Laura Ingraham used one word that struck fear in Robert Mueller’s heart

The political world was buzzing over Robert Mueller’s new guilty plea from Michael Cohen.

Fake news reporters took this as the latest sign the walls were closing in on Donald Trump.

But Laura Ingraham used one word that struck fear in Robert Mueller’s heart.

Lauran Ingraham took a blow torch took Mueller’s “investigation.”

She labeled it a “farce” and demanded someone ‘sanction’ him for unethical behavior.

Her comments came on the heels of bombshell revelations that Mueller squeezed investigative journalist Jerome Corsi and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort to lie about the Russian collusion.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham said a point should come that special counsel Robert Mueller’s office gets sanctioned because “the whole thing is a farce.”

Ingraham said, “At some point, if we had an attorney general that wasn’t acting and didn’t have any kind of cloud hanging over his head would say, ‘OK at what point the can special counsel’s office be sanctioned? This is the problem with the special counsel and independent counsel. They are kind of running wild with the veneer of supervision. I know Rosenstein and Trump seem like they are getting along better and that’s great but if the whole game here is to turn the screws on the 72-year-old man to say, ‘OK, you are going to gasp your last breath in prison unless you fess up to like spooning with Julian Assange.’”

“The whole thing is a farce. At some point the special counsel’s office — if it keeps going the way it is going, I don’t understand why there wouldn’t be sanctioned filed against some of these lawyers making the outrageous moves in the judicial system honestly,” she continued. “That’s where I am. Let something else happens that’s where I am tonight.”

Trump supporters think it is long past time Mueller face consequences for his lawless and rogue behavior.

He isn’t even investigating Russian collusion anymore.

Mueller is digging through Trump’s legitimate business deals to nail people for misstatements so he can create process crimes to justify his rigged witch hunt.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Never in my 70 years have I seen such “Unqualified Hate” directed towards the president. Fake News stations like CNN and especially MSNBC find it totally impossible to find one word of praise for Mr. Trump. As I see one once source after another trashing President Trump and making “Asses” of themselves I have to ask. “What are they trying to hide?” There must be a lot of money buying-off all these people because no one makes fools of themselves for free!

    • Agree, you could not have make a better statement. Follow the monetary interest. We want government that serve the people not the opposite. When the political party become more important that the nation interest is time to fire them all.

    • Take the fake news and shut them down if they cant report on what is going on im this country then keep them out of the white house.
      Fake news is deviding this great nation and must be stopped.
      The left and the deep state need to be put in prison for treason for all they have done.

    • I totally agree with your statement. Stop this madness and get to work doing your job, which is serving the American People.

      • which in the interests of “fairness, equality, justice” should be followed by a witch hunt of the uranium one deal

  2. Muleface has had a criminal complaint filed against him. Finally someone is pushing back against the corrupt bastard. Trying to get people to lie. He’s getting desperate. His cred is on the line. Or perhaps he’s afraid of the Clinton murder cartel if he doesn’t deliver. Lock him up!!! God is coming thru for Trump. Killery and her corrupt commie crowd is in for a rude awakening.


  4. Dr. Corsi has retained Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedm Watch, as his attorney and has filed a complaint against Robert Mueller and his crooked legal team for judicial misconduct and has submitted the documents to the House and Senate Judicial Committees and with the DOJ Office of Legal Responsibility, because of Mueller’s trying to get Dr. Corsi to lie in his testimony. Hopefully, action will be taken to force the DOJ to end the unlawful investigation and charges will be filed against Mueller and his team.

    • Dershowitz stated that the fact that Mueler has to resort to false statement prosecutions really shows that he didn’t start with very much. And the very fact that he is conducting an investigation has created these crimes. These are not crimes that have been committed. Prior to his appointment. They are crimes that were committed as a result of his appointment and that raises some questions about the role of special prosecutors in creating crimes. THIS IS WRONG AND MUST BE STOPPED. LIVES OF INNOCENT MEN WHO SERVE OUR NATION MUST NOT BE UNJUSTLY RUIN CAUSE OF A POLITICAL WITCH HUNT AS IT HAPPEN WITH SCOOTER LIBBY. THE LEAKER WAS NEVER CHARBED….RICHARD ARMITAGE AND SCOOTER LIBBY WAS CHARGED WITH PERJURY EVEN AFTER FITZGERALD AND MUELLER KNEW FULL WELL THE LEAKER WAS ARMITAGE YET ARMITAGE WAS NOT INDICTED WITH ANYTHING!!! ARMITAGE WAS A CLINTON APPOINTEE BUT SCOOTER LIBBY A BUSH APPOINTEE. ENOUGH OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD OF JUSTICE AND DEEP STATE HARASSMENT AND CRIMES

      • Mueller must have been a Gestapo agent in his previous life. He act exactly like these thugs did to entrap people, twist their words and then haul them off to the camps where they were worked to death or either gassed! This man is pure evil and has the worst of German Ancestry. He needs to be investigated now!!


          WAIT FOR IT….

    • The entire Democrat Party is based on lies. Global Warming, 73 genders, gun control is good for you, Fake News, Voter Fraud, Election manipulation via Oppression of Conservative viewpoints(Facebook, Twitter), too many to list all here.

    • It is an insult to one and all Americans (Liberals excluded because they are too dumb to be insulted)that this worthless so called POS investigation is still being aloud to operate. If the idiots want to investigate something or someone go get Clinton and the dumb ass Democratic party and their idiots. Has America gone brain dead?

  5. Mueller is trying to trick witnesses into making conflicting statements that can then be used to threaten a charge of perjury, “unless” they come up with some lie about Trump that will let them off the hook. It’s a terrible misuse of special prosecutor’s power. Mueller should be fired forthwith and the entire investigation disbanded immediately. If they couldn’t find any collusion is 2 years and millions of Dollars, it doesn’t exist! We the people are fed up with our tax Dollars being wasted thus! End it already!

    • If I were forced to give statements to him or any government people , under oath or not , it would be 5th admendment all the way. Even if they asked when I last wiped my ass I would have my lawyer advise me before any answers.

  6. Accurately said. It’s to bad the liberal parents will let their kids be indoctrinated with the lefts fascist views and their approval of violence against those who disagree with their stand.

    • You are do right. My husband & I are in our 80’s and if our children, grand & great grandchildren live to 80 they will never know how democracy is supposed to work. God bless Pres Trump….he is making America great again even with all the lies and opposition from the left

  7. Count the scandals. I lost count.
    Clinton Foundation
    Bill/ Loretta Lying Lynch.
    Arkansas Land Scandal loosing Attorney license.
    Tell me more everyone.

  8. Well the truth is the Democrat Party worship the Devil, and the republican worship GOD and there more than you think people out there that go with the Devil worship they I would say 99% of them are kind of on the stupid side that love liars and 10% are low down and Power Hungary and want a Hitler style government like Dictator like Obama was trying to get his boss George Soros failed !

    • Starting awith higher education?????? and it filters down to the elememtary grades they will pretty soon start at pre-chool. The more education????? they have the dumber they get.

      • I thought they already had Drag Queens reading to preschoolers, so the indoctrination has started at the time of life when the mind is most pliable.

    • I would suggest that it is more likely the Fox is hiring Wolves for perimeter security with fertile eggs in the basket for payment.

  9. The whole thing is if they would of gotten Hillary to begin with for all her wrong doings the Email Scandal own server WIKI LEAKS would never of happened. So punish the people who didn’t cause this big ass scandal to begin with. Sorry but ROBERT MUELLER IS A CROOK JUST LIKE CLINTON’S you noticed that was plural right Loretta Lying Lynch & Billy Bob on her Clinton.
    Mueller needs Obstruction of Justice charges brought against him and if a Democrat tries to stop it file on that Democrat also. It can be done and it needs to be done. Some way this man and this crooked system has to be stopped. NOW

  10. I still say if the FBI/DOJ would have done their jobs legally the first time Investigating Hillary Clinton we would not have wasted millions of tax payers dollars on this Russian Collusion Investigation. Hillary probably would not of even been on the ballot. They as in our FBI/DOJ should have to pay nack all this wasted money. Also fined and jailed for the lies and BS they have pulled. How in Gods name are they allowed to continue to run amuck as they are. Now a whistleblower on Hillary gets Raided. These guys have to be stopped. Why a whistle blower raid. Can you all see… Just more FBI coverup into Hillary & Obama & Justice Department and authorized by the IG. Who controls these people. Really a whistleblower gets raided. A man whom comes forward of peoples wrong doing and being treated as a criminal. That will make anyone who wants to come forward think twice. We need for the Congress coming up to fix these things. This just isn’t right at all. Mueller was the carrier pigeon for Uranium 1.
    The. almost President was allowed to conduct business as normal until election day, once he became President then that all changed business wise. Its not like he was selling a United States valuable asset you know like Uranium to a country whom builds Nuclear Missiles or something. Me I can not fathom an American doing that. Lettleown a Secretary of State or even a setting President being involved and to think Dragging a FBI agent (MUELLER) into the mix of it. And then the same agent leading an investigation into the next setting President over Russian Collusion for trying to get the bad goods on a then Secretary of state for things she done wrong while being on the ballot to become President. Its all backwards as hell. Coverup Coverup Coverup. Didn’t do their jobs right to begin with the build lie after lie after lie. Prosecute people for tons of stuff that had nothing to do with Hillary or Trump or Russian Collusion. All in the name of Hillary Clinton. She didn’t get elected and still don’t have the balls to go after her. And its all because they were involved from the very beginning. Starting with Loretta Lynch and working its way through the FBI/DOJ and right to Obama’s lap. Remember Lisa Paige said President wants me to keep him updated on this to Peter Strozk in a text message.

    Hey anyone looking to buy old old penny collection’s I have a pre1900 and alot of 1900 wheat or National/International stamp collection please contact me

  11. Our country is no longer a place of peace and thanks to the DEMS being the most Trashy and Horrible people on planet earth we now must try to regain our place in this country. I don’t know why or how people have become so Evil and how do they sleep or maybe they are to scared to sleep. Our lives have changed and we need to change them back to a time of God, Faith and Trust. We can’t count on anything from the DEMS so we will do as we will and let them go down with their ship. Each one of the Old fragment of the DEMS can’t let go so soon they will pass away and I just hope that will be their final status. The Republications have a chance to turn themselves around and come together and be the party of pride and trust to follow through and make a complete plan for turning this country around and weeding all the bad seeds from our country. Please pray for our President and the administration to handle our government with care and and not with any discourse.God bless our country and all that reside within.

  12. Mueller needs to be shutdown now, he’s out of control and has lost total sight and control of what he was put in place to I.e. the Russian Investigation. He needs to be fired for doing his job as he has zero results on the Russian witchunt.

  13. Laura can opine all she wants but scumbag shyster, Mueller, has nothing to fear, not as long as Trump doesn’t neuter him or have his AG fire him. The sad reality is many GOP House members may turn on Trump in 2019, right along with the Dems. Of course this is political suicide come 2020, but these imbeciles are too myopic to see into next week. If that happens, the GOP will NEVER recapture the House! The 42 house GOP members who retired ahead of last Nov. midterms didn’t so much do it for disgust of Trump ruining their gravy train, they did it because they knew their districts had changed, made worse in no small part by the stupid college “educated” suburban cuhnts, and they were gonna lose. In our own back yard, Ileana Ros Lesbian retired and her seat went to another even nastier dyke, Donna Shalala. Curbelo did not retire, it was only his 2nd term, and he lost to a liberal, Pelosi loving cuhnt.

  14. I’m Really Sick n Tired of Everyone in the Democratic party and half the Damn Republicans going after President Trump over Russia Russia Russia, This BS Has to stop and if Mueller is any kind of fair He should be going after Comey Brennen and half the Democratic Party, and the Deep State BHO and HRC including the Bad Guys in the FBI and CIA, Mueller Needs to be Sanctioned, along with his cronies!!!

  15. Just curious, by why should Mueller, the prosecutor who brought down Gotti, the guy Trump wakes up in night sweats about, be concerned what the little girly Ingraham has to say? Unless she’s offering a threeway with Conway… Anybody would fear that.

    • He will still at some where along the line pay for uranium1 and slow and stupid a sorry fast and furious. We may get lucky and he might eat his own gun,god willing.

    • Little girly Ingraham is a lawyer who has worked with Justice Kavanaugh and the now deceased Bush and others in the gov’t and justice system. Have you not watched her show and how she corrects those law no-it-als. I would take her word and experience over someone like Mueller who has a reputation of putting those innocents in jail to cover up his activities and has not been put in jury yet for his fake jailing of innocents and claiming to be a republican while he works with the democrats and Clinton carrying a case of money over to Russia to seal the uranium deal. She is a full grown woman with three adopted children and a career behind her to put to shame the best lawyers and judges before being a TV host. A little girly, you better think again she is way out of your knowledge league.

    • Little girly Ingraham is a lawyer who has worked with Justice Kavanaugh and the now deceased Bush and others in the gov’t and justice system. Have you not watched her show and how she corrects those law no-it-als. I would take her word and experience over someone like Mueller who has a reputation of putting those innocents in jail to cover up his activities and has not been put in jury yet for his fake jailing of innocents and claiming to be a republican while he works with the democrats and Clinton carrying a case of money over to Russia to seal the uranium deal. She is a full grown woman with three adopted children and a career behind her to put to shame the best lawyers and judges before being a TV host. A little girly, you better think again she is way out of your knowledge league.

    • Oh look, its little Eric the liberal kiddies pal. Watch her show sometime and you’d learn something. And I would fear a three way with them. But I’d sure fear a three way with your girlfriends, Hillary and Nancy. Heck, people would fear a two way with either one of those two witches.

  16. We need two investigations at a minimum. First the Clinton Foundation money laundering and second Uranium One deal because there were many involved who got paid off.

  17. When will there be justice on the Russian Uranium deal by Mueller and Hillary, The Obama and Hillary, Benghazi deal? They are far more guilty of Treason than anyone else!

    • Amen we never hear about Mueller and there are pictures being the one who met with the Russian to deliver the Uranium to them then all that money went into the Clinton Fund. We the people need to constantly yell about an investigation into Mueller’s Canadian meeting to deliver orders for the Russians to get the Uranium. We need to speak out against all of those idiots that need put in prison for treason..

  18. Mueller and his freakin’ creeps are costing the American people a ton of money, the only salvation to his fiasco is all people are getting sicker by the day of him and learning of his deep ties to BHO and HRC. The Democrats will be politically damaged much more than Republicans. He is more criminal than the people whose lives he is ruining!
    I do wish he could be sanctioned for unethical behavior. He actually should be in jail for eons to come!

  19. I know many may disagree with me first thing is Laura is beautiful I’d chase her like a cat chases a mouse with out the devastating end but I think she is appsoletly correct

    • I don’t have to agree with you about chasing this lady, but I sure do agree with you about Mule head Meuller, he is one of the biggest liars and crooks that they could have named as a special council to investigate ANYONE. He has convicted people who he knew were innocent , some who died in prison, and also cost millions of dollars settlement to the families. This money should have come from HIS dirty pockets. He should have been placed in prison for the same amount of time that he robbed these men and their families. Dirt runs very deep in Washington, D.C.

  20. Enough is enough! Stop the witch hunt and investigate Mueller. He’s a major part of the obama administrations spider web of criminals.

  21. According to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2, Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it again.


    • Think back. Under whose administration did Fed Prosecutors get sanctioned for failing to do their legal duties. Yep, it was 0bama’s. The judge sentenced them to having to take an ethics course before they would be allowed to even enter a courtroom again. And then you have to look at the case of Ted Stevens. Where again, Fed Prosecutors withheld evidence that would have cleared him. This is how they win so many cases. Because like with the Mueller witch hunt, they have no case. In fact Mueller is illegally in that position as to be appointed, there was supposed to be a provable crime first.

    • Currently the FBI, IRS and ? – forgot who – are investigatiing the Clintons via the Clinton Crime Family’s Clinton Foundation. Now that the IRS smells REALLY B I G money maybe they’ll nail her (them) on tax evasion at the very least. That’s what Elliot Ness and his team of ‘Untouchable’ Treasury Agents did via their financial guru agent to Al Capone. The ‘Untouchables’ won.


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