Leftists Pushing for Trump Impeachment

Less than three weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump is facing a national media that is more hostile to him than any other president in history.

Now, so-called “unbiased” outlets including The Hill and TIME are pushing for his impeachment.

The Hill released an article stating that a poll issued by the left-leaning Public Policy Institute found that 40 percent of Americans “support” impeaching President Trump.

TIME issued a joint op-ed by a former activist judge and president of a Leftist “free speech” organization, calling for Trump’s impeachment based on his business ties.

This is part of the new narrative of organized opposition to President Trump’s policies.

Still bitter that their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, was defeated the national media is doing everything they can to undermine President Trump’s power.

Violent riots incited by anti-Trumpers – complete with smashing windows, starting fires, attacking innocent bystanders and even police – are simply “peaceful protests” to the media.

Yes, President Trump’s actions should be scrutinized, but there’s a difference between asking tough questions, and blatantly becoming the opposition party.