College football legend Lou Holtz just shamed the NFL anthem protestors

Ben Carson and Lou Holtz are launching a new program to reach inner-city youth.

The program will teach young people discipline through sports and community work.

But when Holtz was asked if he’d teach kids to stand for the National Anthem, his response shamed the NFL anthem protestors.

Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro interviewed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and former college football coach Lou Holtz about their new program called “W.I.N.” (What’s Important Now).

When asked directly if they would teach the children to stand for the National Anthem, Holtz set a standard that the coddled millionaire NFL anthem protestors would be good to follow:

“We’re going to stand for the flag and we’re going to kneel for the cross.”

Newsmax reports:

“What we’re talking about is getting people to make good choices,” Holtz told show host Jeanine Pirro. “… Not only are we talking about maybe a role model for these young people, but getting them to raise their self-image to believe that they can do things.”

His comment about standing for the flag and kneeling for the cross was prompted by Pirro who asked, “Are we going to teach them not to take a knee?”

The question referred to the NFL players protests for the past two seasons in which some athletes took a knee during the national anthem.

What do you think about Holtz’s answer to Judge Jeanine?

Should young people in America be taught more about Christianity to help shape them into more virtuous people?

Let us know what you think about both the program and Holtz’s “kneel for the cross” answer in the comments below!



  1. Right on Lou an Ben. Sports came about during the WW when the women an children were doing all the work. It was decided to play baseball where everyone(family, children, race didn’t matter) to leave politics out for that period an just have fun an get along.
    This is how it should be today. Sports is a great way for everyone to get together an have fun NOT bring politics an b.s feeling to the game.

  2. Somehow, standing for the Anthem got lost in a religious discussion. When the Anthem is played, all should stand – if for no other reason than respect for the country that allows them the right to make tons of money playing a game. And they should be told this by their coach. Anyone who does not stand does not play in that day’s game. And doesn’t get paid either. Let’s see how quickly that gets their attention.

    • Right Connie – Anthem got lost in ‘religion’ … a ‘someones'(s) twisted Anthem for Political Agenda & pushed it to ‘religion’ …
      > We must reverse this twisted thinking that moves to ‘action’ …

  3. I apologize for the mishap. Somehow failed to get the yahoo video address copied. Here it is:
    Star Spangled Banner as you have never heard before – Yahoo Video Search Results

  4. Could someone please see that Dr. Carson and Coach Holtz receive this: In the course of your instructing and leading the young people, see that they learn the story behind the Star-Spangled Banner. It can be found at (copy and paste to address line.) It will surprise most, as it did me, and I’m an amateur history buff. We stand at attention and place our hands over our hearts when the anthem is played and the flag is present, to honor and remember the men who not only saved the flag, but saved our independence and freedom that night in 1812. Every child should learn this story as part of his American History lessons in grammar school. (If you learned it, you were lucky!) The officials at the NFL could stand the lesson, also.

    • I say xext season how about build a flagpole in each stadium to be a cross and then fly our Nations Flag and play the ANTHEM then if they kneel then they are praying and it would really screw up there protest. Oh, then they would probably stand and raise their fists which to all of us could mean they are praising god and country.. so then what would the do, oh thats right sit on their million dollar ass’s, NFL (NO FANS LEFT)….

  5. Instead of nastiness and intolerance, could these comments not consist of meaningful dialogue? Were I “quoting” specifics, I would properly footnote. We are all entitled to our thoughts and opinions…does not make them any better or any worse than others’ thoughts and opinions. Then again, life is full of disappointments…but only because I keep expecting the best of others. My human frailty.


    • First you need to learn how to use the caps lock on your keyboard….all caps shows you don’t have a coherent thought. Next, if the parents aren’t doing it, mentors like coach Holtz and Dr. Carson are perfect for the job. Just like what happened in Florida, this young man needed help he didn’t get…

  7. I had 3 older friends that lost their lives in WW 2.I was too young for that one but I made the Korean “conflict”. Lost another friend in this one.SO……yes! I stand for the flag, with me hand over my heart.

  8. As usual Lou Holtz is right and “right on”. Carson and Holtz have exactly the program the inner city kids need!!Give them a reason to do good, and a sense that they are worth helping!

  9. We need more conservative speakers to be broadcasted on TV and radio since many liberal college campuses won’t let them to come in to speak.


  10. To teach children about one thing, so they can decide for themselves when they are old enough. That is what Christianity is. Teach children, like Jesus said, ‘little children come unto me’, then when they are adults, they can decide their own faith and fate. ‘It is better to believe in something good, than to not believe in anything good.’ Psalms is a great book to start reading in the Bible, then Proverbs, or vice versa. Those two books in the Bible are uplifting and reads what common sense is as well. They are positive reading. The point is, the American Flag is something everyone can see, and it is a symbol of all those who have died for others, and fought for others to offer freedom for all. Isn’t that what Jesus did too? He died for others too. I agree with Dr. Ben Carson and Mr. Lou Holtz. They have always been positive role models for all people, young and old. I think the program will be a ‘win-win’ for all, as long as the politicians keep out of it or try to ‘water it down’ to fit their own agendas.

  11. I agree with Dr. Carson and Lou. As an aside over the last 25-30 years we have taken God out of the public realm and look at what has happened. You reap what you sow. Sadly I’m afraid it will bet worse before it gets better.

  12. Lou has it right! Bring on the XFL, no kneelers, no whinning, no nonsense? If you don’t wiin, all you get is a thank you for your time, while the winners get paid. True, tough and not Politically Correct!

  13. This sounds like a good program that will be organized and run by two people who can make it a great program, My son is a football coach and his high school student/athletes once asked him “what if we don’t want to pray?” and his answer was
    “do you want to get hurt?” .”….no” “then you want to pray”! And that is how we feel. The two greatest things we have going for us here in America are, 1. the fact that our country was founded on Christian principles, and 2. that our forefathers established and esprit de corps around our Flag and Anthem. Go “W.I.N.”

  14. Lou shows the way and leads by example. He is class and dignity wrapped in a single package. Everyone would do well to follow his example, and bring that strength and dignity back as the American way.

  15. YES YES YES…bravo Mr Holtz and Dr Carson!!
    79% of Americans are there with you on this. Taking it to our youth, schools, hospitals, veterans, let’s get this word out there.

  16. Non-believers and atheist rejection of Christianity blinds them from any appreciation of the moral teachings of Christ and the bible. Because they are not grounded in virtue and valued principles, they have no moral underpinning to teach society What and why virtue should be taught. They live with a purely natural view of life lacking transcendacy and a sense of the eternal. They live for the moment and self. The “Me” is their God and their passions their rudder.

    • I think we need to remember that not all Americans are Christians. Christianity is believing that Christ is the embodiment of God, There are many very Spiritual people that believe in a Creator or one God. They believe in valued principals, good morals and teaching their children those qualities also. Believing everyone should believe as we do is very arrogant and authoritarian.

  17. Some at risk inner-city children do not have the home atmosphere in which they will be taught either patriotism or the moral teachings of the Bible.

  18. Call me naive but I want to believe that religion in any form is taught IN THE HOME during the formative years…as all virtues and right versus wrong are or SHOULD be taught. I would not appreciate Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, or Buddhism crammed down my throat because someone ELSE were to judge me as lacking virtues. Who are others TO judge? I STAND as a patriot during our National Anthem whether in public venues or the privacy of my livingroom. I do not KNEEL for the cross or menorrah or ANY religious “symbol”…as is my RIGHT…which does not make me heathenistic. To force me to do so under the guise of virtuosity would be an insult to my most personal beliefs upon which no one is allowed the audacity to tread. Our Constitution has a separation of Church and State for a reason. Let it alone, say I.

    • That’s your prerogative…..but if you’ve noticed over the last 30-40 years our country has been on a downhill slide. Take our belief in God away you take our moral compass with it. How many school shootings were there back then? What’s been taught by the atheistic losers is costing us in values. You have your opinion and I have mine.

      • There are many Christian families that have children with low morals and that commit crimes. One thing missing in our society is teaching accountability and consequences. Children are also allowed to spend all their spare time playing violent video games. Children are yelled at and threatened about what will happen if they don’t stop a certain action but they never followed through. When ever I told my children something they new I would follow through on it good or bad. I am very close with both my children, and neither one of them has ever been in trouble, they both have successful careers and families. People want to blame everything but themselves when something goes wrong. People need to spend more time being good parents and teaching kids right from wrong instead of making excuses for them.

        • Dianne – i have encountered some of the Most unbelievable
          Today Christians ie.(in work place, not in growing up for sure) ‘sanctimonious’ righteous ‘bigots’ in ‘journey’ of my life -sorry to say…
          i do not wonder ‘why’ where we are at the point of where we are Today. ♥U.

      • Kriss, you are right on and I agree with Dianne when she says accountability and consequences are missing from our society. Like these school shootings, too often the media almost glamourizes these shooters. Just look at all the copycats that sprang up after the Florida disaster. If the media would follow through and show what happens to these cowards whether it be execution or life in prison with no chance of parole. Tell about how they get raped and what prison life is really all about.

    • So Bessie Sam, you would not Kneel for the cross, where Jesus was nailed to and died for your sins?
      Believe what you want, but you will answer to GOD for that statement. Because if you are not, “BORN AGAIN” and repent,as JESUS said in John 3-3 . You will not enter the kingdom of heaven to spend and eternity serving GOD ALMIGHTY. I pray you do NOT close your mind to scripture .

      • This is what Jefferson wrote in 1802….not a separation of church and state, just the laws pertaining too….
        “”I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State”

        It’s called freedom of religion….not freedom “from”….where most atheists think it should be.
        Myself….without God you get what we’ve been getting for the last 30 years with democrats.

    • Not only naive but ignorant as well. I am a lawyer who has dealt with constitutional issues many times and read the Constitution over and over again. Guess what naive and ignorant Bessie, it does not say separation of church and state anywhere in it. Your comment does show how naive you are.

  19. What better way to build character than to kneel for the cross. Standing for ones national anthem and respecting the flag builds patriotism, something lacking among role models in the NFL and the NFL administration.

    Ben Carson and Lou Holtz are on a great quest. I am for that.

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