Leftists in this major city have found a new way to attack your Second Amendment Rights and it could affect you

Democrats will do anything possible to take away guns and shred the Second Amendment.

Thankfully they haven’t been too successful recently with their assaults on the right to bear arms.

But Leftists in this major city have found a new way to attack your Second Amendment Rights and it could affect you.

Nothing disgusts Democrats more than the idea of an armed citizenry that can actually defend itself to their tyrannical rule.

That’s why Democrats dream about scrapping the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

After all, disarming citizens is a blueprint dictators and tyrants have used over and over.

Over the past several decades the Left has done everything they can to gut your right to bear arms.

From banning certain firearms, to packing federal courts with Leftists who hate the Second Amendment, to even giving guns away to criminals; the Left is desperate to find an effective way to keep you from being able to defend yourself.

But nearly everything they have tried has been defeated in the courts or shot down by pushback from middle America.

Well they may finally have a way to effectively limit gun ownership in our nation.

The City Council in San Jose, California voted earlier this week to pass an ordinance to battle gun ownership within the city’s limits.

The ordinance’s purpose is to “require every gun owner to buy liability insurance coverage for their firearms” and to “pay a fee to compensate taxpayers for the emergency medical and police responses to gun-related injuries and deaths.”

Democrat Mayor Sam Liccardo was delighted that the measure passed and claimed, “While the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, it does not require taxpayers to subsidize gun ownership. We won’t magically end gun violence, but we will stop paying for it.”

If Leftists in San Jose are able to hamper gun ownership because of this new ordinance then get ready to see it in a town near you.

Imagine if your locality required you to pay a massive penalty for owning a firearm.

Let’s all hope this gets defeated before it gains traction.

What do you think?