Leftist Agitators Swarm Republican Town Halls

The liberal temper tantrum continues.

What began as protests in the streets after President Trump’s election night victory, has turned into outright intimidation and violence.

Now, as Republican legislators hold town hall meetings with their constituents, radical Leftist agitators are threatening their very safety.

In an interview with The Hill after a weekend town hall in his district, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) said:

“I’ve done over a hundred townhall meetings throughout the entire life of the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“Never has a police department felt it needed to intervene and provide me with a police escort for security reasons.

“That’s a first.

“Something very different is going on in this country than we’ve seen.”

When the Tea Party Movement sprung up in 2009, it was a reaction to specific big government policies enacted by the Obama administration that threatened our freedom.

Rallies that thousands — and even millions of people attended never turned violent.

Of course, the media tried to paint the Tea Party as “racist.”

But these patriotic Americans were exercising their right to assembly enshrined in the First Amendment.

Americans that oppose Trump certainly have that right.

But this new “Resistance” Movement has turned violent.

In a speech on the House floor on Tuesday, Rep. McClintock warned:

“The radical Left seeks not to persuade their fellow citizens by reason.

“But rather to impose its views by bullying, insulting, intimidating, and as in Berkeley, by physically attacking their fellow citizens.”

This certainly poses a threat to the continuation of our Republic.


  1. “Republican” town halls? The minority of Democrats and others in a Republican-majority district are constituents, too. They have a right to be heard, to voice their opinions, otherwise, the Republican congressperson is only preaching to the choir. As to “swarming,” one man’s swarmin g is another man’s enthusiastic gathering. Look at the Trump victory rallies – such enthusiasm. Wow. Tear-gassing at town halls??? That’s what our immigrant forebears came to this country to escape – tear gas, truncheons, and before that, dungeons and the gallows. BTW, unless your name is Rising Moon Running Eagle, you’re the descendant of immigrants, too.

    P.S. I live in the Bay Area (can’t you tell?) and I, too, am sickened by the actions of rogue, masked anarchists at a recent rally at Berkeley. Rep. McClintock did not receive this sort of treatment. You can’t equate the two. Let’s all stick to the facts, please.

  2. Too well organized to be accidental or legitimate. Those speakers caught up in such situations need to have a plan of action. Figure out a way to control the bullying and belligerent. Walk away and reschedule with rules to eliminate the noisemakers. Require proof of party affiliation. Revoke party affiliation if rules not followed. Lots can be done, but it takes initiative.

  3. This country was founded on Law & Order. Our law enforcement agencies need to hold people who break the law accountable for their actions. If they do not suffer the consequences, things will continue as is, and that is bad for our country.

  4. everyone of them needs to be fined and put in jail—-that way they will have a criminal record to live with the rest of their lives—-free speech does not included violence and destruction of property and that is what they are doing

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