Leftist thug pepper sprays Trump supporter

Last night Milo Yiannopoulos, Tech Editor at Breitbart and vocal Trump supporter, was rushed away from a speaking engagement at UC Berkeley.

Milo’s event was canceled after violent protestors torched something, threw rocks, broke windows of local businesses, and set off fireworks.

Local police did little more than stand and observe the violence in hopes the Leftists’ temper tantrum would subside.

Meanwhile, a young woman, wearing the famous “Make America Great Again” hat was giving an interview to a local TV news station about the protestors.

As she began to walk away, a violent Leftist thug came out of no where an pepper sprayed her in the face.

Watch the video below:

This is just one example of the violence that has been erupting across the country since Donald Trump’s election.

We’ll see how long CNN and the other legacy news networks can continue to call these “peaceful protests” instead of what they actually are — violent riots.