Laura Ingram, who is paying them? I’ve never heard of a company willing to risk so much publicity or consumers over one remark. I hate to even think that Mr. Hogg is being payed, but he is reminiscent of the anti-Trump rallies that I have seen on TV — that were later attributed to his rivals.

  61. This Hogg fellow is so welcome by the Democrats.  He is a gift, and will keep on giving until it dawns on the people that he is being used as a fresh voice for the same old rhetoric that the Democrats have been spewing for decades.  GET RID OF GUNS.  The Democrats have to know that Guns aren’t the only way for one human being killing another/others.  If a mentally ill person or a deeply disturbed person who has been radicalized, decides  that they can make their world better by killing the people, who they perceive to be evil. Believe me, if they don’t have a gun, they will find a way of killing.  We have watched it happen right here in our own country, and world wide.President Trump is the first President in many years to mention Mental Institutions.  We had them before Jimmy Carter closed them.  Mass murders have increased progressively ever since. President Trump did not say to arm teachers.  He suggested returning Military Vets, as armed guards in schools. Someone else suggested teachers, The President answered  if a teacher wants to, and knows how to handle a gun, perhaps they could.  

  62. if all the people who are NOT NRA members would stop shooting the gun crime/ death count would be ZERO…

  63. God help us if we don’t stand up and put a stop to the foolish lefts vial agenda and the morons who are being used by them.

  64. Laura was spot on with her criticism. This punk is just a paid pawn for Soros and the deep state. I do not believe he was a student. He looks like he is at least 30 and shows the marks of substance abuse. I will never patronize the companies that are attacking Laura and the second amendment. I would advise all gun owners to do the same. Let us show these jerks the power of the consumer.

  65. Take the guns and the whackos will drive a bus across a school yard. Just as effective and you don’t have to purchase bullets. Attack the whackos not the inanimate objects. She shouldn’t have apologized and this little brat needs a spanking. Go home little man and let the adults solve the problems.

  66. Take the guns and the whackos will drive a bus across a school yard. Just as effective and you don’t have to purchase bullets. Attack the whackos not the inanimate objects. She shouldn’t have apologized and this little brat needs a spanking. Go home little man and let the adults solve the problems.

  67. The AR-15 looks like a military rifle. It is not. It is similar to dozens of conventional semi automatic rifles. The majority of gun murders occur in strict gun control cities like Chicago and in so called “gun free zones”, How do you think that will work out when you take guns away from law abiding citizens?

  68. The salute is not a Hitler salute which was open hand, palm down. As for why he made that solute, the answer is simple enough: It’s the Bolshevik salute. There is a strong graphic poster of Stalin making it. The Bolsheviks were Communist, and that salute has been symbolic of Communist movements since that time. There were many followers in the early twentieth century, particularly during the Great Depression. Popularity except among diehard extremists and Progressives has suffered significantly from the repeated failure of communist regimes. Note that Communist regimes characteristically disarm citizens – for the safety of their leaders. Besides, who needs guns when the government will take care of everything.

  69. This Hogg is a young Dictator in the making. Accept him OR ELSE ! He will Tweet you to death and then shoot you with a gun !

  70. Why is it that you blame the NRA instead of the left over Obama libs at the FBI for not jailing this maniac before he could kill ANYONE.
    How about the idiots at the local PD who knew about him and did nothing?
    How about the cop who didn’t go in and kill this deranged, devil controlled psychopath?


  72. The NRA and honest gun owners did not pull the trigger. If the gun that sat idle outside the school had done it’s job, the killing would have been stopped. Guns don’t kill. People do. At rock is a weapon if used to kill. Let’s ban rocks or create a rock registry, that will solve the rock problem. This kid is relishing his 15 minutes of fame and we have seen his ability to be nasty!

  73. The wtudents know that guns killed their fellow students in a place that should be safe.
    Speak up and keep it up. The United States has a problem. Too many murders.
    People are willing to accept children being murdered, but OMG don’t even think about controlling ownership of military style guns.

  74. Leave him alone, It’s kind of like Hitler got started. He’s a punk kid,
    and when kids start dictating how thing go, we’re in BIG trouble.

  75. The “little hogghead” is already a demented leftwing nut job – -well trained by his “former” FBI daddy; seems liberal commies start “training” their little clones at a very early age.

  76. a few mornings ago on varney and co….varney profiled a high school teen that recently won a national science fair contest…and has already been accepted to Harvard..his science project will benefit farming around the world…and then benefit all of us…this young man was not involved in any protest and you could see was not only very intelligent…but was actually busy trying to improve our lives….and I doubt will be profiles on any other news show….thanks to varney and his great show.

  77. He and his sister wanted them all to wear the armbands just like they did in Germany with the little hitlers, he doesn’t quite have the hiel hitler wave down, he needs to unclench his fist. I just want to throw up every time I see him. Very interesting that it has surfaced that he visited the WH in 2015 and spent 12 hours there. What were he and obama talking about?

  78. Laura Ingram has always been a nasty person. The replies to her comment are disgusting. The problem with those responding is that they’ve never had to look down the barrel of a gun and know that they were going to die. The school shootings should never have happened, but in our government, and I guess in the earlier responses, letting the Republicans continue to be financed by the NRA is more important than children dying. Wake up you idiots. I have a question – if Paul Ryan and Donald Trump had been shot while sitting in Congress, would you still think it was okay. Murder is murder – a capital, felony crime.

  79. I agree, just another walking, talking piece of “fake news” in the flesh looking for the limelight.
    He’s a paid pawn for the left and their agenda. The public can also avoid doing business with these companies.

  80. This character is nothing more than a FAKE and portrays himself as a Student at Parkland school shooting that never existed until after it was all over and he was never there as he says….. He’s a LYING HYPOCRITE, who is being PAI’D by the LIBERALS
    ( DEMOCRATS ) to say these things….. He is a LIAR amongst all LIARS of these Democrats…… Also, he calls anyone with Guns and are members of the NRA as child killers, he is so Absurd WRONG, as if anything it is the opposite as he himself is the child killer he speaks of…..
    I suggest this LIAR HYPOCRITE Shuts up and goes back to his REAL School for which he Graduated from and actually LEARN what is REAL, not some Fantasy BS that Democrats want you to learn or think…..another words GROW UP, we DO NOT need or want LIARS, HYPOCRITES, CHEATERS, CORRUPT People… get LOST LIAR !

  81. It is possible that Hogg was selling himself. An opportunist. Many liberal colleges want him. Smart move for his future career. He would easily make a politician. Obama started out as a community organizer and then (boom), skyrocketing himself to the senatorship and then the presidency.

    By the way, see the photo of him being stern and raising the fist. Looked like a friggin communist revolutionary. Gee.

  82. Hot Skillet, you are right on all points!
    I find it fascinating that my comments on this are not being included.
    I thought they were on our side, the patriots, but perhaps the PC Police
    have other ideas.

  83. He is not running the show. His DNC handlers are the criminals stepping out of line and should be prosecuted for this.

  84. Normally she is spot on ( see ‘Shut up and Dribble’ when slapping-down Labron James when he thought he was primed to get in the political arena.

  85. Laura dont back down to this cowardly weasel, he looks as queer as a 3 dollar bill,hopefully he will be taken out at the next mass shooting as well as the rest of these protesters ,who know nothing about guns.

  86. Intelligent Americans understand that Soros (Jewish Knatzi) is America’s number one domestic enemy. He fights aginst democracy, liberty, justice and our capitalism by supporting BLM/AN TIFA and other anti-American groups.

  87. Reading the comments this kid made after the shooting he has several different stories 1 in which when he heard about it he got on his bike and road 3 miles to school to film and interview the students so makes me think he wasn’t even at school that day

  88. Merely a marketing move. You’re right, this DNC tactic to shut up any political opposition is double-edged.

  89. His democrap liberal community-organicing mentors of the DNC are exploiting this Parkland victim and will discard him when he is used up and no longer useful to the party.

  90. Laura, Laura, Laura…
    Why the he- double hockey sticks would you apologize to this weak kneed, lying, pompous ASS??
    So you lose a couple of ads during the show.
    You Never Needed them anyways!
    Keep calling out their hypocrisy!
    You WIN

  91. Those who withdraw their advertising will be just another list of firms with which I and my family will NOT do any business.

  92. Laura, pay no attention, you have free speech and never say a nasty word, this kid is paid to do this to help take down America by sorryos & the UN.
    Bush said we want a new world order, maybe these bushes are ganging up with these Seditionist?
    Laura, we love you better then ever. Stay your ground, this kid is nothing, a spoiled brat looking for money.
    Besides, I think the whole thing was set up.

  93. I and many other patriotic citizens will support the sponsors who stick with you Laura!
    I’ve already blacklisted dozens of national and local business who are known to be anti-2A and those who have drawn away from the NRA and conservative spokespersons as yourself. It has not cost me one cent more. But it makes me feel better knowing that anything I spend should not be going to liberal causes.

  94. David Hogg isn’t being derided because he was a survivor of the Parkland FL shooting crime, he being criticized for allowing himself to be a “tool” of left wing radicals who are working to confiscate all guns held by private American citizens and to do away with the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights. His rhetoric is nonsense and full of lies. He’s become a paid commentator of the anti-gun crowd. He has no idea what weapon a person might need to defend him or herself, their family or their property from a gang of criminals or drug enhanced crazies. Honest police will tell you they won’t be on scene in time to prevent the crime or assault, and their focus is to protect the community at large not individuals. Gun confiscation is their goal. But they want you to think it’s confiscation of only certain guns. They are happy to confiscate guns incrementally. The overal goal of the Elites is to make average Americans weak and compliant.

  95. [George Soros] has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United State, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government.

  96. Hell no, you want to act like a man, than take it like a man. I will be sending a memo to Trip-adviser that I will no longer be using their service. When you go on national TV and denounce gun owners as killers than you open yourself up to criticism and yes personal attacks just like the ones you are perpetrating on anyone with an opposing view. Go back to school, your 15 minutes are coming to an end!!

  97. If Laura would have thought before she spoke, she would have no need to apologize. She obviously taught by her parents to “think” before you speak. We are all responsible for our own actions.

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